Begun, These 4G Wars Have

The Twitter phrase and new moniker “4Gwars” started this week with T-Mobile releasing its marketing and branding as a 4G mobile providerMuch to the ire of Sprint and now AT&T,  this has begun and will likely continue to be the subject of a “little” spat between the carriers.  The thing is, I’m almost 100% positive that was T-Mobile’s intention.  T-Mobile knows the ITU ruling and what really is required for a  “true” 4G network but that isn’t the point.

So what is the point?  T-Mobile wants to bring front and center the issue of Sprint calling themselves a 4G network, Verizon calling LTE a 4G network and everyone else who says they have a 4G network when no one really does.  What the subject really needs to be is who has the fastest network right now, not who plans for one by the end of 2011 but who is truly the fastest today, November 5, 2010.  In that regard, T-Mobile wins and by a long shot.  Want proof?  Check out the T-Mobile Facebook photo page showing some damn fast speed tests.

AT&T tried yesterday (and in my opinion, failed miserably) at calling out T-Mobile on the T-Mobile facebook page.  AT&T can claim to have the world’s largest 11G network and it wouldn’t make any difference because they don’t offer a single handset that can support it.  Not to mention that they are defending their precious iPhone while discussing HSPA+ all the while ignoring that the iPhone doesn’t even run HSPA+.  Hell, it barely runs 3G properly.  AT&T needs to start showing serious speeds before they are taken seriously.  Until now, they’ve not shown a single speed test that comes close to beating T-mobile or even matching T-mobile.  I’ve been saying it a lot this week, but AT&T should be worried more about life after the iPhone than what T-Mobile is doing.  Not to mention the ever present stigma that follows the iPhone for being, you know, a terrible phone on AT&T.  Phone first, data device second, mmmkay, AT&T?

You can expect on this website a pro T-Mobile stance.  It is, after all,  and will forever be a T-Mobile fan site.  The thing is we’re not being pro T-Mobile here because we feel the need to defend them, but rather because we feel they are right in what they are doing.  Yes, calling their network “4G” is risky, but smart.  If marketed properly, they can bring the entire issue back around to less about who has how many “G’s” and more about who gets what kind of speed today.  That’s smart marketing.

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  • tmobully

    Thanks David for the article. I wasn’t sure about buying a MyTouch4g today. After reading this and feeling good about where Tmo stands today, I’m going to fire away.

    • thisguy

      my manm the Mytouch4G is a ridiculous phone….go try one

  • Jeremiah


    I’m glad you’re emphasizing that we stand behind T-Mobile because we’re right, not just because we’re a T-Mobile fan website.

  • John

    Don’t mess with the Yoda! :)

  • Thanzig

    It is definitely smart on T-Mobile’s part because competitors run the risk of discrediting their own “4G” networks by trying prove T-Mobile’s claim wrong.

  • NokiaN900User

    I noticed on T-Mobile’s website how they define their 4G and the HSPA+ network running at 4G speeds. This is the fine line and Im sure the Legal Department in T-Mobile went over this in detail b4 they came out swinging with 4G claims. I see the war brewing past boiling point lol. Popcorn anyone???

  • Streetz180

    AMEN david AMEN the mytouch4g is faster than the iphone 4 and 3gs I should know I had them both I used to be with, at&t and they suck so does sprint.. videochat on mytouch 4g is clear and fast and I live in little fresno and my friend evo 4g dont even have 4g in cali but he paying a extra $ 10 for something he dont even have everytime he videocall me he has pour signal

  • Roger A

    Doesnt matter if you are a T-Mobile fan site or not. Point is, the whole “4G” term is incorrect, and is misleading to the consumer – unfortunately this is false advertising, and I dont think Sprint OR T-Mobile will be smiling and promoting “4G” for a while once the court steps in and lets them know that at least in my state it is illegal to say something is when it isnt.

    On the other hand – marketing term, and deployment of a new generation technology, I dont care what you call it. Hell, AT&T called their GSM roll out “Next Generation Network” which worked well for them. So, marketing sense it could work, legal sense always prevails over marketing, and unfortunately, I dont see this going further in the next year.

    • Robert

      I don’t know… Sprint has been running with their 4G claims for quite a long while now and no one has done anything about them yet.

    • bmg314

      We (the ones who keep up with the news, rumors, reports, etc) know there is no true 4G…regular consumers do not. I believe the most that might happen is that the carriers will have to put something legalese into the fine print about not meeting the standards for true 4G, and that they are referring to speeds and/or 4th generation, blah, blah, blah.

      After all, At&t has been getting away with saying they cover 97% of Americans, and there are no courts, lawyers, or anyone else putting up a stink about that blatant load of steaming goo. So, I respectfully disagree with you about this not lasting into the next year, at least based on the legal argument.

      • There is a fine line between regular consumerism and blind consumerism… I have had several discussions where “Regular” Consumers made claims that the iPhone4 was 4g because it has 4 in the name… Even after explaining to them and having them count on one hand which version of the iPhone the iPhone4 is, said “regular” consumers are still mostly blind.

        Great strategy T-Mobile, if Sprint says “Your not 4g!!! QQ” they can say right back, “Neither are you, but we are still much faster than you, so if your 4g and we are faster…”

        Get some Pop Corn, were gonna get Phillipp Humm and Dan Hesse to fight in a swimming pool filled with geebees and the wifis to see who wins!

    • QuikZilver

      Why is it a sin now? No one was crying when Sprint did it months ago.

    • sorandkairi

      People continuiously bring up legal issues with carriers calling their network 3/4G but fail to understand that 3/4G isnt a standard in which people can sue. In that case, Sprint could be sued for calling their network the fastest. It isn’t so are they able to be sued for it, nope not at all. The carriers themselves can calls their networks whatever they like as long as it isnt false/lies. The “G” term cannot be categorized thus cannot be brought to suit for using that term.

      And technically T-mobile 4th generatation network does still hold water (relative).
      GSM 1st generation (1G)
      EDGE 2nd generation (2G)
      HSPA 3rd generation (3G)
      HSPA+ 4rd generation (4G)

      as according to T-Mobile

      • GregP

        Technically, we are on 7G if we follow sorandkairi.

        Analog > GSM > GPRS > EDGE > UMTS > HSPA > HSPA+

    • kai

      GPRS> EDGE> 3G> HSPA+

      im not the clown with the most make-up on, but i sure can count to 4.

  • patrick

    we can FINALLY brag about something OTHER than just the best customer service……THEE fastest network in the US of A……GO T-MOBILE

    sidenote…if you’ve never seen the myTouch4g in person….PLEASE go see it….NOW. stop reading this and go to your nearest t-mobile store!

    • Cybersedan

      Posting from my mt4g right now, this phone is simply amazing!

      • sorandkairi

        Yea it is!

  • titlex

    Is the AT&T claim of more coverage based on a software upgrade but no service upgrade? Seems like T-Mobile “upgraded” their entire network a long time ago but no real service changes until they anounced each market.

  • twund

    I have a MT4G, I love it!!!!! Only one hang up on the 4G is where I work, it says I have HSPA but it won’t let me connect to any pages. If I shut it off and back on (sometimes a few times( it may come back). Must be a handoff/low signal thing, works on UMTS and Edge, just not HSPA. Everywhere else I go, this phone is FAAAAAAAAAAAST! Got a benchmark of 1778 (beat the Vibrant I just returned buyers remorse, it only got 860)

    Get this phone, it’s super nice!!!

    • SublimeDavid

      the webbrowsing is probably a sim issue, did they swtich it out for you? some of the older ones dont run on the newer hspa network so might be a non uci sim card, ive seen people be able to make calls but not be able to hear them on the other end and weird stuff like that and after we switch them we never see them again because they work just fine after that.

    • sorandkairi

      Yeah benchmark score was 1812 —- couldn’t help but think of that year in relation to the 3/4G “War” of 2010!

    • firedragon64

      If you have a problem in a specific location call customer care and ask for a service request detailing the issue, it will be fixed in a few days usually. took only 2 days for a issue like that i was having at my girlfriend’s house.

  • Yyevo

    3G, 4G.. it doesn’t matter anymore. Apple started this with the iPhone. 3G, like HD is now a generic marketing term. Yes, the iPhone 3G was on a 3G network, but what does 3GS stand for? 3rd Generation Suckier?

    Just remember, ATT is only taking this so seriously, because they know it’s true.

  • I’m in salt lake area where we are suppose to have 4g on tmobile. i have the new mytouch 4g in case you were wondering. i am on edge most of the time and as i type this my devise shows a G which is slower than edge. when i ho have the H i only can get 850 kbps down and 854 kbps up. where the hell is my 4G??????? even as i drive around town the speed just sucks. i cant even check e-mail half the time. i hope it’s a tower issue and not something that is going to be ongoing.

    • SublimeDavid

      have them switch out your sim card if youre still running an older one, that can affect your signal coverage etc as well.

      • they replaced it when i got the phone on Wed. I hope it’s a tower issue and fixed soon. would love to use this for tethering, but dial up speed wont cut it.

    • Drew

      Um….not sure who told you that the HSPA+ was in Salt Lake but it isnt.

    • Yoyoball

      did you upgrade or are you a new customer? If you upgraded change your sim card you will notice a huge difference.

  • Dave

    T-Mobile + TmoNews >>>>>>

  • Let the force be with you. (I had to say it). Even though I’m holding out for the Dell Venue Pro, I like the packaging of the MT4G. I think it is funny AT&T is making noise when they don’t have anything with 4G like speeds at all. Go T-Mobile!

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • J

    T-Mobile has nothing to lose by doing this. Its a win-win situation for them. Sure, the other companies may show T-Mobile really isn’t “4G” but the people will also see that T-Mobile has the faster network regardless. Along with that, T-Mobile’s brand will be more talked about now than it has been in years.

  • Jet

    Excellent job Tmo, been sticking with you since the first SK came out. Love my MyTouch3g, and now just waiting to get a mt4g off Craigslist from someone that couldn’t afford their own :P

  • the bandit

    I’m wanting the MT4G but service in the dallas suburbs has been horrible for the past 2 weeks. Usually fine 3G but its been staying on Edge or GRPS here lately. Even when I went to the store(near DT Dallas) to toy with it on the 2nd of this month, it showed an H but kept losing connection. Hope its fixed soon so I can have “4G” also.

  • 16309A

    Is it worth it for me to get the MyTouch4G when I live in an area that I mostly get Edge? I currently have the MyTouch3G

  • I’d love to see the FTC lay the smackdown on all the carriers currently advertising their 3G networks as 4G (Especially TMO because they didn’t even begin to call their network 4G until after the ITU definition was finalized).

    Of course I don’t think that’s likely as our consumer protection rules haven’t been weaker than they are today for more than 100 years.

    • 16309A

      Good idea–lets have the FTC do that–more government waste.

      • I’m a libertarian leaning Republican and not a fan of government waste but one of the functions of government is to control deceptive advertising such as when a network calls a 3G technology “4G”.

      • sorandkairi

        In order waste money to make the stop saying 4g….. still a waste…. so no, hope they don’t. Beside 4G is a marketing term not a standard. Thus they CANT DO A THING!!!!

      • No actually 4G _IS_ a standard and the standard was finalized before TMO started this marketing campaign.

    • Really??

      @Robert, are you even a T-Mobile customer? All I ever see you do on here is bitch about T-Mobile and how you would love to see them get screwed over. Your Libertarianism speaks loud and clear!

      • Been a mostly happy TMO customer for more than 10 years now, been off-contract for 7 of those too.

        Doesn’t mean I don’t call out BS when I see it.

      • Sorandkairi

        @ robert

        Yes that is the new standard that was just set in place to official stop that 4g discussion that these carriers are claiming. But this is something that was just established by a board, it fix hold water unless people care, which we don’t.

        BS, what BS. If t-mobile called their network boo boo would it make their network ISH. Y’all seem not to understand that on t-mobile website, it explains their 4g network for normal users. But people like you and blah go around just needing to be heard just for the sake of talking.

        And how did you know when t-mobile started their marketing campaign, for the record. I even knew that the new knew mytouch read being called the 4g rather then something else before that date so, I’m sure they, the companys leaders, did as well.

      • Sorandkairi

        @ myself
        Sorry self for the typos I’m using swype and doing it fast

        You covered man, no worries

      • What’s the point of a standard if companies are going to call whatever technology they happen to have the new label despite the fact that it doesn’t come close to meeting the criteria the standard states.

        Also, anyone who thinks that the defense of this ad campaign is anything other than TMO fanboyism is just deluding themselves. If TMO called their HSPA+ network 3G and AT&T started a campaign to tell everyone that AT&T’s HSPA+ network was “4G” people here would be outraged.

        Trust me I’m no fan of AT&T either, I dumped them (Cingular) for TMO and am sticking with TMO despite the fact that I could get cheaper service on AT&T through my work discount.

  • Robert

    It’s nice to see T-Mo finally throwing some jabs at the competition. I know that the usage of the ‘4G’ term will make Sprint and AT&T whine all day long, but what people want to see is performance. It’s like Sprint may have built out some of their network as 4G, like a “further evolved” sophisticated V-12 engine. But T-Mo’s upgraded their tried and trusty V-8 engine so well that it will kill that V-12 any day of the week. Not to mention you gotta pay $10 a month more just to be able to use Sprint’s 4G – even if you don’t have access to it.

    For my home, if I were shopping for internet service and were looking between all the different options, I wouldn’t care in what form it got to me, whether it be cable, fiber, satellite, even dial-up, etc… what would matter would be the speed/performance of the connection, and the price I would have to pay for it. I would want the best value for my buck rathar than paying a premium for service which, unfortunately like Sprint, is slower or at best, even speeds because it is a newer technology.

    Once T-Mo’s reputation is that they’ve got the widely accepted undisputed best performance in the market, and easily the best value, ATT and Sprint will be shaking in their boots even more than they are right now. 4G doesn’t matter unless you’ve got something to back it up. Sprint has neither “true” 4G build-out or speeds. ATT? HaHa. T-Mo all the way.

  • Robert

    P.S. – T-Mo, Yoda Man!.. er Carrier or provider or something like that.

  • currator

    according to what I just learned it looks like there is another phone coming soon that samsung phone. I guess samsung has a bird in the hand. which we all know is worth two in the bush. lets just say its real real enough that when I asked about it I got a I cant deny or confirm that. its real folks. I think the name is galaxy 2 with google or something like that

    • Jack

      Thats all over the Android Forums
      Samsung Nexus S (2) which is suppose to be N1 little bro. But….since it is on a Samsung, people are hesitant. But….this would be a discussion for….

      PS- I run and work with the N1, G2, Mytouch 4G and other devices all day….and the mytouch is awesome, as well as the G2. I sport the G2 personally because I like Vanilla. Use the N1 and G2 both at the same time.

      • Jack

        Edit: Submitted before finish.

        I was saying I use all of those and they do work great on the network.
        I was sporting 12.75mb last night on the G2 in Abq, NM. We dont have HSPA+ or 4G yet.
        As for people who are having issues, yes, there are outages. They happen all the time. Could be for any reason. Powercycle, switch to 2g if needed. But, usually its resolved relatively quickly. At least when I have experienced stuff like that.
        Most people on here know how to take care of their phones. General populous do not, which is sad.

        Tmobile rocks….customer forever.

  • blah

    Im not even going to get started as everything I have been saying is out in the open already. As for the Sprint not having 4G thing. 4G was officially defined only a few weeks ago, up until that point 4G was defined as an IP celluar based protocol which could reach speeds of 100Mbps in theory. The ITU has decided recently that theory alone isnt going to cut it, which is fair. But thats not to say Sprints network is not 4G based because it is and its considered “Pre-4G”

    More importantly weren’t the “Clone Wars” started with the best intentions as well….as the army of the republic or “people” who abused their new found power and oppressed the Jedi Knights who possessed powers beyond the average being and who’s sense of morality was dedicated to true and justice? So does this make me a present-day Jedi Knight?? lol ok guess not :(

    • Robert

      Whether you are or not, may the force be with you.

  • max

    Awesome points David. Glad to see sprint and at&t scrambling / knocked off their game!

  • I Just

    I can’t even make a phone call in a 20 mile stretch, of my 44 mile drive to work. That being said, who cares about how many G’s you have. Let’s work on the basics first!

  • And……..

    Here’s a very good point by a Sam Abuelsamid of a Apple Web blog:

    It’s probable that T-Mobile would see an influx of new business if it had the Apple superphone to sell, but the real problem with T-Mobile isn’t selection, it’s the network. T-Mobile has made strides with its HSPA+ rollout, but it still has too many voice dead zones, making it an even worse choice than AT&T for many users. Perhaps Mr. Oberman should invest more in solidifying his company’s voice coverage and less time complaining about what it doesn’t have.

  • claudia64

    What @I Just said. I’d be happy just to have 3G in my rather large town, but all we get is EDGE. You have to travel 45 miles to our state’s biggest city to get 3G. I’ll miss T-Mo, service has been great, but I want a top of the line Android phone that runs Flash. So to get the kind of speed needed to run the ‘net on it, I’m going to have to switch to Verizon which at least provides 3G in my town.

  • kentuckygator

    I just got the MyTouch 4g and I have done SEVERAL speed test and I am getting around 55kbps up and 1mg down… what am I doing wrong? I have all bars and HSPA!

    • kentuckygator

      Sorry flip that 55kpbs down and 1mg up… still terrible and not 4G!

      • Yoyoball

        change your sim card.

  • Kate
  • Sleestak Jones

    I heard a new commercial today in las vegas. AT&T has stated that they have upp’d their capacity and consistently insisted on ‘the fastest 3g network in las vegas’. They are suddenly bested by a smaller carrier — in america — and it’s now a problem. It almost sounds as if they got beat to the punch….

  • fish

    T-Mobile has the GB’s and the Wifi’s?

  • Wayne

    T-Mobile is losing the war in my area. Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon all offer at least 3G service in my area but T-Mobile is still stuck at 2G. Best I can get out of T-Mobile is there is no immediate plans to upgrade my area to even 3G service.

  • TheAnalyst

    While I love T-Mobile’s 4G marketing campaign and find the commercial hilarious, I have to admit, I do not get the “4G” they claim. And yes, I do work in a city that is supposed to have HSPA+. I live 10 minutes outside of that city, where I only have 3G coverage.

  • mingkee

    I think T-Mobile got tons of buzz for this commercial. Furthmore, the lady dressing in magneta is HOT!

  • Bobert

    Props to TMO for stepping up their Android collection. I hope it continues.
    Is anyone using this for business use?
    I have the NEXUS and use it for business but I like the idea of some of the extra features and maybe added speed of the MT4G.
    What about profiles?
    Anyone using those for business purposes?
    I dont think it is as nice looking as the Nexus but I am thinking of switching.

  • Swift21

    As a T-Mobile employee and a true t-mobile fan I hate to say it, but at&t is laughing at us right now. For every customer we steal, at&t will steal someone back. The market is saturated and at&t got the customers when they were still available to be gotten. All the carriers are doing right now is swapping the people around. The only two companies truly battling for customers are sprint and t-mobile, the bottom 2. T-mobile has the best network right now for data, but that won’t steal enough customers to put them up there with at&t and verizon. That is just the ugly truth. People like to be with the big company. I would like to say I’m different but as a consumer big does scream stable and that is what the majority of people see. I hope t-mobile keeps being bold with their advertising though because our original mytouch commercials SUCKED!

  • Jeremy P.

    Just a reminder to those complaining about the service. You can switch.

    This is why all carriers have coverage maps. You need to pick the one that’s right for you, in the area you live in, and the places you go. I never do much traveling and live in northern NJ, 15 miles outside NYC. TMO coverage is fine for me with the places I go.

  • Anthony

    I dont understand why At&t & Sprint is complaning bout T-Mobile calling their network 4G because it is.. Like it or not, T- Mobile’s HSPA+ are 4G speeds under an 3G network. Why get mad. T-Mobile also have the right to say they have the largest 4G network in the country right now. Sprint just mad cause they got 4G first but its not currently avaliable in most areas in the U.S yet while T- Mobile 3G 4G will cover almost 100 million I think they said by the end of the year. As for ATT tryna get into the mix. They need to stop trying cause they dont even provide 4G @ all with their drop call and slow internet. They need to go back to the drawing board and edit their tag line about the nations fatest 3G network because I have the iphone and the nexus one and T-Mobile reg. 3G can pull way faster speeds than ATT. ATT can’t even handle so much ppl on their network thats why they drop calls every 5 mins. T-Mobile is very smart about their tag lines and promotion. They may not be the 1st and 2nd largest wireless network but at the end of the day, but they do provide quality truth services.

  • Anthony

    Also have to point out, I think T-Mobile main problem is their phone collection. Honestly compare the the other 3, T- Mobile devices remind me of plastic toys like sidekicks that only cater to teenagers. Just look at all of their android phones. Even the MT4G lookz childish compare to android devices on Verzion and Sprint. The Nexus one looks very professional and real but yet T-Mobile doesnt sell it. I think thats the main problem why ppl arent moving too T-Mobile. You cant work om Wall street and then got the nerves to be rocking one of the G’s or MyTouches. It just look kidish. My friend has the iphone and shes always complaning about ATT and their bad services, so I told her get the MyTouch 4G and she laughed in my face.. Lol!

  • cookitup222

    I am a T-Mobile employee, and for everyone asking what should you do for your service issues: CALL TECHNICAL SUPPORT! They are the folks with the resources to either fix your issue on the spot OR start the process of having the engineers fix the issue. Sure, there are folks on this website who might be able to fix it, but the truth is they don’t have the internal resources that the Customer Care reps have. Plus, T-Mo’s Customer Care is really good, everyone pretty much stands behind that.

  • Mark

    Got the MT4G. speedtested at 3.56Mbps. Good HSPA+ signal in places where 3G is weak.. Finally the first time I am truely satisfied with tmobile and their phones. Ill never get anything with samsung printed on it even if it says Nexus S, X, or 2. the Vibrant was such a good phone but sam/tmob put that phone to an early death.

  • ryan
    • David, Managing Editor

      Please stop posting this link all over. Once is enough.

    • some internet dude

      @ryan, We all know true 4G has not come to the US yet, its all marketing, but you know what its close enough. And its good for tmobile. But i take it from your links everywhere that your not a fan of Tmobile, well your in the wrong forum dude. Android Rules and Tmo too.

  • MadMan

    What the !?!?!?

    I about had a heart attack when I saw this! What gives????