Still Not Convinced On The myTouch 4G? myTouch 4G Can…

Still not convinced that the myTouch4G is the right device for you?  Well, myTouch4G can…do whatever you see in this video and T-Mobile sure is hyping the many qualities this Android device has that (cough, cough) other devices seem to lack.  This is somewhat reminiscent of the “Droid does” campaign Verizon Wireless uses to tout the strength of their Droid lineup but, hey, they don’t have a “4G” network behind them!  Watch the video and let us know if you are planning on picking up a myTouch4G below!

HTCSource via YouTube

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  • Bimmerz

    When I watched this vid last night, that’s exactly what it reminded me of – the Droid ad when it 1st launched. WTG Tmo!

  • schtum

    0:45 Radical!

    Hey, 1980 called, they … said they’d meet you at the park. Huh.

    • GTwo Addict

      Haha hilarious i was thinking that exact same thing, “Radical” like omg, that saying is hella old, haha i really dont talk like that, just reminded me of back in the days.

    • jmts80

      LMAO I noticed that too, “radical” wtf! Besides that the ad was really good!

  • Sexy Back

    I love me!!!! yaaaaaayyy!!!!

  • Shawn

    I got mine today, and i love it! Its freaking fast, but im sure most phones are compared to my old MyTouch 3G. Since they upgraded to HSPA+ in OKC ive been getting up to 3.5 down on my MyTouch 3G, and on the MyTouch 4G im getting up to 8 down. but most the time its 2-3.5 down. But over all the phone is great so far, and i had a OTA Update for it today, not sure what it did.

  • GTwo Addict

    This didnt remind me of the Droid does stuff, Verizon was more upfront on what the competition didnt do, seems like T-mobile is being more nice about it. Either way, they are way ahead in marketing than they were months ago, so big Kudos to Tmo.

  • alex32g2

    if the droid DOES, then the mytouch4g CAN (:

    • Rob

      True very true

  • Nokia N900

    OK that’s it, I’m getting the Mytouch4G, was going to get the G2 but…

  • jmts80

    I realized I need a hardware keyboard so I am getting the G2 but this phone is really nice too!

  • blah

    I have it, Like it alot but texting is slow on mine because of the Expresso Sense, plus my contacts force close because I backed them up along with over a 1000 texts from my old cliq. My recommendation start with a fresh install as much as possible. Also if you want 7 screens set it BEFORE you configure everything otherwise it requires a factory reset. I will be performing it tonight. I think expresso is too slow for business users but if overclocked it will likely do very well in that department.

  • Cesar

    I dunno my Nexus still has some life in it… Maybe another year….

    • 2FR35H

      LOL funny guy you are HSPA+ is what you aren’t getting as well as FFC as well

  • =D

    COOL! Next on T-mo’s list: Expand their weak coverage in my area! I love T-mo!!!

  • lacandela

    What about if Tmo just makes 3G well enough so all the people that have it will work uniformly instead of going back to edge!

  • jonathan from los angeles

    im waiting for nexus 2 announcement. if nothing falls through with that rumor, im gonna run to go buy this phone

    • suckerr!

      sorry but there is no nexus 2 coming..

      • KevinCG

        I heard different. November 8th is a day to look for.

  • JDubs

    Looks good… might have to pick this up. A little worried about how quickly this phone will receive OS updates though. If they are doing this much marketing I hope it’ll receive just as much upgrade support!

  • karlc

    This looks awesome, dude!
    I think I can say it…….Vibrant for sale!!!!

  • want2no

    Does anyone know how many megapixels is the FFC? I looked on the tmobile site and it doesn’t seem to have that in the specs. Thanks.

    • Its a VGA Camera

    • shawn

      it’s a 3 mega pixel FFC!!

    • Whod as tfever

      640×480. ideal for streaming video. Any higher and you’d have to deal with too much buffering.

  • pantlesspenguin

    Picked up my plum one and I love it! Question- I dont see the android keyboard as an option. Does it not come stock on this??

    • tipsofme

      No android keyboard, you get the HTC keyboard and IMHO it works much better than the stock android.

  • RekAviles

    Supports Live wall paper?

    I’ve yet to see this question asked or answered. Curious, if its not supported like the Slide.

    • 2FR35H

      Yes while I was giving it a go at t-mobile I found it to have Live wallpapers. Also has wifi hotspot for those curious as well.

  • shawn

    i just got mine charging it now haven’t used it yet!!

  • Q

    Ordered mine in black, and just played with one at my local store. First impressions; its heavy and fast. Very solid feel to it, and @rekaviles yes it does support live wallpapers, when i picked up the phone they had one running

    • RekAviles

      Nice. Thnx for the info.

  • cellswag5

    If you have a nexus hold on to it. Til something way better drop s in 2011

    • tipsofme

      Or sell the nexus, buy this now and sell the mt4g and buy the “much better one in 2011” in 2011. Otherwise, you will ALWAYS be waiting for the better one!!!

    • BellsideN1

      I feel you man the nexus was way ahead of it’s time.

  • RoryB

    Curious, how is the speakerphone?

    • 2FR35H

      Very well.

  • pimpstrong

    has to be the hottest phone right now.

  • Vibrant addict

    Wow this video makes me want to head straight to the store and buy it. Must resist temptation!

  • Midori

    I love this phone get this phone I command you!

  • Lamar

    Got mine today. Loving it so far, it’s the plum one. Only negs, I wish it was 4″, and that the buttons were smaller. Great phone though.

  • DjECast

    Wirefly is Killing me… I’m happy to save some cash but man i want my phone… oh and for any newbies that want to pick this up and are still not sure… Wirefly is offering it for 79.99 with a NEW 2 year contract… still 149.99 for existing customers with an upgrade…

    • Bimmerz

      Plus if a newbie, you can go to FaceBook/Wirefly and get a an additional $25 off with coupon code = $55. Read this info on another thread here.

  • blah

    Enjoying my phone so far, but gotta say Im a bit disappointed only because I havent figured out how to overclock it yet… and I dont want to risk using the same OC method as the G2 since to to alot of fanagling to get the phone in the first place :(

  • Midori

    I got mine in black my only problem is transferring my music from my old phone to my new one I’m lazy like that lol. No complaints about this phone I highly recommend it. Just made this post from the new mytouch 4g!!!

  • got mine today, LOVE IT

  • Jp

    Amazing phone. Picked it up this morning at the store. Even better, my unlimited data plan is $25/month.

    Did I say this phone is TITS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jp

      And the phone was $125 with 2 years

      • Will

        You got hooked up!!!

        I did big time today as well (though I ordered over the phone) and the best part of it was the fact that I never even asked for any of it!! I just called to do an upgrade at full upgrade discount but what I got was much much better. And when I say I got hooked up, I mean like hooked up lol. They really outdid themselves. T-Mobile has never done me wrong and proved themselves to me, yet again, today that they are always a step above the rest no matter what!

  • G2/HD2/MT4G USER

    This mt4g is very nice I don’t miss my vibrant at all

    • sami

      i bet you miss the super amoled screen of the vibrant though

  • Very sexy counting my pennies now.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • fidget

    got mine today too. Over $500 with taxes and accessories. I’m on EMP plan! Selling my 3g mytouch slide on ebay to recoup some of the cost.

    Loving it so far. Great form factor. I really think 3.8-4 is the sweet spot. I’m getting hspa in my area (N. Atlanta) but speeds have been mixed. Only about 3-4 down and about 1.5-1.6 up. My home wifi i get 4-5 down but only .5 up. So, mixed bag. I was hoping to see 4/5/6/7+ down.

    I haven’t tried video calling yet. If you have the mytouch slide you’ll love the 4g (unless you need hardware keyboard). I was happy/surprised (as were the TMO sales dudes) the price came in $50 than the G2.

    • suckerr!

      how much was the whole price even tax??

    • Bobert

      TMO coverage in Kennesaw blows donkey balls

      • fidget

        I’m in Roswell (home). Work in Alpharetta and was getting much better speeds in the office. 5923 down, 1718 up. That is actually better than my home network. I know TMO put up a new tower in Roswell Pk recently but not providing great coverage nr. my home.

        I’m LOVING the phone. After years of Blackberry I went to mytouch slide as first Android phone. I plan on sticking with Android and so was more than happy to pay for this upgrade.

  • 808in702

    Been on Team T-Mobile for over 5 years. Finally getting something back for being loyal…4G

  • luisny

    i got my mytouch4g and i love it, it does everything in the videos and flawlessly, perfect call quality and i went from a mytouchslide i can def tell the difference btwn 3g and hspa+

  • MH

    what are the reviews so far on the wifi calling? is it as good as UMA on Blackberry (without the handoff to cell network obviously)? Just would like to know if it reliably allows you to receive calls without having to manually start an app every time. In other words, if I’m at home and have wifi on, will I be able to make and receive calls?

    • Will

      fantastic question. I hope someone answers this because this has yet to actually be addressed regarding the wifi calling (at least from what I remember).

    • KUL

      That will only depend on the plan you’re on ( or are on). If you, have the Grandfathered plan hotpot calling, then you will have the Handoff option. If you active the plan now, you will only get the the plan without handoff.

  • Myg1

    I got the black mytouch 4g wow its so nice..i love the s really solid..i still love my vibrant probably use it as a backup from now on til froyo drops..this phone really amazes me go tmobile..i got 8mbps a few times

  • reddz

    Question….if you are in an HSPA+ area will it show H or H+????? My G2 says H everywhere I go…but I dont get H+ speeds…sO I was curious to see if anyone has ever seen H+ on their status bar??

    • reddz

      BTW I ordered my MT4G today in WHITE!! cant wait to get it!! Didnt really care for the G2 from the moment I got it…I thought I would start to like it…but I am gonna love the MT4G…cant wait!

    • Thaghost

      Good question. I only see H on my mytouch 4g.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Android doesn’t support (have) the H+ symbol yet (if ever).

  • TangoPapa

    wow I love this phone so far, got it this morning around 11am and have been playing it ever since. Battery life is above average for an android device. Been using it all day and expect it to die soon, with moderate use it’ll definitely last me the day. Phone feels solid, very snappy, quick, responsive, no lag surprisingly…. lightyears better than my G1, much better feel and responsiveness compared to the Vibrant. Screen looks good, not SuperAmoled great but still nice enough. I got 9109 down and 1174 up while on wifi network earlier in Huntington Beach, CA pretty awesome! just got 1081/1249 in Fullerton, CA while on HSPA, ehhh…. will try again later. This phone is sick! I feel I finally got a good replacement.

  • 2006mr

    I received a software update 10 mins ago ALREADY on my mytouch 4G, WOW!

    • 2006mr

      To my understanding…the software update was to improved the battery life,WiFi calling, Video calling and the known issue not being able to download any apps from the market place. After it rebooted my apps downloaded immediately

  • Angry

    Did tmobile change their phone upgrade policy within the last 2 weeks? 2 weeks ago I was able to get the G2 for $200, but this week its $309. 14 months since my last upgrade to a non-smartphone. I thought you get a full upgrade between 11-22 months for smart phones? I hope tmobile helps me get the mytough4g for $200 when I call tomorrow.

  • The Sleeve

    I was at the store this morning as they opened to door and was messing around with the MyTouch4G and while I don’t need a physical keyboard at all I could not find any reason to trade in my G2 for this phone. I think it was mostly the fact that I love Vanilla Android so much and I find the Espresso version of Sense much less appealing. Web pages seemed to download at the same speed or slightly quicker on my G2 (makes sense…they both have HSPA+).

    To each their own…I just want an all touchscreen Android with no keyboard. O well…maybe 2011…or 12…hopefully before the world ends :D

  • Joe

    went to the store to check it out today played with a live one IMO phone is 4.8″ long to big for a phone with a 3.8″ screen they wasted hardware space on this phone. the weight is heavy. not impessed with the hardware design

  • joe

    H means hspa+ there is no h+

    • Craigers

      right. When I picked mine up today I had an H, but we don’t have hspa+ yet. I asked and the guy said he just asked his DM about it the other day. He said basically T-mobile was already doing the upgrades in the area, they just were not complete, so we have the H on all hspa+ capable phones.

  • Fixxer56

    Any information in documentation about the 3 side contacts/ car or home dock to be available?

    • KevinCG

      I absolutley need to know about this!

  • Abel2fresh4u

    Hey david I just revived a firmware update for the mytouch 4g¡!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorandkairi

      What did it do

  • Sorandkairi

    I installed a firmware update for the mytouch4g….hope I didn’t just disable the wifi tethering
    …nm I’ve postponed it

  • Bobert

    N1 user giving this some serious consideration.
    The WIFI calling is a necessity given tblows crappy coverage

  • mtnman

    Everyone’s got their new MT4G and I have to wait till next Friday to get mine. That’s ok, at least you guys can tell me if there’s any bugs in it so I’ll know in advance. Plum here I come.

    • abel2fresh4u

      any bugs so far. the phone is responding like it should

  • sorandkairi

    Lol using my mytouch wirelessly tethered to my mytouch4g to type this message

  • Jesus

    By the way, I do have the latest over the air update that was released today. Just thought I would mention that before people asked.

  • Andy, Inc

    Can’t wait till I qualify for an upgrade :)

  • smash-mode

    Man im in love with my new mytouch…i was kinda skeptical bcus of the lack of a physical keyboard but i find myself typing way faster without it its awesome….4g speeds are lightnin fast…cam looks crisp n clear…havent tried the video calling yet but plan on doing it soon…this phone has exceeded my expectations great job tmobile

  • sami

    my sister doesn’t know what to get. it’s either this, the g2, or the vibrant. she is really attracted to the vibrant because of its super amoled screen though. what should i get? someone plz help

    • Cybersedan

      I upgraded from a Vibrant to Mytouch 4G, I will be honest, the screen on the Mytouch is not nearly as impressive as the Vibrant, but that’s where the comparisons end.

      Everything else the Mytouch takes hands down, after about 4 hours I didn’t even miss the screen anymore.

      • sami

        thats actually why i didn’t upgrade my vibrant. i walked into a t-mobile store looking to upgrade to a g2 or mytouch 4g. i played with the phones, and was disgusted by their screens. that’s what happens when you’ve been around super amoled for so long. i took out my vibrant, compared screens, and said hell no. then i just walked out with my vibrant

  • Jesus

    Is anyone else with the new MyTouch 4G having trouble accessing the internet during a phone call?

  • Flacco

    look like a great phone and i want one since i need to upgrade my stupid phone, but what good is 4g really if i dont have 4g in my city? what good is a genius button if it doesnt understand my voice? what good is video chat if only a few of my contacts have that capability? what good is screen share if dont own a tv capable of doing that? this phone runs Froyo 2.2 or somehthing like that but i can root my phone to run the same thing. so my question is, is it really worth it? something to think about.

  • Cybersedan

    I’d personally love to line up the list of people that were referring to this phone as “plasticy” and “childish”, so I can smack the living crap out of each of them for being the idiots they are.

    This phone is amazingly built and is on par with any other top Android hardware out there.

  • TangoPapa

    Coming from stock vanilla android the MyTouch4g takes some getting used to. The good news is I don’t think the UI makes the MyTouch4g lag at all. If it does, one would hardly be able to tell from real time usage. I’m very happy with the phone, its incredibly quick. I have grown quite fond of the Expresso hybrid Sense My wife and I have been using Qik to video chat quite a bit since one of us usually has the baby while the other is busy.

    I got a pretty nice case from Tmobile for $30 (yeah I know kind of expensive). It’s a hard clear plastic case with rubber side grips in black and kickstand in the back to stand the phone or on its side to watch movies. Pretty neat, I really liked that feature on the new HD7 but this case provided the protection + that feature, I figured that was worth adding.

  • JP

    So how do you add music to this bad boy?

  • mingkee

    There are 3 more (my touch can, iphone can’t) not mentioned:
    1. wifi calling
    2. 3G sharing over wifi (additional fee applies)
    3. Native Adobe Flash support

  • Sulu600

    Only 15 months into my 1.0 ver of the MT3G, so store said upgrade would be over $300. Still waiting for Froyo, but maybe by the time I am eligible for a full upgrade discount, T-Mobile will have EDGE or 2G fully implemented on their network. So tired of traveling a few miles outside of major cities and reverting to GPRS data speeds.

  • I got the phone. It’s even better than i thought it would be. Don’t waste time with the Qik video chat yet, they need to get it fixed. Get Tango from the droid mkt and use that, it’s flawless unlike all the other video chat programs i tried for this phone. I’ve only had it since 11/3 but i will say that this is the coolest phone i’ve ever seen and i’ve had a lot of them from BB, Nokia Communicators, BB, BB, BB, BB, iphone, iphone 4…..blah blah blah…Droid is it…i will never own another iphone

  • g1ana

    I really like mytouch 4G but it is true that the Vibrant screen is awesome. But all the features the mytouch does is just amazing, love it. Can we videochat through any IM?

  • Victoria

    I want to know if and when a mytouch 4G slide will be out. I would love this phone with a slide out keyboard. Will 100% get this phone if it came out with a mytouch 4g slide!!! Like they did with the 3G mytouch.

  • I want to know more about TMobile’s phone service. I presently use Sprint and I am pretty happy with their phone coverage. Their 4G phones are not as nice as the MyTouch 4G. I have no way of comparing their wifi speeds, respectively. I find Sprint’s 3G network intolerably slow. But a phone for me has to be a phone 1st, so I wonder about TMobile’s phone coverage and reliability.

  • James Dalrymple

    I have tried every android phone ever made and this is the happiest I have ever been with a phone. There is nothing it can’t do. I highly recommned this phone to anybody who is considering buying an android device.

  • Henrymeys

    i just got the red one and i must say damn…the phone looks really nice in person compared to online pics…the the UI is slick as well…get the red one if u can…it looks and feels expensive…moneys worth.