T-Mobile’s Monthly4G Is A Better Way To Do Prepaid

T-Mobile’s newest marketing promo highlights Monthly4G, “…fast nationwide 4G with no annual contract. With a great selection of 4G smartphones and America’s Largest 4G Network T-Mobile Monthly 4G is a better way to do prepaid.”

What that said. Learn more on T-Mobile’s website. 


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  • Omararod99

    im using the sensation on it

    • Same here.

      • Steven Hutchison

        You two want a cookie?

  • No data roaming so it’s a no go. Can’t handle Vermont without the ATT towers. Maybe if they end up with better coverage after the AWS transfers they asked the FCC approval for today.

    • Data roaming in Vermont will be available within a few months.

      • I get mostly 2g bouncing between att and tmo up in Brattleboro area on my postpaid now. So you mean data will be available on prepaid up there?

    • Joiseyeric

      there’s reasons prepaid plans are cheaper on any network…#1 – no roaming,  #2 – prepaid takes lower priority to postpaid on the cell towers, #3 lower amounts of 4g coverage.  The lesson of the story is, pay an extra $10 a month and get REAL service!!

  • Anonymous

    I have the $30 100 min/unlimited texts/5GB plan on my Nexus S. When I got the Amaze, I still wanted to use my NS without having to switch SIMs. It’s a great plan for the money. The only caveat is the speeds ARE slower than postpaid.

    • bo

      Hey, can you elaborate on why speeds are slower on prepaid vs postpaid? If you can, thanks.

      • Yeah because my speeds are just as fast as postpaid on my Sensation.

    • Anonymous

      That is simply not true. You are lying or are not in a good area for their 4G.

      • Anonymous

        I’M NOT LYING. Not only am I in an area where I get 4 bars at 68dBm BUT I HAVE BOTH POST PAID AND PRE PAID so I can directly compare. I have an Amaze, a Sensation and a Nexus S. Thank you very much.

    • LOL, its because the Nexus S isn’t HSPA+ capable. ;) The Amaze is 42mbps while Nexus S is 7.2 

      • Anonymous

        I have more than one phone AND I’ve tried all THREE SIMs in ALL THREE OF MY PHONES.

    • Jsoliz1985

      I have had the GSII on prepaid before and i easily got 12+ Mbps. The myth that prepaid is slower is untrue.

  • Koster

    But limited features e.g. Visual Voicemail

  • Koster

    Not sure about that, coz I am using the Vibrant and I get the 3G speeds…

    • Koster

      This is in response to babydoll25’s comment about slower speeds

  • Anonymous

    Some analysts say if T-Mobile gains huge in prepaid they would have to cut network costs because there’s less profitability in a prepaid network.  What these analysts fail to account for though, is that when you look at it, The price of individual plans on Value and the price of plans on Monthly 4G are exactly the same.  Especially when you look at the $60 for unlimited with 2gigs and $70 for 5gigs.  With both monthly 4G and Value T-Mobile doesn’t subsidize the phone.  I guess high prepaid adoption on T-Mobile would effect handset manufacturers because people would be less likely to buy a high end phone but it seems like T-Mobile revenue would only gain thanks to the monthly 4G option.

    • The concern isn’t that prepaid is less profitable – clearly if the plans are similar to post-paid it isn’t, less collection costs, money up front, etc. The concern is that prepaid has more churn, and as such a mobile carrier that relies upon prepaid revenues can have the floor removed from underneath it very quickly.

      Have to say though… those are decent plans. If TMo didn’t prevent Google Voice voicemail from working on those plans (my mother uses the service when she visits) I’d probably switch from our family plan to it.

      •  Really? I never had a problem with my Google Voice with T-Mobile. The Monthly4G plans make the voicemail not work? I’ll have to look into this…

        • The problem is that the prepaid plans do not support call forwarding, so your phone would never forward to google voice voicemail, but instead T-Mobile voicemail would always answer any missed calls.  A workaround I have heard – but not tried yet – is to call TMO and have them completely disable the voicemail on your prepaid line.  That way, when a call is unanswered, it would go to google voicemail.  However, that only works if somebody calls your google voice number.  If somebody had called your actual prepaid number, there would be no voicemail.  There are other solutions I’m looking into for Google Voice on TMO prepaid.

    • I think generally carriers don’t like prepaid because they think it may force them to make larger investments in customer service and network quality because people will leave if dissatisfied.  Personally, I think it is Capitalism at its best.  If one company is failing to provide adequate service, I can leave it easily for another.  This is the way it should be.  Americans also have to get over their phobia of buying phones outright.  Just about every other country in the civilized world does it.  In the end, you pay more for phone subsidies.  

      • Scorpiok

        Well prepaid custserv is outsourced to idiots so u save costs there but also drive people away

  • Anonymous

    Been with T-Mobile since November on Wal-Mart’s exclusive $30 plan, had it not been for that plan.. I would have stayed with Virgin Mobile, So T-Mobile did something right there. 

    When changing carriers a customer’s homework is to check coverage of the new carrier, I did. Shows 4G (HSPA) coverage not where I live, but in an area where I go often.. Very excited. And it is just like stated on the map, fast and reliable. Now move onto where I live, shows “Mobile Web” Speeds.. which could either be, EDGE or.. GPRS.. which of the two? You won’t know til you try… Guess what I got stuck with? GPRS.. My friend! Please T-Mobile start working on that. I am willing to stick with you to see things move ahead.

    I am also not a huge fan of their word use of UNLIMITED, now i know every other carrier is doing this now, fine.. but especially on that youtube AD.. and the (First 100MB at 4G speeds).. 100MB? In 2012?!?! .. I did a speed test earlier in a 4G area (7000kbps down..), It took 20-25MB to do one speed test.. that’s almost your limit before you’re throttled to EDGE or below and in one day! With all the android phones data hogging out there, that should at least be 500MB, at least..

    I just realized i posted too much, Don’t get me wrong.. I like T-Mobile, I will not go back to VM probably never. These are just a few things i’ve come to know with having service with T-Mobile for a few months.

    • Scorpiok

      I agree. did two speedtests and data was used up in 2 days. Feel huge billboards all over town with $50 UNLIMITED is extremely misleading

    • Anonymous

      The $50 plan is basically good for EDGE only phones… like the iphone.

  • iCarly

    i had this i paid 70 i didnt like it i had the galaxy s2 . t-mobile coverage wasnt that good over here in san diego. so i bought an atrix 2 for 50 bucks brand new never opened from my friend and put it on at&t go phone dam the plans are even worse . But i at least have better coverage and mexico roaming is just 25¢ the minute cant beat that. i cross to tj every weekend and at&t go phone roaming in mexico is 25¢ the minute pretty cheap so im kinda happy except that i only have 500mb of data usage which is crap. but i still get unlimited minutes and texts for 75 bucks.

    • kahlayoh

      what part of San Diego are you from? Cause I’m from San Diego and my Galaxy S2 has decent speeds!! 

      • iCarly

        I’m close to the border lol and it’s not bout speeds t-mobile offered good speeds much faster than AT&T . Problem is t-mobile signal wasn’t good in my house or inside buildings . Were as at&t it has a slower network but signal is much better with AT&T I have 3-5 bars in my house of 3G were as with t-mobile I had no service at all when I would get lucky I would get 1 bar of gsm/edge but everytime I tried to make a call it would drop instantly. And with AT&T since the go phone plan is unlimited I can talk for hours which I have done to my bf without it dropping the call . So yea ..

    • Anonymous

      reading your post hurt my head. I don’t require everything posted to be in perfect grammar and punctuation, but jesus. Some periods, some commas…anything to break up the 5 sentences you put into one sentence would be nice!

  • i bleed magenta

    While the prices for prepaid are close to postpaid, there aren’t any regulatory costs and taxes are minimal. Plus $70 for 5gb and unlimited everything else is better than anything vzw can do. Its not lte, but I’ve heard lte gobbles data like nobodys business. If tmobile came out with no contract data for tablets ,I would sign up, especially if tmobile had a ipad

    • Anonymous

      T-Mobile already does this.  Since you want an iPad, you should just buy the hotspot that supports 42mbps HSPA+, the Sonic I think it’s called.  You can do that with pay as you go monthly data.  Remember, buy the 42mbps hotspot no the 21mbps one.  HSPA+ 42 will work as good as LTE.

    • Anonymous

      where have you been????? we have been doing prepaid hotspots since they came out. $50 a month for 3gb.

  • Austinclock

    5 gigs, unlimited texting, and 100 minutes, I’m going to get a 2nd line this way.

    I wanted one for class, so I could just text and data, so I could text and data, without using all my data on my normal line.

    And with great coverage with tmo here it’ll be perfect!

  • I feel like these ads aren’t convincing me much, with “T-Mobile Monthly 4G is a better way to do prepaid.” How about “T-Mobile Monthly 4G, It’s the BEST way to enjoy prepaid. And why not mention your additional services such as International UNLIMITED text and calls to landlines over 150 countries for just $10 more?

    Sorry I find this commercial weak, It needs more information, don’t just show me that you’re faster show me VALUE and features! It’s good commercial tho, but not 110% like it should be if they really want to get more customers! T-Mobile can do way better than this!

    • Scorpiok

      U expect a solid marketing campaign from tmobile? We actually use it as examples in class as what not to do

  • OldPro

    Still not hitting the sweet spot for us.  How about a 600 MInutes/Message 2GB plan?

  • phonegeek

    David i’m sorry this is random but, did anyone else who had a mytouch 4g get the 2.3 update tonight? I JUUUUUUST got it and my phone its fast as all else!

    • DYoej

      What Are you talking about.  Wasn’t this update realeased MONTHS ago or am I off?

    • Chris

      I just got the update as well, never received it when they first pushed it out.

      •  Really? I haven’t received it yet…

  • Bedrocbedrock69

    I hate TMOBILE now keep on messing up my bill

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  • This is only good if you live in an area where 4G actually works.  My home falls in an area covered by T-Mobile 4G as indicated on their map, but strangely enough, I cannot even get a basic GSM signal indoors.  Prior to the New Year, I at least got GSM and EDGE.  No amount of assistance with customer service could produce any results.  Finally, 2.5 weeks ago, I gave up entirely and went to Page Plus because I can get a strong 3G signal in my house without a problem.  Sure, I don’t get quite as much data but what good is a service that you pay for (no refunds) and get nothing in return for your money?

    • Tbyrne

      You could’ve gone to a T-Mobile store and picked up an indoor signal booster for free!

      • Anonymous

        Since when does t-mobile do that? What type of technology / unit are they using to implement this?

      • Steven Hutchison

        They haven’t given those things out for months now that program is over.

    • Anonymous

      Wifi calling fool. I once used it over satellite internet to make a call from an island in the middle of Canada. Plus it doesn’t use minutes that way.

  • Nearmsp

    I bought an SGS2 and like the phone, but here in the NW suburbs of Minneapolis the 4G coverage is spotty at best and I get around 1MB/sec speed. Luckily I have good comcast internet at home and also at work. I think T-mobile should improve the 4G coverage.

  • redygsu

    So was this advertising their competitors? Cuz for $50 u onky get 100mb 4g (which is 2mbps at most in my city) and then get throttled to useless edge,which looks like the commercial. Id rather have 3g

  • lax_t-mobile

    So what’s the catch? How come this is much cheaper than the contract plans? Is coverage etc. the same?

    • Argie Rich

      No catch.  Same network.  I switched a few months ago.  Although, you no longer get subsidized phones which may be very important if you are one of those who needs a new phone every 6 months or so

      • lax_t-mobile

        I see, if you want one of the top phones it turns out not to be a good deal. Example for Samsung Galaxy S2:

        Samsung G SII – $199 (AmazonWireless) + Classic Unlimited 2GB data * 24 months = $1639

        Samsung G SII  ~$500 (SIM Unlocked) + Prepaid Unlimited 2GB * 24 months = $1940

        With cheaper phones it turns out to be a great deal… 
        What I also don’t understand is why they have Classic, Value and Prepaid plans… Value and Prepaid should effectively be the same (no subsidized handset). What’s the advantage in getting a Value plan as opposed to going Prepaid?

        • Anonymous

          Samsung Exhibit II 4G   @ $190
          24 months@ $30 / month   $720  == $910

          100 minutes, 5GB data, free texts.

        • WW

          I’m not sure where you got the $1639. The “Classic Unlimited 2GB data” pricing I just found on T-Mo’s website is $80/month ($59.99 + $20 2GB data).
          Even without the $200 phone, that comes out to $1920 ($80*24 months) so, I think your 2 year AmazonWireless total should be $2120.

          Value plan pricing comes out to $1940 (including a $500 un-subsidized phone) for 2 years on contract.  $60/month (49.99 + $10 2GB data) times 24 months = $1440+$500 phone.

          I don’t know prepaid pricing but your prepaid pricing matches my calculations for the Value Plan.  I thought prepaid pricing was higher than Value Plan.

        • Guest

          Don’t forget taxes on the Value plans.

        • WW

          Agreed.  I was unaware that the monthly plans had tax included.

        • WW

          Oops…I see the pricing for prepaid is right there at the top of the page.

        • Contracted Value plan rates are locked in for one. Conditional Call Forwarding is another. Customer Service for Prepaid differs and is worse than CS for contracts. With Value plan, they can adjust bill for errors, add options that you cant add on Prepaid. If the terms change, you can get out of the contract, if the terms change on prepaid, you gotta accept them and pay more or go to another carrier.

      • Anonymous

        not so fast…. you do get a subsidized phone. whenever you want. right now, the Nokia Lumia is $199 when you buy a $50 refill.

    • Anonymous

      The catch with T-Mobile prepaid is ripping your hair out when you want to reach phone support, no reciepts if you pay online, and absolutely zero help from in-store employees if you go brick-and-mortar to address an issue.

      Stay away.

      • Anonymous

        I help people all day with prepaid. This guy is probably a Metro PCS plant.

        • Anonymous

          I have no doubt that some T-Mobile store associates do their jobs. Others? Probably not so much.

          Was it a perfect storm of idiocy involving phone, store, and online support in my case? Maybe, but T-Mobile has lost a paying customer either way.

        • Southerner

          The other side of this for the brick & mortar stores is that, as I understand it, they can’t sell the service, only the website can.

          Nevertheless, I have the $30/mo., 100 minutes plan because I use my refurb Galaxy S primarily as a connected PDA.  I live in the boondocks so use another prepaid that runs on Verizon for voice.  I’m carrying two phones but it works for me.

      • dude…

         I successfully save my monthly prepaid receipt every time I pay online, its pretty straightforward really.

        T-Mobile monthly prepaid is a great value and I always receive excellent customer service, whether online, on the phone or in the stores.

        Stay away from this guy’s ^ reviews. 

    • matt

      Wherever there is no 4g, you get 2g, which is ridiculously slow.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like $30 with 100 minutes plan is the best internet-oriented smartphone plan in the industry; on top of that, you can use ANY phone with this plan (and it must support AWS HSPA to get the most).
    Consider Galaxy Nexus with this plan.

  • Anonymous

    Coverage from Tmobile here in Portland OR is pretty good I average 5Mbps to 9Mbps down and 2-4Mbps Up   LG G2x rooted cyanogenMod 7.1   BUT!!!!! when I go outside the city which is rear the service is 3g and 2g all day 4g is very spotty but hey I have a grandfathered plan that I will never change and the service is still really good for the price.  If I was paying verizon money per month I would be angry but I am not I am paying half that.  Unlimited everything for $68 taxes included

  • This is why T-mobile will continue to be the bottom feeders. They cater to the prepaid market. I pay $30 a month on contract just for the web and another $10 for texts… meanwhile prepaid customers get both for $30 plus 100 minutes. I can’t wait until my contract is up…. Verizon here I come. I know they cost more but atleast they are fair to their existing customers.

    • Stephen Tiedemann

      They are fair by charging way more for all customers?

    • ok

      So let me get this straight…. because tmobile is charging you more for what prepaid is getting, you are going to retaliate by spending over twice as much on verizon…. Good call

      • Steven Hutchison


      • Twice as much? My plan costs $180 a month for 700 minutes, myfavs that constantly resets leaving me with overages, text, and 5GB of web for 2 lines that doesn’t work half the time leaving me to resort to wifi. Verizon is $70 for 700 mins on 2 lines, $30 for texts, and $30 per line for 2GB of data (after that I use wifi like I am used to). Add that up….. $160. Not to mention I get 15% off my bill from my job…… so $136.

    • Rdotson

      That’s pretty unwise dude…grow up

    • But, you dont realize is that T-Mobile also isnt giving ANY Call Forwarding options to Prepaid. They arent giving any bonus minutes, call credits, billing error refunds, larger coverage areas, hell they wont even keep you on the same plan if it expires and you blink… Most of all, the customer service for prepaid is horrible…by far worse than regular contract customer service, which in my opinion is the WORST in the industry, surpassing Sprint and AT&T and Verizon as worst.

  • Why do they continually market “unlimited” 4G when it’s not freakin’ unlimited.  Unlimited means no limit.

    • Tmorep

      it IS unlimited. you can use it all you want at reduced speeds one you reach the monthly allotment.

      • Farhan

        Wonder how TMobile would feel if people decided to pay their bills that way. “I’m sorry, after $25 your payment slows down to the speed of 25 cents until the bill due date.”

    • I agree with what you’re saying, but at least T-mobile makes it clear on their advertising materials that you get 5GB at 4G/HSPA+ and then the speeds drop to 3G/2G. I was in a T-mo store yesterday and all of their monthly 4G posters had that disclaimer. 

      So, at least people won’t be surprised. Of course, most people won’t have to worry about it anyway because they’ll never use more than 1-2 GB at the most in a month.

  • Derek Buranen

    Pre-paid is sucking so bad right now!  They don’t have conditional call forwarding and hence no google voice.  I’m trying desperately to convert back but after 3 hours on the phone, I’m still on hold.  F pre-paid. 

    • Steven Hutchison

      You have been on one continuous call with tmobile for over 3 hours? Doubt that.

      • DJ

        I sometimes find myself on the phone even longer than 3 hours steven. Some issues take longer than others.

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile does not provide Monthly4G customers with a receipt if you pay online. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 2+ years on EMP. I’m ending my business with the company over something as stupid as receipts. Unbelievable.

    I would have sung T-Mobile’s praises until they got picked off or died out. Not anymore. This company is for the birds.

    Godspeed, T-Mobile.

    • ok

      nobody cares

      • Anonymous

        Correction: Tweens like you don’t care. Adults require utility receipts in many, many situations.

        • Yeah, I don’t know. I’m sure if you contact them, there is some way that they can get you a receipt. 

          And even If they can’t why don’t you pay another way. I pay by just walking into a T-mo store and using the kiosk. It’s free, and there is never a wait or line. And it gives you a receipt right there. It literally takes 60 seconds to do. 

          When life gives you lemons, you make purple Cool-aid. :)

        • Anonymous

          Sadly I have tried phone, store, and online routes to see if someone could help me. Phone and store both were useless and not helpful. Online support community mod said she would “look into it.”

          That was a few days ago. Have not heard back.

          Paying in store or buying a refill card would most definitely be a way to get a receipt using T-Mobile prepaid plans, yes. And most people probably feel like that’s okay. Most people probably don’t care if they get a receipt or not when paying online.

          To me, it’s just terrible and retarded and there’s no reason why I should inconvenience myself to get a receipt of payment for a utility. No one cares about this, I’m in the minority; I know that. T-Mobile employees and other T-Mobile users have proven that. It’s okay.

          Instead of going out of my way this month to pay my phone bill in-store, I went out of my way to another store and bought a Virgin mobile phone. Instead of going out of my way next month, I’ll just port my number to Virgin and thereafter enjoy getting a receipt when I pay online.

          As an added bonus, I’ll also be saving $15 dollars every month for a comparable plan.

          See? My lemons have been put to great use.

    • EMP is not the same thing as Monthly4G.

      EMP is more or less equivalent to the current “Value” plans. The difference is that the Value plans require a 2-year contract. The EMP plans did not require a contract. However, both are POST-paid plans, unless you were a FlexPay customer on EMP. Even then, not the same thing as their current Monthly4G plans.

      In any case, if you are on an EMP plan, FlexPay or not, you get a payment confirmation when you pay online. There’s even a handy-dandy “Print” link near the top of the page.

      Clearly, you’re doing something wrong, or are misinformed about your plan.

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps it wasn’t clear in my post: I was on EMP and switched to Monthly4G.

        Thanks for the obvious information, though, bro.

  • Chaim

    What is the difference between Prepaid Monthly 4G and their Value Plan?

    • Grieve

      value plan is a contract plan.

  • Anonymous

    I find it funny that the phones in this add are clearly an att prepaid device and a verizon prepaid device.

    • appleperson

      No they’re not?

  • T-Mobile wants a better plan than AT&T GoPhone, then they need to make it obvious and promote SMARTPHONE DATA for $50 a MONTH! Which AT&T wont do. 

  • Techngro

    I had tried to switch to the Walmart exclusive $30 100 min/unlimited text & data, but T-Mo gave me such a run-around that I almost gave up. Yesterday, I walked into a T-mobile store, and the woman set it up right there for me using the sim activation kit and the Tmobile.com website. It took 5 minutes. 

    I don’t know why T-mobile doesn’t get the right information out to their customer service people so it doesn’t take me 2 months to do what should have taken 5 minutes.

    • samuel

      For the walmart 30 dollar, it needs to be a new activation.  I was able to get it after switching from tmob’s EM+ to simple mobile (fake) 3g and then back to tmob after realizing simple mobile blows balls

  • guest

    What exactly were your issues with Simple Mobile?  I’ve been thinking about switching from EM+ to their $40 plan, since none of Tmobs plans really fit the bill…

    • Rmosley33

      I use a blackberry 9700. i switched to simple mobile because tmobile wanted me to sign a 2yr contract in order to change my plan. Simple mobile’s customer service takes 30 mins to answer my call every single time. I pay for 3g, but i only get edge speeds. Sending txt/mms msgs is extremely slow and it fails to send often requiring me to do multiple resends. You lose uma which gave me super fast browsing and texting over wifi.

  • ugh

    Yep, I’ve spent 3 days talking to different people at T-Mobile… worst run-around in my personal history.  When I went in to the store, they told me I’d get poor reception if I do monthly4g verses contracted service. It was something about only getting tmobile towers. 

  • MatthewMurawski

    The other day, I used my activation kit and set up my account in 2 minutes for the $30 plan online.

  • I have been with T-mobile for over 2 years and they are a company I will never consider again. Be careful when you port-out your number to another carrier, because T-mobile will charge you for a full month of service even if you are being provided with service from a different carrier. I used 3 days worth of service before porting out my number, and they plan to charge me for a whole month. This is happens all the time with contract carriers, and is extremely unethical. I will never do a contract phone again, and I will never again choose T-mobile. I’ve been with them for 2 years, and this is what happens when a customer tries to cancel when their contract is up.