Updated: T-Mobile’s Internal Document Highlights “Poor” Unlocked iPhone Experience On Network

Update: Some of you have noted that the 3G/4G moniker refers only to the generation of the phone as manufactured by Apple. We could argue that is incorrect as the first model was the iPhone 2G, the second model was the 3G, the third model was the 3GS etc. I think it could be argued that Apple chose a naming convention based on the speed of the hardware, not the model generation.

First of all, let’s highlight one thing about this document, it’s the iPhone 4 and 4S.  We will take note however of the presence of the “T-Mobile Galaxy 4G,” which we can safely assume is in fact the Galaxy S Blaze 4G.

All that aside, it’s an interesting look at how T-Mobile plans to “educate” customers on the advantage of their 4G Android smartphones against the EDGE-only capability of the iPhone. I’m a little disappointed that T-Mobile is using documents like this without mentioning they have one million plus iPhone subscribers on the network who clearly aren’t concerned about the EDGE-only option.

“By right-fitting customers to a T-Mobile 4G device you are freeing them from being stuck in the 2G slow lane with an iPhone.”

I get that, I do, in fact I’m one of the customers this document is arguing against. I’m an unlocked iPhone 4S user on T-Mobile — granted I use a number of devices but my fallback is generally my 4S. I just think that calling the experience of over one million customers “poor” is a little non-specific. I don’t find my experience poor, I find my experience limited, but I knew that the moment I decided to activate an iPhone on T-Mobile. I’m still a happy T-Mobile customer.

That being said, the document is right in saying I will have a better network experience with an Android 4G phone…I don’t think that is in dispute. I also appreciate T-Mobile’s concern with educating the customer about the “less-than-spectacular experience” one will receive using the iPhone on T-Mobile.

I just hope this “issue” is put to rest later this year with an actual iPhone for T-Mobile launch. Whatever your OS of choice, I stand by my assertion that T-Mobile should have all the options.

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  • MagentaMadness

    Is this really news?

    • Hey, it’s slow lately, give me a break!

      • Anonymous

        Verizon just reported a net financial loss for quarter 4 and some analysts are pointing to the high iPhone subsidies as the primary cause.  If T-Mobile got the iPhone, it would hurt them MORE than Verizon because of how cheap their plans are.  Is carrying the iPhone worth taking a loss?  What if T-Mobile sold the iPhone on Value Plans only which would allow them to make more money off the iPhone than any of their competitors and maybe extend the subsidy only to their long term customers?  This would make for a great article :)

        • Cellularcrazy09

          I agree.  I just think TMO can’t squeeze the investment money out of DT to get it so TMO has to put on like they don’t need the iphone.  Remember when AT&T was the only one with the iPhone?  Verizon and everyone else developed the attitude that they didn’t need it and android was better.  Then all of a sudden the iPhone is the greatest thing once Verizon got it. Gosh an iphone with TMO UMA calling…i think i just drooled all over myself…

        • Anonymous

          iPhone with WiFi Calling?  I just exploded in excitement.

        • Pikachu

          Oh my god if it had wifi calling and a 42mbit radio. Id be like SIRI… HIT ME!! and have her straight jam the internet right into my skull JOHNNY MNEMONIC status LOL

        • Bratty

          Read the statement carefully. Revenues are up, new customers are up and churn is under 2%. I think you are missing the bigger picture since the EPS loss is reflected by pension charges and the inclusion of broadband. This has nothing to do with the iPhone.

        • Anonymous

          This is true.  But I do think if Tmobile were to carry the iPhone they would be going from their healthy moderate gains in revenues every quarter to net losses if they went the iPhone subsidy route.  I’m sure the conflicting question for T-Mobile leadership is that even if it DOES lead to subscriber increases… is it worth it?  Sprint is going to pay hard for it’s iPhone deal, they’re all about the short term and they ALREADY were losing money before the iPhone landed.

          T-Mobile is a pretty smart company and I think what they are trying to work out is a way not to throw away money just to sell the iPhone AND keep their plan prices cheap for customers at the same time.  I think going Value Plan route only would be perfect.  They would finance $500 over 20 months instead of subsidizing it.  That would be monthly payments of $25 versus $15 which is the highest they have now.  That would still make them out to be cheaper than Verizon Sprint and At&t when you talk family plans.

        • Bratty

          Again, its short term vs long term. TMo needs to add customers to reduce churn and get cash flow positive for the long haul. A marginally higher subsidy for an iphone is more than recovered over 2 years. Look at the NPV of the deal, not just the subsidy amount.
          “The average smartphone customer will spend about $2,000 over the two-year contract, if the subsidy is $400, you’re still getting $1,600, and that’s very cash-flow positive,” said BarCap analyst James Radcliffe. This is just one way of looking at the subsidy issue which all phones require.

    • Mark

      Seriously. I’m suprised that T-Mobile even put this document together. Anybody with half a brain knows that (for now) the GSM iPhone is stuck on EDGE when on the T-Mobile network. 

      • (other) Mark

        Well, my hunch is that they’re getting a sufficient number of disappointed customers to make this worthwhile.  Not to mention the angle that they make more from a customer who buys a phone than they do from one who doesn’t.

  • What is the galaxy 4g. no s or S2 or even a little tab.

  • daniel

    Galaxy 4g is the Samsung galaxy 4g, not the blaze.

    • If that were the case, it would only say up to 21Mbps, not 42, which is why it’s the Blaze.

      • Cellularcrazy09

        LMAO!!! Get it! Smack down the uneducated!

      • Stardragon4

        I think its The Galaxy S II (available now) not the Galaxy S 4G or the Blaze….

      • daniel

        you mean there is a typo in a document you’re making fun of for a typo?

        • David Beren

          That’s not a typo, and I’m concerned that customers will be more confused because of it.

      • Lamar

        The T-mobile Radar is a 42 Mbps phone? (Negative only a 14.4) I’m pretty sure only the Amaze and Galaxy SII (the “4G” listed presumably) are the only 2 at this time. 

      • Sameer200220

        I think you are wrong here. This is not for Blaze. Galaxy S2 is already 42. Amaze and S2 were T-Mo’s first 42 handsets. 
        Refer the section on Connectivity

      • Pikachu

        I read an internal doc that just made me sick. Said something in the order of “when we say 42mbit, that is THEORETICAL. This can never be achieved in conditions outside of testing facilities and laboratories. What most customers can expect to see is half of the theoretical speeds” Which is in truth, why I see 21mbit phones on PEAKS hit 11mbit.

  • Nothing new here. With the other 3 having the iPhone I hope for people they will have all options next year, or later this year I guess. What I want is the next Nexus phone and the iPhone 5 (or 6 I guess it could be) on TMobile. I want to be able to choose between the best phone on either side of the OS war.

  • Sluggo

    I am well in agreement with this instead of trying to position products that by now the numbers have shown that no matter what, a customer will prefer the name recognition I can say this with more confidence than most CUSTOMERS WHEN THEY MAKE UP THEIR MIND ABOUT THE IPHONE WILL NOT CARE ABOUT ETF, 4G or anything else, if magenta really wants to start being taken seriously as a player and prevent losing one customer for every half a customer they keep then GET THE IPHONE

  • I agree David, whoever created should be aware of the correct names of the iPhones. However the previous iPhone was called 3g and 3GS, so i cut them some slack. Anyways when you’re connected to wifi, 3g or 4g service doesn’t matter : )

    • Bratty

      Not picking on you but you cannot cut anyone slack for getting the names wrong. That is just piss poor management and awareness. Again, not an issue with you but this is TMobile’s lack of “having it together”

      •  Yeah well you’d be surprised how many customers on AT&T call the iPhone 4 the iPhone 4G. It’s like seriously, READ THE BOX. It clearly says ‘iPhone 4.” Do you see a “G” at the end?

        No wonder you’re calling in disputing your contract. You never read it. Yet you still agreed to it.

        Customers in general are stupid. This leak reflects that. Whoever authored this could have made a typo, though, seeing as how they are talking about other 4G phones.

        • Bratty

          I would agree that people may be confused but this is a company! It is their job to get things right. But whatever, its not a huge deal as these pages are not really public.

      • yourdumb

        Not picking on you but read what it says in the screen shot of the document under IMPORTANT in bold letters.

        Yeah….they specify what they meant by Iphone 4G. They are not getting the name wrong. They are referring to the generation as they clearly stated.

        • Yourdadumb

          No offense but it is smartypants like you that probaby work there and write up incorrect crap like this. Not picking on you though.

        • You sure about that? Because the first iPhone was the 2G, the second was a 3G, clearly names based on speed, not generation. This document alleges that Apple chose naming conventions based on generation, when in fact they did no such thing.


    Very well said David… Im a big Android Guy but if the Iphone came to Tmo , I would def get one to play with..

  • Anonymous

    Actually, 2G “EDGE” is quite acceptable.

    What is POOR are the areas that don’t have EDGE and the connection drops to 1G “GPRS”

    • Mark

      EDGE is not acceptable for anything data-related once you’ve had 3G, or even more so once you’ve experienced HSPA+ or LTE.

  • Littlesis1774

    Really Tmobile really

  • So nothings changed, iPhone doesn’t work good on ANY network! LOL – D

  • Frigadroid

    Why don’t they just advertise during the super bowl “if you’re tired of your carriers then bring your iphone to our store, you will save thousands when we hook you up on the value plan!” Put the edge crap in fine print like throttling and then kaching!!! Let the line up begin.

    • Anonymous

      If you reach a 5gb cap on edge speeds you are amazing

      • Thecityboy781

        hahaha if some one those that there a hero in my book lol

    • Gwapo

      You’re the Man!!!!! That is right!!!! I have value plan with Tmo and I use Iphone 4$…. :0)

      David, may be you can suggest this to Tmobile!!!

    • Obviously they can’t do it without an agreement by Apple. You can run competitive ads using their name but to use Apple’s name in support of a feature would come off to the public as Apple supports this idea. Since they don’t, Apple can easily get the ads pulled before they even air. T-Mobile would have a better chance trying to sell unlocked iPhones in their store then to get an ad like this on the TV. The best they can do is be generic but somehow get across that your talking about the iPhone. Then you will be undermining all the other phones you have on your network though and that might a PR nightmare. I would say putting the edge crap in the fine print is deceptive marketing but I’ve seen worse.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not as far fetched to do this as you might think.  Remember the I’m a myTouch 4G and I’m an iPhone 4 ads?  Also, Apple sells the iPhone as an unlocked device now in their stores.  Meaning Apple supports the use of the iPhone on ANY gsm service provider.  They just can’t SHOW the iPhone.

        • That myTouch vs iPhone 4 ad is again competitive which is acceptable. Apple is not supporting T-Mobile in any way with that ad and in no way can it be confused as such. It’s like Coke vs Pepsi ads. Sprint had to pay billions of dollars to get support from Apple to sell there phones. They also sold accessories for the iPad a year ago that made it simpler to connect to Sprint’s 4g network but it was never promoted as such. T-Mobile can’t do what Frigadroid wants because then Apple’s brand is being held against it’s will in this situation. It does’t want to support T-Mobile in any way without being paid for it. Apple will always say they need to protect their brand and that means nothing rouge like this.

        • Anonymous

          Interesting.  However if you go into a T-Mobile store today, between songs you hear the voice over saying “buy a 4G mobile hotspot from T-Mobile today and hook up to five wifi capable devices like iPads and the iPod touch! Ask sales associate for details”  

          I don’t see why T-Mobile couldn’t advertise itself essentially as a dumb pipe for all gsm unlocked phones… including the iPhone.  I should add I don’t think it’s a good idea for T-Mobile to do this, not until Apple supports their band of HSPA+ anyway.

        • Didn’t Sprint advertise their 4G hotspot packaged with an iPad case when it first came out or close to that? 


          Picture of an iPad and iPad in the caption.  I would say that was promoted as such.  I could be wrong though.

        • Anonymous

          As a marketing guy I can say this wouldn’t work for several reasons. The
          last thing you want to do in marketing is push people to checking out
          the competition. In this scenario T-Mobile would be asking their
          customers to go to an apple store, best buy, etc… to get their
          unlocked iphones. While they are there they will see subsidized pricing
          for the iphone through at&t, verizon and the such vs the
          unsubsidized price to use it on T-Mobile. The risk is that the customer
          decides even with paying an etf they will spend less money than buying a
          700.00 unlocked iphone for edge speeds with no one there to show the overall savings.

      • Anonymous

        Apple might wish someone couldn’t use their name in such advertising, but they’re wrong.  It is 100% legitimate for T-Mobile to point out that an unlocked Apple device will work on their network, and any Apple suit to stop the advertising would be dismissed before it even went to court.

  • Gwapo

    So when will the roaming agrement starts? I hope I can get 3G on my Iphone 4$ soon :0).. EDGE on Iphone 4$ is not really that bad. I can check emails, IM and search the web..I watch youtube when I am at home using wifi!

  • Anonymous

    I freaking hate the iPhone. But if the myTouch 4G can be called 4G with its 14.4mbps HSPA radio, and the AT&T iPhone 4S has a 14.4 mbps HSPA radio on AT&T bands, technically it could be called the iPhone 4GS. Except the 14.4mbps radio technically still doesn’t qualify even with the ITU stating that 21mbps HSPA+ qualifies as a 4G technology…

    • Anonymous

      Wow you fit in with that stereotype tmobile commercial , next you will tell me android does not have bugs???

  • Gwapo

    I thought some Iphone users are now getting 3G on Tmobile network?

    • Mark

      That’s only in pockets of the country where T-mobile is reallocating some of their spectrum to support 3G on the 1900mhz band. Keep in mind, the 1900mhz band does NOT penetrate nearly as well as the 850mhz band (AT&T’s other 3G band) so buying an iPhone for T-mobile use in one of these areas would result in tremendous coverage gaps.

  • Getreal

    I use the iPhone 4S.  My experience is good and not poor.  In fact my reception is better than my Blackberry 9780.  The battery life is normal (comparable or better than my BB 9780), and I get texts, emails, and use Siri like everyone else.  I don’t see what the big fuss about lack of 4G is about.  I don’t need it and feel that the savings are worth any tradeoff.  My bill is over a thousand per year less than AT&T would charge.

    • Mark

      The difference is that you use all those features at a MUCH slower rate than others on supported 3G networks.

  • Twistmycaps

    true that… iphones unlocked on tmobile i think its trying to say is poor. I know its poor when i had the iphone 4 unlocked and using it on tmobile it sucked. wouldnt sync right, i cloud sucked. So yea the iphone unlocked on tmobile sucks

  • Totalchao5

    Just buy a mobile. Hotspot for the unlocked iPhone and ur good to go

  • Wheresbrent

    Uh dude. Fail, that doc SPECIFiCALLY says 3g and 4g means generation. Not speed or device name. You may want to go back to the drawing board

    • Tmorep

      lol.. agreed

      • You sure about that? Because the first iPhone was the 2G, the second was a 3G, clearly names based on speed, not generation. This document alleges that Apple chose naming conventions based on generation, when in fact they did no such thing.

    • You sure about that? Because the first iPhone was the 2G, the second was a 3G, clearly names based on speed, not generation. This document alleges that Apple chose naming conventions based on generation, when in fact they did no such thing. 

      • guest

        But the 4G is 3G and the 4S is 3G, so neither argument really makes much sense.

  • Vim

    The IPhone is a mixed blessing.  Apple extorts a huge upfront subsidy on very large minimum orders from those carriers that sign contracts for IPhones. Verizon’s wireless profits have dropped because of the IPhone and Sprint is -hoping- to stop losing money on them sometime in 2015.   IMHO, expanding  T-Mobile’s network and filling in the gaps in its “4G” coverage should be a higher priority then mortgaging the company to make IPhone fans happy.

    • Anonymous

      Yup Yup.

      But the facts are there: the iPhone is still selling like hotcakes as can be seen by the record revenue numbers put out today.  It may hurt T-Mo on the front end but like every other carrier, the Sheeple still want that Jesus phone.  And that my friend will save leaving customers and also give T-Mo the chance to gain new customers with the right pricing on plans..

      • Vim

        It’s doubtful that T-Mobile can afford the Apple subsidy without increasing its plan pricing.  And it’s not fair to non-IPhone customers to make them pay extra so that IPhone lovers happy.

        • Anonymous

          I wonder if they’d do a surcharge just for IPhone users. They’re grossly overcharged on other carriers and even with a surcharge, I think T-Mobile could be a better value.

        • Bright Light

          However, when plan prices are raised or changed, it does not affect existing customers until they choose to switch or change plans. I currently have a cheap plan from 05 that has been grandfarthered in. Plan pricing has changed a lot since then!

  • Anonymous

    With all the incorrect device names aside, i see what tmobile is doing here. Vzw did the same thing before they carried the iphone. “Paint it in a bad light bc you dont carry it”…..Not having the iphone is a disadvantage for tmobile, lets be honest about that. Until they sell it instores (work out a deal with apple) tmobile will remain ant-iphone publically….it really is unfortunate that carriers have to jump through hoops to carry a particular device…..maybe once the spectrum rearrangement is complete, obtaining the iphone will be alot easier

  • Erick brown

    i got the iphone 4s on verizon i switched from t-mobile just to get an iphone on verizon -_-. I prefer android but i think i will be switching carriers to at&t. Heres why my friend has the iphone 4s on at&t and i heard soo many bad things about at&t everyone talks bad about them.. im always comparing my verizon iphone 4s to his at&t iphone 4s. He gets better data speeds as high as 8 mbps were i rarely get 1 mbp on verizon. His loads web pages and downloads apps much faster on 3G because of the higher data speeds than my verizon iphone. He always has service in all the places i have service in fact he gets service on at&t in the underground train in dowtown LA the one that goes to hollywood , were as i completly lose service on verizon once i walk down the stairs to the station thats underground. Shocking but true once underground in the train once its moving at&t has 3-5 bars while i get “No service” on verizon and its impossible to make calls, while my friend is chatting away on his iphone underground on a moving train. so yea i will be switching to at&t BUT i will mot be getting an iphone i will be gettin an android phone one thats LTE capable.

    • Scarfacemario

      Great story

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile could differentiate pretty easily and not worry about subsidies and losses by selling the iPhone only on a Value Plan.  T-Mo gets the 4S (or whatever) with AWS bands, and sells it at full price ($799 and up) with a discounted plan.

    This would be revolutionary for several reasons.  

    First, it would highlight the hidden costs in many smartphone deals (e.g. the guy who brags about his “free phone” who pays $1200 more over two years than you did for your “more expensive” $400 full-priced phone).

    Second, it would provide a fertile field for competition on rate plans by carriers — the other three majors would be under pressure to match the offer and focus on pricing.

    Third, it would make everyone happy.  People who want an iPhone with a low monthly plan would get that.  People who fear the network melting down under the load of millions of new iPhone subscribers would see their fears ease (since most of those would stay with subsidized plans, most likely).

    Fourth, it would provide new opportunities for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry manufacturers to tout their products on an “equal playing field” with the real pricing evident for all to see.

    Fifth, T-Mobile would be literally the only US carrier to offer a viable prepaid plan that could be used for an iPhone.

    Apple probably would try to oppose this, but at a certain point, at the high price point of the iPhone, the market will saturate.

  • TM97

    Well yeah, its locked on EDGE.  120Kbps if you are lucky.  And thats only if you are on the first 4 timeslots of the sectors radios in most markets.  Even though the phone says EDGE, its really GPRS, about 40Kbps if you are lucky.

    Apples and oranges.  

    • Anonymous

      I learned something new today!

    • With love from htown

      40kbps !!?? On a good day I get around 17kbps. But luckily I have managed my life around wifi areas.

  • TMoFan

    I’m sure most of the one million people who choose to use their iPhone on T-Mobile’s know what they’re getting into and for those who live on wifi it doesn’t matter anyways.

    If T-Mobile and Apple refuse to work out a deal I think T-Mobile should do what China Mobile has been doing and sell wifi access for iPhone users. China Mobile has been doing this with success. I would never leave T-Mobile for a phone, but many are and will continue to do so until T-Mobile finds a solution.


  • Bigtsphoneblog

    Can there be one friggin’ sentence in a T-Mobile commerical or store associate’s speech without the term “4G” in it? They call everything connected with their network “ThisorThat 4G” even if it has nothing to do with the HSPA+ network They really over-do it with that stupid buzzword, way more than any other carrier.

  • Jarrod

    I don’t know why they say things like this in the long run it would be cheaper to get iPhones because afte all the times I had issues with my android phones I have yet to have an issue with any of my apple products including a 3 year old used iPhone the only draw back Is edge but I still manage to use the Internet fine

  • jon

    David, read where it says important in bold letters. I think that might clear up your confusion. It is pretty specific they are not refering to network speed, but device generation. Then I would suggest an edit in your first paragraph to reflect your mistake. I dont think the document should have “g” at all behind the name because it might cause confusion, like it obviously caused in your case. But the fact is whoever prepared this doc did specify its meaning….

    • The first iPhone was the 2G, the second was a 3G, clearly names based on speed, not generation. This document alleges that Apple chose naming conventions based on generation, when in fact they did no such thing.

      • jon

        So, when the next iphone comes out what will the name be? Iphone4G? I think when apple initially rolled out the names it was to reflect the network speed. However, that tune changed with the later models. I fully expect the next iphone to be iphone5, which would continue the shift from refering to network speed to refering to the generation. Apple will continue the trend of releasing a “new” model every year. They would run out of names pretty quick if they didn’t refer to generation… I still agree with you that the g should have never been put into this doc, but its there and does have is explained pretty clearly.

  • GettingREAL

    David I think you are living in denial.  There is nothing wrong admitting the EDGE experience is poor even on our beloved T-Mobile.  No media centric smartphone in 2011 or 2012 should be relegated to a 2G only experience except for those occasions when we’re near a WiFi HotSpot. 

    T-Mobile needs to be scolded for having such a large portion of their geographic coverage area as GPRS as it is.  

    • Wow


    • Remixfa

      i totally agree with you t-mobile’s data coverage is PATHETHIC when compared to at&t or verizon.

      • Scarfacemario

        And you forgot to mention Sprints data is PATHETIC compared to T-mobile

  • Remixfa

    after being with t-mobile forever and working for them i will finally be switching over to at&t and get an iphone 4S <3

    • Yourdumb

      that sucks hahah

    • Scarfacemario

      That makes me sad :(

    • Enjoy your HIGHER rate plans and data plans. You’ll be back when T-Mobile gets the iPhone this year. But you’ll be locked on an AT&T contract… OOPS.

  • Remixfa

    after being with t-mobile forever and working for them i will finally be switching over to at&t and get an iphone 4S <3

  • Wow

    Why the hell would a person choose tmobile over Verizon or att I mean your saving like 24 dollars a month and your signal is way worse

    • Mayra

      LOL SOO TRUE!! i switched to t-mobile from at&t cuz supposevly it was more cheaper. cheaper my a$$ i only paid 30 bucks less on t-mobile for crappier signal. switched back to at&t got a skyrocket and enjoying my UNLIMITED data cuz my bf works at at&t and he let me get an unlimited plan lol and he gives me a huge discount ;) so i pay much less than what people pay on t-mobile and enjoying beyter signal imside buildings no need for uma cuz i get service . besides i live in los angeles most buildings were t-mobile usually didnt get service have wifi but it was locked so i was screwed with at&t no need for uma cuz it gets service in all those buildings t-mobile crapped out.

      • Anonymous

        Why in god’s name are you still on TMONews then, exactly? For me and all my coworkers T-Mobile signal is just fine. Enjoy your AT&T LTE which already under-performs in speedtests without even a decent user load lololol

        • Mayra

          Underperforms??? wat planet are u in?? hun dont hate 50 mbps is what i get on at&t LTE i bet u cannot get that on t-mobiles hspa+ 42 . Look it up im not the only one getting those speeds the truth is out there look it up online that ur in denial is another thing ..

        • AbdullahBakry


        • Anonymous

          Wait until the LTE overloaded and see what happens.

        • Anonymous

          What are you and your conniving boyfriend smoking?  50mbps on a skyrocket?!  You either have the best phone in the US or smoking/popping some of the best stuff in the US.  AT&T can only advertise “10X faster than 3G” on their commercials because they can’t beat anyone else.  

        • Tbyrne

          They’re smoking/popping Randalls new propaganda drug. Tell enough people they’ll get 50 mpbs enough times and, you guessed it, they’ll be hooked for life!

        • Scarfacemario

          Why are u on tmonews ? Only to talk crap. I see no point to it

        • tr0ubl3d 0n3

          I don’t know what is worse the ignorance you show or the fantasy world you live in.You keep coming to tmonews just to post crap why don’t you get a life already instead of showing the limited knowledge that you have.Don’t worry I will be here laughing at you when AT&T’s LTE begins to have outages.

        • Straightdawg

          I just returned my skyrocket today to AT&T. It was ok , around 16mbps. Then I found out through my friend that rocket does around the same speed. But $25 cheaper every month.

        • Ryan Dillman

          The only reason that you are getting those speeds is because the LTE Band is not full of users yet… once more and more people get on LTE with At&t than it will become slower and slower every day. Same thing happened with Verizon… 

        • Steven Hutchison

          Your mom is another thing.

      • The only reason why you’re happy with AT&T is because of your boyfriend, otherwise AT&T would screw you over like they do with the rest of their customers. They’ve already began jacking up their data plans $5 more. And it’s not going to stop there. Just sit tight as they keep increasing their prices just like Verizon. Because it’s obvious Verizon and AT&T are in a collusion.

      • You may want to try and use some grammar in your postings.  It was a bit hard to read.

    • Verizon and AT&T are the enemies of the consumers. That’s why.

  • Wow

    Why the hell would a person choose tmobile over Verizon or att I mean your saving like 24 dollars a month and your signal is way worse

  • Wow

    people that have tmobile would rather save like 20 bucks a month and have awful coverage than have service everywhere with a NORMAL phone compan like verizon att and sprint

    • And you have a problem with this? Everyone is free to do whatever they want, as long as it’s not against the law. If T-Mobile customers want to save 20 bucks a month and have awful coverage, so let them be. I get excellent coverage everywhere I go even in basements.

    • Realcool2000

      Att coverage sucks and calls drop all,the time. Everyone I know with att complains biut it, everyone I know with sprint has similiar issues.

    • Steven Hutchison

      Shut your mouth.

    • Mattharader

      I currenty have both At&t and tmo one for busisness and one for personal. My tmo galaxy s 4g runs laps around my at&t inspire all day.

  • Solidsnakeduds013

    Idk about you but full bars over here!

    • Wow

      really your very lucky then

  • Djraffi

    We’ll see who has the last laugh when the break up agreement / at&t network sharing agreement with t-mobile gets implemented. Paying $30 less with better coverage sounds good to me!

    • Tmobile

      i have tmobile……..

  • Drew

    Well, it is rumored the next iteration will have support for AWS and that they’ve been testing this for a while. The whole premise of this information whether it be an internal document or not is a big fat DUH..!! No s#!t Sherlock. It only works on Edge and oh look, it’s not very fast. What a waste of everyone’s time.

  • Anonymous

    The radar is definitely not a 42mb/s phone… its 14.4…

  • Daddym469

    I can’t believe that you actually trip yourself up, while attempting to criticize the first portion of this document. You do not even comprehend that nothing NOTHING…on this document has any reference to the Galaxy Blaze phone. The Blaze ain’t even out yet, so why would you go there…. This document is nothing more than a selling tool to inform selling staff about the network quality and performance that the I phone will get on the T mo network. I am more concerned with all the misinformation I see here. The mention of the Radar 4g is completely out of place, by claiming it can perform like a Galaxy S2 or Amaze is just ridiculous….This document is saying if you get a customer who wants a fast phone sell them an Amaze, or Galaxy S 2., but putting the Radar in the mix just because it was a popular 4th quarter seller is Wrong. I get it…why don’t you get it…..a blog should be informative and helpful…..not extend lies and misinformation. the bottom line is the I phone is a great phone the proper network and there are qualities that exist in IOS, THAT DOES NOT EXIST IN ANDROID AND VICE VERSA…LET’S BE PISSED ABOUT GETTING THE LUMIA 710 INSTEAD OF A NICER DEVICE. AIN’T IT FUNNY HOW THE HD7 WAS THE BEST WINDOWS PHONE BEFORE MANGO…BIGGEST DISPLAY….NOW T MO ISON THE OPPOSITE END GETTING 3.7 IN BABY PHONES…WHIKE ATT GETS 4.7 INCH PHONES….TMO NEEDS TO MAKE BETTER HANDSET CHOICES PERIOD. CHEAPER PRICES WITH ONLY TWO TOP TIER PHONES IS SAD…NOT EVERYBODY WANTS AN AMAZE OR GS2….AND ASKING 600$ FOR THE AMAZE WHEN IT CAME OUT @ 529.99, JUST BECAUSE OF THE VALUE EIP PLAN….IS WRONG AND DUMB….AND ON THAT NOTE….I HAVE TO GO.

    • Anonymous

      While the Radar may not perform as well in certain tasks (data crunching, GPU-intensive tasks), the actual *usage* and fluidity of the phone, which most customers are primarily concerned with, does in fact rival that of the Amaze and S2. Also, all caps makes you sound like you’re yelling at me and that makes me sad :(

    • T-mobile Galaxy 4g up to 42Mbps, based on the fact that the Blaze is coming later this year, listed on T-mobiles website, why wouldn’t David assume that? Seems about right to me. The phone was announced so of course associates can talk about it…..right???? “Oh my god Mr./Ms. customer the T-mobile blaze will be coming out later this year so keep a look out for that if you want super fast speeds and you’re unhappy with the speeds you receive on your iPhone” .” See how that works? You clearly just wanted to rant and didn’t need this site to give you info.

  • This is for the Blaze, they list the only three handsets that are theoretically capable of speeds up to 42Mbps. 

  • Daddym469

    The bottom line is Verizon has a core customer base that they target. Not everyone can afford Verizon…at the same time T Mobile needs to revamp there handset choices to help even the playing field. Also, T Mobile has a great network if you live in a supported area…At the same time No carrier has it all….they’re all making a logic money off our greedy desire to communicate and own cool electronics…

  • Anonymous

    “4G” speeds has been important to me since T-Mobile gained 3G. So with the lack of an AWS capable iPhone, i wouldn’t buy an unlocked iPhone, to just say I have an iPhone. It would be incomplete on T-Mobile. So until then, I will be rocking Android, which I will admit that if a AWS capable iPhone were to. Come along, i wouldn’t cross over so easily.

  • Who

    What is the iPhone 4G and 4GS?  I thought there was no iPhone 4G yet only iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S which are both HSPA 14.4 Mbits 3G phones.  

    • Tmo

      No wonder T-Mobile does not have iPhone, they don’t even know the models available 

      • Wen

        Yeah, idots…  It’s like the iTouch, WTF is an iTouch?   There is iPod, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch but i’ve never heard of iTouch. 

        • Don

          Ha!  “I got GameCast!”  

          “I’ve heard of DreamCast and GameCube but never heard of GameCast!”

        • tmobcust96

          Yeah I love the iShoe, and the iCar, that shit be banging, People kill me, not knowing wth they are talking about. o well, I wan an iPhone on the tmobile network, long time cust, since 1996, I think it is crazy that all the other providers have iPhones, but t mob doesn’t. so i can pony up 900.00 and get piss poor service with t mob, or jump ship.

  • M&M

    The radar is only 14.4 mbps

  • I am very happy with my iPhone 4 on T-Mobile. I am always on wifi, only when I’m outside I have Edge speeds, and Edge is slow but it’s still usable. Since T-Mobile doesn’t offer the iPhone (YET) I am just grateful that I can use my favorite phone on the network of my choosing thanks to the fact that T-Mobile is a GSM carrier that uses sim cards and is compatible with the iPhone even if it’s on the slow Edge network.

    However I guess T-Mobile wants people to use Androids so that they can sign up for a contract. But this is what T-Mobile SHOULD do, you have over 1 million T-Mobile unlocked iPhone users on your network…. You want your customers to sign up for a contract? Keep trying to get the iPhone, keep pressuring Apple, DO SOMETHING. Convincing your current iPhone users to get an android is NOT going to help.

    • Vim

      It’s not that T-Mobile necessarily wants customers to use androids. It’s that they don’t want customers thinking that they can just pop in a T-Mobile SIMM and enjoy “4G”, or even 3G speeds on it.  It may be a no-brainer to you, me, and most of the others here that due to the lack of an AWS radio, 4G speeds with IPhones’s on T-Mobile’s network aren’t currently possible, but trust me, there are people out there who will mistakenly assume they will get “4G”, and then call customer service and scream bloody murder when they don’t.  T-Mobile is just trying to avoid having to deal with angry customers with unrealistic expectations.

  • Roxxyy

    Dude in that video at&t hadnt even made it official!! get a life please . And like the guy un the video said they were just testing LTE IN that area . Now that they made it official since last month speeds were slow at first from 6-10 mbps as time passed by speeds got much faster now im averiging 20-35 mbps steady on my lg nitro . i dont know if mayra is a troll but she aint lying . is just like here some people wete saying that they lived in places were there t-mobile phone showed 4G but were getting edge speeds and as time passed by speeds increased. same thing with at&t first LTE was slow now its extremly fast in the 30-40 mbps range anytime of the day u dont believe me come visit me in LA ill show u for u can see for yourself. sure its probably gona go down over time but for now ill enjoy them sorry but the truth hurts i hit 52 one lucky day nevet again did i hit 52 im usually in the 30-40 mbps range which is good enough for me to watch hd videos. like i said come visit me ill show u wr can watch all the hd videos u want with my 40 mbps on my nitro.

  • Attsuckz

    i think its ridiculous that everyone below me is arguing about which network is faster in terms of mbps. I have been a t-mobile customer for 3 years and still am. And live in los angeles and im happy with the speeds im getting on my sensation sure im not getting 40 mbps like at&t users are reporting they getting on LTE . i went to an at&t store just to see what all the hype is about went to the skyrocket turned off wifi got 3 bars of LTE did a speed test got 42 mbps did a second speed test got 40 , 3rd speed test got 40 again sure the speeds are nice keep in mind at&ts LTE network is empty compared to verizons thats why it gets those speeds so its no lie what people below me are getting on at&t LTE . Let them have there moment of spotlight for now . Let them enjoy themselves … i bet they still overall have more dropped calls than us people on t-mobile.

  • Anonymous

    I just find it amusing that poor t-mobile has to even do things like these. They just can’t shake their iPhone woes off their back.

    I do love my 4S. Had a galaxy before and liked android but iPhone 4s is better for me personally.

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused…not too long ago, there were reports of certain iPhone users getting 3G in certain areas of NorCal, Nevada, and the northwest, due to T-Mobile adding the 1900 band for the upcoming 84Mpbs 4G…and now this? Doesn’t make sense, especially if T-Mobile intends on expanding on the 1900 band.

    • Anonymous

      It makes plenty of sense. The refarming of spectrum hasn’t been publicly promoted by T-Mobile. The 1900 band only covers a tiny fraction of their total geographic coverage. If they somehow suggested that people could *right now* get a good experience with 1900-band phones on their network, they’d be in deep trouble.

  • Techhi

    ATT customers will be sorry when there go over the 2GB limit . I know I have no worries tethering my laptop
    This is the reason I left ATT after 10 years 

  • Wheresbrent

    David, read the “important:” section of the first picture your have listed, it reads as follow: the 3G and 4G nameing only refers to the device being a 3rd or 4th generation device. Yes I’m sure its from the picture you posted

  • So many negative comments on this thread.

  • God

    There was no iPhone 2g. It was just “iPhone”.

    In fact, the naming is :
    iPhone3G (because it had 3g)

    • Seth

      Iphone 3G didn’t have 3G. Although many customers thought hat’s why it was called the Iphone 3G, it had no 3G capability only edge and wifi.

      • Seth

        Oh wait… My bad, I was thinking of the original Iphone. Your right. 3G had 3G. But 4 didn’t have 4G.

      • Seth

        My bad. You are right 3G had 3G  i was thinking of something else.


    a few years ago i used an cingular nokia 6600 on t-mobile, it absolutely sucked.

    if anyone wants an iphone, why ruin it by unlocking it and putting it on t-mo.

    in crappy areas, an ANDROID with wifi calling craps on any iphone.

    oh wait, it’s cool to have a jailbroken iphone to show off to other apple fanboys.

  • Joshua Sikes

    Actually the iPhone existence is as follows:

    iPhone (first generation) 4GB (2007)
    iPhone (second generation) 8GB & 16GB (2007/2008)
    iPhone 3G 8GB & 16GB (2008)
    iPhone 3GS 8GB, 16GB & 32GB (2009)
    iPhone 4 8GB, 16GB & 32GB (2010)
    iPhone 4S 16GB, 32GB & 64GB (2011)

  • Boy03892003


    And before you start BASHING me keep in mind David the editor of Tmonews is still using his iPhone as a primary device… One would think he would have switched by now by that being these companies are giving him phones to play with and give reviews and what happens…. HE STILL POPS THAT MICRO SIM BACK INTO THAT IPHONE!!!!   

    • Gwapo


    • Chris

      What phone are you talking about? The G1? LOL, what an idiot. Go stick your iphone up your stanky ass bitch

      • Boy03892003

        U must be using the G1, If you can read clearly it states that I brought a brand new MyTouch by LG, ya know the phone that came out in November and I got it on Christmas… Before you go name calling, plz read the whole article…. now U LOOK LIKE AN Idiot… Have a nice day!!!

    • al

      If you had problems since day one you should have sent it back within you 14 day trial window and tried a different phone for free. You realize that the mytouch by LG is a lower end android phone. Buy yourself a upper end android phone and see how it compares.

      Tmobile isn’t bashing the iPhone – they are just making their reps aware that they need to let customers know that the iPhone won’t be able to get 3g or 4g speeds when used on tmobile

      • Littlesis1774

        They are bashing it totally. Sooner or later their customers will grow tired of android city and leave to wireless service that has choices

    • Anonymous

      You mad bro?

      • Boy03892003

        Nope not mad…. Just wondering when is everyone going to realize.. Our carrier needs that phone BADLY!!!! I mean go android but T-Mobile needs to understand that its not handsets that are keeping the customers its the plans… 

        • androidistheonlyrealpltform

          Learn how to use android. iPhone is a good n00b phone thats it. Nice little starter phone for the non-technological masses.

        • Littlesis1774

          Boy03892003 is right. T-mobile needs to stop bashing the iphone because they need it. I have not seen people running into T-mobile get the latest the phone. I have seen people into Verizon, AT&T and Sprint get the iphone. I having the same experience that Boy03892003 with my HTC HD2. I had to get replacement HTC HD2 which was my mistake and now I am regretting my choice of staying when my parents were willing switch to AT&T so I can get the iphone. If T-mobile ignores the demands of iphone on the network I am afraid I will be leaving them to get AT&T or Sprint

  • Miladkhahil

    Why cant they just say the truth that iPhone isn’t compatible with T-Mobile AWS 3G-4G bands.

    • Uhh. They did. AWS is commonly referred to as WCDMA 1700/2100, WCDMA band 4, UMTS 1700/2100, or UMTS band 4.

  • Pocho808

    Ya tha iPhone from day one of jail breaking 3G was always capped at 2g because of the different radios between tmobile and AT&T right?

  • Joepenora

    I bought the G1 the week it first came out, then switched to a motorola cliq, then a Vibrant, than a Galaxy S 4G… then I switched to the  HTC HD7.  I left android for the fragmentation of the OS, the fact that “forced closing” became something not only done daily but damn near hourly.  

    I tried window mobile for 3 months, hated their marketplace their lack of apps, and where i liked the tiles at first, it got tiresome quick.

    I recently bought a factory unlocked iPhone 4S from apple so i could stay with tmobile… and even though my web connectivity is running on edge, i am pleased with my switch.  iOS is slicker, the response on just moving from one screen to another is a lot better than droid, and of course the apps.

    What i do miss other than a few advanced features on android….. is the android voice recognition, siri…is just plain awful, if i wanted a woman who didn’t listen to me and not answer my questions, i would have stayed with my ex-girlfriend.

    the whole ios vs android is a personal taste.  would i recommend android to a friend or family member who is not computer savvy? hello no.

    but the real bottom line is, android doesnt have to compete with the iphone.  we are coming to the point like in the 90’s when there were nintendo, sega, playstation, jaguar gaming systems and we eventually widdled down to just two.

    i just wish tmobile took a more positive stance when it comes to us that have decided to either buy the factory unlocked iphones from apple for a gross amount of money or jail broke phones and decided to stay with them. 1mil loyal customers….tmobile send me a cookie or something

  • Djonero1

    Anybody know how to unlock an iPhone 4S for use on t-mobile?

  • Chuckdr

    I have been with t mobile ten plus years. Service and value are important to me. Yes i would like to try an iphone, but guess what tmobile was willing to give me a galaxy s 2 when i called and complained about no iphone . They also were willing to adjust my rate to a nice unlimited family plan (3 lines) for way cheaper than att or verizon. All i had to do was ask. I have NO prob with t mobile ……iphone or not. I also really believe iphone is coming soon. Ps if your unhappy w tmobile leave. We will be here when u get back.

  • Yeah