Congrats To The First T-Mobile Customer To Own An HD7

Jared was awesome enough to hit me up on Twitter and let me know that he managed to score an HTC HD7 device from his local Walmart.  Jared, it’s quite possible you are one of the first, if not the first, “civilian” to own a Windows Phone 7 device in the US.  While we’ve seen Aaron do his own HD7 unboxing, it’s always fun to see the “little” folk do their own as well.  Even if Jared runs his own Windows Phone fan site, without the love of a carrier review phone (seriously, where is ours, T-Mobile?), this man can take pride in being the source of jealous and envy of Windows Phone 7 fans everywhere.


P.S. Thanks, Jared, for the shout out love at the end!  We’re big fans of you guys as well!

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