T-Mobile Says Over One Million iPhones Currently On The Network

The folks over at 9to5mac found out an interesting factoid regarding the number of iPhones currently running on T-Mobile’s network. During a press event in New York T-Mobile offered up the quick fact that there currently over one million iPhones running on T-Mobile’s network. The majority of these iPhone users are iPhone 4 owners who discovered online home remedy solutions to work around the Micro-SIM trouble by taking a scissors and creating a Micro-SIM card. It’s amazing that right around 3% of T-Mobile’s customer base uses a phone that isn’t completely supported and doesn’t operate on T-Mobile’s 3G or 4G networks.

While we’ve seen indicators that T-Mobile has worked on a Micro-SIM solution for unlocked iPhone owners they aren’t available for purchase and aren’t carried in stores. With Apple recently beginning to sell the unlocked iPhone T-Mobile should take note of the sizable audience who would love to use an iPhone on T-Mobile, even if it’s unlocked. Of course there are always those rumors about T-Mobile actually carrying the iPhone in the near future.

Love or hate the iPhone it’s hard for any business to ignore 3% of their customer base. When asked about the possibility of a T-Mobile iPhone in the future T-Mobile responded they had nothing to announce at this time.


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