The Blackberry 9780 Arrives Soon, Hopes To Remain Relevant

The Blackberry 9780 is preparing to find its way to T-Mobile complete with Blackberry OS 6 in store.  While the device has been officially announced, we don’t want it getting lost under the myTouch4G weight so this is just another reminder of its arrival.  Blackberry users are still a faithful bunch and this device just builds on the wild success of the 9700 series and the white one does look pretty good, if I must say.  Coming November 17th for just $129.99 after rebate, of course!

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  • Mohammad

    not relevant anymore!

  • DJrumbero

    What’s new here or…..relevant???

  • nerd lust

    The number 1 smart phone in the US, not relevant? What are yall smoking? I’m a bb8900 user and I’m checking this out and it will be in the running along with winmo7 and myt4g. Their’s a lot of business users that need security first.

    • Jonathan

      I’m a 9700 user. If your really a faithful then do yourself a favor and pick it up. Its my phone on steroids. Its the real deal and an extension of my brain.

      • trini_pirate

        ummmm NO. more like the 9700 sipping a cup of coffee

    • Deadpan

      If RIM will give us a decent native QR/Barcode reader that I’ll happily switch back from my G2.

      I said native, realtime. Like BBM has but faster.

  • kingkong

    Ill be getting a white one just saying


    I tried hanging in there as long as I could, but come on, the only difference between this and the 9700 is the camera and blackberry 6 installed, and it being black. Wow Magenta, I see sprint carrying the new full keyboard flip, verizon with the storm, at&t with the torch, and us with….the same style model since I don’t even know when. sigh…blackberry is no more.

    • trini_pirate

      RIM refuses to compete anymore. i’m gonna do myself a favor and switch from the 9700 to the mytouch4g. by the time the 4g gets replaced, RIM will be pushing out an 8MP bold with the same old OS and processor

  • tron

    I want the 9100 pearl 3g!

  • Tom

    Well for me, it’ll be my next “best blackberry so far” for the following reasons:

    -I love blackberry in general (THE best push e-mail, decent apps, BBM, etc.).
    -I love my present blackberry (the 8900) but want to upgrade to a better Blackberry with a better web browser, better OS (i.e.-OS6), get more app area memory, get wifi AND 3g, maybe a few other improvements and features, etc.
    -I love the idea that when I upgrade my phone pretty much all of my old phone’s info and characteristics transfer over. Sure is nice not to have to manually re-enter in contact’s email and home addresses, birthdays, notes, etc.
    -I love T-Mobile’s customer service and good “bang for your buck” pricing.
    -It doesn’t seem to me that the touch screen implementation of OS6 (aka 9800 Torch) is quite up to speed yet for a touch screen Blackberry – needs BIG improvement / faster processor / tighter coding or something. (Besides, I REALLY don’t want to switch over to AT&T to get the 9800 Torch)

    So for those of us running even slightly older Blackberries (heck, my 8900 was the latest and greatest Blackberry less than 2 years ago!), an upgrade to this latest non-touch screen Blackberry is the perfect choice for “your best Blackberry phone, yet)

  • DavidOhio

    I don’t know why people bash Blackberry, I mean I know that Blackberry has a huge user base. The fact is that BB users prefer the standard design. There was a flip and it did ok but not as good as the standard design. Look, you are either a Blackberry person or not. If Android is your thing them great. Windows 7, great. I personal like Android but will not dump on BB users or any other smartphone users just because I don’t like the device they like. To each their own. Maybe i’m just not a hater. I wish this new BB all the luck.

  • SK

    I had the first pearl, currently have the 8900 and I like them both. After seeing the capabilities of other phones it seems like RIM is more focused onsticking with their nitch market. They have done very little in innoviation department and because of that I am looking at other options. They have a very good product and hopefully they will have continued success.

  • tron

    Can someone tell me where I can get affordable unlocked phones? I’m tired of waiting for t-mobile I can’t wait anymore I want the 9100.

  • EA

    I have a 8900, it has been a good phone but it is real hard to see all the new phones and technology that Android is bringing,I just saw the my touch 4g at one of the Tmobile stores and I have to say I was blowwwn away. Looks like I will be converted into the Android take overr!!!!

  • me

    winmo7 is horrible, it is completely uninteresting, apps are useless, flat out is bleh, which is the same thing thats said for blackberrys….they won’t be number 1 for very much longer.

  • Crossbearer

    Love my 8900, it is a workhorse for me. The only thing I wish it had was 3G and maybe more internal memory. Hence, enters stage left, the 9780! It looks nice and it would be a great upgrade for me! However, I saw that the MyTouch4G priced at $449 outright! TMobile really needs the Torch or something like it. Their touch screen lineup is hammering their BB lineup. A store rep told me the other day that their new Curve 3G is like a statue, which I can understand why. Talk about irrelevant! The 9700 is also price pointed at $449 like the MyTouch4G, the G2 is at $499. TMobile rocks but I think they have become irrelevant to BB or visa versa.