The Galaxy Tab Is Just A Few Days Away. Who Is Counting Down?

With the iPad hitting almost 95% of tablet market share these days, the Galaxy Tab is a welcome addition to the Tablet arena hoping to make a dent in Apple’s current domination.  Coming in at $399.99 with a 2-year agreement, the Tab is ready to prove that 7 inches of Tablet space is plenty to get work done.  Better get ready to break open that piggy bank for this one.  She arrives in just one week!

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  • Seems better now that Sammy has announced Honeycomb and Gingerbread are coming. Sounds yummy for my tummy! Need details on Wifi. If WP7 Os does not support tethering I will bit my tongue and get a MT3G.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • jymmyb

    NO tab for me….until they learn is nothing without phone line :P

    • Yaniv

      Youre right Jym, why would anyone pay 700 bucks for this with no phone line? Especially when you can get the viewsonicwith a faster processor and all around better specs for $400.
      This is definitely a big mistake by Tmo; very surprised here.
      Especially with all the new top end phones they are getting, why do this? I thought maybe they don’t want to kill the network, but…the 4g does video chat soo that can’t be it.
      What gives magenta?

      • Yyevo

        You do realize TMo doesn’t set the prices, don’t you? Samsung sells them to TMo, TMo marks it up to make a profit. I guarantee the markup is less than you think.

    • Deke218

      Your right. I was going to buy a Rolex today but it didn’t have a phone line so I decided not to. Come to think of it, my daughter didn’t come with a phone line either! I’m shipping her back!

  • tipsofme

    After a co-worker came back from a meeting I didn’t attend and told me that its a WHOLE lot thicker than the pictures lead one to believe (twice the size of the ipad) and said that the build quality is less than that of even the galaxy s phones- Count me not interested at all. It was a great attempt at the first Android based tab and we can leave it at that.

    • Deke218

      a co-worker told me that the moon was made of cream cheese. Why would I need to find out for myself? If he said its cheese then its cheese.

  • PimpStrong

    $500 wifi is the only way id buy one and I still probly wouldn’t. 2011 is the soonest for a real android tablet

  • Josh

    Not me. I just think it’s overpriced, $400 AND a 2 yr contract. No way.

    • briannn

      Will you be able to use an upgrade on this

      • sandytoes

        Im pretty sure you will. I’ve seen customers upgrading from an @home to a cell phone so it should be a possibility.

  • G2/HD2/MT4G USER

    Need a w7 slate please

    • 2FR35H


  • craighead

    so let me get this straight. europe version has phone capabilities, but usa does not? what the heck is the monthly charge for? internet? and does it support hspa+?

  • somebody

    wp7 seems like it would be a great on something like this

  • Tato22

    the tab for tmobile is the only one with 16gb internal memory the rest that go to sprint or Verizon there only 2gb internal memory and tmobile is the only one with a flash

  • Need a wifi only version. Can’t pay another monthly charge when my phone already does everything this does. Unless you can edit google documents on 2.2.

    • drhonk

      Amen to that …

  • Counting down? Not me. Best Buy has a rocketfish tablet in the works and the tablet competition won’t hit till 2011, so I’m biding my time.

  • If I can get the Euro version to work with T-mo or get some root app to put the phone feature back into it I’d buy one.

  • JP

    I was really looking forward to this. Since I got the MT4G, don’t know how much I’d use it. Not too keen on paying an additional 40+ for data.

    Might just wait for the wifi only version.

    • sandytoes

      i think you’ll be able to get on on the 24.99 200mb plan just like on the webconnect and the inspiron mini.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I will be getting one of these new breed tablets, but only to read books and going on the Net to digress from reading, on Wikipedia, for example. (I have my Vibrant for calls and my 10″ netbooks for portable computing, and my 15.1″ notebooks for high powered portable computing. I have my Lenovo X41 from 2005 that fulfills my tablet gotta-have-it tech addiction, that cost $2000 so I am still getting over that expenditure. Lastly, I have my desktops for the heavy lifting.)

    Since I won’t be using this tablet as a notebook or cell phone, I am going to get a device that has an excellent display and has WiFi connectivity. And I will want an Android based tablet.

    My recommendation is that you consider one of the new Augen tablets coming out over the next few months. Augen rocked the tablet e-reader world with it’s K-Mart featured 7″ Android 2.1 e-reader, for a mere $150!

    Augen announced last month that this holiday season and early next year it is debuting six new Android tablets.

    I am anxiously wanting the GENTOUCH Latte Grande. For a MSRP of only $249 (That means $200 street price) I will get:

    7″ multi-touch capacitive 800 x 600 display.

    800 MHZ CPU with Android 2.2

    Adobe DRM SDK9 (Digital Rights Management)

    2GB flash memory.


    32GB capacity microSD slot

    3 axis accelerometer

    3 axis compass

    Ambient light sensor

    HDMI output

    I mean is there any reason to consider the Tab or any tablet that sells for $400 to $700?

  • Rilesman

    WiFi only please

  • Vibrant Guy

    I got the Archos 70 internet tablet just release for US yesterday. It’s cheap, just as good if not better, and no contract.

  • mtnman

    Just wait 4-5 months, it’ll be down to $199.99 or less.

  • Yeah this device isn’t something I want to pay that much for on top of that agreement with that data monthly fee. Even the no contract one on verizon is way too pricey. I and probably we, just want that wifi option like someone said earlier..
    Just makes me look at all those other tablets that are CHEAPER….

  • Cupcake

    Let me get this right. 400bucks, a contract AND a monthly bill when I can drop a few more $$ and buy an iPad and not have a monthly bill or contract ??!!! Come on Tmobile…something about that is not quite right. Sad face!

  • Yyevo

    To everyone bitching about the monthly plan:

    Why would T-Mobile, a wireless provider, sell a device that doesn’t require a contract? It’s how they make money.

    If you want a wifi only tablet, you won’t find it at T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Cricket, or any other CELL PROVIDER!

    Common sense people!

  • reddragon72

    Where’s the Vibrant Froyo and WIFI calling?!?!? that is what I am waiting for and wont buy this Sammy device till I get my current Sammy device updated!! Here that big T, no more buying till you take care of your current devices!! You always do this sh1t!!

  • Yaniv C

    What we REALLY need a windows phone 7 Tablet…. Windows Zume anyone?
    Get it? I made a play on the words zune and zume.. zune being the PMP and zume a play on zoom and because the tablet is bigger its like your zoo…… never mind… either you get it or you dont lol =)


  • PJ

    I think the pricing is too steep. Even though it does more than the iPad, if you want to draw in people you have to make it worth it to come. Considering I don’t need the data connection for the device I am certainly not going to pay $600 for it when I just purchased a Archos 70 7in tab for $247 and they are releasing a 10.1 in version in a week or 2 for $300. Comparing specs it is just as good if not better in some things.