Pre-ordered Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge units on their way to T-Mobile customers already


When T-Mobile launched the pre-sale of the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and HTC One m9 yesterday, it did so with the promise that those who ordered would receive their phones before the official April 10th launch day. And it seems the company has come good on its promise, despite the server errors that plagued the online store yesterday.

Our inbox this morning has been flooded by customers who have had shipping notices sent to them, with most expecting delivery by April 1st.

From Illinois:

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 14.34.55

Mike from New York ordered the Galaxy S6 Edge:

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 14.35.21

There were others I could share, but it’s safe to say that T-Mobile customers can look forward to getting their S6 and S6 Edge units before anyone else. And that’s got to feel good as an early adopter. Even if you couldn’t order the blue or emerald green models you really wanted.

Thanks to all who have let us know about the early deliveries.

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  • bisayan

    <<<< ahhhhh that person from Illinois :)

  • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

    Looks like a cheaper iPhone6 with a ugly logo on the front. Speakers and headset jack at the bottom now? No sd card slot, or removable battery now? Haha! The next big thing is NOT here.

    Note 4 is still better of course (at least it’s more original from Samsung), and the iPhone just smothers this thing. Note 4 will be my last Galaxy purchase if this is the route they’re going. I have an iPhone 6+ for that.

    Keep calm fanboys…

    • How exactly does the iPhone smother the S6? Specs, camera, screen, wireless charging, NFC, etc all favor the S6. Put the S6 Edge next to an iPhone tell me which one is sexier.

      • Moe

        I’m a big iPhone fan. Had every iteration since the first one. But I compared the video on my iPhone 6 plus to the s6 edge yesterday. The iPhone isn’t even in the same league. The color and detail on the edge is noticeably better, far better. If video is as important to you as it is to me, the edge will definitely provide a better user experience. Seems to me that Samsung released a winner this time. Looking forward to switching over.

        • That’s what I’m saying. Yes, I agree that at some angles the S6 will look like an iPhone. The metal w/ plastic strips was first on the iPhone. But nothing else about the phone remotely looks like an iPhone. The Edge is an amazing cutting edge device. Something (cutting edge) Apple knows nothing about. All of the specs lean towards the S6 being amazing, and all of the looks lead to the S6 looking amazing. The iPhone is exactly what it is, a 6 month old device.

    • Mike

      You sound like a typical isheep

  • jonathan3579

    Samsung won my money this time around. I saw the phone (edge) in person yesterday and I thought it was beautiful.

  • jewishman

    My S6 edge has been shipped. My ETA delivery is March 6th though. :-|

  • Albert Orange

    My ETA is March 2nd…

    • daniel323la

      Mar 2nd?! 2016?? lol jk

  • I just got a text from TMo saying that tracking #’s weren’t being sent before launch day. I hope I get a tracking # when mine ships.

  • Nick

    I love my Note 4, plus it has gorgeous and bigger screen size of 5.7″. I did not like Samsung Edge cuz screen size is not bigger and phone seems a lot smaller. Well I will wait for Note 5 haha.

  • tommest

    I order the galaxy s6 edge 3/27/15 , it day it backordered today.

    • JLV90

      don’t worry about it t-mobiles site is bad about knowing when phones are actually backordered, I’ve ordered some that say that and get it within 2 days.

      • WhippetNYC

        @JLV90: well, then, to add insult to injury, i received another text message at 8:30am today saying: “your order is confirmed. you will receive a text message with your tracking number ONCE WE RECEIVE INVENTORY AND YOUR PAYMENT PROCESSES…”

        “Once we receive inventory”? huh?
        my phone isn’t even in TMobile’s warehouse yet and they texted me to say that my expected delivery date is 3/30th?

    • Michael Ramos

      My order for the 32gb white edge says the same thing :(

      • Luis Mendez

        my 32gb edge says its been shipped and expected delivery Monday!!!!..I ordered it yesterday around noon. Not sure why you are having that issue

        • Michael Ramos

          I guess I wasn’t that lucky man, just checked the status and got this ….Item: Samsung Galaxy S® 6 edge – White Pearl – 32GB
          Status: Awaiting more shipments from Samsung. Expected to ship between 04/02/2015 and 04/07/2015

    • WhippetNYC

      From what I can gather, it seems like only the Edge models are showing up as “back ordered”. Oddly, mine showed up as “processing shipment” yesterday all day and, all of a sudden, in the middle of the night around 2:30am, it switched over to “Back Ordered” status. Not good!!

      Furthermore, I even received a text message immediately after I ordered stating that my delivery date estimate is 3/30th. Another point: I pre-ordered really early – around 8:30am to 9am Eastern Time Zone, despite the official pre-order start time is 10am. My TMobile’s status page says (in Pacific time):

      Back Ordered 03/28/2015 at 02:55:30 AM
      Order Placed 03/27/2015 at 06:07:28 AM

      One would suspect that if one placed the pre-order really early, that even if they had a smaller inventory of the Edge units in the beginning, that there would be enough to go around since my pre-order was completed (8:30am to 9am) PRIOR to the actual official start time of the pre-order process (10am officially stated)!

  • Greg Victor

    Just got an email from t mobile saying my oder was completed today and I should receive my s6 by 4/6. Way to go T-Mobile!

  • jessica

    those that getting their devices on april 1 instead will be getting a letter saying happy april fool day ;-)

    • JB

      Which a picture of John Legere smirking while giving you the finger. :-)

  • Eric

    Ordered mine 3/27 and my 64GB S6 has arrived my home town! Hoping it may get delivered today but since it was sent “UPS Next Day Air SAVER” probably won’t get it until Monday… Monday is when it says it will be delivered. :)

  • My 64GB Black Sapphire GS6 arrives on Tuesday. :D

    • blaze

      Did you do express shipping or standard ?

  • J.J.

    very nice tmo

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    My 128 GB Sapphire Black non-Edge is showing as backordered. :(

    • Golbez

      128gb models are on a 2-4 week delay from Samsung, Samsung rep told me this a few weeks ago

      • WhippetNYC

        @Golbez: are both the S6 and the S6 Edge 128gb models are 2-4 weeks delayed? or just one or the other model? Thx.

        Btw, please see this chart from TMobile directly:

        This table/chart actually shows them at 7-10 days for the black or white versions. Could your Samsung rep be talking specifically about the Platinum/Gold version? That could be it, right?

      • funkevin2112

        I ordered a 128gb back edge and it’s scheduled for delivery on Monday. :)

  • Tatdude806

    They can ship new phones out, but Samsung and TMO can’t ship Android 5 to Note 4 customers!

    • quan

      Lollipop has already been released for the note 4

      • Tatdude806

        You obviously didn’t read the post, IT HAS NOT BEEN FOR THE TMOBILE VERSION OF THE NOTE 4! (At least a factory image and do not say go root!)

        • Tatdude806

          Sarcasm is lost on you people!

    • Really?

      Completely different departments. Shipping out hardware is completely different from programming and testing software.

  • Danny

    Does anyone know if this phone has band 12 compatibility? I have not seen anything about that yet.

    • Mark

      @Askdes posted on Twitter that the S6 does have Band 12… states the T-Mobile website is wrong and will be “updated soon”

      • Danny

        Thank you! I thought they said all phones released this year would have band 12 support. Are there any current bands it does not support?

        • Mark

          Per T-Mobile Support website for the S6:

          3G/4G/LTE Capable
          Band I/II/IV/V

          LTE 1,2,3,4,5,7,12,17,20, B2/B4/B12 (Home); B1/B3/B5/B7/B17/B20 (Roaming)

        • MarkUkanela

          Not what I see here for the Edge.
          Quad Band GSM; LTE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 17; UMTS: Band I (2100), Band II (1900), Band IV (1700/2100), Band V (850), Band VIII (900)

    • Jeff Martinez

      Yes it does

  • The Strong Arm

    my 64GB s6 gets here monday X-D

    • Jeff Martinez

      Nice at color did you get?

      • The Strong Arm

        black looks blue

  • JBrowne1012

    I want this phone but a GPe or stock android version them boys at xda gots to do the work to make a hybrid rom for this before I get it

  • Golbez

    Just the S6 128gb is delayed, both black and white models. The gold S6 & edge will be out 4/10.

    The 128gb S6 edge was in TM system today for 7-10 but like others said they are shipping out now.
    Hope that answers your question.

    • WhippetNYC

      @Golbez: thx for your reply vis-a-vis the S6 edge.

      However, even though you wrote that other have said they S6 edges are shipping out now, in reality, there have been very few comments posted about a 128gb S6 edge! Most are the S6 or S6 edge in either 32 or 64gb sizes. If I had known, 64gb would have been enough for me.

      • Golbez

        T-Mobile has made the cancellation process quick now! As long as order is still listed as back ordered. Less than 10 minutes for regular upgrade, jump pending upgrades take 1 day to clear.

  • Golbez

    I know the order expectation very well at T-Mobile right now we are living by that page.

    Btw Samsung VR is fun with the note 4. I hope they make one for the S6 too!

  • Jeff Martinez

    Haha I did want the Emerald one, but I went with the Black Sapphire one. The display model at Tmo Looked so nice in person, made my Z1 Compact feel somewhat generic, and the Z1 Compact quality isn’t anything to scoff at. Hopefully I get it sooner than later

  • Julia

    My Edge is arriving Monday!

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Had I known it would be 2-4 weeks I wouldn’t have gone with the 128 GB model. I may have to call them back at this point, I do NOT want to wait a month.

    • Jay Holm

      I got the standard 128GB and got a text saying expected delivery is 4/7.

      • blaze

        Did you do express shipping?

    • StankyChikin

      So you would rather settle for less than wait? The hell?? lol

  • Dean Smith

    when will the s6 in gold platinum coming? only after april 10th?

    • well press info says no later than April 10

      • Jay Holm

        I wasn’t willing to wait, ordered the white one.

  • Jay Holm

    Not fair! I placed my order for the 128GB White S6 at 9am Friday morning, my order has been processed, but I haven’t been charged, yet so it hasn’t been shipped.

    Has anyones S6 been shipped who chose the 128GB capacity?

    • gfunk53

      @jay holm I’m on the same boat with you I place my order 10 a.m. Friday morning samsung galaxy s6 black sapphire 128 gb and is still on back order to this morning and i havent been charged yet.I hope we get our devices before april10

      • Jay Holm

        Maybe like others have said, T-Mobile’ssystem isn’t up to date. . .hopefully.

  • WhippetNYC

    I had hopes that, maybe, just maybe, similar to what happened to Friday night (Sat early morning 3am), they changed my Order Status from Preparing Shipment to Back Ordered, that last night as I was sleeping, they would change my order status from Back Ordered to Shipped!! Alas, no such luck. Darn it.

  • JLV90

    Some people on XDA already have their S6 in hand as of yesterday, they say they ordered on friday.

  • What I found out is that the T-MOBILE system sucks when dealing with shipping updates. I ordered a Galaxy Note 4 with Overnight shipping. I paid $24.99 for that. Well, their system never updated to show: SHIPPED, instead was always on Pending shipping. I wound up getting the $24.99 credited to my account, since me and the agent thought it didn’t ship out. Never displayed a tracking #, or anything remotely indicating the phone shipped.
    Well the same day I got the $24.99 credited, when I got home, the phone was here. Seems like T-Mobile needs to invest in a new system or fire the idiots who fail to scan the info in to update..

    • WhippetNYC

      @Big-Mike Kanuri: I agree that TMobile’s shipping/Order Status system is entirely funky. I’ve had whatever new phone in my possession for days and it would still show up, when I inadvertently checked my Order History page on TMobile’s site, that it is processing shipment!!

  • superg05

    everyone should write to john on twitter for more color options

  • Brenda

    I preordered the S6 Friday around 4PM in black sapphire the 32GB model. My order says shipped on my T-Mobile, but the shipping tracker says “order processed-waiting for Shipment to arrive to UPS facilities”. I didn’t pay for overnight shipping. Does this mean that I’ll receive by the end of the week?

    • Brenda

      Nevermind. I logged onto the UPS site and it says to be delivered on 3/31/2015.

      • Josh

        You’re lucky. Mine still shows the “order processed-waiting for… ” thing even after logging into :-(

    • Moni

      You should get it by the middle of the week. I think mine will be here by Wednesday, maybe tomorrow if I’m lucky. I did pay extra for faster shipping. So i’ll see.

  • Randall Lind

    I am saving up but I did call and they told me the 64GB and 128GB versiong of S6 you can order over the phone $170 and $270.

  • Michael Lynady

    Lack of colors in the USA really sucks-the green looks awesome

    • David Lee

      It really does!

    • David Lee


  • StankyChikin

    People actually bought these eh?

    • Jay Holm

      I’m goin to assume that is sarcasm.

      • StankyChikin

        Actually no it wasn’t.

        • Jeff Martinez

          why you didn’t? Aww you suck

  • Jay Holm

    Has anyone who ordered the 128GB standard S6 been shipped?

    • gfunk53

      Yes I order the standard galaxy s6 128 gb on friday 10 a.m eastern time and it hasn’t been shipped its on backorder is yours on backorder also?

      • Jay Holm

        Yep, it is! Not happy! When my order first processed I received a text message saying expected delivery is April 7th.

  • WhippetNYC

    @Samsung Galaxy Experience Store:

  • Gold comes out on April 10th. I’m waiting to get it, since they won’t be getting Green.

    • David Lee

      So no Green for T-Mobile? I had my sights set on that and only that. So Gold comes out on 4/10 for a pre-order?

      • Jay Holm

        Supposedly! I already ordered the white one, but Gold Platinum is quite stunning!

      • For purchase I’m told.

  • David Lee

    So this means T-Mobile officially will NOT be selling the Emerald Green Edge? WTF!

  • sjones85

    I pre-ordered my white s6 32 GB friday morning, standard shipping. I got a tracking number by that night but UPS is saying it has the electronic info but no package to ship yet. Anyone else have this?

    • dani323la

      same here…maybe Monday we’ll get an update?

    • Jared

      I got the same text message from T-Mobile. Not sure what to make of it. I guess one day my phone will show up?

    • Moni

      yes I got the same thing but don’t worry. I put in the order Friday morning, Saturday and Sunday I doubt they do business, but later today they should have more info. T-mobile had always been good with sending out phones on time. When I got my Note 4 it came in 3 days.

  • Jay Holm

    Preordering a phone is not a very pleasant experience! I wish I could just walk into a local store, sign, and walk out with an S6, but the 128GB model isn’t available at local stores unfortunately.

    • Andy Shannon

      it was pretty buttery smooth for me online on friday morning, took me about 5-6 minutes to do it, and i my phone is already shipped and scheduled for early delivery, really simple process for me.

  • Jay Holm

    Is anyone considering holding off, and getting the Gold Platinum S6? It is quite stunning! But not til 4/10. . .supposedly!

    • Moni

      I wanted to get the Gold one but my need for the phone before everyone else took over lol So I just got the black one this time. But if you could hold on the gold looks sweet.

    • Andy Shannon

      I was based on the pictures, but then i went to the store and saw the black one and held it in my hand, and i was very impressed, it goes from black to a very dark navy blue color and i loved it. So my 64 gb black edge will be in my hands on 4/1

  • louie v

    I currently have the Edge now and the phone is fantastic. I have always been an iPhone user (still have it too) but the edge kicks my iPhone 6s butt in almost every aspect

    • Andy Shannon

      Congrats, enjoy it, mine says it will be delivered on 4/1 although i arrived in my state, NJ, at 5:30 this morning, so it may be here tomorrow i am hoping, either way, we are getting them way before everyone else in the world, just another benefit of tmo treating their customers really well

  • Joe

    I’m waiting for my 32GB Black s6 i’m so exited. It will replace my old ass s2 LOL.

  • skywalkr2

    Saw these in Best buy this weekend. The Edge looks pretty cool, but not worth a premium. the normal S6 just doesn’t feel as quality as I assumed it would.

  • Michael Mayhew

    My S6 Edge is out for delivery today, 3/30. Kudos TMO!

    • WhippetNYC

      @Michael Mayhew: may i ask what size and color please? Thx.

      • Michael Mayhew

        64GB Black Edge

      • Benjamin Dover

        I pre-ordered the 128GB Black, and it’s still set to backorder as well. Looking forward to it.

        • WhippetNYC

          @Benjamin Dover: I wonder if it’s our 128gb size that is holding things up? Maybe TMobile still doesn’t have the 128gb sizes in Black (yours) or White (mine) in inventory yet?

          I received a text message Sunday early morning that said when they receive inventory and sent the phone out, I’ll receive notification. This literally means that they don’t have it in inventory yet!

        • Benjamin Dover

          I suspect it could be the size, but not sure. Called again today [4/8], and the status has not changed.

        • Chilehead

          BenDover? LOL

    • L lopez

      I got my s6 edge this morning look amazing

  • I’m super stoked that I got my order in and will be getting my phone this Thursday. While this is not a complaint on my end, the only downside I see to all of us getting our phones early is with the 1 year free Netflix deal…according to the terms, it’s available only to the first 92,000 respondents and you have to have your phone in hand to activate the deal. I’m wondering how many days it will take to fill all those slots if people start getting their phones as early as today.

    • ebhovi01

      Thank you for positing this. I definitely failed to read that small print and probably would have taken my time redeeming my Netflix deal and would’ve missed out.

      • WhippetNYC

        just entered my Netflix deal today and it went through — so @Brandon Hann and @ebhovi01, you folks still have time.

  • William

    I pre ordered on the 27th
    Black Sapphire Edge 64gb
    My phone will be here Tomorrow March 31st

    • WhippetNYC

      @William: congrats to you!! Can’t wait to hear how happy you will be after you use it for a little bit.

      fyi: looking at this TMobile table, the 64gb (in either color) and the 128gb (also in either color) are all indicated for 7-10 day delivery. If I had known that there would have been a difference in delivery times if I had pre-ordered the 64gb like you did, i’d have gladly paid $100 less and ordered your 64gb!! I highly doubt that i’d need 128gb but thought that i wanted to be safe.

      this lack of transparency in their ordering system is frustrating.

  • WhippetNYC

    In your various experiences, may I ask how long between seeing a debit on one’s credit card and seeing the Order Status on TMobile’s site change to “Shipped”?

    • Chilehead

      My last experience ordering the Nexus 6 was positive. The phone was already shipped before the web site status changed to “shipped”. T-Mobile seems to be slow to update statuses online. Good luck. I’m in the same boat as you awaiting to see “shipped” online.

  • Carlos Jimenez

    128gb edge saphire black, preordered sunday 11am, will be here tomorrow tuesday. not bad

  • Jesse

    Got mine and came with micro scratches :/

    • WhippetNYC

      @Jesse: how bad are your micro scratches? significant? wonder why?
      were they rushing at the factory to get a larger number produced, and so quality control was lowered a little?

      is it bad enough to return/exchange? or will you keep yours? any chance of you posting a picture and showing us? thx!

      • Lol how would he know if they were rushing at the factory?

        I saw a video review where the guy set it upright against something and it slid down and fell on the back and cracked the camera lens. Android authority i think it was YouTube.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Got confirmation for 4/2, can’t wait to try out the wireless charger and case I ordered with it. Black sapphire 64gb S6

  • Jay Holm

    I think I’m going to cancel my order for the white S6 and get a Platinum Gold one, even though I’ll have to wait. This time around I will pay for the next day shipping.

    • Brenda

      Get the phone you want; it doesn’t matter if you’ll have to wait a few extra days, but at least you’ll have the one you want in the end.

      • Jay Holm

        Thanks for the wise words! All this waiting makes me grumpy though! I do enough waiting in life as it is!

      • Jay Holm

        Ok Ms Brenda, I did it, I ordered a 64GB Platinum Gold S6, even paid for next day shipping, if all goes well I should receive it on Thursday, having it sent to my work address, my site supervisor will text me when it arrives. Yayyyy!!!!!!!

        • Brenda

          Great! Let’s hope it all goes well.

  • Brenda

    Mine is coming tomorrow 4/1! I didn’t pay extra for shipping either.

    • Jay Holm

      That’s awesome! Standard, or Edge? What capacity?

      • Brenda

        Standard in Black Sapphire 32GB.

        • Jay Holm

          Ahh, so have you shopped around for a case? Personally I like either silver or blue for a case, kickstand is a must.

        • Brenda

          Yeah, but I’m getting a clear case from Spigen along with the screen protector which comes for the back and from. They’re about $10 each on Amazon. I don’t want to spend too much on them because I made the mistake of buying a lot of case for my iPhone 6+ and now I’m jumping to the S6. The cases are basically useless now. Spigen has kickstand cases on Amazon.

        • Jay Holm

          I’m glad your defecting from the fruit phone. Yeah, got one already. And I watched some videos on YouTube for Spigen’s Tough Armor case for the S5, I feel comfortable with my purchase.

        • Brenda

          Yeah, I don’t hate Apple or Android, but right now my preference is on the S6 because they fixed the fingerprint and Samsung Pay (two key features that kept me on iPhone). But I’m glad you have your case.

        • Chilehead

          ugh…no need to hate Apple. Competition drives innovation.

        • Gena

          I ordered the same case. I think it will show off the beauty of this phone.

  • edward_2k1

    I pre-ordered my Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB Black Sapphire on Saturday around 2pm. It has been shipped and will be here on tomorrow April 1. I did not pay extra for shipping, I only paid for standard ups ground. My order showed pending shipment until last night. When I placed my order I was told my expected delivery date was 4/7 but it will be here on 4/1 along with my Samsung QI wireless charging pad I ordered from T-Mobile. It was $49.99 but they have a promo currently for 30% off accessories so it was $34.99 plus tax, cool deal.

  • Amberlie

    I preordered the 32gb black galaxy s4 edge Saturday and today I just got a text that said “Free T-Mobile Msg: For all Pre-Orders your tracking number will not be visible on prior to the product launch date.” so I was wondering if anyone knew what this exactly meant and how I can find out when the phone will arrive.

    • amberlie

      meant to say galaxy s6

    • edward_2k1

      That’s odd, my tracking number is available on and it also shows up on I also received that same text his morning even though I already have my tracking information displaying.

    • Blaze

      I haven’t received anything and it still says my order is processing on my t-mobile. I ordered mine on Friday around 3 pm. :(

      • Benjamin Dover

        If you ordered the 128GB black, you probably will see it sometime between 4/11 and 4/25, according to my call with customer service. Not what I was expecting with “pre-order.”

    • Matt Macaluso

      I just got that same message… I looked online today and saw “shipped”. The text makes it seem like they just printed the label.

      • Matt Macaluso

        UPS says it will be here tomorrow!

  • Steven

    I got mine this morning :)

  • Gavinjl

    Ordered mine Friday morning and got it yesterday. Edge Black sapphire 128gb

  • Don’t want a big phone

    I’m so tired of reading about all the new T-Mobile phone coming when these phone are all just two sizes — big or bigger. What about offering one high-end new phone that is compact? Just one. Doesn’t need to be a whole array like they offer in the rest of the world. Just one. Xperia Z4 compact or something. Perhaps that would be too much variety? Until then, I’ll just stick to the Samsung Light I have and don’t even like that much.

    • Chilehead

      What dimensions do you consider compact? The market will dictate the appropriate size (which is still evolving). Have you considered the iPhone 5s or are you looking for an Android device?

  • Eric

    Got my s6 today. Loving it so far. First Samsung :)

  • xavier

    i order mine on friday s6 64 g black still on backorder i am am mad how long u guys think it will be on back order

    • Jay Holm

      I’m mad too! Samsung is doing a horrible, horrible job at providing inventory!!! I ordered a 64GB Gold Platinum, ordered mine this past Tuesday evening and paid for next day shipping.

      • p0nch0

        It hasnt officially released yet and they’re already doing a horrible job at inventory. Sounds dumb af.

      • Gena

        I also ordered the Gold 64gb edge. I ordered on 4/3. I was given an estimate of 10-14 days from order date. Today is day 8 and not a peep.

    • Sam

      I ordered mine Tuesday and still says backordered.

    • Benjamin Dover

      Ordered my S6 128GB black on 3/28. Called and customer service said I could see it between 4/11 and 4/25. At least I have time to consider canceling this “pre-order.”

      • Benjamin Dover

        Update: T-Mobile customer service said they cannot cancel pre-orders, so I’m stuck with it. I wanted to take my chances in the stores.

        The only way I can do that is to either reject the shipment when it arrives, send it back, and hope they credit my card before long, OR just cancel my credit card.

        Thanks, T-Mobile /s

  • Alejandro

    Ordered mines on Sunday, recieveing it on Monday 4/6.

  • Judas

    I’m a T-mobile employee. Did a preorder for a customer on the 28th of March, he came in the store with it on the 31st.

    • Benjamin Dover

      Ordered my S6 128GB Black Onyx on 3/28. Might not see it until 4/25.

  • Phew

    I solved the whole damn thing and bought a Note 4 today. Im happy and relieved I finally came to that sensible conclusion.

  • Happy33

    I ordered mine on Friday the 27th of March at 8:00am cst. And I received it on Wednesday April 1st 2015 at 3pm. I absolutely love this phone!

  • Benjamin Dover

    What T-Mobile didn’t tell anyone is that they aren’t shipping the 128GB units until sometime between 4/11 and 4/25. Also, the stores won’t be carrying them, because they prefer to cater to customers who don’t have so much to spend.

    As a T-Mobile employee told me in a store yesterday, “No phone has ever had 128GB before, and most people won’t spend that kind of money to get into a phone.”

    They want to cater to the lowest common denominator, which is fine, but don’t do it at the expense of those who want the 128GB option.

    Also, customer service cannot cancel pre-orders, even though they’re actually post-orders in the case of anyone who wanted the 128GB unit.

    • tao

      yea mine is still on backorder. -_-

      Here is the latest update from them

      This is your update on shipping status for order number **********. We are awaiting more Galaxy S® 6 shipments, and still anticipate shipping your order between 04/17/2015 and 04/24/2015.

  • Gena

    Has anyone received their pre-ordered Platinum 64gb edge yet? I placed my order last Friday, and my order status still says “Backordered.”

    • Sheena

      As of 4/10, I haven’t received mine either. I ordered on 3/31 @ 11AM, the day the gold 64gb came out on the TMobile site and by 4/1 @ 2:30AM it was listed as backordered. Right now the estimate given here on my order is between 4/14 and 4/21. :(

    • Sheena

      Oh and also I read on that it’s not a T-Mobile issue, but instead a Samsung issue since their production is slower due to the new technology on the S6 Edge. Bottom line…someone needs to get their crap together! Good thing I’m a patient soul. Forbes article here: I don’t believe all the negativity they are pushing out there considering CNET rated it well (unless CNET is in cahoots with Samsung), but I do believe the story about the shortage.