BlackBerry gives a first look at the Priv now that it’s official


So far, the rumor mill has been the one that’s provided us with peeks at the BlackBerry Priv. Now that the Android slider is officially official, though, BlackBerry itself is more than happy to show off its upcoming device.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen took some time to show the BlackBerry Priv to BNN today, giving us our first official look at the device in action. Chen spends a little time swiping through the device, then goes on to talk a little — and I do mean a little — about its specs, saying that it’s got a 5.5-inch display with curved edges and “the latest specs,” including an unspecified processor from Qualcomm.

This new hands-on video is notable because not only does it give us a close look at the BlackBerry Priv, but also because it spills a couple of the Priv’s spec details. Unfortunately, most of the Priv remains a mystery. BlackBerry has said that the Priv will launch later this year and that it’s working with all of the major carriers on the distribution of the Priv. Past reports have suggested that T-Mobile will be among the carriers that offer the Priv, so if you’re jonesing for an Android phone with a physical keyboard, then this’ll be one — and maybe the only — option.

To check out the John Chen’s hands-on video with the BlackBerry Priv for yourself, hit up the link below.

Source: BNN

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  • Sushimane

    Take my money I been dying for a slider keyboard. U get a taste of both world physical keyboard and on screen one.

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      I agree Sushimane! It’s about time!

    • RedGeminiPA

      Since Android’s core is written for physical keyboards (and trackballs), it should be a match made in heaven… unless you rely solely on touch.

    • I love my Samsung Galaxy Relay so much, I bought a backup phone expecting that after 2 years some day it might just randomly die.

      The Priv is now on my short list for an actual upgrade. I’ve also had some interest in the Galaxy Keyboard cover thing they have, but from pictures it looks like a poor keyboard. I’ve never had a “chiclet” keyboard and prefer 5 row landscape keyboard but a cutting edge phone could make me bend some preferences since the industry has totally abandoned us.

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    I am going to buy this I’ve been waiting for one of these to come out and I am willing to give blackberry a chance I never bought one, so I can’t wait till it comes out on T-Mobile US stores!

    • iCrap

      blackberry makes excellent hardware. i left bb in 2008 because they were behind the times, and so i migrated to android and windows phone. currently i’m exclusively using android, and will for the forseeable future (the only possible change i MAY make is windows phone, but they’ve got some work to do). I will be picking this up and will use my nexus 6 with project fi. I think within 5 years time, microsoft will release a surface phone, with a desktop or laptop processor, and let it dock into a tablet and a desktop dock. This will be HUGE for enterprise. Imagine carrying a phone in your pocket that is also a full laptop/desktop computer.

      • Scoop003

        This is exactly how I feel. I love the build quality of BlackBerry, but their os sucked. So glad they decided to use Android. I will most likely buy this when it comes out.

  • Omar Boyer

    i will deff buy this

  • nearvanaman

    I’m so happy he didn’t know how to use “Google”.

  • steveb944

    He looks like me trying to use my work iPhone with its clunky OS.

    • RedGeminiPA

      You’re one of the few people who have problems using iOS. It must really suck being hardwired into using more complicated systems and software.

      Why doesn’t your work allow you to use your Android? Is it because it’s a security nightmare? Too unstable for sensitive corporate work? Too complicated to stay on top of in a corporate structure?

      • steveb944

        iOS is nonintuitve. Instead of being an open OS that allows full control like Android, it present roadblocks for the user. It’s actually the opposite of your inference.

        It’s an issued device, hell if I know, probably because it’s a popularity contest.
        Not in the slightest, we use PC as well as Blackberries if we want REAL security.
        Unstable? Don’t make me laugh, just because iOS hides it’s instability with pretty images and color it’s not enough to fool me. IPhone is a lagfest in hiding.
        Too complicated maybe for a person like you that doesn’t leave the thorned walled garden of Apple. I at least try a plethora of products to actually have some basis.

  • Philip

    Priv? Pronounced like Per?

    • eanfoso

      As in short for “privacy” but taken from an actual English accent, not how you people talk.

  • And it will officially be mine….In January…when I can use Score! lol. Thank you T-Mobile.

  • Joe D

    I wish it didnt have hard edges and corners like that. Looks sharp and I hate that style. Far prefer the Curve style for Blackberries. But its a nice unit that finally runs Android.

  • IamDefiler

    That was painful to watch…

  • tmorules

    Yessss, skipping the the 6s (have 5 (love it) ) for this. Had a blackberry before and loved it more. Can’t wait to get this.

    • RedGeminiPA

      You do realize this is running yet another custom build of Android, right? Blackberry is so far in the hole (at least 8 years behind), I’d be cautious with anything they come out with. So far, they’ve been sinking deeper and deeper, since everything they’ve come out with since the iPhone has been a failure.

      If you love your iPhone and miss your Blackberry, I’m not sure you’d really “love” this phone. Because of the work Blackberry has to do to Android to keep their “security” image, I’d expect updates to be painfully slow.

      • Dcwiker05

        Considering its all but stock, only slightly skinned,I don’t see updating being a terrible issue. My question is root, I’m worried they will make this phone difficult to root like the lg g4 was. I think this phone will really stand it’s ground as long as power users can get behind it. I’m all for this phone, if I can root it, it has all but everything I want otherwise. Near stock, decent sized screen, SD card, alright camera, only thing it’s missing that is usually a must have for me is removable battery. . I wouldn’t judge so quickly.

  • Android_God

    When the CEO of your company doesn’t know how to use your flagship phone, it’s time to update your resume.

    • steven berson

      That was a painful demo to watch.

  • Android_God

    He’s like the Asian Donald Trump.

  • RedGeminiPA

    He couldn’t even show what he was talking about, and what he talked about was next to nothing. He would’ve been better off just handing her the phone and saying “Here. This is it. Play with it and tell me what you find. You’ll know more when I know more.”

  • ssjchaseutley

    Lmao that video.


    Although I was never a BB owner, I am Canadian, and I feel sad for this company. This CEO and his company provided a very poor introduction to a product that wasn’t even setup for a demonstration. Why wouldn’t you rehearse what you wanted to show the news reporter a few times before going on camera? Pressing the Chrome icon 4-times makes the phone look buggy from the start, and not being able to provide her with more demonstration with the typing and scrolling on the keyboard would be the alike of showing her dummy phone that you find a cell kiosk at a mall.

    Blackberry, please re-introduce this phone with another news company or simply hold a press conference with a few demo models to show around so that we can see for ourselves how this phone looks like in action. If the phone is not ready for prime time, and only as a means to get their stock to rise, this was a major embarrassment and failure.

  • Thurley

    The phone better have wifi calling

  • Taylor Howard

    Unfortunately T-Mobile will not be caring BB Priv told by 2 managers from two different T-Mobile locations and thru customer service. But you will be able to by directly from BB and get it serviced through T-Mobile. Really sucks been with them 10years plus, but will be saying good bye and switching to AT&T they are the only ones who have Confirmed to be carriers hey will receive Nov 9. Very bad move T-mobile truely disappointed in your Decision making, I read an article you and the BB company settled your differences, get off your high horse and please your damn customers. We want the BB Priv