In case you missed it, somehow – John Legere and Donald Trump battle it out on Twitter


We all know John Legere takes no prisoners on social media. He tweets what he wants, when he wants and will quite happily antagonise his competition. But you can be sure he will never criticize his own customers. In fact, when it comes to CEOs on Twitter, there aren’t many that measure up to John’s engagement with his company’s subscribers.

So, when Donald Trump decided to call out John for T-Mobile’s “terrible” service, there’s no surprise in who Twitter backed up. It all started with Donald complaining about coverage, and asking John to actually do something about it. It just so happened that Legere was staying in one of his hotels – as a paying customer – at the time.

The battle ensued, and is too long and full of many retweets to cover in its entirety. But it’s safe to say, John did check out:

The most ridiculous part of this public fracas was Donald retweeting an image of John and his daughter out for a run, and calling the T-Mo CEO out for having bad hair. I mean, of all the things Donald Trump should go after, you’d think he would steer clear of any hair gags.

It was pretty hilarious to read through, even if it was a little unprofessional. I think it’s fair to say that Trump got his backside handed to him. Be sure to ready through @JohnLegere and @realDonaldTrump Twitter profiles for the full picture. It’s fair to say, you won’t get this kind of value entertainment from Verizon or AT&T chiefs.

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