Congrats To The First T-Mobile Customer To Own An HD7

Jared was awesome enough to hit me up on Twitter and let me know that he managed to score an HTC HD7 device from his local Walmart.  Jared, it’s quite possible you are one of the first, if not the first, “civilian” to own a Windows Phone 7 device in the US.  While we’ve seen Aaron do his own HD7 unboxing, it’s always fun to see the “little” folk do their own as well.  Even if Jared runs his own Windows Phone fan site, without the love of a carrier review phone (seriously, where is ours, T-Mobile?), this man can take pride in being the source of jealous and envy of Windows Phone 7 fans everywhere.


P.S. Thanks, Jared, for the shout out love at the end!  We’re big fans of you guys as well!

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  • danny

    lucky guy

  • SublimeDavid

    Very, I’ve never liked windows but played with the the HD7 demo in our store and even I was impressed so maybe this is finally the turn around windows needed the browsing exp etc was fantastic as well

  • Branden

    I played with this phone in our store and I am very impressed. Very fast. Really cool screen transitions. Windows Phone 7 is very use-able. Almost too user friendly (i.e. not much customization) Really excited I won a free one in the HTC contest. :)

  • Will it do Hotspot?

  • Messed with an HD7 yesterday at a downtown Seattle T-Mobile store. Early reviews have suggested poor-ish build quality, but I didn’t see ANY of that — it’s built like a tank! Good size, nice weight, and a big, beautiful screen.

    Windows Phone 7 was surprisingly brisk. It looked a lot more “polished” than I would’ve guessed, and much more “pro” than, say, the Android OS. Just my opinion, of course.

    All in all, the HD7 is a great looking phone. I’m leaning toward the Dell Venue Pro, personally, but the HD7 is a close second.

  • Can’t wait

  • Which Way is Up?

    Should be no secret at this point, you can always get a new/upcoming phone a few days early from Walmart (how I got my HD2 the Friday prior to the official launch). I love it, very exciting indeed!

  • Gabe

    Will this phone work with tzones? I’ve been dying to know.

    • davidohio

      No. Are you serious?

  • Yyevo

    Can I download polyphonic ringtones on this?

    • KevinCG


    • You can’t download any ringtones as of now, you are stuck with what MS wants you to have

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        That’s right. The WP7 phones are locked down to, as Microsoft over a year ago, “give the best user experience.”

  • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

    That’s how I got the vibrant early. Gotta love wolly world

  • Gonna go check this out when I find one in a store to look at.

    I played with the MT4G yesterday, and while it might have been the way the guy at the store had his setup, I found it cumbersome to use. It took too many swipes and clicks to get to what I wanted to do in comparison to my Vibrant.

    I need something that copy/pastes as smooth as an iphone and looks as good as a vibrant! LOL!

    • blah

      Yes this is because of the software involved. I replaced all aspects of the phone with aftermarket customizations… IE Launcher Pro for home, SMS for text, app drawer, even the HTC Weather Widget was replaced. Cost me about 5-$10 for all the customization but a million times worth it. Again the phone is only really hampered by the insane software design choices. Alot of features but not intuitive enough. If you get the MY4G install third party apps immediately.

  • nerd lust

    I never thought I would say this! But there are too many good choices at tmob!!! I don’t know what to buy!!! Bb9780, hd7, myt4g, g2…. Still loving my 8900 but it’s getting harder to resist all this goodness!!!

  • Jflaco

    This guy suck at unboxing but oh well everyone has their own ways!! But I wouldn’t go crazy over WP7 yet. The first phone are th beta ones and I’d rather wait before I hear good reviews before deciding to jump on WP7 wagon!! Plus I too stuck on Android and to make the switch there has to be a damn good reason to!!

  • manus

    nice shout out

  • lex

    Boxing is the same as G2 lets get on with the phone !

  • JB6464

    Does it have the tethering app still in it like the HD2 or did T-Mobile strip it out?

    • sorandkairi

      You know what, I had the phone for about 2 or so hours yesterday and I didnt even check…..sorry….. but I would think that it would.

    • No tethering app..

      • JB6464

        Nooooooo , please tell me your kidding.
        If they did take it out that would explain the new tethering plan.
        Their way of blocking tethering unless you download their thethering app so they can charge you.

    • Branden

      It does not have tethering. But tmoobile didn’t rip it out. Its not a feature of windows phone 7 yet. Blame microsoft.

      • JB6464

        No tethering,no deal. I’ll keep my HD2 and pick up the Iphone 4 on TMo when it comes out then.

  • cscorbin

    almost 6 min long and he doesn’t even turn it on? ugh

  • Brad

    Will Walmart sell this without a contract at full retail price?
    And does anyone know what this will cost off contract from anywhere. All I have seen is $199 on contract.

    • the perm tip

      $600 at wally world without contract

  • Russell

    Can this phone do everything, that I can do with my Blackberry? Especially the e-mail. I can get all my mail accounts including POP/IMAP/Yahoo/GMail onto my Blackberry. I don’t know if I can do the same using this Windows Phone. But if at all, the Windows 7 Phone can do all this, then I guess RIM has to shut the shop.


      Yes. Most smartphones can do that these days. It has been that way for a while now.

  • sorandkairi

    what phone out cant…..?

  • Phil

    Just picked mine up at a Wal-Mart in the Denver area – 149.00 – way cheaper than through t-mobile…and earlier…

  • Yoda

    This phones specs are solid. Tell me why tmobile has a pair of 4.3 inch windows and no androids? who makes that call?

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I’m waiting on a 4.3 inch symbian3/maemo/meego or android device to finally hit tmo. I really don’t know who decides what phones tmo gets but I do like the metallic design of the hd7 just not the 3button layout.

  • zulu208

    @ Phil. Where in Denver did you get it? I went to the walmart on hampden ave + chamber rd. they didn’t have it.

  • DooLocsta

    My Wal-Mart around here would not go for it.

  • ChinaTownUSA

    If you own a tmobile USA HD2, we got your back, !!!!

    • zak

      How’d u do that? Instructions in English please.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Great post ChinaTownUSA… I am motivated to re-post my HD2 discussions from over 11 months ago, when there was lots of talk about the HD2 being upgradeable to WP7:


      Feb. 2010 – I had a Touch Pro2 (recently sold so I could get the Hd2).

      I was running WinMo 6.5 with HTC Sense. That HTC user interface (HTC Sense) is fantastic. I especially loved the animated weather and the various interfaces one uses instead of Windows Mobile’s boring menus.

      But… another requirement MS will impose on any handset running WP7 is that the device cannot have a manufacturer’s custom user shell/interface (can you say “no more HTC Sense.” Also no shells similar to Motorola’s Blur for Android).

      One reason for this is MS wants to prevent the fragmentation going on with Android (there’s so many iterations, whether OS versions or manufacturer-installed user interfaces that Android has become very buggy and no one is sure what Android means anymore).

      Like I said last month (to rip off F. Gump) “Android has become like a box of chocolates, you are never sure what you are going to get.” Fragmentation is hurting Android’s previous stellar reputation.

      So part of MS multi-front strategy to prevent fragmentation of WP7 is to say no more custom user shells, no matter how popular or good it might be considered by users.


      Jan. 2010: Excellent points and are in comport with what I said, it’s only bloggers who started all this talk about HD2/WP7. No one who matters has even hinted at the concept (HD2 will get a WP7 upgrade).

      Fact is, the HD2 is a fantastic, high powered WinMo 6.5 device, that has a large display. And of the Windows phones (note I did NOT say Series 7) it’s probably the best of the touchscreen devices out there.

      I said months ago that it was silly for people to be expecting, demanding or anticipating the HD2 as a WP7 phone. They should look at the device for what it is (see above.)

      If anyone wants a WP7 phone, wait until November, look over the superphones coming out and buy one. Don’t worry about or focus on the HD2. It’s probably never going to be what YOU want it to be. Maybe they will issue an upgrade, maybe not. But don’t base a buying decision on that.

      If you don’t like that MS, HTC, and T-Mo would promise you a WP7 upgrade then DON’T BUY THE HD2. Save your money and get a different superphone.

      Personally I like WinMo 6.5.x I am used to it, love tinkering with it and look forward to buying the HD2. When November superphones debut I will probably pass the HD2 on to my girlfriend and buy a new phone.

      What I won’t be doing is doing without until November. I want to use and enjoy the HD2 for the next 8 months.

      Feb 2010 (appx.) Natasha Kwan, General Manager for Microsoft’s Asia Pacific Mobile Communications Business says the 1GHz HD2 handset “doesn’t qualify because it doesn’t have the three buttons” required by WP7.

      Making matters even less clear, we asked Microsoft’s Director of Consumer Experiences Aaron Woodman about the HD2 directly on The Engadget Show. He politely declined to tell us about the device’s upgradability, and said that WP7’s final required specs would be revealed at MIX ’10.

      We’ll be honest: we’re taking all this confusion to mean that Microsoft hasn’t quite figured out how to say the HD2 is at a dead end just before it launches on T-Mobile US.

      • David, Managing Editor

        Hey Michael, since you have to respond to my email to you, part of the problem with your comment approval is the length. The spam filter equates them with spam because it has blocks in place to avoid the chinese electronic dealer posts which are usually very lengthy offering different unlocked phones for super cheap, you know the phones I am speaking of. I won’t say thats the entire problem, but its part of it and based in no small part to your attempts to “test” the system today I went back into the spam filter and approved everything from today you had tried to post. Apologies and check your email.

  • Ruufus

    I want video out, better stand, 8MP, AOMLED

    • Wilma Flintstone

      agreed 100% and a ffc with a different os.

  • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER

    Just got back from the tmo store and all I can say is wow. That hd7 is very nice. The OS runs very smooth no hiccups at all. The OS is simple but yet sophisticated. Windows has a very solid hit on their hands with this one. I haven’t even got used to this new mytouch yet and I’m already thinking about getting this.

    • twest

      Will wait and see how it does in the real world. Yeah, new phones should always run smooth with no hiccups (fresh installs typically do be it a PC or phone OS), but what happens when the apps, music, games, other downloads and stuff begin?

  • Brad

    So I managed to pick one up this afternoon at walmart.
    I can say that it is nice, but there’s a lot of things Microsoft and HTC need to work out besides the known stuff.

    1. Bug where you can’t have a space in the username of an exchange account.
    2. keyboard auto complete doesn’t work everywhere.
    3. I can’t seem to move the cursor inside text without selecting the whole word.
    4. The Camera on this HD7 is piss poor.
    5. Need to have a way to launch apps from the Marketplace.
    6. Marketplace should show that I already installed the app, without having to open it.
    7. Marketplace search includes music when I am wanting to search for just an app.
    8. did I mention that the camera is crap!

    I am still enjoying the HD7, but there are some rough edges that I hope they can solve in the January update.

  • ChinaTownUSA

    HD7 on the American HD2 more proof, folks this is the real deal, me no fake, please don’t get mad at Microsoft for lying (saying WP7 Cannot run on the American HD2)!!! You must hit the Google translate button, go to XDA China to see more here …! This is the full version WP7 working on the American HD2.

    • JB6464

      But can you tether on the HD2 with WM7 on it ?

      • ChinaTownUSA

        Sorry!! No tethering on the American HD2 with WP7, you will have the very same functions as the TMobile American WP7 have.

      • JB6464

        That sucks, i’ll just stay with my stock HD2 then.
        And oick up the iphone 4 when it’s released on T-Mobile soon.

        • David, Managing Editor

          JB, there is absolutely no indication the iPhone is actually coming anytime soon, I wouldn’t wait around for it because you could be waiting for a long long time.

      • JB6464

        True David, but when Videotron in Canada sells there iphone 4 with AWS and TMO 3G specs,i’ll just pick one up there instead.

      • JB6464

        I should of said , If Not then i’ll pick one up there instead.

  • ChinaTownUSA

    We will release our WP7 ROM to all American HD2 owners very soon, you deseve it first!!!

  • ChinaTownUSA

    Hack Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7, get perma-banned by Microsoft!!!!

    This maybe too late Microsoft, remember you lied to the people worldwide, but our WP7 ROM for the American HD2 will not help anybody to pirate the Xbox Live on WP7. We do not wish to undermine Microsoft by pirating the Xbox Livw on WP7 with our software for the American HD2 owners. Their is honor among thieves!!!

  • some internet dude

    Wow cool how does it feel to own the only phone platform that will fail in a year. Remember to baby that phone it will be worth 2 dollars one day.

  • JOhnny

    Damn Jared, Lose some damn weight, you keep breathing too hard in the video….

    • Hey johnny,

      How about you kiss my A**…You have nothing better to do than be an A** on here I would ban your IP from my site..

      GET A LIFE

  • eYe

    Hardware – epic win. 4.3″ display, built-in stand, dual led. And the best of it – both charging port and 3.5 mm jack on the bottom of the phone. I hope HTC takes that direction in all of their phones. I’m sick of having charger port on the side of the phone and 3.5 mm jack on top. Looks very tacky when I have it all plugged in my car and very inconvenient to plug in all these cables. Loved the g1 set-up: both cables go into splitter, plug it in on the bottom. Nowadays, they are overachieving with their designs.

  • ChinaTownUSA

    Here is a new WP7/HD2 video for you guys !!!!


    worst unboxing of life.

  • somone

    everyone should know that the memory card is in the phone and can not be removed. so 16 gig is all you get. if you take the memory card out it voids the warranty. the only way to get the memory card out is to take the phone apart. they call it fixed memory.. 16gigs is alot but this had me thinking on owning this phone

  • Julian_dd

    Ui is great…….. But this phone will live and die based on the market.. I took my hd2 back for lack of quality apps