The reason T-Mobile suspended ZTE ZMax sales: Faulty Customers


Whenever you hear of manufacturers recalling products – or stores taking things off their shelves to be fixed or improved – it’s almost always a problem with the product. Yesterday, we were informed that T-Mobile was immediately suspending all sales of the ZTE Zmax. We didn’t know why, but assumed there must have been something wrong with the budget phablet since – according to many sales staff – the thing sold like hot cakes. Of course, you all had your say in the comments section of the original article.

It turns out, the real issue was pretty unexpected: Customers. A number of T-Mobile customers – for whatever reason – allegedly tried to remove the non-removable battery. Because, apparently, it looks like you should be able to. Or it’s easy. Or something…

Sascha Segan pretty much nailed my thoughts in his headline on PCMag:
Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 19.15.48

It was his sources who informed him of the real reason for the suspension.

“According to sources close to ZTE, T-Mobile had to suspend sales because customers were trying to remove the non-removable batteries on the phones. Obviously, that’s dangerous. The back cover is clipped on but not glued on, and people like this guy are using “a knife and a small screwdriver” to lever it off, potentially puncturing the battery cell and hurting themselves in the process.”

In short: Customer zealousness and passion for carrying out electronic repairs far outweighed their skill level or knowledge. Sort of reminds me of when I was a kid, trying to take my remote control car to pieces. It didn’t work again after I tried to detach the antenna. I was 9.

Allegedly, so many have tried that T-Mobile complained to ZTE and now the manufacturer is trying to figure a way of making battery removal less appealing. Needless to say, if you are experiencing issues with your ZMax, its performance or battery, please don’t try to take the battery out. Go to your local store to get it checked out.

It’s also worth noting, this isn’t the end of T-Mobile and ZTE’s relationship. The two want to work together, and if the fix can be found or manufactured there’s every chance the ZMax reappears. Without the “please remove me” back cover.

Source: PCMag
Image credit: CNET

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  • Zlatanovic

    Man, if some of the posts I’ve read on this here blog are any indication, T-Mobile customers are idiots. They might be savvy about the price/ value of TMO’s service, it is arguably the best deal, but when it comes to phones T-Mobile customers are idiots who would try to make a removable battery removeable. My Spanish professor had a term for them: Pendehoes.

    • Terry

      So if you are a tmobile customer and your lumping all customers into the same term as “IDIOTS” that must include yourself.

      • Adrayven

        Of course.. why think ahead that far.. LOL

      • Zlatanovic

        Sorry, at the moment, I do not have an account with T-Mobile (I know that’s not what you would have wanted to hear). Perhaps that will change in the future. For clarification, please see my comment to Paul.

    • Paul

      I’m a T-Mobile customer. I was helping ZTE beta test software with this model phone. The first thing I noticed was that the back wasn’t removable. I also never tried to remove it.

      I am not an idiot, as you have put it.

      • Zlatanovic

        Let me clarify. Most, not all. You may not be one. Do you own the device in question?

        • Joe

          I mean to be honest the average consumer is pretty dumb and does not know how to use their brain and google search before they try to remove a battery or anything. So saying that just t-mobile customers are idiots is not really fair.

        • Zlatanovic

          That is a very reasonable take on the situation. Fair enough. However, I think most Verizon and maybe even AT&T customers are less DIY given the demographics of their customer base, many times older and even marginally more affluent. They might even be less tech savvy, but in this kind of situation that’s a good thing because that would preempt them from pretending to be DIY weekend phone engineers.

        • steveb944

          I love the stigma that only ignorant & poor people go to T-Mobile for services.

          Newsflash ignorant IDIOT… There are quite a few on here that can actually see past that stigma and see the value in the services offered. Personally I’d be paying HUNDREDS on a monthly basis with another carrier due to overages and international roaming, so I’m therefore an idiot for having some financial intelligence? But no, we’re all “idiots…DIY…tech savvy”, younger, and weekend phone engineers.

          And it’s PENDEJO. SMH

        • Zlatanovic

          Hey pendejo. I never said poor or ignorant. You just have a chip on your shoulder for assuming that. I did say marginally more affluent. That’s hardly describing T-Mobile subs as poor. So relax. Now had I been comparing Sprint then I would have said something closer to what you thought, but not poor. These services and phones aren’t cheap you know.

          At worst, I did suggest your average T-Mobile customer probably thinks they are MacGyver and like to play phone engineer on the weekends. Geez, you swear I called them jihadist, biggots, or some other offensive term. Get a grip.

        • Paul

          Okay okay, I think I know what you’re trying to say but you’re attempting to associate the carrier with the less tech savvy.

          It’s not the specific customers or a specific carrier. A LOT of customers aren’t very tech savvy. My mom has this phone and my dad has a S2 I gave him. Neither of them knows how to root, and sometimes have to explain, more than one, why I root my phones and what rooting is. Again, they aren’t tech savvy. Then again, neither have the women I’ve dated, not my sister or her kids, or most of my coworkers.

          All in all a majority of cell customers, regardless of the carrier or even income, are very tech savvy. Those that attempt to remove a panel that doesn’t show an obvious means to remove it are quite simply…stupid.

        • marcvyrus

          I was also part of the beta test going on too, and I OWN the phone as well. You can tell you can’t remove the back because there are no grooves or notches. If you seriously wanna open it and getting a screwdriver comes to mind…it might not be opebable.

          This phone is amazing value and runs incredibly well.

        • 21stNow

          I don’t know if I want to come down so hard on these ZMAX owners. The Lumia 521 didn’t look like it had a removable back, but it did. The notch that you would use to remove the back was borderline undetectable and the phone definitely had a unibody appearance at a casual glance.

          Since the ZMAX appeals to the crowd that may want to upgrade from a Lumia 521 right around now, I can see those customers thinking that you can remove the back from the ZMAX if you play with it enough.

        • Paul

          “I was helping ZTE beta test software…”
          I still have the ZTE ZMAX beta unit, as we haven’t been instructed to send them back yet, so yes I have this phone in my possession right now. As I said, the first thing I noticed was that the back wasn’t removable.

    • toguro1

      Isn’t a removable battery removable.

      • Zlatanovic

        Nice catch. Obviously I misspoke. But as it relates to the story under discussion, please strike the first removable and make that non-removable. Thank you for your keen editorial eye. Bravo.

    • williejackbrainer

      “T-Mobile customers are idiots.” You do not have an account with T-Mobile, however you’re on a Tmonews blog. “T-Mobile customers are idiots who would try to make a removable battery removeable.” Did you mean non-removable battery removable? Your Spanish professor should have called you a Pendohoe for your bad grammatical errors.

      • William Kestle

        One word missing and suddenly he has horrible grammar?

      • Devo

        Haha preach on brother…that guy is what I call a reaaaaaaaaallllll Munson!!!!

    • I’m a T-Mobile customer and I have an associates degree. I know the battery on my phone is non-removable (Lumia 925, if you wanna know). So, don’t lump all Big Magenta customers in with the ZTE crowd.

  • Paul

    I read this from our beta test moderator. My first thought was “WTF?!?!”

  • J.J.

    This is hilarious! I can see someone bringing the phone back in two pieces saying “what’s wrong with this thing”.

  • J.J.

    Next question is why so many decided to take out the battery. Does this phone chronically freeze and they believed the only recovery is to remove battery?

    • Cam Bunton

      It’d maybe make sense of the budget ZMAX was their first smartphone and that’s how they always solved their “dumb phone” issues.

      • Jonathan S. Flores

        Or when they come to the store and be like my phone is not turning on, you hold yhr the power button and boom is on lolz.. Having a smart phone doesn’t make you smart

    • marcvyrus

      Doesn’t freeze at all, but most people using android phones also don’t realize they can hold the power button down for 10 seconds to do a hard shut off to restart. People are idiots

      • J.J.

        Tru. I kinda want to pick one up on eBay as a back up to my back up….. Yes i have a problem!


    This sounds suspicious to me. Im trying to come to grips why anyone would think this phone has a removable battery? The first thing I thought when I got this phone was “damn it the battery doesn’t come out.” I took it as a minor compromise for the price. Did this happen with the other higher priced non removable battery phones or I phones, or are these type of consumers more savvy about these types of battery. It just seems a bit drastic to stop selling this phone to ward off people attempting battery removal. In addition, the battery in this phone is so awesome I’m surprised anyone would need to take it out!? I smell a conspiracy… Not that I care really since I still have mine lol.

    • Joe

      I would care if I were you cuz when a carrier does not carry a phone anymore it loses software support.


        Oh yea for sure..but I already expressed my concern about that a few hours ago.

        • gramps28

          This phone was never going past KitKat anyway.

      • Sam Samuel

        Does that mean no update to activate band 12?!?!?

        • Joe

          I really hope they still do but I can’t say.

  • benben

    I dont think that’s the reason i used one for a week and every thing works but not good enough

  • mingkee

    China brand can’t be trusted after all.
    Don’t you remember the lawsuit of Lenovo laptops?

    • gmo8492

      This has nothing to due with malicious software since you’re dragging Lenovo into this. It just happen to be idiot customers that though they remove the back and take out the battery.

      • Verizonthunder

        I agree with you but also very sad for society.

  • Deadeye37

    If that really is the reason, create a big magenta sticker that says the battery is not removable and slap it on the front of the package, or on the protective cover on the phone itself.

    • Cam Bunton

      A big sticker that says “If you don’t see instructions in the quick start guide for how to remove the back cover and battery, it means you shouldn’t do it. Put your screwdriver down!”

  • V C Pittsburgh

    DAMN! I was going to get this phone tomorrow . Oh well, it wasnt meant to be

    • beyondthetech

      It’s a nice smartphone for its price range. I was itching to pick one up a few times, but just like Buckyballs, stupid consumers ruin it for the rest of us.

      • V C Pittsburgh


      • Verizonthunder

        It’s still not too late try looking on swappa for a used ZTE Zmax for a cheaper price used.

    • My brother owns this phone and loves it. I have a 1st gen Moto G and Moto E LTE 2015 and the Zmax is much faster.

  • marcvyrus

    The phone will be back, they are just trying to figure out a way to fix this issue

    • epeets

      You can’t really fix stupid. Lol The time they’re wasting on this could be spent working on bringing Lollipop to the device.

  • Bobby Wright


  • BlameMe

    Was I not suppose to remove the battery? Sorry everyone. My bad.

    • apocalyptustree

      RIP OP

  • Ordeith

    the battery? It would be better to remove and replace the operating system.

  • Rob H.

    Faulty customers must be the nice way of saying stupid warranty voiding customers.

  • a d00d

    Sigh…you know, there used to be a time when people repaired their stuff rather than assuming everything was disposable. Attacking people for wanting to do so, or mod their phone, is just amazing. From the sounds of it, ZTE installed the cell in such a way as to make modding or removal unsafe without special tools (like car manufacturers and Apple are famous for). This does NOT warrant calling customers idiots.

    Perhaps, instead, this is a wake-up call that people want removable batteries in their devices–something Samsung once knew but now seems to have forgotten in their fall from their former lofty heights. ZTE can choose to fix this the right way, but I doubt it.

    Oh, BTW, Chinese aftermarket manufacturers are notorious for not including safety features in replacement batteries, so it’s really no surprise if an entire Chinese-designed phone is the same way: they have to cut corners somehow to get that el-cheapo price, right?

    • Sum Ting Wong

      Let me guess, you or your daughter lost a hand “fixing” this phone? “Modding” the phone… gtfoh. Give me a break. Its likely they dropped the phone in the toilet and they wanted to dry the damn thing adequately, or some other type of repair. It has to be something out of the ordinary.

      What were they were modding the phone to? A laptop, iPhone, a drag racer? LOL… this fool said “modding a phone.”

      • we to low


      • gar1

        I put mine in the toaster to warm it up on cold days.. fits perfect

    • eAbyss

      You do understand that phones’ hardware cannot be modded right? It NEVER has been able to. Phone modding is done in software only.

      Somewhere around 80-90% of smart phones now and days don’t have removable batteries. It’s not like this is the first or only phone without a removable battery.

  • Allen Enriquez

    Idiots aww I was going buy one in two months!!

  • Fernando Vallejo Jr

    Walmart still sells them for 179.00 or 199.88

    • Joey

      They haven’t removed the phones yet?

      • Sam Samuel

        they have.

  • eAbyss

    All these idiots screwing up their phones by attempting to remove a non-removable battery should be sterilized to remove them from the gene pool.

    • Verizonthunder

      Yes I agree and Charles Darwin on evolution has been proven over and over again. You never hear people in Japan pulling this pathetic rubbish that’s why technology in their country is so advanced.

  • AdBeGone

    I’m not sure which one of these were the cause, but the LARGE bouncing ad on top is finally gone. Thank god for host files. Sorry Cam, I couldn’t take it anymore. I’ll remove them from my host file so you will get paid if you can manage to get the advertising agency to change the ad behavior.

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    • gmo8492

      Wow these ads are getting bad, seems like the 10th complaint this week.

    • patt

      keep blocking em! you deserve a cookie!

    • skittle

      Thanks :) Came to read about the post and got something I really needed :) Ad blocking more. Now back to trying to remove the battery from my Galaxy S6 ;) :0

  • At least Lumia customers know if a phone has a removable battery or not!

  • matt

    I’m using a Zmax right now and was just looking at the back of the phone and was wondering how they get the back off. I am not even sure that I would try to get it off. This is most definitely the best budget smartphone I have ever used and possibly the best available on any carrier. Now I just hope that ZTE updates the device and T-Mobile actually sends it out.

  • othercents

    ZTE ZMAX is still available through Walmart Family Mobile, can take a T-Mobile SIM, and still has WiFi Calling. I’m surprised at what is packed into this device for under $200. Plus the plastic faces on the phone are very similar to the S5. The only thing lacking is the screen resolution.

  • Steve

    the problem is if the people trying to remove battery and rear of phone slip with screw driver damaging battery which i have seen video of punctured phone batteries catching fire.then the “idiots” sue….

  • Matt

    Okay, that’s really funny! I personally really like my ZTE ZMAX, save for the fact that it’s Chinese-made. Maybe the next generation will allow batteries to be swapped out and thus avoid the dumbass customer.

    • Jose M Gonzalez

      pretty sure everything is chinese made now. us americans keep the forced labor factories in business over there cuz we can no longer make anything ourselves apparently. i myself am wearing about 10 different countries products right now n typing on products from 2 others. you might wanna do some checking n prepare to be surprised by where things really come from.

      • donnybee

        He didn’t literally mean it was made in China, which it was, but that the company is a Chinese company. For instance: Apple is American, Samsung is Korean, ZTE is Chinese. I personally won’t buy many products from Chinese companies, especially telecommunications devices.

        • Jose M Gonzalez

          see that’s more understandable. cuz this day n age it’s really hard to find things actually made here. reminds me of working for DHS Immigration section. most of their equipment, pt gear, uniforms and even vehicles were mexican made. at the time it seemed really funny given that they used n were made to detain mexicans.

          to the OP sorry if that was the way you meant it n i took it the wrong way :)

        • Human Rights Activist 009

          Yeah idiot, that’s why Central Americans are the biggest detained… Amazes me how ignorant (or even racist) Americans can be. You must have got fired for tardiness or incompetence.

          And FYI, its common practice for anyone caught on the US / Mexican border to claim Mexican citizenship so that they don’t start all over from say Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, even other countries outside of the western hemisphere… Lol ironic a DHS ex-employee is not too bright… Actually its not ironic but as expected.

        • Jose M Gonzalez

          thanks for coming here to be an idiot.
          1. i wasn’t fired, we were layed off when the contract was up.
          2. anybody working immigration knows that central americans do this. my comment n this article have nothing to do with debating immigration. i was merely using what i said as an example that nothing is made in the US.
          3. on the not to bright part. i was hired to act n teach spanish to border patrol students. kinda have to be edumacated to have a job like that lol
          4. take your racist BS elsewhere. i’m a mexican that’s browner than brown. i know what it’s like being discriminated against. but you are just here trying to turn something into nothing. making this about race when it’s about a PHONE. calm yourself down already n go protest something.
          5. clean up your grammar if you wanna be riding that high horse of yours. “you must have got fired” really? calling me ignorant. really? take a look in the mirror.
          6. don’t hide behind your guest login. if you’re gonna start crap. have some balls n show ppl who you are. you troll.

        • michael lind

          Apple makes its devices in China too

    • AlanHouston

      All smartphones are made in China. Every Apple, every Samsung, every LG, every HTC, every BlackBerry.

      • Kevin Duffy

        Actually, my BlackBerry Z30 was made in Mexico, and my LG G3 was made in Korea.

  • Eric

    Maybe a better solution than glue and a better way to keep people out is … just make the battery truly removable. This was a decent cheap, but large phone. My wife bought on sale for $99. I had never heard of it. Was skeptical. 3 months later I think it’s a steal. Was.

  • Marcus Rose

    Or…perhaps…T-Mobile CSR’s actually sell stuff instead of just being an order taker? And, inform the customer about what they are buying instead of being a talking head for Apple or Samsung.

    Every single time I walk into a T-Mobile store, they never have enough help….customers have to share the CSR with other customers who ” Just have a quick question” There are no quick questions! People want to talk about their phones…what they did to them….oh look what my kid showed me. STFU!!!! I am here to get info or to actually buy something!

    Hire more Pink Shirts….hell, hire them to just stroke customers decision for buying a new phone if you have to. But for the love of God please stop taking up time with actual CSR’s who can help me decide what to buy ( a phone, not accessories!!!)

    If a customer wants a ZTE, tell them the battery can’t be removed… it really that hard?

    • jp

      You just described my struggle as a T-Mobile RSA beautifully. I have actually had customers come into my store simply to ask me how to install an app. We are NOT order takers, we are salespeople. I have sold many people who want the Note4 the ZMax simply because it’s an affordable option with the same screen size. Yes, it’s an inferior phone, but those customers probably aren’t going to use all the features of a phone that costs them $500 more anyway. People love this phone, and they love me for recommending it (I’m one of the top 5 reps in my district). It sucks that there are so many idiots out there who have to ruin it for everybody else.

      • JasonNY

        T-Mobile RSA here as well.

        Simply put ZTE Max on EIP if qualified is easier for people that cannot pay a huge down payment (Credit challenged). Vs (Well Qualified) 0 Down on say a Note 4. T-Mobile does offer some NEW2U devices though that are priced to justify this. Prepaid customers can also qualify to be put on a Simple choice plan now depending on tenure and bill history. Regardless phones simply say that have a removable battery or not and the book that inside can answer most questions. Some people I feel they just want someone to talk to so they come in to the store. Sadly.

      • Andrew Singleton

        id estimate 75% of s6 buyers would be perfectly happy with an avant. maybe more.

      • joe rodriguez

        Phone is great,,, customer service is great… I have had phone 5 months no .problems. have never dropped phone.I charge batt.every night all night.

    • Jonathan S. Flores

      Lolz, we are sales associates not tech support or costumer service.. But we do all that for everyone, people ask so many questions and then you decide you don’t even want accessories or decide to go to another store after i gave you all the info? That is fine no problem. but how stupid you got to be to see that the battery can’t be removed.. If you can’t tell that by yourself and you come to me a flip phone is what i am recommending.

      • TylerCameron

        Someone should have to be somewhat of a nerd to sell phones. The experience with customers would dramatically go up.

    • Jonathan S. Flores

      And i bet you, i will make you get that flip phone!!

  • RvD

    The ZMAX is an OK phone for what I paid for it, but:
    – does not like switching from Wifi in a non-coverage zone to 4G when I drive from home (no coverage) to work (4G). Have to reboot to make a connnection to 4G
    – screen/phone frequently stops responding to input. Looks like the processor is busy with something.
    – frequently, adjusting the volume will crash the Google apps, weird

    I’m frustrated enough with it that I will not buy a ZTE again anytime soon. Will buy a Motorola Nexus 6 or X as soon as they support wifi calling on TMO

    • williejackbrainer

      Cannot go wrong with Nexus 6.

      • Jeigh Neither

        It depends on which Nexus 6 you are referring to. Blade Runners would disagree with you ;)

  • Nate

    Now can we find out the story on the Sony Xperia Z3?

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    Unbelievable. Fools like this are why it’s so hard to repair phones. If it’s not removable, don’t freaking try… leave this disassembly to the professionals!

    Now it will be even harder to teardown for those who know how, and we all suffer. Smh.

    • KluKlauseKluk

      Shut the phuc up numbnuts… Your the biggest nimrod on earth…. Your mom should stayed on birth control her whole life

  • RLB63

    If so many people are trying to remove the battery the obvious answer is that the consumer wants a removable battery. I certainly decided against the S6 when they dropped the removable battery and no micro sd card. They lost up to 5 sales in my family alone

    • Mike

      Well they should of bought another phone

    • Andrew Singleton

      as an employee, the issues caused by a microsd card far outweigh the benefits to having extra storage on a 32GB phone.

      • Be Peace

        What issues? I’ve never had an issue with an sd card nor do I know of anyone or ever heard of anyone having an issue. As an employee [of what] please fill me on on these issues.

        • Andrew Singleton

          Entire photo albums getting deleted for no reason, miswrites, corruption, double the scan time because of the extra storage, keeping the card charged while inserted uses power, switching phones to one without expandability, etc. I work at tmobile.

        • TylerCameron

          MicroSD cards spontaneously fail without warning. Even from trusted, reliable brands. EMMC hasn’t really been known to do that.

      • Awesome Bryner

        Not by me. I am never buying a smartphone without SD card and that means never a Iphone. Why not have SD card. I am not paying outragious prices without sd card like samsung with S6. What were they thinking? These smartphone companies keep putting shitty batteries in their phones too. 1650mAh in Citrine. I get max two days and not even using the damn phone.

    • bkosh84


  • Bubba Chen

    But mostly because the incoming Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 is a much better phablet for the same price.

  • a d00d

    Wow, I’d hate to hear what you guys think of the maker movement, amateur radio, and–God forbid!–home chemistry sets!

    • Gialight

      The problem isn’t that people are trying to swap batteries. The problem is somehow people think the ZMax has a removable battery, like a Note 4, where you can open it up and swap out batteries. It isn’t, it’s wired in and you shouldn’t try to open it up if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  • Andrew Singleton

    HAHAH! we were all wondering why it got pulled so abruptly. interesting.

    • Andrew Sands

      Why would someone try and remove a perfect battery? Iphones back covers
      don’t come off either. It was pulled because people like me unlocked the
      phone. (5 dollars on ebay) I use my phone on ATT like 1000’s of others
      T-mobile cost for the phone is what I paid if not less. They were
      counting on me using them as a service. Jokes on them.

      • thepanttherlady


        • Andrew Sands


      • Cupcakegrl

        But you can do that with any T-Mobile phone so why take this one away for that reason? That is not the reason.

  • mary

    thats absolutely absurd

  • TylerCameron

    ZTE makes atrocious phones anyway.

    • Awesome Bryner

      Not only that but they only update the operating system to their expensive phones. While other companies are giving low end devices the new updates. ZTE makes us owned users look like we don’t have a choice and own them. Must be renting my ZTE Citrine, since I can’t get Marshmallow for it.

  • Martin

    The ZTE is a great phone! I have been using it for 6 months and if it gives me a year or more then it was worth the $100

  • LowerDL

    I love the phone. I traded in a Samsung Galaxy S III which I had 6 exchanges in 2 yrs 3 months,all software glitches. I did a lot of research and found this phone would handle all my needs. Any operating function that I disliked on the Galaxy was addressed with the ZMAX. The non removable battery was a concern, but it is large enough to last quite a while before losing charging performance. It could be changed down the road by a professional .with insurance. With TMobiles jump program that will not be an issue, After 12 months trade it in. The phone operates up to 2 days watching videos and surfing the web without requiring a charge. I do not have to carry my charger with me anymore on the first day. I figured if I had an operating issue that needed a restart and it did not address the issue, I would allow the phone to totally discharge,because of the non removable battery. if that did not address it , I would bring it back on my insurance policy. I really enjoy this phone, i do not anticipate any problems like I had with the Galaxy. I love the sound quality through earphones or my JBL Charge 2 bluetooth. I also like the picture and large size of the screen. I purchased this for a third of the price of my first Samsung. I also enjoy the faster search speed, since my Galaxy S III did not use LTE technology. They have resumed selling this phone again.

    • Avram Cohen

      My ZMAX blows away my Samsung S5, specially the battery life!

  • Russell Allen

    Just so happens yesterday I was in the phone with metro pcs because my mobile data wasn’t working, the lady asked me it I could remove the battery and sim card, I had to tell her that it was a non-removable battery

  • Sean Sweeney

    I could care less about the battery. My issue is the fact that I cannot adjust the volume levels individually. s someone who works in public safety, I need to be reached at all hours of the night. This means having my ringer turned up. However, this also turns up the volume for email notifications, social media notifications and app notifications. If T-Mobile wants another reason to part ways with this device, this is it. And of course, I am now stuck with this device for some time.

    • datruth

      You can adjust individual sounds..learn your phone..also for ppl saying the volume is too low…go to your dolby sounds and turnit on…phone are like mini computers..if you dont know how to use a computer..dont get an andriod or iphone

    • Avram Cohen

      The phone is great, lol you’re just a idiot

  • Andrew Sands

    brand new phone = Brand new battery BS article and lie

    • thepanttherlady

      It wasn’t 3 months ago when the article was written.

      • Andrew Sands

        Phone came out less then a year ago. Batteries don’t start going until 1.5 years at a minimum. Google it.

        • thepanttherlady

          Did you even read the article?

        • Andrew Sands

          Yes, brand new phone = Brand new battery BS article and lie. I own the phone use it daily and the battery is perfect. Brought when it first came out. Do you own the phone?

        • thepanttherlady

          Based on your response, you didn’t. The article doesn’t say there is anything wrong with the battery.

        • Andrew Sands

          Thank you miss obvious. Why would someone try and remove a perfect battery? Iphones back covers don’t come off either. It was pulled because people like me unlocked the phone. (5 dollars on ebay) I use my phone on ATT like 1000’s of others T-mobile cost for the phone is what I paid if not less. They were counting on me using them as a service. Jokes on them. Do you own the phone once again?

        • Gingerduck

          You need to remove the battery to perform various repairs not just to replace the battery.

        • Awesome Bryner


  • jade

    i was having issues with my phone last week; called tmobile, and the rep TOLD me to remove the battery. i’m looking at my phone like “how?” needless to say, never removed the battery, but once i spoke to a different rep, she was able to resolve my issues, with the exception that now i LITERALLY have no volume on my phone UNLESS the headphones are plugged in. meaning, no ringer, no audio whatsoever, not even the alarm! that’s how i found out something was amiss, because i awoke 1.5 hours AFTER i was supposed to. yep, this phone sucks.

    • Avram Cohen

      Well you got a shiit phone, my ZMAX is amazing specially the duration of battery life, it’s amazing!

  • Avram Cohen

    The Zmax was my first no brand phone and the best I have ever had, the battery is amazing, the charge will last close to a week and I talk a lot and surf the web tons!

  • daniel

    I love my Zte max , just begin problems with the signal, I changed the sim card and come the same problem . Only if I restart come the signal again. Any now about this problem ?

  • karyn

    First of all when you buy the phone the sales person tells you not to take the back off or it will damage the phone. I love my zmax, to me it’s simple easy to use, not like iPhones, or galaxies. In fact they need to come out with another zmax. Don’t want to buy another phone until this one is on its last leg. So for all those that don’t like these phones buy something else!!!!

  • Karen

    Maybe you should have turned it off for an hour to cool

  • Strange. I have no problem removing the battery and just dropping in a spare charged one in it’s place??? Are you sure you are talking about the ZTE Zmax? just bought one from AT&T. Why would a t-Moble Zmax battery be built in and the AT&T Zmax be removable?

    I do notice a problem (unrelated) with apps vanishing from my ZTE.

  • Michael Z. Lubin

    What the real problem is that the port is faulty. I asked T Mobile for replacement because mine was still within the first year warranty. They replaced it and within three days, the same thing happened. So I replaced the charger. It works sometimes but not always. Tomorrow, I will be returning to the store for the fourth time in less than a month. I am so outraged to find out this phone has been recalled by the manufacturer because they know about this problem yet try to place the blame for why it is no longer charging properly onto the customer. So far, two different sales associate claim this happened because I pulled the phone off the charger incorrectly. Assuming they are right, then this would be true for all my devices. But the fact remains that only my Zmax phone is failing to charge. I noticed right away that there is a lot of play in the charging port itself so I will assume this is the real culprit and will explain why there are a few videos on YouTube on how to replace the port. However, I just want T Mobile to honor their warranty and either provide me with a comparable replacement or reimburse me for all the money I’ve spent and allow me to purchase a different phone because after all, this phone has been recalled by the manufacturer.