T-Mobile And Qik Announce Video Chat Feature

T-Mobile and Qik marked the launch of the myTouch4G with a brand new version of the Qik video application, first available on the myTouch4G.   Integrating with the native Android address book, Qik will be able to indicate when someone is available and “present” to video chat. Not only can you video chat with someone on Qik but you can also leave a video message for a family member or friend who might not be able to leave video chats.  Pretty neat stuff!


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  • Eddie

    what if i have the nokia e73. i downloaded QIK but i guesss it wont be the same thing huh?

  • abel2fresh4u

    can we video chat with iphone 4 owners??

    • 2FR35H

      Common sense says yes. I mean if you can leave non FFC phones videos why wouldn’t you being able to chat with iPhone owners?

    • ColoradoGray

      You’ll need another program. I think it’s called Jumbler. It’s on the market and in the app store I believe.

    • Use Fring for cross platform vid confrencing.

      Play safe!

  • LSxChevelle

    I think so now, they can use yahoo from what I’ve heard.

  • Dave

    I might get MyTouch4G. I’m debating between it & The G2. I need a keyboard thou, a PHYSICAL KEYBOARD!

    • G

      If you need a physical keyboard, the G2 is the only logical choice then… I am doing the same thing in my head. I would really like the physical keyboard but am still debating between a Mytouch 4G and the G2.

      • deceptivesmiles

        As am I. I might get two MyT4G’s tho so I can chat w/ the mrs. and the little one via video while I’m at work over night

      • SoooAnxious

        You can also opt to get a G2 and then buy an ipod touch if youre getting the mytouch 4g based on the ffc. Expensive…but it fulfills both needs. I understand the need for a keyboard. Ive had my mytouch 3.5 mm for a year now…and I miss a physical keyboard soooo baaaddddd.

      • Nokia N900

        @deceptivesmiles You can video chat with the back camera also using Qik. The obvious drawback being they can see you but you can’t see them unless you have a mirror.

    • hi

      outta curiosity….have you ever used an on-screen keyboard? like really used it for more than 2 days? Not trying to be a jerk or anything….I just don’t really understand why people would need a keyboard really. I write e-mails from my iPhone on almost a daily basis and I feel like the process is incredibly easy

      • Nokia N900

        @Hi You screen tap one handed emails and think that’s faster then a full landscape keyboard?

        • Cinnamon620

          yes, as the post says above u because of the swipe feature…u can type out entire emails in under a minute..so yea….way faster and easier than the freakin keyboard.

      • xfooyen

        Swype ftw

  • G

    If I get the MyTouch 4G will I be able to video chat with my friends who have sprint and use the EVO 4G?

    • TMOJoe

      Yes you can chat with EVO and Iphone peeps.

  • fish

    I belive to chat with iphone you can install Tango, which is also available for iphone, and commence video chat

  • tecjunkie


    I’m not 100%, but going thru it looks like you cant check texts while video chat or it will drop your call.

  • Untouchable4rc

    Me and a friend at work completed a successful video chat session using a Mytouch 4g and an iPod Touch through yahoo messenger…whats awesome about all this is that he was connected to my phone through the Wifi Hotspot feature on the Mytouch 4g.

    • ColoradoGray

      Ha! That’s awesome.

    • alex

      I’m sure you’ve seen iphone’s commercial for video calls. How do you compare it with the video quality of the mytouch4g.

  • Pimpstrong

    So now that we offically have Video Chat, lets so much of a FAD or success it will be.

  • Big Jake

    See Microsoft I told you I was gonna punish you for not coming harder on the HD7, oh well!!, but as of today at apx 10:35 you cann call me a MT4G or a I like to call it a mini white Desire HD owner.. & I see the internet embraced my little nickname as well, but having come fresh off a 4.3in HD2, I thought a 3.8in screen should new moving backwards. However befor buying the MT4G I has to wait in line for about 45mins so I had a chance to fiddle with the G2’s 3.7in screen and truth be told I was blown away… a F’n brilliant phone BTW, superb!!, did not disappoint …time to inbox the mytouch hers to going its like the G2….

  • smash-mode

    Man this mytouch is awesome man…for those who think life with. A phone with out a physical keyboard will suck, let me tell you that the transition will be easy…I was a g1 owner, debated about the g2 for its keyboard but decided to go with the mytouch and so far the transition has been good. Of course its gonna take some time to get use to and feel comfy with but I say within a month you shouldn’t miss a beat

    Loving this damn phone!!! All blk for me too by the way….its way sexier lol

    • Thaghost

      Red is fire!!

  • jdizzey

    as a owner of the G2 for for like almost a month after its release i have to say i have no regrets that phone was buggy and not as fast as the vibrant which i had before which was buggy such as freezing appps the g2 would freeze on me and lag idk but I’ve a new owner of the MT4G and im pretty impressed the phone practically set its self up i didnt have to do anything it even put the same background i had on my G2 which i swtiched to the MT4G reinstalled nearly 90% of my apps saved me a ton of time the video chat i haven’t used yet but looking forward so far Double Rainbow all the way

    ~pimpin’ ain’t easy but neither is algebra~

  • bigger mac

    Does anyone know what does the firmware update for the MT4g do? I picked up my phone this morning and within 2 hours i got the update pop up

    • i think its bug fixes

      • bigger mac

        All i can notice so far is i have an application called appPack on the menu now, its like the tmobile’s version of the market

      • KUL

        tmob.. recommended apps, ringdriod, netflix my account etc!

  • g2/HD2 USER

    My mytouch is waiting at the store for me when I get off. This has been the longest day if my life

  • bigger mac

    Now i just got an update for the qik app.. everything is happening so fast!! haha

  • Rooted G2

    The Qik app works great on stock G2’s. If you are willing to stand in front of a mirror to video chat.