The TmoNews Top 10 Biggest Stories Of 2012

Hello TmoNews readers, with the Christmas holiday behind us and our attention now on the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show, it’s time to kick back and check out the top ten TmoNews stories of 2012. As a brief reminder, the top ten posts don’t relate to how much traffic hit the website on any particular day. Instead, the articles that make the top ten list were the most viewed posts of the year. So, without further delay, here are the top ten posts of 2012, beginning with number 10.

10) T-Mobile To Offer Additional Unlocked iPhone Support Beginning January 30th 

Long before T-Mobile’s December announcement that an agreement had been reached to sell “Apple products,” T-Mobile announced enhanced unlocked iPhone support in late January. Beginning on January 30th, T-Mobile began “offering additional support to customers using an Apple iPhone on our network.” At the time, T-Mobile was concerned about supporting the needs of more than one million unlocked iPhone owners on the Magenta network.

9) Editorial: Why A Snapdragon S4 Galaxy S III Is Awesome

Coming in at number 10 is an editorial by our resident guru of all the things Conan Kudo who took on the idea that the Galaxy S III and its Snapdragon S4 processor was a good thing. The initial reaction by the US audience to the absence of an Exynos processor inside the Galaxy S III led to a lot of impressions that the US was getting the short end of the Samsung stick. As it turns out, the Galaxy S III was a great device and the lack of an Exynos processor has hardly stopped sales in the US.

8) T-Mobile Announces Galaxy S III Retail Availability For June 21st

The number 9 story once again takes on the Galaxy S III and the official T-Mobile release announcement for a June 21st launch. Unfortunately T-Mobile didn’t release pricing information with their announcement, and we all know what happened with the split launch. Still, the release of the Galaxy S III was one of the T-Mobile highlights of 2012.

7) HTC Sensation 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Update Arrives May 16th, Amaze 4G In “Coming Weeks”

Happy happy joy joy as the Sensation 4G and the release of its Ice Cream Sandwich update took the number 8 spot in our top 10 stories of 2012. The update began on May 16th and Sensation 4G fans took the news like kids in a free candy store. The unfortunate twist with the Sensation 4G update was the news that T-Mobile eliminated the free Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot feature and instead required customers to add-on the $14.99 plan to continue using Mobile Hotspot.

6) Update: T-Mobile Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Available Tonight

Once again another Ice Cream Sandwich update graces our top ten with number 7 and the Galaxy S II ICS upgrade. The update dropped on June 11th and like the Sensation 4G update, was welcomed by the masses with open arms and plenty of happiness. The update required the use of Samsung’s Kies software which was met with a little frustration, but ultimately the release of the update overshadowed the use of software required to perform the update.

5) T-Mobile’s Planned Dates For Ice Cream Sandwich, Upcoming Device Launches

Here we go again with more Ice Cream Sandwich news in the top 10 stories as a leaked calendar provided a bunch of rumored dates for release. The April 27th post highlighted the release of the Galaxy S II, Sensation 4G and Amaze 4G ICS updates. Ice Cream Sandwich update timetables weren’t the only info contained within this calendar as new device launch dates were also included. Unfortunately, the calendar of dates didn’t contain any high-profile devices, but we love rumored release dates all the same.

4) T-Mobile Releases Father’s Day Sale Details, All 4G Smartphones Free

T-Mobile loves their Father’s Day sales and this June 11th post with T-Mobile’s official sale announcement holds down our number four top read post of 2012. T-Mobile offered all of their 4G smartphones free with qualifying plans and was good for both new and eligible customers. T-Mobile offered smartphones like the HTC One S for $299 with a $300 mail-in rebate offering a net price of $0.00 after rebate. Not a bad deal!

3) (Updated With Top 29 Markets) T-Mobile Breaks Up Galaxy S III Launch Into Two Phases, Pricing Info Revealed


 The June 19th story highlighting the breakup of T-Mobile’s release of the Galaxy S III grossed a total of 982 comments, one of our highest comment counts ever. Still, this post only arrived at number 3 on our top posts of 2012 as T-Mobile stated that they were attempting to offer the best possible handset release experience with a two-pronged approach to release. The release of the Galaxy S III was met with locations in the top 29 markets receiving their inventory first followed by the rest of the country.

2) T-Mobile Holding Two Day Samsung Sale On November 16th, 17th

Surprisingly, T-Mobile’s Samsung smartphone sale on November 16th and 17th was the second most read post of the year. Samsung two-day sales are becoming more and more common as a T-Mobile sale of choice and this time around the Galaxy S III was involved which is always a good thing these days. Anytime we can score some savings on some of the top devices we’re happy campers.

1) Upcoming Release Dates For The Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note And Huawei-Based myTouch Devices

There’s nothing you guys love more than a release calendar full of future handset releases and our number one post is exactly that. This May 25th post was a real doozy with the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III included, two of T-Mobile’s most exciting handset releases this year. Unfortunately, T-Mobile’s original Galaxy Note release lasted only a few short weeks before it disappeared into the nether regions only to be replaced by the far more powerful and useful Galaxy Note II. That wasn’t such a bad thing though was it?

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  • Number 4 is a joke, as usual from tmo, screwed royally on that deal/rebate

    • No number 2 is worse in that regard paid 2 gs3s full subsidy and still waiting for rebates

  • Nick Cannon

    #2 scored me GN2 for $250 off contract

  • Im soooo sooooo very surprised that the iphone hoopla didnt rank. I’m not interested in that phone whats so every… my nexus 4 is everything, but after iphone fans waiting 5 years to hear real news about it getting on the tmo lineup… oh well. Shrugs.

    • Besides number ten that is…

  • BlackJu

    summary: tmo sells heavily subsidized android hardware, some gets updated. Oh and iPhone is coming
    fixed: sorry you got your feelings hurt

    • Olivier Boss

      T-Mobile does not sell any Droid phone. Droid (which has nothing to do with Android) is a Trademark by Verizon Wireless (non-GSM wireless carrier) for their customized/modified phones (working only on their local, US-only, network). The “Droid” name comes from Star Wars movies.

      • Its best to just let it go man, just let it go people will only either understand or not understand, just let it go.

  • Dame La Ola

    Seriously? Nothing about the development of the T-mobile network was top 10 worthy? Seems more like an Android site than a T-mobile site and this joke of a top 10 couldn’t have made that more evident.

    • Herb

      He posted plenty of stories about network upgrades, but this top 10 list is based on page hits. Calm down.

      • Dame La Ola

        Still those posts should’ve been included instead of being full of crapdroid posts

        • thepanttherlady

          “should’ve been included” If those posts/stories weren’t among the top 10 most viewed, they shouldn’t be included.

        • od312


        • thepanttherlady

          While you’re there make me a sammich!

        • od312

          Pantherlady is AWESOME. I nominate her for top 10 for being added as Mod to T-Mo News!!

        • Amen!!

        • Quit trolling and hating, its rather annoying.

        • I’m not sure why you think I would include posts that didn’t make the top 10? This is based on page hits, nothing more…and more people are clearly interested in phones, release dates and software updates than they are network upgrades. This is what Google Analytics page tells me, I can’t control that.

        • ransack

          Lol crapdroid. some people are just full of hate

    • Hey, this list is based on what you guys viewed, not what I wanted or chose randomly. Blame Google Analytics!!

    • PhantomWraith

      Dude seriously your bashing Android on a blog dedicated to a Cellphone carrier that almost carries android exclusively? I’m actually shocked the OMG its about Iphone wasn’t all 10 articles personally but meh, bashing Android which is just about all T-Mobile has is pretty out there.

      • I’m happy you got this before you went and called me biased! Pffft! :-)

    • Agreed with your first concern thats surprising, 2nd statement however is dumb. David posts what he can when can and if that happens to be a lot of android posts thats just mere coincidence. T-Mobile ass you know was and is the premier Android carrier from the jump. It only makes sense that t-mobile has catered much to offering this, thus meaning a lot of david posts are going to be android related. With that being said David has posted info on when Windows phones would arrive and be updated respectively, he has provided information about everything related to t-mobile getting sold, getting an iphone of some sorts on the network, upgrades to the network and the refarm network upgrade. David has been on top of things as much as he can be for news regarding t-mobile period, you try finding a site dedicated to t-mobile that has better info than his, you can’t do it? well that is because he is on top of things. The top 10 is not based upon your opinion or Davids its based solely on the fact that this year those posts have gotten the most attention by us viewers. I can attest that David is not at all biased in his work, if it just happens to be that tmonews looks like a fan site for android heads well then guess what? that is not David’s fault that is T-mobile’s fault, DT’s fault, and everyone else’s fault for buying into android and promoting it, not David. You sir should consider thinking about your words before you hit that enter button.

  • TBN27

    I haven’t been too happy after #6. It is so bad that it will turn me into an iSheep and necer look back.

  • thepanttherlady

    I’m surprised the actual announcement between T-Mobile and Apple to sell “Apple products” didn’t make this list. That was a crazy day around here.

    • bisayan

      totally agree with Lady! how come it didnt make it?

      • Not too many people cared that much about an iPhone and iOs on t-mo? xD hahaha jk but really thats what it boils down to.

    • PhantomWraith

      I know I was thinking the exact same thing! the obvious bias from the editor is pretty huge and I was thinking that this was just another article to advertise apple products again.

      • Dude, I am absolutely NOT biased in my content reporting. I’d love to see that supported with evidence, if anything there are FAR more articles on this blog about Android that aren’t related to T-Mobile where I’m just talking about Samsung or Google etc. There are almost no articles on this blog regarding the iPhone that aren’t directly related to T-Mobile in some capacity and in those instances, I wouldn’t be keeping to my namesake if I didn’t post them. I think the evidence would support me being biased toward Android far more than being biased toward Apple. My personal opinions about either platform don’t generally weigh heavily in articles that aren’t reviews.

        • thepanttherlady

          Tough crowd this holiday season. Not enough eggnog, or maybe too much. LOL

        • Big Ol bunch of Ebenezer Scrooges I tell ya lol

        • Its ok David we(Tmonews fans for months and years) know you aren’t biased, well towards android anyways iOs is a different story but you usually keep your iOs fanboyism on the low down and out of the news lol

        • I love that David started with “Dude” lol

        • Mujo Berbic

          David, I would like to apologize on behalf of some of the readers here in the comments section. I understand all the work and effort you put into writing these posts as well as getting information that is valid. Some people just haven’t grown up and I hope you understand that. I know how hard it is dealing with people that get pissed off and yell at you and crap over nothing just dont take anything they say personally. You have plenty people that read your stuff and agree with you and comment as well as people that just come here to read instead of commenting.

        • I love this, I love it so much.

        • BigMixxx

          David Got ’em!

      • BigMixxx

        Get ‘Em, David…….

    • Whitney

      I was jumping up and down with excitement

    • Bklynman

      I am surprise Lady becoming Mod,wasn’t top 10 story on Tmonews!!

  • I’m disappointed in us all, this is a terrible top 10!

    • That’s on you guys!!

      • Haha ya that is why I said I’m disappointed in us as readers! I’m not one of those people that comments before reading an article

      • That’s on T-mobile…. Better/ More high-end phones = better stories

    • Ha, at least you recognize it wasn’t my “bias!”

  • kev2684

    the biggest news this year was the move to non-subsidized phones with lower monthly bills (value plan) and T-Mobile to carry iPhone and iPads starting next year and didn’t even place? or was this web traffic wise?

  • Bklynman

    Sorry to off topic,not sure where this would go,I was on Tmobile site,just checking it out,I click on HTC,low and behold HTC Sen.was gone from it.Click it couple of times it never show up,but The WildFire did,not sure if they are only selling that phone in stores or did it reach eol already,but Wildfire they are still selling? David anything about The Sen.being eol that your ninjas know of? Keep up the great work. HappyNew Year to u and your family and staff.

  • jbhotnessmon

    hey where’s the article about the lg g2x getting its ics update oh wait there is none cause POS LG AND TMO AREN’T COMPETENT ENOUGH TO MAKE THE UPDATE… STAY AWAY FROM BOTH OF THESE POS COMPANIES.

    • BigMixxx


      One of the reason’s I do NOT own an Nexus 4 is LG. I have totally sworn off that company as a phone maker.

      Also, this came out at a time where t mobile was going through some things.

      IF you are that upset about the phone, put your own custom rom on it. I did, when I had it. Ran fabulous….

      • Nexus 4 is a GOOGLE device not an LG they just made the hardware LG has zero to do with the software. Shame you swore off the N4 its a sweet unbelievably smooth and premium device.

  • eanfoso

    Eh I figured the refarming was more important than some Samsung sales

    • More important? Absolutely, but definitely not something more people read.

  • ya trick yaaaaaaahhhhh

    This list sucks

  • Mark

    Here’s something that will hopefully make next year’s Top 10: T-Mobile is doing some product placement! We were catching up on some episodes of Glee tonight, and lo and behold, there were some pretty definite (as in plainly labeled) T-Mobile phone screen shots in a couple of episodes! I don’t think I’ve seen TMo doing inline marketing since they broke the Color Sidekick on The Amazing Race Family Edition years ago. Bravo for trying!

  • timmyjoe42

    I would have thought the iPhone story and the Nexus 4 would be in this list.