And The T-Mobile 4G Attack Continues, Do You Like it?

I think it’s safe to say that T-Mobile has officially taken the gloves off and is ready to begin a whole new era in their marketing campaign.  I came across the above picture last night which has likely been up on the myTouch4G website from the day prior, but it serves as yet another reminder that T-Mobile is directly attacking AT&T and more specifically, the iPhone.  So the question I want to pose is what are your thoughts of the marketing plan so far?  Do you agree with the 4G term?  Do you want to see more of Carla, the Catherine Zeta Jones look-alike who I think we will likely see more of anyway?  So I’ve put a little poll up and while I know it’s early in the marketing game for the holiday season, I hope to get some initial thoughts so make sure to leave a comment below!

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  • Pimpstrong

    I hope none of your iPhone hopefulls still want an iPhone. Looks like it will NOT be coming our way anytime soon.

    I can’t blame Tmo for attacking the most popular phone out.

    • Rilesman

      That was also my first thought….don’t count on any iPhones coming your way. So while focused at AT&T this might help carry over on Verizon when they get the iPhone. Too bad for T-Mobile though…I like options.

      • Bob

        Keep in mind that Verizon also ran ads defaming iPhone while promoting their Droid line. And everyone knows, its just not official yet, that Verizon will get the iPhone next year.

      • wolverineguy55

        If you paid attention, most of their attack was against AT&T not the iPhone. They basically said that AT&T is holding the iPhone back. There were a couple of jabs at the iPhone, but nothing like their attack on AT&T.

      • tipsofme

        If you (wolverineguy55) paid attention, you would type less and read more. Maybe even watch TV now and then?

      • KingThursday

        Wolverineguy55 had a good point–the commercial knocks the carrier, not the phone. Unlike the Mac/PC commercials it’s parodying, Tmo clearly didn’t make the iPhone a dumpy, awkward guy (Apologies to John Hodgman, who’s _great_) which seems to leave that door open; If Apple breaks away from AT&T I could see them easily shifting their stance into a “Welcome to the fold!” commercial, especially with the actor they ran with.

    • vinyldestination

      Seriously! I’m glad TMO is taking a stand, but don’t burn iPhone bridges! As for Carla and Catherine Z. I don’t mind either. Beautiful girl and beautiful woman.

    • Jerry

      I think Catherine Zeta would of been better.

      • remixfa

        like 10 years ago, shes a bit past her prime now… :(

      • Anony

        Get your english right… You’ve said “would have/would’ve been better! Not would of! Wtf!

      • Anony

        You should’ve said “would have/would’ve been better” not would of been! Wtf!!

    • tipsofme Keep hope alive. Everything is fine. Verizon still got the deal and so will we.

  • mingkee

    IMO, AT&T doesn’t have much confidence for their network.
    If not, why iphone doesn’t have native adobe flash support while other mobile platforms does?!
    Flash video requires a lot of bandwidth (4Mbps with 1080p youtube!!!) and not all carriers can handle this.
    It’s about time T-Mobile to launch native video calling (use phone’s 2nd cam and NO other software required, and it even works with regular phones).

    • Has nothing to do with AT&T. Steve Jobs hates Adobe and no Apple product runs Flash (and likely never will).

      • VV
      • @Dean: Seems like you haven’t heard of what a Mac computer even is.

      • Pimpstrong

        LMAO @ The guy next door

      • Hmmmm?

        Uh yeah, I have to Apple manufactured Macs and both of them have flash and Adobe Reader.

      • Foxeh

        He’s half right though. It’s mainly iOS that’s the issue. Steve Jobs went on record blaming Flash for every crash on a Mac and calling out Adobe for being lazy and whatnot. Considering Apple would have hardly even gotten off the ground if it weren’t for Adobe way back when, I’m left wondering where all that vitriol came from.

  • day see

    I think it means TMo gets iPhone 4.x/5 Jan/Jun ’11.

    • 2FR35H

      Haha that would be extremely funny and more attacks ads towards at&t would ensue. It would be more killer than MT4G ad’s

      Hi i’m an iPhone and at&t we need to talk its not you its me, I am just too much phone for your network so I’m moving to t-mobile, verizon and sprint.

  • Len Cleavelin

    It’s ok with me if they show more of Carla, but I’d be ecstatic if they brought back Catherine Zeta-Jones, who’s at least two orders of magnitude sexier. :)

    • Jazz


  • Androidless

    I would just be happier to hear about T-Mobile’s efforts to expanding their 3g network as well as improving their HSPA+ network. Coverage matters. I really like T-Mobile because they don’t jack me around on my contract when I upgrade my phone and whatnot, but I always feel like my coverage in my area (Twin Cities) is not on par with AT&T’s.

    More towers, please.

    • I just want some 2.5G in my area…

    • bmg314

      Agreed. I love tmo, but I can’t even pull down 1M on my (gorgeous,beautiful, fantastic) G2 where I live.

      • johns949

        +1 on that here… at the office AND home… :(

    • You can’t add towers wily nily to any network, even less so a cdma-basd network (Yes, WCDMA(UMTS) with HSPA still uses the code division multiple access channel access method, like CDMA2000 and cdmaOne) or else you get this thing called pilot pollution which means your phone cant find a tower to get on, and you create a coverage HOLE instead of new capacity in an already covered area.

      AT&T definitely has a leg up on T-mobile because they CAN add new towers to increase capacity of their network – because they do it on a different frequency which doesn’t interfere with other towers, and create this pilot pollution.

      That’s why AT&T is faster than T-mobile in areas like downtown Manhattan (since they added new WCDMA(UMTS) service on 850MHz). I know this is a comment on capacity more than coverage but they’re related.

  • ritx0426

    Its somewhat like the political ads. I still think we should call it 3g.. but I think T-Mobile has a lot of people that doesn’t understand the technology behind it, so if someone else has 4g, why would they want t-mobile 3g (Even if its faster)? I would just reference this video.. ( and replace the phones with networks. ha

    • ren

      I don’t care.

    • Manus

      I love that video it’s so hilarious and true. “iwant the one with more gbs” hilarious

  • Angry

    Did tmobile change their upgrade policy? 2 weeks ago I could get the G2 for $200, today its $309 and $300 for the MT4g. Its been 14 months since I upgraded to a non-smart phone. Wasn’t the policy 11-22 months and you get a full upgrade to a smart phone?

    • j

      11 months for 1 year contract and 22 months for 2 year contract

    • Brandon

      It is (and has been) 22 months into your contract you get the full discount. After twelve you get a “partial.”

      • bmg314

        I had 8 months left on my 2 year contract and tmo let me upgrade, with free shipping and instant rebate (no mail in)…and there are plenty of other stories like this. One more reason I am still with tmo…when do you hear of the other carriers doing early upgrades so often?

    • Alex

      same thing happened to me – they actually messed up their systems for a few weeks and gave some people over 11 months the full upgrade prices by mistake…fixed now and back to normal prices

  • T-Mo Biggie

    Carla is hot. She wants me.

  • tron

    Can anyone help me? Where is a good place to get an affordable unlocked phone? I’m tired of waiting on t-mobile to release the phone I want when its been out for like almost a year.

    • j

      what phone do you want, buy it and try toget it unlocked. can try ebay or craigslist and hope is working. Alot of great options so what are you looking for, please don’t say iphone, evo or droid x, t-mobile is not going to carry devices that are flagships for other carrier, thus the flagship device moniker

      • Anonymous

        The droid x/evo arent even compatible they use CDMA (no sim card) while tmobile and AT&T use GSM (sim cards) so you can just take your sim out of your phone and put it in an unlocked iphone and it will work on tmobile edge

  • eYe

    I’d prefer them to build up their network before going on offensive like this. There’s absolutely no excuse for me to drop my connection every 5 minutes while driving on major highway inside the city. Forget 4G, just give me solid 3G and I’ll be happy, and I’m not talking about country side neither, I’m talking about metro area (Twin Cities, MN)

    • j

      should not be talking and driving so this not a priority

      • eYe

        Actually, voice coverage is awesome where I live, can’t complain at all. Data sucks, seems like tower to tower hand-off issue to be honest but still. The only reason I notice is because I like to stream music on my way to and from work and it constantly dropping data connection.
        +1 though, shouldn’t be driving and talking.

    • Androidless

      Same boat, eYe. Twin Cities coverage is weak. I work on the University Campus and while my coworkers with AT&T and Verzion phones get coverage, I get no bars. I work only a couple of miles away from downtown Minneapolis, I should be getting better coverage than this.

    • Foxeh

      Same issues as you guys. While I understand that I’ll lose my data signal in that tunnel on 94 in Minneapolis, it’s a bit weak that it drops all over the place. I know MN is a very flat state and it’s hard to deply good coverage without large hills to put cell towers on top of… but other carriers don’t seem to to have this particular problem.

      Voice always works fine, though. Data… well… I’d rather have 1.5Mbps everywhere rather than 8Mbps one place and 350kbps in others. I’m not exactly going inside bomb shelters or anything either, but at least upgrading the SIM made my G2 usable.

  • ob18

    Hmmmm wonder what lit the marketing fire.

    • tipsofme

      New CEO and new head of marketing!

  • blah

    My personal feelings on the myTouch and personal review. Its a nice phone but it takes a seriously different route than the G2, for instance if I want to listen to music, I HAVE to go the media room… The marketing material made it seem like a feature and an option as with the majority of the features, they replace the more stream-lined and specific default utilities.. Its actually a bit annoying trying to find things as it results in varying layers to get to something specific… My other gripe is the genius button, its good, but needs to be refined. Also the hands free mode is GREAT, but I replaced the stock android voice with one for the market but setting up the voice as default in the TTS options DOES NOT CHANGE IT.. Its annoying because I purchased a sexy british voice to read texts and emails to me through the genius button…. :( … Other annoyances, if you want to set your screen to 7 screens it performs a factory reset.. Also any attempts to import contacts from mytouch pro resulted in corrupting my contacts and forced me to perform the factory data reset just to get it to work. Over all the phone is excellent and powerful but interface can be disparent as its a collection of various apps loosely tied together. I wish i could default the navigation tool to say Waze instead but the lack of customization of the apps and what they link to is mildly annoying. I definitely would like to see a Rom based on this but with more user customization options. Its almost as if its been engineered to protect the user from themselves :( .. As a side note the entertainment factor is amazing, I have been using slacker radio in my car continuously. The fear I have is the new 5GB data cap as I plan to drive quite a bit for the holidays but fear of the throttling may prevent me from using this in the car like I would love to. It literally replaced my mp3 player on the first day of usage. So in closing, excellent powerful well built hardware, excellent entertainment potential, poor/limited customization and poor/limited app integration beyond the included framework make it difficult to make it useful if you are a power user. This phone has enormous potential and an overclocked version running a custom Rom based on this would destroy anything else currently on the market. However in it stock form it can be unnecessarily difficult to manage for power users.

    • ob18

      Since I didn’t ready anything beyond “blah, blah, blah” just shorten it to you didn’t like the phone call it a day and not regret the fact you can’t regain all the time you wasted typing that out.

      • blah

        Maybe if you learned to read you would see I actually like the phone and one of the best Ive owned particularly the slack radio integration. I wish I know why so many people on these forums are illiterate. I pointed out its flaws because literally everything else is great, its a great, smooth looking phone but the software issues (customizations) make it only a 4 out 5 which is sad because it could be a million times better.

        Stop being such a fanboy and try expanding your horizons, maybe you’ll even eventually get that elusive GED…

      • eYe

        STFU. I actually learned a few things from blah’s quick review and will be looking at them when I go to check out the phone. The said integration of key services with no chance of changing them may or may not be a deal breaker for me.

      • ob18

        nope don’t care about you or you’re opinion.

      • Steve Jobless

        @blah: “…even eventually…”? Please remove one of the two words from your sentence. Also, use abbreviations when writing “G.E.D.” nobody knows what a ged is.

      • ob18

        Blah needs to learn what a paragraph is as well………learn sarcasm or don’t respond.

        Have a wonderful day both of you :-P

      • Shawn

        Seriously guys? He is giving his opinion on the device which also helped me a lot. @ob18 do you regret all the time spend correcting his grammar? Is this an english test? Last time I checked I was on TmoNews..

      • Shawn


      • ob18

        Shawn I have no regrets…….seperating something into paragraphs would make anything somebody writes easier to ready and like they have some level of intelligence.

        Yes it is tmonews but that doesn’t say or mean anybody shouldn’t expect somethings to be better when reviewing it’s content including the comments sections.

    • Hmmmm?

      Yes, thanks for actually giving some specific examples of what you dislike. So, if I want 7 screens I should probably set this first thing instead of doing it later and having to deal with the factory reset?

      • blah

        Yes, that’s the very first thing you should do. I ended up scraping the whole MyTouch 4G home and went with Launcher Pro instead.. Its now several magnitudes better now.. I would like to give more specific examples especially on setting up and enabling completely AMAZING hands free mode and using it properly as its not completely intuitive. Also I repeat DO NOT try to import contacts from MyBackup PRO!!! The Mytouch contacts tightly integrates several of the various apps such as video, SMS, and their faves app so it will corrupt your contacts if you do not let Google do it!!!

        If the make an impressions thread I will post a full review. Also the OTA update that released yesterday I am still unable to figure out everything that did. Several users are reporting several bug fixes and I just finish reimporting my several thousand texts, for the third time so Ill let you know whats up. Again, if you are a power user I would have an idea of how you want your system BEFORE you really begin heavy customization.

        Another note. The system automatically backs up settings and Apps so they will be restored upon a factory data reset which is pretty awesome.

      • sorandkairi

        “Other annoyances, if you want to set your screen to 7 screens it performs a factory reset.. ”

        …. wrong….. and this is just one of the non-factual statements this person seems to continuously make….

        In order to reset the phone back to 5 screens….. you must do a factory reset….. by in all honesty why would you…. if you didn’t want to use the extra 2 screens, then dont use them….

    • JB6464

      WOW, that was painfull to read,lol.
      How about breaking up your paragraphs a little more.

  • reddragon72

    I didn’t buy into T-mobile for the frign speed, I bought into them for the coverage in my home area, and if I moved and didn’t have good coverage, I’d drop them in a second. And the same goes for other carriers. They can be as fast as want I don’t care I just want coverage.

  • fiveizzo

    i love the strategy, i hope tmobile keeps on trowing blows. i dont have hspa+ in my area but i do have hspa and it is super fast on my mytouch 4g. (Detroit)

  • tron

    @j… I want the blackberry pearl 9100. It works for t-mobile network but they refuse to release it after they have had great success with pearls in the past. I’m in love with the pearls they work great for me and what I do. The new pearl with 624MHz and 3g… I NEED that in my life!

  • mike

    downtown Chicago very slow barely 3G
    what is going on in Chicago?

    • emet

      I’m wit Mike no 4g speeds at all…700 kbps…Max. in Chicago n1

  • J1

    I personally have no problem with t-mobile going on the offensive.. because for a while it seems like they were content with being in 4th place..

    On the other hand I enjoy reading the informative posts by j-hop and blah.. those guys clearly represent the “1% of highly technical users” t-mobile refered to lol..

    Sure hspa+ isn’t technically 4g(as defined by u.t.i).. but as long as the majority of t-mobiles subscribers(and potential new subscribers) are content with living in the matrix, then why tell em that there is no such thing as santa claus?! lol.. just my 2cents is all..

    • blah

      Thanks, I understand tmobile’s market but I consider myself a power user and really don’t like my intelligence insulted that’s my only gripe. That and the fact that I’m enjoying HSPA+ but now slacker radio is taking over my life and potentially eating my data allotment.

      For the myTouch 4G owners, on the home screen when you select “Get more widgets” has anyone been successful in this screen? Mine just says “unable to download widgets”???

      • Maria

        I haven’t had any issues with adding widgets on my home screen.

        Do you happen to know about the update they did last night on the myTouch 4g?

      • blah

        No, I can add widgets, thats not the problem there is a link in the add widgets which says get new widgets. It doesnt matter anymore as I just switched to launcher pro instead.

  • I just like the fact that there is some real marketing going on. I have no problem with the ad campaign. I like Carla. I like Catherine too. I want to see Carla and Cathrine do…. One more thing TMO don’t stop the improvements. If you build it better they will come.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

    Dell Venue Pro FTW!

    • ob18

      It will only be sold through Dell. I asked a Dell rep yesterday how will they be selling their devices. Mainly they said online and some Dell retail stores/stands may have them but they could say with 100% confidence that they’d all have them to at least go check out.

      That and they said right now it’s only the windows 7 OS phone and right now it was slated for early 2011 release according to the information he had.

    • Steve Jobless

      Stay thirsty my friends? That’s clever and original marketing!

  • LSxChevelle

    I know the iphone isn’t coming to t-mobile but if it did that could be some nice marketing. “welcome iphone, those things you wanted to do before you can now do on o ur network” lol

  • Jon

    Yes some people like variety. An iPhone would be nice for some but I don’t think Tmobile needs it. They are doing so well with Android, and not to start a war with Apple fan-boys but I don’t like how closed minded some folks over at Cupertino are. I don’t like being told whats best for me! I will decide that for myself.

  • john


    • john

      I meant T_Mobile rocks!!!!

  • Mr Tibbs

    I live in the metro area of Detroit Mi and my 3g sucks on my mytouch slide im always in between E & 3g the fact that they dont even have HSPA+ in MICHIGAN but the 4g & G2 only shows a H for the network sucks why buy a phone that supports HSPA+ that’s not even available

    • Galen20K

      I live in a suburb in Michigan and have several HSPA+ cell towers up around where I work and live, I was getting 4 to 6 mbps speeds on my Nexus One for the past six months and now with my MyTouch 4G I’m getting 6 to 9mbps. So half the towers are enabled here and half are not. They’re saying right before Thanksgiving for Metro-Detroit to officially launch so you’ll have them soon if not now.

  • Pixiwish

    I like the Mytouch 4g girls dress….
    Can I get a discount card for one when I buy the phone?

  • @ Dave, our new campaign came with an email to us employees saying we are going from being challenged to being the challenger and shaking up the mobile market. So I think our new CEO is holding up his end if the bargin now he just needs to bring the iphone on over and let the war begin

    • Steve Jobless

      I don’t think his reign has begun yet.

  • ken

    imo, i believe tmobile first need to have the network to backup what they are saying…i can’t even get 3G service at my house and my buddy who comes over with his iphone get full 3G service and my cousin comes over with his EVO and has 3G. While im stuck here using EDGE!!?? So unless tmo decides to turn on 3G for places where service is not available I would not advertise they are the largest 4G. Almost everyone i know who don’t have Tmobile KNOWS that Tmobile has bad coverage. That’s why they dont use it.

    But in terms of the ads i like it…especially the new girl Carla =)

  • RolloC84

    I have to agree with BGR on this one. How are we going to market it once we actually get 4G? If we’re calling 3G 4G, will real 4G be 4G 2.0, or 5/6/7G or Super 4G? And in the end, will the general public really even care?

    • ob18

      Maybe when them time arrives that “true 4G” is here they’ll already be onto promoting “mythical 5G” or something along that line.

      They seem to like marketing something that isn’t entirely true so what would stop them from keeping this trend going.

      But for now it’s safe to say from my perspective nobody cares enough now maybe that continues.

  • The list completely misses that the MyTouch 4G comes with Wi-Fi Calling. For all those people complaining they don’t get a signal at home or at the their office, T-Mobile solved it with Wi-Fi. This is a big advantage T-Mobile has, and they need to play it up more.

    • ob18

      That is a very good feature but for some it may not be something they want to have to rely on too often just to make a call. Sometimes when you can’t do something so simple (like make a phone call) it won’t matter what else a device can do it won’t win them over.

  • hemanth G

    Attack! And if that’s supposed to be Catherine Z Jones, is that supposed to be Steve Jobs? Why is “Steve Jobs” young and wearing a well tailored suit? Steve jobs is 55 and wears jeans and turtlenecks with his sneakers… ALL THE TIME! If Tmo wants to portray the 4G as the young upstart that’s going to quash the iphone shouldn’t they take a little of the edge of the competition?

  • blah

    Dave, can we get a Mytouch 4g impressions Thread?? I would like to discuss the phone especially since there are some things that will not be as intuitive as stock android.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hey, as long as it brings better phones my way, I’m fine with it.

  • David

    Nice to see T-Mobile growing some cojones! Picked up the MyTouch 4G yesterday and love it! I get HSPA+ at work and Edge at home, even though I live in the heart of the SF Bay Area and work out in the ‘burbs, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. Edge performs surprisingly well considering, and I can just use wi-fi at home, but is there not 3G at all around here? Maybe T-Mobile is simply upgrading its easiest-to-upgrade towers first and waiting to take care of its other ones? Seems silly to have Edge in the middle of a major metropolitan area…

  • aedv12

    My favorite part is how there’s an AT&T advertisement on this page.

    • ob18

      When it comes to ad revenue even here you can’t be too picky……..Money ends up being green regardless of whom it comes from.

    • David, Managing Editor

      When Google serves ads they serve them by the type of site, in this case a wireless tech blog, they don’t go specific by carrier. Sorry.

      • ob18

        Much like expecting people to use some type of grammar, common sense, or to post appropriate content in each blog or article you will never win. If people (including myself) don’t have something to complain about they don’t know what to do with themselves.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      As David says, Google selects the ads to place on pages, we don’t have any control over it.

      That’s why on my website I have lots of words “hidden from view” (I won’t say what it’s called), to make sure that the Google ads don’t select something funky on the pages.

      For example of funky ads, because the text or keywords in one of my YouTube videos (that I also have Google AdSense activated) Google puts display ads of mining equipment. I doubt I am making any money off that YouTube video. :)

  • Hmmmm?

    Has anyone seen any good accessories for the MT4G yet, more specifically, cases?

  • vinny

    Love it, great marketing campaign. You know T-Mobile is doing a great job when your enemy is trying to strike back and sounds dumb doing it. T-Mobile is in a great position to snag many new customers during the holiday season. Love T-Mobile, the best Network around.

  • DjECast

    It’s Official… just got my tracking number and i’m getting my MT4G tomorrow! don’t know if i can wait that long!!!

  • Have you seen the smack talk on facebook david? look at the tmobile page calling out at&t on data speeds.

  • Sean Buchanan

    Just have to say I’m glad T-mobile is standing up to these big companies… I picked up the Mytouch 4g yesterday and it is absolutely amazing.. I have an Iphone 4, and it makes it seem like old software. It’s so damn fast and I live in Tampa so I get great dl speeds.

  • Jezabel

    I’m sure you’re all with me when I say AT&T CAN SHOVE THEIR NETWORK WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE!!!!

  • Chris

    I work for t-mobile and this phone is truly a waste of your money. Worst phone in alooooong time

    • dcb

      You need to quit then… are obviously either not a t-mobile employee but you are saying you are to make your comments seem more believable or you really are an employee who doesn’t need to work for the company…..this phone is one of the most capable of any phone out and regardless of whether you are an employee or not, that is simply a dishonest statement

    • Humongous

      Please persuade me of this nonsense.

  • Stephan

    What i think is genius is that this will have T-mobile’s name being called out in TV ad’s by the other carriers. If you think about it how many times can you recall Verizon, At&t, or Sprint for that matter comparing any service of theirs to T-mobile specifically.

    Now with these ads attacking them the other carriers will have to respond with some of their own. That’s just more advertisement for T-mobile that they didn’t have to pay for and plus it’ll make people think T-mobile is a company that they really should check out if the Big 3 are attacking them.

  • sodd

    Good job T-mo. Just remember, Nice guys finish last.

  • Henry

    I bought my myTouch 4G yesterday in Red to replace the MT3G. I couldn’t be happier than a hotdog at a clam fest :)

  • David

    Love the ad,love my vibrant,love my 3g & love tmo.

  • Brian

    I just bought the MT3G a month ago without realizing that the 4G was coming out but I’m happy with what I got. I am getting 4MB in Brooklyn NY :)

    I do wish that T-Mo would install more cell towers in the city because there are areas where I have poor reception (mostly in office buildings).

    And Carla is really pretty!

  • chris

    I, personally, love T-Mobile’s ads about their network. They’ve never done something like this before and it shows how tough they can be. T-Mo isn’t the push over network anymore, they mean business. AT&T needs to improve their service if they really wanted to make a comeback at T-Mo, they don’t stand a chance after this year, with the iPohone leaving, c’mon, who are they kidding? They’re going to be the push over pretty soon.

  • Sean

    Carla is boring, and these commercials are lame. It is stupid that T-Mobile couldn’t come up with something original. Other companies have ripped off the original Apple commercials, so t-mo doing it now is nothing original.

    Also Carla, or whatever her name is sucks, because at the end of the commercial, she doesn’t even hold the phone right, she is covering up the phone with her hand when she holds it up,

    Also T-mo is not 4G. I guess neither is Spring. They should both stop advertising as such.

    • Bob Hunter

      It’s a gay-dar reader commercial there Sean. They didn’t think anyone who wasn’t gay would notice that she held the phone wrong!
      The commercial obviously worked, it proved your gay and it caught everyone’s attention. Mission accomplished!

      • Totally inappropriate comment Bob, this will be deleted!

  • Once T-mobile comes out with LTE, what are they going to call it? 5G?

  • Mark

    Where I live, we just got 3G last February, so I don’t anticipate 4G for a very long time (if ever). I’m glad TMo is jumping into the fray and Carla’s cute, but the actual phone means very little to me.

  • Brandon

    They should just make it so 4G is 10mbit and 5G is 100mbit then all of these companies can quit fighting over what really isn’t even 4G. So silly. Make it simple and force the carriers to advertise correctly.

  • Galen20K

    I love it.

  • Eric

    Hi I hope this thread finds everyone well.

    I was wondering if someone could help me, even if a ton of people did in the review, to feel better about the Engadget HORRIFIC review of the MT4G. Wow I mean, I would prefer vanilla android, like the Nexus, but I prefer NO KEYBOARD even more, thus the my touch 4g over the g2. anyone know what I mean. I think if the G2 were a person , even he/she would agree, and take it less personal than that guy took all of his suppose downfalls of the mytouch. LOLK

    anyway, if you could help me feel better, it has me really upset. I know…tell me to get a life

    I am switching mine out for a different color tomorrow, I hear that the black looks good too and one worry will be lessened about me scratching the white one I have

    Could anyone tell me about putting Launcher pro on . I hear to do it RIGHT AWAY Is that true??

    I used it on the Vibrant and it was just ok The main thing it did was allow the icons to scroll vertically.. But this phone does this already. What will I gain

    Or do I stick with what I got, since I think I love it already, can simply not use all the overkill widgets

    if anyone could help me on ideas and feeling better, I am a not so good off healtth wise, at home and don’t have much but my phones

    YOu can email me at e r i c at ya h o o thanks a ton
    I spelled that to avoid spam

  • jonathan

    in reality they are showing there strengths while at the same time exposing the competitors weakness, i wouldnt trash talk about sprint if i were tmobile because it seams like they have each others back more than they know, even looks like theryre team mates at times with the prices they put on there plans to compete against at&t & verizon, they do the same thing but instead of lowering the prices they raise it and they would stab each other in the back in an instant.

  • Kyle

    Hey name is Carly. Not Carla :)

  • Lee

    Sales guy at T-Mobile store in Amarillo said that by next year their 4g would be going up to 624megs here in Amarillo. I made sure I heard it right cause nothing I have heard or seen mentions any capability of going anywhere near that fast. I can’t find anything that says it’s capable of more than what we can get max now. Anyone know if there’s any truth to this? If this is true then man am I looking forward to getting rid of a cable bill. Could just use the wifi hotspot from the phone and get much faster with that. I am finding it hard to believe.