Now This Is Just Getting Weird, Micro-sim Cards Arriving At T-Mobile Stores

Update: There seems to be a pretty mixed opinion on this but it sounds like these are for the Galaxy Tab.

Ok so now this is just getting weird, first the iPhone cable arrives and now Micro-sim cards arrive. Need we remind anyone that Micro-sim cards are what powers the Apple iPad and iPhone 4. As of yet, no other devices in the United States work with this sim card so it begs the question, why is T-Mobile receiving them? Boygenius pinged T-Mobile earlier today and received word back the cables themselves are for customers who are using unlocked iPhone handsets, just like we thought would be the logical reason. Ok fine, we’ll give them that, it does indeed make a lot of sense that T-Mobile would carry accessories for ALL their customers as many of you pointed out, they did carry accessories for the Nexus One in store, a phone that wasn’t sold at any of their retail outlets.

Yet, the sim card images push the issue a little further away from the logical and into the “just what is going on” realm. We can’t say anything at this point as simply do not know and we would urge that there are no present indicators T-Mobile is set to receive the iPhone any time in the near future. So we might wonder if T-Mobile is making a transitional shift to Micro-sim cards? Are they more functional or do they have more memory? Just what is going on!

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