T-Mobile and nTelos complete PCS spectrum deal


Back in December, T-Mobile and nTelos holding proposed that T-Mobile buy some of its PCS spectrum in the Eastern Markets. It was a part of nTelos’ drive to focus more on its Western Markets in Western Virginia/West Virginia.

At the time, nTelos chairman Michael Huber stated that “In an effort to strengthen our retail sales performance and leverage our strategic relationship with Sprint, we are right-sizing our business and redirecting our resources on our Western Markets, which provide us the greatest opportunity for sustained, profitable growth. At the same time, we are exiting markets that have become increasingly competitive and where we have been unable to achieve acceptable financial returns.”

Yesterday, it was announced that this deal has now been completed. Having parted with around $56 million in cash, T-Mobile now owns more PCS spectrum in Hampton Roads, Norfolk and Richmond markets in Virginia. T-Mo will almost certainly use this 1900MHz spectrum to continue its deployment of band 2 LTE in those markets.

nTelos – on the other hand – plans to lease back some of the spectrum, continuing to serve its customers until November, when it will shut down its network. With the cash made from the deal, nTelos will build out more 4G LTE in its Western Markets.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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  • Troy

    Services is already pretty decent in Hampton Roads so this will make it even better!

  • Joe

    Now if only they would find a way to get more spectrum in charlotte. I did here that apparently they bought some pcs from USC in charlotte is this true? If so can I have a link to the filling.

  • new spectrum

    Thats great I wish they would get some service in Omaha ne though were about 850.000 metro area they would have to buy the spectrum from att because they own most of the area for now :(

    • Justin Smith

      850 people or 850,000? Also there are many other spectrum holders then just ATT.

  • UMA_Fan

    Does anyone know if they’ll be able to attain wide and with the 1900mhz?

    • taron19119

      They do have some markets useing 1900mz for wideband LTE

      • JB45

        which markets? the most I have seen on PCS LTE is 10mhz. Not wideband

        • taron19119


      • Mike

        I cant wait until there is more data aggregation going on between the different bands.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    T-mobile needs a roaming agreement with ntelos in West Virginia

    • Logan C.

      nTelos is a CDMA carrier.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        LTE Roaming

        • nTelos is already pretty much leasing Sprint’s spectrum for LTE so it’s very unlikely to happen in the near future.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          That sucks well U.S. Cellular has 700mhz A

    • What about US Cellular? although they’re a CDMA network also, but they have LTE in that area.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Yeah they have 700mhz in west v. T-Mobile just needs to buy U.S. Cellular

    • Danny Lewis

      They need to do something, WV is a T-Mobile blackhole. :(

  • Michael Barnes

    we need it for sure its bad williamsburg to Richmond there is all roaming unless on i-64 and anywhere in williamsburg that is not a main road is spotty at best the out lying countys are horribale westpoint new kent charles city non existent service

    i love tmobile if they fix these areas it will be perfect for me

    • nycplayboy78

      I know right I will be in Hampton this weekend and I hate when I get off I-95 and then onto I-64 enroute to the 757 I get nothing but 2G and then when I am in Newport News…BAMMMM…4G…SIGH…

  • taron19119

    What is John Leger or Neville ray email address

    • Jenny

      Just tweet @JohnLegere on Twitter…

      • taron19119

        I tryed that and did not get a response

    • Logan C.

      tmobile email addresses are always firstname.lastname at t-mobile

      • taron19119

        Thanks im try to see if t-mobile can put service on the subway in philadelphia

        • Logan C.

          Either its in the pipeline or its not feasible in the near future. I wouldn’t bother.

        • taron19119

          I was just thinking if at&t has service they y not t-mobile

        • Logan C.

          Because usually its an exclusivity agreement to provide service with the transit authority. Here in DC its Verizon. Legal framework prevents others from butting in on that until Verizon’s contract ends.

        • In some cases like NYC and Boston, all 4 carriers work in the subways.

        • Mike

          They are working on the same thing as we speak in Chicago. Rahm Emanuel announced it not too long ago.

        • vznfios

          In DC, the Metro stations have all the carriers on the same DAS. Only Verizon is active in the tunnels and it’s usually 1XRTT service.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    This is great news for T-Mobile subscribers in VA, been looking at VA on Sensorly; LTE isn’t looking good in Virginia. Now it will improve

    • Justin Smith

      T-Mobile needs LTE in West Virginia! They have almost no coverage at all there though…

      • Raiterio Patterson

        You’re right; Sensorly is not showing any LTE w/ T-Mobile. Do people not use magenta at all up there or is just like most places and they have stores?

        • RiskyBidThis

          T-Mobile doesn’t provide service in West Virginia, to the extent that you even get a signal there it would be due to roaming. They don’t seem to have plans to launch service there either with the exception of a tiny sliver centered on Wheeling that they bought the 700A for.

        • US Cellular owns most spectrum in the Virgina’s. Same with Iowa, Nebraska, and part of Wisconsin. That’s why T-Mobile has little to no coverage in these areas.

        • Raiterio Patterson

          Went on the T-Mobile subreddit; US Cellular owns BUTTLOADS of 700MHz A Block spectrum all over the USA….trolls

        • Yeah, that’s what I thought. If only US Cellular was selling their 700 A Block I can guarantee that T-Mobile would be very very interested.

        • KingOfThePhones

          As far as I know, US Cellular doesn’t own 700 A block spectrum in Hampton Roads, Cox does (for the wireless network they intended to launch but never did). I think Cox is willing to sell but I am guessing they want much $$$. It can take its time holding on to it because the idiots at the FCC gave it an extension to their buildout deadline. It would be awesome for TMO to own some B12 spectrum in Hampton Roads though… In-building coverage can be lacking.

        • UMA_Fan

          Wow if Cox owns 700mhz a block in Hampton roads I hope T-Mobile is doing everything in their power to buy that from them.

        • KingOfThePhones

          Yeah, Cox gave up on building a wireless network and from what I understand they are interested in selling the license for the right price (they already sold some of their other licenses to AT&T a couple years ago). T-Mobile really is the only suitable buyer but I am guessing Cox is wanting too much money. Like I said, Cox can hang onto the license for a while without building it like they were supposed to becuase the FCC gave them an extension on the buildout deadline.

      • US Cellular owns most spectrum there.

        • Justin Smith

          Do they own band 4 or band 2? I doubt it

    • US Cellular owns spectrum there, they’re part of the issue, on why T-Mobile doesn’t have great coverage in that area.

      • Raiterio Patterson

        They are also the reason why NC/SC doesn’t have any 700MHz A Block; they won’t sell to T-Mobile I heard.

      • KingOfThePhones

        Cox, not US Cellular. US Cellular owns it in the Carolinas. Cox is willing to sell for the right price, USC isn’t.

        • UMA_Fan

          Does Cox own low band in that area or just 1900mhz?

  • Philz

    Thanks goodness deal is complete VB needs wideband badly.

    • UMA_Fan

      Looks like they can’t build it out until after November though

      • Joe

        Wow really why so long?

        • Justin Smith

          Ntelos needs to stop using the spectrum first.

        • Joe

          Ahh I see

      • kingOfThePhones

        Not exactly… TMO will get half the spectrum right away while the rest will be leased back to nTelos until Nov. so they can wind down their operations.

    • Justin Smith

      Band 2 doesn’t provide T-Mobile with the opportunity to build out Wideband LTE in any markets.

      Band 2 is for more rural build outs.
      Wideband is provided through band 4 spectrum.

  • D

    shout out to Suffolk va!

  • Jose

    We need some eastern Idaho love

  • Justin Smith

    We need some more band 2 capacity love in some of Eastern, central and south east Ohio! In most of the areas that I have traveled that have had band 2 they were just inconsistent 5x5Mhz channels!

    Speeds were fairly bad sadly. The only time you would get usuable speeds was at 5 bars.

    • Joe

      Yeah they really need to have at least 10x10Mhz channels across there entire network cuz 5x5Mhz really does not cut it.

      • z

        yeah because you know in the boonies people need that sweet 100 mbps /s

        • Joe

          Ok my bad yes in the boonies 5×5 should be good enough. The main problem there is backhall. But in relatively more populated regions they should have 10×10.

        • Trevnerdio

          73 max

    • superg05

      complaining here would do nothing tweet john or tmobile on twitter

      • Businessweek31

        That’s right.

        But you may want to purchase higher speed internet, or if your DSL service is too slow, go to T-Moble website and find the list of internet providers which partner with T-Mobile has partnered with and recommends to make reliable calls.

      • Justin Smith

        I wasn’t complaining…

        • superg05

          You’re right that word is to strong but I still think it’s wasted here complain or tell on social media where they have to respond because you shined a unwanted spotlight on it

  • eAbyss

    Since when was West Virginia a Western market?

    • Logan S

      The entire US is a Western market to the UK-based editor.

    • nTelos only serves west Virginia and Virginia. well now it only serves Virginia

      • K.B.

        all of nTelos was buyout by Sprint back in july. all their stores are now Sprint Stores.

  • Michael Barnes

    When will they start deploying this and is there a place to see what this spectrum area covers (map) we need this for anywhere off the highway is spotty or non existent

  • Guest


  • TylerCameron

    nTelos has never made sense.. A tiny regional carrier, with tiny native coverage that costs about as much as Sprint… But without the option for unlimited data. (last I checked)

    Actually, I never really got the idea of going with a regional carrier to begin with, they’d make a little more sense if US ones operated GSM/HSPA/LTE networks, allowing you to use nearly any phone you want and not be forced to use one of THEIR phones.

    And regional carriers… Well, in terms of value, I can put money on not one regional having a plan that competes with anything Cricket has.. Or even metroPCS.

    ….and they even roam off of Sprint.. Not defending Sprint, but from what I know about nTelos… The price you pay: what you get ratio is pretty out of whack. The only good thing nTelos has done is when they first got the iPhone 5, they sold it factory unlocked. (and not by law, either)
    I don’t know if they still do that, but that was a very consumer-friendly move.

    So good riddence, nTelos.. Their customers are gonna get a network upgrade and AND a better value whether they switch to Cricket, T-Mobile, or metroPCS… Maybe Virgin. Maybe.

  • Michael Barnes

    When will this actually be deployed ?