T-Mobile’s Walmart Family Mobile plans get more data


Today, T-Mobile announced that one of its sub-brands – Walmart Family Mobile Powered by T-Mobile – is offering even more bang for your buck. Starting from tomorrow, April 18, its plans will get 500MB more data per month. On the entry-level plan, that’s twice as much data than before.

Walmart Family Mobile plans will cost you $29.88 or $39.88 per month and get you unlimited talk, text and data. The lower plan now gives you 1GB of your data at 4G LTE speeds (up from 500MB), while the higher plan is boosted to 3GB (up from 2.5GB). As with any Walmart Family Mobile plans, you’ll save $5 per line for each additional line with a limit of 5 lines per account. Plans are only available in Walmart stores, or on Walmart.com.

Do any of you guys use one of T-Mobile’s subsidiary brands? Or do you only buy T-Mo branded plans/products?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • anshephe

    My mom has it seems to be good plan. Especially for people that are just getting into the smartphones

    • TheVorlon

      Would have been cheaper to just add her to your plan for $10.

      • anshephe

        Ha agree

        • skittle

          Maybe not too late to add her now……………

        • anshephe

          Id still charge her 40 lol

        • RLB63

          I could see a little over the cost first for taxes, then to cover part of the family plan charges. However, full price for your mom is just totally not right…

        • MANthrax

          It’s the mothers child that’s trying to screw mom over. So its mom’s fault for raising such a child.

  • Verizonthunder

    I would never touch a walmart related brand of prepaid period due to burnt effects from straight talk service for false advertising.

    • gg

      Straight talk is owned by tracfone, and family mobile is owned by T-Mobile. Completely different situation. Walmart just happens to be a retailer of each, they don’t own either of then

      • Tmodude

        Walmart family mobile is owned by Walmart. Please check your facts.

    • AussieB

      Straight Talk has changed from when you had them. They used to not give you a specific data amount before they throttled you ;that got them in trouble. Now it’s clearly 3gb LTE for $45 plus tax before you’d get throttled. Customer service, if you need it, is definitely poor and in the Phillipines. I had a problem once & avoided the hassle by contacting the BBB. Tracfone called me immediately from the US, resolved the issue & gave me 2 free months. Ironically I had left Tmobile, the only carrier I ever had, several years ago because of terrible service reps. Been looking for reason to try them again but they’re not providing a better deal yet for my needs. And I can get 30+ mbps depending on what part of town im in

  • Frankwhitess

    Now am curious.. Why not just go with T mobile instead of Walmart prepay ?? And is it the say service?? As for quality I mean ?

    • taron19119

      You have limitation on some things and u don’t get Roman other carrier

    • matt

      A simple choice prepaid plan from tmo for $40
      Is only 8 mbit. No music streaming and 1 gb of data
      A Walmart prepaid plan is $40 for 3 gb. With no speed lowering and I am pretty sure you get music streaming
      If you want data stash then you must pay for 3 gb and buy it directly from tmo for $60 a
      If you don’t want your speed lowered and music freedom you have to pay for the regular plans @ $50 a month from T-Mobile.
      I think music freedom is offered on all plans if you get it from Walmart.

      • AussieB

        Pretty sure free music streaming not part of Walmart Family Mobile.. Only Tmobile directly. Don’t know about speeds but resellers usually don’t get priority and customer service usually really bad.. Thats the tradeoff

  • rb

    WFM is postpaid, not prepaid.

  • rb

    Tmo Simple Choice prepaid is not throttled for the high-speed data allocation. It does included the extra benefits like Music Freedom and free text and 2G data roaming out of the USA. You are probably thinking of Simply Prepaid, which does not include unlimited data after the allocation is used, or the extra benefits of Simple Choice.

  • dm33

    Been there done that. Bad experience. Hard to cancel. Turned a $2 bill for 5 minutes of lack of service into a $40 bill and growing.

    No wifi calling killed it for me.

    • walt

      what were you LTE speeds like? are they throttled at all?

      • dm33

        I couldn’t try. Had next to no reception at home. Wifi calling a must. When I saw it doesn’t have wifi calling I cancelled immediately. They still billed me for months. Major pain. Had to threaten Walmart before someone noticed and cancelled the charge. Said it was all a mistake. Ya right.

        • Walt

          Does metro pcs have wifi calling?

        • Mike

          Yes, if the phone is compatible.

      • AussieB

        The post doesnt say if this is one of those prepaid plans these days that limit you to only 8mbps. I know my Straight Talk doesnt have that limit but it uses an ATT Sim for LTE and it definitely isn’t limited to 8mbps

  • AussieB

    Are these limited to 8mbps? I’ve been using Straight Talk for couple years now.. $45 for 3gb LTE (no additional fees except for 1.50) but its got an ATT Sim… The Tmobile SIM option isn’t LTE. . Customer service is non existent and frustrating. Speeds vary on location but can hit over 30mbps, which seems like a good deal for a single plan.. Unlimited phone & text and you get throttled after 3gb to slower speeds.

    • mike

      Limited to 16mbps which is more than enough

  • KC

    Simply Prepaid plans
    Perfect for people looking for a straight-forward and affordable unlimited 4G LTE data plan.
    Compare our monthly prepaid plans

    $ 40
    Unlimited Talk, Text* & Data on our network

    1GB 4G LTE Data**

    $ 50
    Unlimited Talk, Text* & Data on our network

    3GB 4G LTE Data**

    $ 60
    Unlimited Talk, Text* & Data on our network

    5GB 4G LTE Data**

    Rate plan max speed of 8 Mbps; upon reaching data limits, speeds slowed to up to 128 Kbps. Domestic use only; additional charges apply for international use where available. Learn more about international roaming.
    *Text includes domestic picture and video messaging.
    **Capable device required for 4G LTE speed.

    • Ronnie

      The Problem of Simply Prepaid is the download speed.

    • Ordeith

      At those price points Cricket makes much more sense. You get ATT’s better network, more data, taxes and fees included in the price, and the same everything else.

  • KC

    I hope the info below answers your questions.

  • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

    T-Mobile SC Prepaid/Pay In Advance is more comparable with AT&T GoPhone and Verizon AllSet. Pretty much same perks as similar postpaid plans.

    T-Mobile Simply Prepaid was established to compete with Cricket. Same lame 8mbps LTE but Cricket wins with AT&T coverage and more data.

    MetroPCS is big enough to challenge any top tier prepaid brand. Metro however seems to compete more with Cricket and pretty much all of Sprint’s prepaid brands. Metro is the real reason why T-Mobile is really pushing it’s weaker Simply Prepaid plans over the SC (Simple Choice) prepaid plans that comes with all the goodies like postpaid and letting Metro’s unlimited full throttle LTE be the option who want prepaid. When it comes to Simple Choice, we all know T-Mobile really wants everyone on postpaid for it.

    GoSmart, Brightspot, and WalmartFamily Mobile are all jokes to me!

  • tmo rep

    There is a lot of confusion on the subject of T-Mobile’s prepaid plans and its features. I can tell you about 4/5 of the posts here offer incorrect information.

    Only the Simply Prepaid plans have capped 8mbps download speeds, which is actually plenty fast enough for most people’s use, but not all.

    Simply Prepaid does not have “Music Freedom” (that allows you to stream music without it using your high speed data allotment), but you can still stream music and it uses your data as any other internet use would.

    Simply Prepaid does not offer free international text, either.

    If those issues don’t concern you, then you can save $10/mo compared to the Simple Choice plans.

    T-Mobile Sales Rep

  • WetNoodle

    Good story Cum Cunton you give it really good

  • critofur

    I was excited to see WalMart Family Mobile switching to 4G LTE (or so I thought). Because, I thought it meant that if I had an LTE capable phone my existing plan would simply start having faster data. Not that simple I learned today when I called to ask WHY I was not getting LTE speeds.

    It turns out, our current 3G plan gives us 5GB of HS data per line, but if I want LTE speed I have to switch to a new plan with only 1GB or 3GB of HS data! Not worth switching because I sometimes use up my data before the end of the month and with a higher speed data plan, I would only use it up faster!

    It makes no sense from the consumer’s standpoint to offer LOWER data caps when switching to a higher speed netork!

    • sharti24

      whats your speeds with the “3G” data? i heard they’re capped at 1mbps. can you run a speedtest on the ookla app to confirm? thanks

  • Guest


  • MANthrax

    It states in the Walmart family mobile that regular TMO customers will have priority data access and speed when limited. Whom has next priority access rights Metro PCS or Walmart?

  • Diane pelanda

    Can my T-Mobile phone be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot?


    Is free music streaming included without counting against data usage?