T-Mobile To Offer Additional Unlocked iPhone Support Beginning January 30th

Starting on January 30th, T-Mobile will “begin offering additional support to customers using an Apple iPhone on our network.” T-Mobile’s added iPhone support will include “common procedures, information about feature and specifications and other basic device questions.” T-Mobile is implementing these changes to support the 1 million plus users on the Magenta network with unlocked iPhones.

I mean, we iPhone users need more support, right? We endure such a “poor” experience on the network! I kid I kid. Speaking seriously for my last thought, I’m thrilled that T-Mobile is willing to go a bit further to aid customers, even if that means supporting a phone they don’t sell.

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  • Chatter

    Smart, very smart. If you dont have the iPhone to keep customers, try to provide support and hope they stay. Anything that can help (or atleast attempt) to reduce churn is good.

  • Anonymous

    The only support I want from T-Mobile is for them to port their “My Account” app over to iOS. :-)

  • Chad

    This is good, I guess if you can’t beat em, help em, but if they are going to support iPhone customers they need to support other unlocked users as well – such as unlocked Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus users. Two huge and widely used phones used on their network that they do not currently support.

    • Arturo

      They do support those phones. Just get the international unlocked version.

      • Chad

        No Arturo you didn’t understand me correctly. What YOUR saying is correct their NETWORK supports those phones, I know they both work for T-Mobile 3G and 4G unlocked b/c I own both devices… but they do not have actual support for these two phones. If you need troubleshooting, etc.. for these phones CS will tell you they are not supported. They do not support phones they do not carry on their line such as all the Nexus brand phones and the iPhone (well they’ll be supported now) just because it works on their network doesn’t mean it’s supported.

        • quinto

          chad, what more is there to want more of? you bought an international device. all they have to do on their end is activate your imei for the data network, and your gsm sim should do the rest. you might have to manually put in the apn’s and mms settings. thats all you have to do. congrats the network allows these phones, but they dont sell them.

          its like importing a VW polo, importing it to the US, and expecting UW-USA to have all the parts on hand and to know the car 100%. all they can do is give you generic troubleshooting answers, and thats it.

        • Chad

          I don’t need more quinto.. unlike most people I’m a big phone nerd lol so I can do most troubleshooting myself as can most people on this blog but the general public may not be able to so my original point is that if they support unlock iPhones maybe they should support the unlock Nexus as well.

          I also want to add that for the record my Nexus S is NOT an international device, it was sold by Google and Bestbuy here in the US bundled with the T-Mobile service so if anything I know there are a lot of people out there with the unlocked Nexus S who would like to see support for their device as well. The Galaxy Nexus is a different story b/c the GSM version isn’t even sold in the states yet.

        • kahlayoh

          Well Chad….if the Nexus S or Galaxy nexus had as much users as the iPhone then maybe they would. But for now…they choose to support cutomers with unlocked iPhones because there are more then a million and have been around for a very long time. Hopefully that helps you out a bit “Chad”

  • Justin_plecko

    Garbage! How about supporting the phones they sell first! They have totally ignored the Vibrant since it came out!

    • That’s not all on T-Mobile, that’s also Samsung and while T-Mobile may have sold the phone, they too are at the whim of the manufacturers to continue support.

  • very silly, lol. they can not even get this phone, and they are wasting time to show support. just put it on the tablet already, get the damn phone. make a deal, do something. i do not see how or why a person would want to spend money on a phone that runs on EDGE. 

    • Gwapo

      I’m a first time smartphone user and so far I like my Iphone 4$ even with Edge :0) .I only check my emails, search the web, IM on ym,skype,google+..I use skype for video calling and facetime..I have 200MB ($5 value plan), $49.98 1,000 mins family plan on Tmobile. I pay $65/month including taxes. Yes I spent much $ but I like my iphone 4$  :0)

      • I have an iPhone 4 as well, and I too like it. But I had to get it on a different carrier, I use the Internet too much to be on edge.

  • Gwapo

    Good job Tmobile!!! Now I feel special with my iPhone 4$  :0)

  • Gwapo

    Hmmmm!!! iPhone is coming SOOON????

  • is that means they’re going sell unlocked iPhone, or the next iPhone is coming to T-Mobile? my contract will expired in April, and planning switching to Verizon, but if I don’t get a sign that iPhone is coming to magenta until then, then Tmo just lost a 10 years customer in me.

    •  See this is just sad. Giving up 10 years of service just so you can have your social status symbol a year or two quicker?

      Enjoy paying higher rates :)

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    but you know.. if you use the iphone on Edge to see a video or something and somebody tries to call you, the phone won’t ring (however it will seems ringing to the caller) you miss a lot of calls.

    Same for any smartphone running on edge(2G).

    • It’ll ring. Data stops to prioritize the call.

      Experience: Unlocked Xperia Play.

      • Rgevargiss

        True, iPhone 4 , Data Stops , 

      • Lawrence of Arabia

        Not here in WA.
        3 Iphone 3gs, htc hd2, nexus S.

        Same in att.

    • StrongArm

      Who watches video on Edge… Dude get a life.

      • Lawrence of Arabia

        dude, it also happens in hourly email refreshes, attachments, browsing (sometimes it takes 20+ seconds to receive calls again after you finished browsing).

        If you have an iphone there is no other option to see videos then over edge… they actually load ok. duuuude

        •  My phone rings when I’m doing anything with data. I’m on EDGE all the time.

        • Lawrence of Arabia

          I tought that too, but sometimes I was receiving voicemail out of the blue, but not everybody leaves voicemails.
          For what I investigated about the issue (Used the iphone 8 months on Tmo), it has to do with the cellular tower, My friend is on ATT and I told him to load a youtube video and I’ll try to call him, Same thing, phone never rang. I switched to HD2, Defy, Nexus S, same thing. Good thing I rarely use data.

  • HateToSayIT

    Whats wrong with T-Mobile, I mean seriously what’s wrong with them!? No new phones to compete with the other carriers. The have no Galaxy Nexus, iPhone, Razr, Xperia, ETC. They gotten rid of unlimited plans as if they could afford to do so. Their most loyal customers like myself who has been around since voicestream get no benefits. They are getting horrible and I’ve already committed to dropping them, and if all of you are smart you’d do the same. 

    • JBLmobileG1

      Drop them and pay more. By the way if your talking about not having unlimited data just because they throttle you… just try going to At&t or Verizon. Sure they can give you unlimited high speed data but you will pay a hefty premium for it…. Say $10 per EACH ADDITIONAL gb. Now if that’s a good deal to you and you liked to get ripped off then I guess Tmobile is no longer for you. As for phones… what about the Amaze or S2? Are they not nice phones? Give Tmobile a break… they will make a strong comeback. I’ve personally noticed that some of the complainers who’ve been with them awhile are usually complainers who want everything handed to them and they threaten to leave but never actually do.

      • Gwapo

        I was with VERIZON for 2 years $80 tax included..700 mins plan (2 Dumb phones)…I am now with Tmobile $65 Value plan.. 1000 mins, 2MB on one line (Iphone 4$ and Iphone 3G)..

    • HeLLo

      Funny guy I see.I don’t get why people come here announcing that they are dropping T-Mobile I guess they just want some attention.Horrible? maybe for you I guess you just want everything to be your way.Yes we are smart that is why we chose T-Mobile and no thanks I am not a follower and why would I switch to another carrier when I already have wonderful coverage at a good price.Please make sure the door hits you when you walk out thank you.

      • Gwapo


      • Phozfate

        …..not everyone has “great” coverage

    • TrollHunta


    • Just Root It

      T-mobile hasn’t gotten rid of unlimited plans. And aside from a couple highly competitive phones, T-mobile has never really had the “best” devices. T-mobie does have great phones and greta prices on plans and data.

      But you have to remember, Tmobile thought they’d be bought by AT&T..so they are probably a little late in investing in phones this year.
      But Don’t worry, we’ll get some new stuff soon.

    • Anonymous

      I got to agree that the handset lineup is really dull.  Sure there is the Amaze and GS2 but beyond that there isn’t much to keep a techie interested.   There are some nice mid range devices for sure but I’m not looking to upgrade from a top tier phone (when I bought my device) to a mid level one with 4-6 different choices to pick from. 

      I’ve been looking at that Xperia S and that looks like a sweet phone.  The styling matches me more than TMO’s current offerings and it has impressive specs.  The cost of the monthly service does play a major factor in making decisions but so does the hardware offered.  It’s like buying a car almost.  Your going to have it for awhile so make sure its something you like as you will be looking at it every day.

      In terms of being loyal to customers (and this may go for any company you pay a service for), well feel what you will but they have your money, your contract, and your paying them for their service.  They owe you nothing as you signed/renewed a contract for whatever the terms where at that time.  I would like to see them bring back the equipment payment plan that is split by 3-4months for those people who sign up on or have the regular 2yr contracts terms to renew.  That made paying $400 in discount price for two handsets much easier than coughing it up in one go.

    •  If you were smarter, you’d wait until the post-AT&T acquisition has subsided. They’ve done a lot in a month. Stop bitching and switch already.

      • Phozfate

        but that extra coverage only effects certain areas. My area isn’t one

  • ogopogo

    Wow! Even when T-Mobile does something good, there are always people that bitch.

    For all the whiners – switch to a different carrier, and enjoy the higher charges.

    • But, but, but then they’ll bitch about how expensive their new carrier is. Or that they don’t have the cool pink color T-Mobile has. Or the fact that their new company’s name is “AT&T”.

      Most customers in this country are notorious for bitching about really stupid crap. They will always find something.

      • Anonymous

        Haha +infinity.  So true.

  • BigMixxx

    T mobile has been ‘quietly supporting’ all users of all phones for quite some time.  (I asked T mobile for support on my iphone 3g at one time, they did, it was beautiful).  It looks to be that T mobile is wrapping a process around the device.  This is a GREAT move.  While you can’t get handset insurance, you can always buy at full price and get coverage from Apple.

    IT’s almost like alcoholism….First step is denial, second step if acceptance, Third step is the pain, last step is the recovery….

    T mobile is one step 2 and 3.  It’s looking 4 dead in the face….

    • Dpro

      LOL you got the Alcoholism thing a bit twisted. first step is surrender, second stop is admitting you are insane behind it. 3rd step is turning over to a higher power. 4th step is a fearless moral inventory. There are indeed 8 other steps.
      Now in this case with T Mobile the 1st step is T Mobile admitting the have no control over themselves behind Smartphones. LOL

      2. step is they are admitting they have been insane in their denial of the Iphone.

      3.  step is they need to turn it over to a higher power.

       In this case that would be Apple and it means they need to make a deal for the Iphone. LOL

      4th would be they need to make a fearless moral inventory of their past mistakes,
      the 4th is always the kicker its hard for people or even companies to do this kind of thing. T Mobile needs to though.

      5th would be they share this moral inventory with another individual or the in the application of this, us the consumers.

      6th would be having made a list of character defects.

      actions that have gone on in the last year or so would apply here

      7th would be having made the list they would seek to try and change these character defects .

       Again in T Mobiles case this would be changing some of the customers practices implemented in the last year

      8. Would be making a list of amends to people for their past actions.

      this would translate to treating the customers better. Instead of telling them that their decision for a particular  phone is not what they agree with themselves personally.  let the customer have what they want. Customer is supposed to be king after all.

      9. Would be find those and doing something about except when it would bring harm to them or others.
      This again relates to customers and treatment

      10. would be taking a daily inventory and when wrong promptly admitting it.

      this would be not doing the kind of actions I mentioned earlier.

      11. seeking through meditation a way to be a better company for the customer.

      12. would be trying to help others i.e customers instead of some of the current ways customer service is.

      LOL this is funny what is even funnier is this could apply to pretty much all wireless providers in the U.S. They all need to practice a better program.

      Strange how well it applies.

      Oh and quick note for some of the other people posting here uninformed info on the Iphone, yes you can route it and apply custom themes its called Jailbreaking and its done quite a bit. Its also not illegal. LOL
      You do have movable widgets, folders, lots of custom apps including keyboard apps, tethering( after jailbreak) IOS 5 is currently a very smooth and flawless functional OS,
      I have had Android and Iphone and I can you tell up time on IOS is higher than up time on Android.
      If you think all people who have Iphone’s are not tech savvy you are ignorant and live in a bubble.
      Lots of tech savvy people run the Iphone because it works. I know I see it in the sound engineering business and I see in Silicon Valley because my home town happens to be Palo Alto Ca. If you think all the people in Palo the majority of which you see with Iphones are not tech savvy well LOL you are dumb as a cow.

  • JEssy

    crazy i kept calling with issues of a samsung tmobile phone that has a tmobile logo on it and came in a tmobile box and the idiots kept telling me they couldn’t help me cuz i  was using a non tmobile phone.

  • SAM

    if sprint works in your area you can get unlimited everything sero plan for $70 with free mobile to any mobile, unlimited data, unlimited text, free nights after 7p, free weekends.  If Sprint coverage is good in your area, its a good deal.  Tmobile should do something like Verizon did with the double the data,  They should do real simple sale that customers can understand instead of those quarterly value sales where you pay for the phone in installments and just confuses everybody.  When I first signed on with Tmobile, they had a sale where it was $10 a month off the regular price- That was something easily understood and made me feel like I was saving money every month.  IT was also easy to compare prices carrier to carrier

    • cmulv

      1) verizons double data is still 1GB less than Tmobile
      2) the sprint plan you describe only has 300 anytime minutes. Thats like 1 call to your ISP then grandma’s landline.
      3) Tmobile’s value umlim talk text and Web is 59.99
      4) LIST!

      • Phozfate

        that 300 minutes isn’t really anytime minutes, its landline minutes since mobile phone are free. so you have 5 hours a month to talk to people on landlines. I’d assume that people that need more than 300 landline minutes are minority because of the vast number of people with cell phones

      • SAM

        Sorry but you’re not referring to the same plan Im referring to.  The plan is 500 daytime landline minutes, free mobile to any mobile, free nights after 7pm, free weekends, free texting, free unlimited data.  Its a SERO plan – not advertised unless you have a connection to a Sprint employee.

    • Josie_castellanos

      i agree with cmulv below me! 
      And you tried to confuse people by saying at first everything unlimited and then brake it down 
      saying mobile to mobile and free nights. Sprint can never compare to Tmobile rate plans! Point Blank Period.

      • SAM

        Im not trying to confuse anybody.  Unlike most on here, Im only trying to provide information that might help others…Not pick a fight or start nasty comments.  I should have said ‘almost unlimited’ or unlimited to most casual users.  If I got free mobile to mobile calls at any time PLUS 500 daytime landline minutes, free weekends, free nights after 7 (instead of 9); free texts and free unlimited data (without throttling) in an area where Sprint has good coverage…That would be a great plan for $70.  You won’t find it on their regular website as its a SERO plan.  If you don’t know what that is, you can find it on the internet.  My roommate just signed up for it so I know it exists and I have the webpage links. 

  • nerdlust

    Even thou I would never buy an iPhone this a good move for those that would.

  • sloanie

    Just activated an unlocked iPhone 4S on T-Mobile this week. What I’d really love in terms of “support” from T-Mobile would be that they add the iPhone to their MMS database so that I don’t have to spoof the UserAgent on the iPhone in order to get T-Mobile to allow the sending and receiving of normal sized photos over MMS. How hard can that be? 

    • Josh_536

      How did you unlock your iphone 4s? Im going crazy trying to figure out how to do it.

      • dee

        there is no unlock. he must have bought a factory unlock from apple.

  • More proof that T-Mobile is working out some sort of deal with Apple. It’s possible that Apple asked T-Mobile to be more friendly with current unlocked T-Mobile iPhone users.

    More friendly support means that they can retain these iPhone users and encourage them to upgrade to the next iPhone which will FULLY support T-Mobile USA.

    • Littlesis1774

      They just need to work out a deal to carry the iphone that is fully supported by T-mobile. You are right this is a first step great step actually. It seems that T-mobile now know what is needed to stay in the game

    • Anonymous

      I dunno I read this as T-Mobile not being confident about making a deal with Apple to support the iPhone officially so they are going to make efforts to support people who purchase the iPhone unlocked.

      • Jason T. Miller

        I wouldn’t read nearly so much into this. In fact, I’d tend to take the claims in the screenshot at face value: there are a million T-Mobile customers using a particular third-party smartphone, so they can improve customer satisfaction while reducing call times if they provide better information to customers and support personnel.

        As for a deal with Apple, what I’d _really_ like to see is AWS support and “two years, same as cash” financing on unlocked iPhones, leading up to a deal with T-Mobile as the first “official prepaid iPhone carrier.” After all, given current pricing, there are many scenarios where a $649 unlocked iPhone on a prepaid plan — T-Mobile or otherwise — ends up being significantly cheaper than a “$199” iPhone on contract with AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint.

        This would allow T-Mobile to “get the iPhone” in a way that differentiates them from the other three carriers, and without “betting the farm” through high iPhone subsidies. Apple could benefit by selling more hardware, at an even higher margin, especially if they limited sales to Apple and T-Mobile stores, and to a market (“high-end prepaid”) not explicitly served by current “supported” iPhone carriers in the US.

        • Papasmurf3869

          Very smart Jason !!! Your did your homework!! To bad most people can’t and do t understand long term…. Yes it’s more money up front but bottom line is no problems with a factory unlock iPhone to a jailbrake/unlock iPhone (always a headache !!). Also you people need to read up on who owns t-mobile!!! Do your home work before you talk out of your butthole!!!

        • Bobby

          Great idea.  This would be awesome.  T-mobile wouldn’t be losing money on subsidies, while the customer still has the option of spreading out the cost of the phone.  All with no locked device.  $200 down, $450 same as cash over 2 years is only $18.75 a month.  Add that to the $30 prepaid1500 minutes/text plan and you’ve got an unlocked, no-data-plan iPhone for under $50 a month.  You could go even cheaper with a $15 plan if you’re around wifi all day.  If only Apple made an iPhone for T-Mobile that got 3G/4G.  The options to have an unlocked iPhone, same as cash payments, with T-Mobile’s plan options would have iPhone users flocking to T-mobile.

  • Leesha7979

    Tmo needs to just carry the iPhone already!!! Geesh!!!!

    • Anonymous

      First Apple has to enable the 1700MHz frequency support on the Qualcomm chip before T-Mobile can sell it.

      • Littlesis1774

        They need to talk to apple before doing anything.

  • Regardless if T-Mobile will sell the iPhone 5 (rumor has is AWS support) I still love my Samsung S2… I love T-Mobile as a carrier, for me I couldn’t be happier. Iphone 5 vs Samsung S3 !!!

  • Rmark1880

    I had an iPhone 3g on T-Mobile for a little while. It was all right. If I had wifi it was great. I got it used for $100 so it wasn’t a big deal not having 3g. I would probably not spend six hundred on a new one though.

  • Frigadroid

    Duh… If you can’t beat them join them. Like I said before it is stupid to try and discourage the iphone user. If more non tech savvy I phone users knew that they could put 2 Iphones on the unlimited value plan for $100 + tax then they would switch. Tmobile just needs to get the word out if you have wifi at home and work you don’t need a 4g phone. The average person doesn’t know about the work around possible with the tmobile and walmart plans. They think the big 3 are the only option. Good move to embrace any costumer with any unlocked compatible phone, what took them so long? Now get the word out let the non tech savvy public know that they can bring their iphone over to the value plan.

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell wants an iPhone that’s actually knowledgeable about phones anyways. Surprised how many people went out and bought it unlocked,pure madness, the only good thing about the iPhone is it retains its value so you can resell it amd get atleast half your mon ey back for the 5 or gs3

    • Winning

      Only people who enjoy quality like the iphone. But were you actually asking or being foolish?

      • Dave Macias

        not true on that statement my friend , i don’t enjoy the iPhone but i do enjoy the quality of my IS12T =) waterproof goodness and 13.2 MP camera with wp7 mango, now thats quality!.

    • Phozfate

      the iPhone is very user friendly. Its why I bought one for my mother for chistmas but I wouldn’t dare use it myself. I mean no 4g plus a 3.5in screen is crazy to call that high end

  • Littlesis1774

    Geez T-mobile suck up your pride and make a deal with T-mobile I mean seriously. No matter much you try you can’t beat the iphone

    • Jamezlit

      T-Mobile USA has always wanted the iPhone. It is Apple that does not want to make the deal Get your facts straight.

      • Littlesis1774

        No they because otherwise they would have made deal with them instead of bashing them in their commercials.

        • Anonymous

           Heard of something about sour grapes?

  • Espiridion Orea

    To those who are here complaining about T-mobile, and there line-up or plans. Please go without typing anything please. This is a Blog site for (Unofficial)T-mobile News. Not a site for you to come here, and crying asking for attention. Nobody cares whether your switching to Verizon or Sprint. For those thinking about switching to At&t enjoy paying more for about the same coverage as T-mobile. (Due to At&t and T-mobile’s roaming agreement) Thank You from a person who is tired of reading dumb, and comments. As for this article I am glad T-mobile is lending out a helping hand to those of the simple phone.(Iphone) Yes, I say simple, but it just works flawlessly without confusing a regular user. BTW I thought T-mobile already had an unofficial support for the Iphone. At least when I owned one they helped me set up everything for my Iphone to work properly on there network.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if the “additional support” applies to pre-paid plans with the iPhone?

    • Anonymous

      I would assume so….T-Mobile can only support the Iphone to a certain extent, but as far as troubleshooting goes, Monthly 4G customers should receive the same help as a Postpaid customer

  • Tima

    I figured they’d do this. I must say tht before I switched to my I phone my coworkers kept saying that I should switch to at&t. With all the bs that carrier has recently endured (not to mention the prices for their plans) I wasn’t going to leave a carrier With promising plans that deliver! 1k minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited data – really unlimited, not per mb or gb, unlimited SMS and MMS, and not to mention an amazing customer service all for 90 a month. This site and the tmobile support helped me decide to buy my iPhone 4s and stay on tmobile. :) thanks!

    • Papasmurf3869

      Your hot tima

  • Icooner51

    Best part about tmo was no crappy iphone and their sheep users hogging bandwidth…

    Enjoy your tmo 4g, large hd screen, removable battery and sdcard, wifi calling, gps turn by turn directions, unlocked bootloaders, widgets, custom keyboards, custom roms, voip, native tethering, nfc, goggle wallet, recoveries, hardware acceleration, custom kernels, wireless app installations, etc… Oh wait! The icoon doesn’t have any of that!???

    But the iphone commercials told me its the best phone? Yeah if you dont know what any of that is above then yeah stick with your ‘it just works’ iphone…. My 20 yr old toaster just works too

    • Tankdlt

      Bet if tmobile gets the iphone you will be one of the first in line to get it…

    • Anonymous

      I loathe Apple, but i’m hoping T-Mobile strikes a deal with them for the IPhone….The phone is a guaranteed churn reducer and equalizer.  I enjoy talking ppl out of the Iphone and into an Android device…@ the same time, i hate when ppl ask for the iphone and cancel/refuse to sign up b/c we don’t carry it.

      • dee

        thanks for giving laggy advice.  
        once i buy my android device, i will never get support and updates for my device.

        force close. memory low.  

        • Anonymous

           Flash custom recovery. Flash custom ROM. Problem solved. As for updates? The HTC G1, the first Android phone (and on T-Mobile), still has updates to ICS. I bet an original iPhone doesn’t have updates to iOS 5.

    • Jmgibson

      Custom kernels and roms? That had to do with rooting and all it does is customize your device even further.. Just like jail breaking an iPhone.

      • Anonymous

         Nope. Nothing like that at all. Custom kernels allow you to do things that the original probably didn’t let you do (overclocking, etc.), and could also be optimized a lot better for the device. Custom ROMs could also have other optimizations. It’s not really entirely about customization, and gives you a degree of control far greater than that of an iPhone.

    • Darthcephas

      Get all the way off earth with that non sense. WP7 is eons ahead of Android. iOS is also. It’s. A. Phone. NOT a replacement for a laptop. You’re idiotic for wanting so much from a device meant to do so little. Just go hug you Win XP and stfu now, child.

  • Khan

    i buy a new iphone on contract with orange i just try my t-mobile simcard in that iphone 4s and it was working without unlocking,  after that i tryied other network sims but only t-mobile ones was working

    • Sandra T.

      It was probably factory unlocked?

  • jimmy_pegorino

    I had the origial iphone 2g unlocked and jailbroke and used it on tmobile and they had iphone support back then known as tier 3.

  • Darren Swanson

    Of course T-Mobile is willing to give support to iPhone users on their network. They’ll make more money if they’re not the ones actually selling the phone because they won’t have to subsidize anything. Smart move, T!

  • Iphone

    it would REALLY be nice if they sold this phone and got over itself, and allowed the many users who want an iPhone, but can’t afford the non-subsidized price.

  • Sandra T.

    What do I do to unlock my iPhone 4s? I just jail broken it 2 weeks ago.

  • Steve

    This is nothing new… They’ve had a non T-Mobile support group for at least 3 years….
    Which is charged with all phones that are not T-Mobile including iPhone.

    Big news would be that they actually get 3G speed to iPhones on their network!!!!

  • Fady1554

    I have a 4s manifacture unlock and just two days a go i was in Levittown PA. My iphone changed from E to 3g. I did a speed test and that was unbeliveble. Do you think that TMobile is working on it or i have received 3g through their agreement with att of shareing the antennas??? I have some scrshuts of what i am talking about.

  • Phang_socheata

    i have a 4s unlock.. now, i can`t use it.. tver mech terb i can use it??

    • Sad

      Tver mech? Lut kadaw aing mon

  • Oterrax

    I have been with tmobile for 14 yrs and on an iPhone for the past 2. I am really disappointed with them not striking any deal with Apple. My prediction is they better try something because they will lose a big percentage of the plus mlllion users currently on its network. For you Android users, Yes, tmobile may have good android phones right now but as you choose android we choose iPhones.

    Tmobile, what will you do?

  • Dianew883

    Ill stick with my MyTouch 4g slide thank you..

  • Diane White

    How many iphones are they going to make lol..when they make one that washes my dishes, cleans my house and feeds my cat im all in lol

  • Changela410

    Can we still use our hot spot on a unlocked phone.