T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge get first OTA software update


The pre-orders for the S6 and S6 Edge have only been live on T-Mobile’s site for two days. And yet, the two devices already have their first performance-enhancing software update. It’s weighs in just under 180MB in size and comes with relatively minor bug fixes and performance boosters. Specifically, the update addresses issues with the fingerprint scanner and audio quality.

T-Mobile informed its staff of the upgrade virtually as soon as the pre-sale went live and instructs them to make customers aware at time of purchase. Interestingly, it’s described as a “mandatory” update which suggests that the customer experience of the addressed issues may not be so hot without it.


Let us know as soon as you get your S6 units through the door. As we’ve already heard, T-Mobile has already begun the process of shipping out the early orders. Some will arrive as soon as Tuesday.

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  • Julia

    My S6 Edge is arriving Monday! Praise to T-Mobile for sending units out early :)

    • jonathan3579

      Have you seen the phone in person yet? It’s a thing of beauty. I’m disappointed I ruined the experience of surprise but so happy to know I made the right choice. Lol

      • Jay Holm

        Which one did you see in person? White/black? Standard/Edge?
        I ordered the 128GB standard white S6.

        • jonathan3579

          I’ve seen both the Edge and the standard in white and black. I prefer the standard in white and the Edge in black. Either way, you can’t go wrong! :)

  • My 64GB Black Sapphire GS6 will be in my hands either tomorrow or Tuesday, just can’t wait! :D

    • jonathan3579

      I wonder if we’ll be part of the first 92,000 for the Netflix promo.

  • TheDonJ77

    Where the heck is the friggan GOLD????

    • bob90210

      Make sure to grab the person by the shirt collar when you ask this so they know you mean it.

      • TheDonJ77

        Oh I will

  • Trevnerdio

    Gee, wish my Note Edge would get a software update already…

  • Melissa

    They need to fix the WiFi calling on the note 3.

  • Chris

    My Pearl White 64GB S6 comes Monday! Definitely props to T-Mobile for making its customers the first to have the device!

  • Jeff Martinez

    I dunno when I’m getting mine, but I ordered the 64gb black sapphire S6, Tues would be perfect. I stopped in Best Buy today and there was at least more than handful of people inquiring about both phones, especially the Edge.

  • Joe

    God I cant w8 for my 32GB S6 to arrive. I wish they would update the tracking info but no I will have to be surprised.

  • Thatguy

    So the S6, a phone that technically not out yet get update but not the Note 4….

  • GinaDee

    I got the OTA update on mine but voice quality is still problematic. There is a high pitched screeching noise that I get on some calls. I have the S6 edge by the way. It’s at random but voice quality isn’t at par with other T-Mobile handsets. There’s too much hiss even on VoLTE when it should be crystal clear.

  • Kahlayoh

    Got my 64gb Black Saphire in on 03-30-2015 after ordering it on 03-28-2015. After setting up the phone, it never ended bugging out on me. It’ll freeze at random moments and restart itself back to back throughout the day. So now I’m stuck with a buggy phone that freezes and randomly restart itself until the new one comes in after paying for another one. Then I send the original one back and pay for shipping!! Best upgrade ever!!

  • S6 edge happy

    I got my t-mobile samsung 32gb white Samsung galaxy s6 edge on Wednesday. I absolutely love this phone! Total thumbs up to Samsung they went all out on this one!

  • Grant Wood

    Hopefully there will be a fix for the wifi calling battery issue and any other way of getting better battery life. 11 hours with 3.5-4 hours of SOT is kind of weak for a premium handset like this.

  • Kate

    yet 3 months later & STILL NO OTA to my laggy GS6 EDGE pais $800 cash for! FML