T-Mo HTC One M9 gets minor software update with camera improvements

HTC One m9

Yesterday, T-Mobile started rolling out a minor software update for the new HTC One M9 to improve its camera and BlinkFeed among other “user experience improvements”. This update comes after the manufacturer announced that it would be fixing its camera performance with new software soon. And for those who have an M9, this comes as welcome news.

If you haven’t already seen the update arrive on your phone, check the settings manually for software updates and you should find it there. Specifically, it’s software version 1.32.351.33 and weighs in at just 88MB. If it doesn’t show up, you should get it at some point between April 20 and April 24.

How many of you have One M9’s, and have longed for your camera to be improved? Personally, I was frustrated after the camera seemed to over-expose all my photographs during testing. If you have the update, be sure to let me know if it improves anything.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • lsuisme69 .

    Haven’t really seen much of an improvement. Pics still aren’t really impressive. I tried all the m9 fixes on you tube…… With total tech being the best results. I’m not sure how long I’ll stick with this and wait ….probably will go back to the note 4

    • Joe

      Yeah why did you get the m9 if u hade the note 4? The m9 is a very small step up compared to the m8 like all I can think of it the processor is better. The camera they did not even try. I really liked HTC but they really messed up this year. Samsung really stepped up there game cuz I was set on not ever buying samsung on less they did what they did this year which is y I got the s6 and have very few complaints about it.

      • lsuisme69 .

        I really wanted to try something different because the note 4 antennas would always get stuck on the upload and I would have to do a airplane mode to refresh it…like at least 20 times a day. Been thru 3 of them

        • Joe

          Hmm Strang haven’t experienced that one my s6 I hope I don’t ever.

        • AB87

          Same exact problem here on my 3rd Note 4 it sucks. It always freezes and is so sluggish plus the refusing to make or receive phone calls unless i toggle Airplane mode on and off or reboot. I had the m8 before that there was a time I went over 60 days without rebooting it shouldn’t have jumped to the awful samsung. I will get the M9 on the 5th when I qualify for a JUMP again.

        • Probablynot

          I’ve been having decent luck with the M9 camera, at least with the update. I actually came from the Note 4 too, but didn’t really have any problems with it, antenna/connection or otherwise…it was just too big so I passed it along to the misses and went with the M9 since I’d had the M8 and liked it. Yes, the Note 4 camera blew everything else away, and to be honest if the S6 had been more like the S5 (ie: waterproof w/ a good size battery) I would have an S6 instead of the M9. But they went all Apple with their phone, so NOPE. I’ll take an SD card slot and a crisp UI for hundreds less over all those nice and honestly useful features on the S6, thanks.

        • Joe

          Yeah personally removable battery does not bother me sd slot is sorta disappointing but I would still probably not use it. The small battery yeah now that pised me off like they just had to be thinner than the iphone. It lasts me from 8 in the morning to 8 at night but still if I really start to crank the brightness up and watch youtube on lte and do more intense things it only goes from 8 to like 6 which is ok but if they had a bigger battery like 2,800 mah that would be much much better. Thats actually my main complaint with it, the software for now has bin very smooth even when doing things like using multi window and switching apps a lot I get almost no lag. Now when I have power saver mode on I do get micro lages every once in a while but nothing major to complain about. Over all solid phone just the battery is nothing to special. BTW I upgraded from an s2 :D

  • JB

    Inb4 someone says something about the Note 4 not getting an update. :-P

    • Joe

      Lol yeah wtf the Note 4 STILL DOES NOT HAVE LOLLIPOP!!!

  • Jan787

    POS phone needs hardware not software update.

  • Probablynot

    It handles dynamic range a bit better, and the images are more crisp overall. Nothing to write home about, but this is how it should have been released, with another update even further refining it. I would say image quality is closer to Nexus 5 (post update when it was actually GOOD), nowhere near Note 4 or iPhone when the lighting starts to fade.

  • Guest