John Legere promises to send message competition can’t ignore if petition reaches 250k signatures

John Legere vlog
Around a year ago, T-Mobile announced during one of its Uncarrier events that it was ending overages. No more charges outside of the plan for anyone subscribed to the magenta carrier. You may remember at the time he created a petition on so that consumers could get involved and try to abolish overages. It may have been something of a publicity stunt, but he did have a point. Carriers like AT&T and Verizon rake in a fortune through charging users overages. T-Mobile quotes a $1 billion per year figure, which is a huge amount paid by subscribers for going over their allowances.

Today, in his second vlog for the company, John Legere once again calls on the competition to act. Pointing yet again to the “abolish overages” petition, but this time with added incentive. As soon as the petition reaches 250k signatures, he promises to “send a message they (the carriers) won’t be able to ignore.”

It goes without saying, the following video features a little grown-up language. So if you’re sensitive to colorful language, I’d advise covering your ears whenever you see Legere open his mouth. You never know when an F-Bomb might drop:

If you agree and think overages should be completely abolished, for good, head on over to As it stands at time of typing, the petition is around 50,000 signatures short. Even if the petition doesn’t make other carriers stand up and take notice, I really want to see what T-Mobile’s message to the competition is. So, even if it’s just to help me satisfy my curiosity, go and sign it!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • jim

    Is this guy really a god send to rescue us? lol

    • Tatdude806

      IF he was we would have lollipop on the Note 4!

      • Cam Bunton

        lol! It’s always about the Lollipop on the Note 4 update now. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. ;-)

        • Jose

          Nexus 6 WiFi calling matters more

        • Logan C.

          I don’t understand why anyone would buy an Android device expecting a future update. I’ve never seen a release go out on time.

        • Tatdude806

          YES SIR IT IS!! :)

      • enoch861

        He does have Lollipop on the G2. And that thing is pretty old.

      • Logan C.

        You know, my iPhone has the latest software. Can’t say the same for the Note Edge I paid MORE for.

        • williejackbrainer

          Updates are never released on time. Unless you go with Nexus. I’m assuming you already know that tho….

        • Logan C.

          Except they are, just not on the Android platform. Re: Nexus though, where’s that wifi calling update for Q1 2015?

        • williejackbrainer

          Great question. Should ask Des.

  • Adam

    I checked out the petition, but I didn’t see a way to complain about the BS overages that Bank of America and United Airlines change. I stopped caring about AT&T BS charges since I switched to T-Mobile.

    • A.P.M.

      Start an un-bank :)

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Video Freedom incoming in 5, 4, 3, 2….

  • Analog Spirit

    Cool. Sounds like a worthy cause to me. Count me in (I just went ahead and signed it).

  • IceMan

    Wow, 200K signatures already. I signed just because I’m curious as to what this is.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    T-mobile has debit cards get one!

    • Ordeith


      • Jay J. Blanco

        For customers

  • up to over 200,000!

  • Irfan

    simple , AT&T and Verizon shows its technology , there technology is for show off not for use , because you cant effort the price . T-Mobile average speed is 7MBPS which i believe is great .

    what i can do if i have 50MBPS speed with 2gb data plan ..

    • Rob H.

      Having stuff load on 50mbps is a lot more convenient than waiting for it load up on 7mbps. It’s not always the speed that matters, it how much you need to download.

      • reality

        Unless your waiting for torrents to download there isn’t a noticeable difference between 7 and 50 Mbps.

  • skittle

    Notice if you will what phone John is using in the video. I guess he doesn’t like waiting for software updates to roll out either : ) Granted, John can use whatever phone or phones he wants as CEO. He probably has his own towers ;) Go get em John !!!

  • Raiterio Patterson

    I just signed. 200,063. Whoa.

    • I just signed 13 minutes after you, and…

      200,675 supporters

      (edit: at this rate, we’d hit 250k in around 17 hours)

  • Signed!

  • bringherback

    How about a petition to bring back Carly!?!?!

    • Why?

      What’s with this weird Carly obsession? Was she REALLY that effective as an ad campaign?

  • Android_God


    • MKashi

      Are you saying WOW as your previous comment got edited/deleted? It was funny!

      • Android_God

        Ya I guess they are a bit sensitive! :D

  • Cam Fas

    Well I did my part I signed it

  • Guest

    This man needs some Prozac….

  • 1ceTr0n

    Where can I get that sweater?

  • Ordeith

    T-Mobile’s coverage let me down in a very big way today.
    Please, please get this fixed, T-Mobile. You aren’t really a viable alternative until your network is at least close to your competitors.

    • Chris M

      Ok so I wanted to do some more research on our resident channel idiot Ordeith before I posted this, and reading two years of this fools posts confirms what Ive always known. First of all he’s one of oh about 5% of society also known as sad sap dorks who love Windows Phone. Hes uh very passionate about it. Now that of course isnt anything horrid. You can be a loser who self selects to sit at the rejects table, maybe you think it makes you look cool ;-) Then I started investigating his endless barage of posts in almost every tmonews article about coverage. Almost always followed by some reference to Cricket by ATT. Now a regular person wouldnt ever keep mentioned Cricket by ATT in that way. Theyd refer to ATT casually or just talk about coverage and tmobile. The channel idiot has been doing this for years. Now Im starting whiff some paid corporate troll. Reading on his posts, I come to realize he talks about having been with tmo for 7 years and dropping for cricket in posts dating back to YEARS AGO. Another clear sign. And he keeps lying off an on throughout his posts about when that was. He always makes it seem like it was sometime recently, but hes been saying it for years LOL. A month ago he mentioned it to somebody like he had just said it. Now in this post, the dude is talking about tmobile service letting him down today. Hahahah how the f could it do that cricket by ATT boy? Im sure he has some smart reply about somebody he was calling had tmo and it ruined his life. My point is quite simple. This guy from his post history is the most obvious shill with an agenda. I mean 2 years of posts with the same message and Cam lets him stay on here? Get rid of him and ban him. If he was a true user and having issues then yeah were all sympathetic but the dude is the most naked agenda driven troll.

      • Ordeith

        Thanks for the interest. I think I should be flattered, really.
        But dude, you have some serious issues. Perhaps you should look into those before you get all finger pointy.

        My family has several lines, from several carriers, and I happened to have my T-Mobile phone with me today. That ended up being a big mistake but fortunately the person I was traveling with today had Verizon and managed to get me out of a bind.

        I usually print important data as a backup because you never know when there will be coverage or battery issues, but I was in a hurry and didn’t print anything and only grabbed the T-Mobile handset. Big mistakes all around.

        I’m sorry the truth offends you, but really that’s about you. not me.

        Thanks for playing.

        • Chris M

          See you’re just stupid enough to respond thats why I left just enough rope to hang you after your inevitable idiotic response.

          Hey Ordeith aka channel idiot. Why dont you talk about your state fair anecdote about Tmobile and Cricket now? This would be a good time? Hahah Ok so I read this idiot’s post about a month ago now with his a Tmo vs Cricket state fair analogy. In this post as is usual Ordeith trolling policy, he mentions this anecode particularly damning to TMobile as ‘just recently’ happening. Come to find out I scroll down his post history and hes told the EXACT SAME STORY about the state fair almost a year ago and again then it was ‘just happening’ hahahah. Get the f out of here dude. Somebody has actually told the channel idiot that a ecodtes like this might be successful or something at what is clearly his job of anti tmo trolling and hes too stupid to hide his post history. Cam, get this guy out of here once and for all.

        • Ordeith

          The way you respond to truth with lies, character assassination, and personal attacks suggests it is you that needs to be banned. It might help you get a grip.

          Do you similarly approach other truths in life that you can’t handle or don’t like? That would make quite the interesting case study.

        • Guest

          The way these Magenta lovers act is baffling, really.

        • Marcelo_L

          The way “anonymous” guests jump into a conversation for no reason is obvious….trolling. Did YOU look at Ordieths comments? Is ANY of what ChrisM said a lie? Did Ordieth NOT say those things?

          Cite that, and THEN have your debate.

          And Ordieth, sorry you feel as though it’s a character assassination. Perhaps ChrisM is being a bit over the top, but I’ve been with TMo a long time and I don’t call myself a Magenta Lover.

          I guess I haven’t found myself in so many rural places that I could say I’ve encountered utter and complete loss of coverage (Oh wait, there was that one time in Jamaica…damned non-roaming area was on a beach, but then again I didn’t particularly need coverage at the time), but just the same…it’s gotten A LOT better in the last 2 years.

          So, please, if you want to move on to some other carrier…fair thee well. Otherwise, please, make up a constructive argument if you’re going to complain.

          ….THE longest standing T-Mobile (nee Voicestream, nee Omnipoint) customer.

        • Guest


          I’ll have to resort to an ad hominem attack and long rant about my personal experience(s).

          Obviously my good (urban) experience with T-Mobile means everyone who doesn’t have a good experience is a liar, and therefore it justifies my flaming anger and disdain about things that aren’t to my liking or my way.

          I’ll finish off by letting everyone know for the 7864534th time that I claim to be the “longest standing” T-Mobile US customer.

        • Marcelo_L

          That’s so precious. Clearly shows a lack of understanding about what “Ad Hominem” means.

          Just because I haven’t traveled to areas like West Virgina, doesn’t mean I haven’t been in rural areas at all. Funny how coverage in the Florida Everglades doesn’t count as rural in some people’s minds.

          As for how many times I’ve stated how long I’ve been with T-Mobile. glad you’re keeping count, so I don’t have to.

          …and since you’ve already said it, I don’t have to repeat how long I’ve been with T-Mobile.

        • Ordeith

          Most of what ChrisM said was a lie, especially his exaggerated sense of timing. I know what I said and when I said it, hell I lived it. I have been migrating away from T-Mobile for a little over a year. I was all T-Mobile prior to that. Now I’m not so blind.

  • Isaac P


  • Allen Enriquez

    I too signed, cam I am also curious too!

  • josephsinger

    John, learn the difference between a backslash and a slash. No backslash in internet addresses.

    • Trevnerdio

      A few years ago, 15 year old me was also confused at that. The T-Mobile rep told me backslash when putting in a web address and I’m like uh which one is that again? And he thought I was stupid. I just put in a regular slash because, like you said, no backslashes in web addresses.

      • fencepost

        On most US keyboards, “backslash is the one near backspace.”

        • Trevnerdio

          Yeah, that makes sense. Just wish the rep I spoke to knew that lol

      • josephsinger

        It’s really not hard to understand especially if you are like the majority of people who are right handed the / symbol is a forward slash and a is a backslash. Most of the time you really have no reason to think of backslash unless you’re accessing something on your local PC drive.

  • Aaron T.

    Signed this too! These overages need to be abolished! Not fair on consumers using their devices as it was meant to be!

  • Steve Hester

    I also signed. Really want to see the message he will send

  • Anonymous

    Enough with the overage crap, John. Build a better network. You can’t win by attacking two competitors with superior networks. You want additional working capital and customers can control their own usage. Not a strategy for success and it just shows that the leadership is failing well into the future. I signed the overage petition but it was meaningless when it first came out and its meaningless today.

    Prepaid with AT&T has no overages on the daily plan. Others have overages but you can use software monitoring to control data usage. I would prefer if AT&T had a select mode to let me know if I wanted to have overages or to end service after I prepaid for data or throttle it to slow speeds.

    I am an AT&T customer right now and it looks like John’s future policies won’t help with profitability for the company and the Uncarrier moved are all played out. They were good to turn Tmobile ahead or equal to Sprint in terms of marketshare figures. But you can not dip into AT&T or Verizon customers without improving coverage and in the future, Sprint and Tmobile will remain stuck in their positions and I predict Sprint will actually gain a little marketshare over Tmobile now.

    After dishnetwork and AT&T merge or the future is worked out with dishnetwork spectrum, Tmobile will be ducking for cover since it has no where to go.

    • Spanky

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. Although I signed the petition as well, it almost seems that this is another one of John Legere’s tactics to divert attention from the real issue, which is T-Mobile’s lacking network.

    • fuego

      He is trying to build a better network, would you actually be surprised if I told you or doesn’t happen overnight?

  • i’m in Dallas and my coverage is excellent. since gettting access to Band 12 with the S6, i can even talk freely on elevators and while i’m in the office bathroom so it’s even better for me now.

    • donnybee

      Talking in the bathroom?’re THAT guy

      • Marcelo_L

        I thought every company had a “that guy”. Either that, or Deacon REALLY gets around.

      • taron19119

        Your mom always calls for phone sex when im taking a chit
        Idk how she knows but like every three days my phone will ring when im on the can

      • LMAO nah not usually but i was last week. most of the times i’m using a social network though and i never could until recently with Band 12 and the S6.

    • taron19119

      Tell me something is band 12 every where because in philadelphia band 12 is just in 3 locations and none of them are ones that matter for me where I needed the most its not there yet

      • not sure about that … i’d imagine yes (at least in Dallas) but i can’t confirm.

  • PHL

    What’s the current count? My company’s routers block access to the petition because it is a “political advocacy” site.

    • Danny Lewis

      202,554 as of this posting.

  • Marcelo_L

    You want me to sign your petition, John?

    Is that what you want?

    Then you sign MY petition, which will read”

    To truly free consumers choices of carriers, commit to releasing software updates up to 2 1/2 years for every device you sell.

    Galaxy S3 and Note 2’s without KitKat…….Malarkey.
    S4 and Note 3’s without Lollipop…..Ridicuous.

    I’ll go you one further, Legere….there’s no technical reason why a Galaxy S3 or Note 2, cannot and SHOULD NOT run Lollipop.

    The fact is that you, and your other carrier buddies, don’t want to release firmwares, because you want to sell devices. Well… want to do that, then give us 1/2 the retail value of a 2 year old device of the MSRP of the device (assuming it’s paid off and in sound working order) towards the MSRP of that shiny new “Insert newest device here”.

    Do that. Do that, Legere, and I’ll sign your abolish overages petition.

    Now……advocate for your current (and future customers) to get real choice in sticking with TMo as their carrier….that’ll really change the rules.


    THE longest standing T-Mobile ( nee Voicestream, nee Omnipoint ) customer

    • Ryanide

      It’s not really up to the carriers, it’s more of the manufacturer that’s the problem.

      Look if you will at LG for example. They’ve given Lollipop to the G3 and the older G2 recently.
      Samsung is well known for not updating their devices, especially their older devices.

      If the manufacturer doesn’t give an update to the carriers, they cannot test it on the carrier level, and can’t be rolled out to the end users.

      • Marcelo_L

        Dude……you do know for example that KitKat has been available for the Galaxy Note 2 for EVERY SINGLE CARRIERS, but… guessed it…TMobile USA.

        Your point is well taken, but not entirely all encompassing. I’m covering that IF the manufacturers make the firmware available…that the carriers have the onus of putting it IN THE CONSUMERS HANDS.

        Now, if the carriers AREN’T building it, yes that’s another matter, but in MANY MANY cases, the firmware is out there, and the carriers SIT ON IT.

        And it has nothing to do with Samsung…..they will do what the carriers dictate if there is money to be made…and if carriers got into a subscription model for devices that are 2 generations back….I know A LOT of people who would GLADLY pay….a nominal amount, of course, to be kept more up to date.

        So yes, you have a point, but don’t trivialize mine. Thank you.

    • Steven

      You care too much about old technology…

  • Trevnerdio

    I know this…I’m a computer engineering major. I didn’t say it was hard, I was just saying I wish the rep knew that he was talking about.

  • Andrew Singleton

    I NEEEEEED that jacket.

  • Guest