AT&T Tells T-Mobile “What’s Up” On Facebook, Still Can’t Connect A Call

Seriously, AT&T, seriously?  Going onto the T-Mobile Facebook page and calling them out for their advertisement?  Aside from the obvious humor of this whole thing playing out over Facebook, AT&T really wants to pick a fight.  I mean Sprint had a sense of humor but you’re doing it on Facebook?  Lame, very lame, even more lame than your first attempt at calling them out. AT&T, believe me when I say that T-Mobile’s advertising is the LEAST of your problems.  Life after the iPhone should be your ONLY concern considering your customers will probably be tripping over each other to move away when your iPhone exclusivity is up.  They will RUN, not walk, to the next carrier to pick up the iPhone.  Your network is a giant pile of suck.  So is your Facebook attempt.  Stick to doing the things you do right like um…and ummm…oh, yeah, umm…nope sorry can’t think of anything.

Want to see T-Mobile’s response?

“Hey AT&T – It is easy for us to be proud when we have the 4G network to back it up. We challenge you to show us any data speeds on an AT&T iPhone that can top the speed on T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these amazing speed test screenshots from our T-Mobile fans:

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