AT&T Responds To T-Mobile’s 4G Network Claims, Does A Bad Job At It

Look, as I usually say, this is a fan site at its core so you can expect a positive T-Mobile spin on posts like this one.  I can’t argue the validity of AT&T’s point since I really wasn’t even aware they had their own HSPA+ network, which I guess is part of their argument.   “We have what you have and don’t call it what you call it.”  The bottom line is that T-Mobile is less concerned about proving themselves as truly having a 4G network and more about how the entire concept itself is skewed as the numbers game means little to the end consumer who can’t tell the difference between 4G and 3G other than 4 is higher than 3.  So what does mean something?  Raw speed and it is in that realm that T-Mobile wins right now.  T-Mobile has the fastest mobile network in the US right now, hands down.

More to the point is that AT&T could cover every single living breathing person in the US right now and you still wouldn’t be able to make a damn call on the iPhone. So AT&T listen up, worry less about what your competition is doing and worry more about making your network suck less so when you do lose the iPhone people actually still want to be with your network.

AT&T may have an argument here, they make not and yet they surely could have come up with a response that at least had Sprint’s sense of humor. Right or wrong, AT&T should be focusing a lot more on their own problems than what the competition is doing. They’re going to need all the luck they can get.


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