T-Mobile HTC HD7 Unboxed, Courtesy Of PhoneDog

Our friends over at PhoneDog have managed to get their paws (see what I did there?) on the new T-Mobile branded HTC HD7.  The HTC HD7 will make its official debut on November 8th for $199.99 ( 2-year agreement), with existing customers already able to order the handset now.  T-Mobile’s first Windows Phone 7 device packs a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 4.3-inch capacitive display, 5.0-megapixel camera (with Dual LED Flash and 720p HD video recording) and a sexy form factor.   Watch Aaron unbox this bad boy above.  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • sandytoes

    Its pretty sweet. We got our instore Demi today. First!! Lol. Had to do it David sorry

    • tipsofme

      What do you think of it? I was NOT impressed at all. Its a very ODD phone. Also, I don’t feel like the build quality is quite as high as the HD2…

  • sandytoes

    Its pretty sweet. We got our instore Demo today. First!! Lol. Had to do it David sorry

    • Will it have HSPA and does it tether?

      • Kevin

        No, it does not have HSPA+, basically a reskinned HD2 with larger internal memory and WP7. Tethering will depend on WP7 capabilities

      • Kevin

        Not trying to bash it with that previous comment, it is a very very solid built device. The best feeling and well built devices Ive ever seen

  • Wilma Flintstone

    only if this was Symbian 3/maemo or meego. I’d be excstatic. Hopefully WP7 does well though. Come on Nokia and Tmo, bring me that dream 4.3 with Symbian 3/Maemo or Meego and a ffc, amongst other awesome specs with a 1.5ghz dual core processor. I’d be jumping for joy if Nokia made a device like that and Tmo actually considered Subsidizing it. I can only dream of a better world. :)

  • Mine is on the way. I can’t wait.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I must say I absolutely LOBBOLOVE the design of that phone. The metal is just Awe-inspiring BUUUUTTTTT, I’m not too sure about WP7. If there was a way to get Symbian 3/Maemo or Meego on that, I’d trade in this failure of a HD2 (which the HD7 basically is, not the failure part, just the HD2 part) and get this device but I’m not sure if that will be possible but I can hope someone hears my cries at XDA and start cracking Symbian 3/Maemo 6+ and Meego on some of these devices.

    • karlc

      ive seen your comments quite a bit and you are probably the only one who writes about wanting, errr…desiring symbian3/maemo/meego. nobody else, just you. dare i say , this is more of an android/WP7 fan crowd so you trying to say, “great phone but needs…symbian,etc…is falling on deaf ears. i dont invision that OS taking over anything real soon!!!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        It’s falling on deaf ears huh, then why are you and Deke218 responding? Apparently someone hears it. Also, You darn right and I want Symbian 3/Maemo or Meego more than Android yep, There are people out there that want an OS other than Android. Unbelievable isn’t it, kinda hard to believe no?

        The way you and alot of others seem to think, Android will be the only OS put on Smartphones and there will be no competition. You’d like that wouldn’t you? Yep you would. Then once that happens, Google turns into Apple and forces you to do stuff with “your” smartphone that you don’t want to unless you Root which will cause alot more problems because most people don’t know how to Root.

        Now don’t get it wrong, I think Android is a very nice OS but I want options whether through Dual Booting or whatever other means. Yes Android is a Nice OS but I like how Symbian^3 is looking more than Android. Maemo is on the N900 and we all know how powerful that device is even after around 2-3 years of being out. Maemo is known as a Developer OS due to it being More Linux than even Android. Meego is the FULL Linux OS and whatever apps you have on Symbian^3 can be transferred between the two.

        Just because you don’t see anything in Symbian doesn’t mean others don’t either. It’s fine that you like Android only but I like Symbian, Maemo and Meego along with Android and would love to try out another OS.

    • Deke218

      what the gosh darn heck is Symbian 3/Maemo or Meego?

      nuff said.

  • patrickhuey

    I wonder what made android shoot to the skies so fast, while windows mobile is just barely getting off the ground? While I am an Android guy for sure, (loving the G2 for about 2 weeks now) I think that with all of these new windows 7 phones coming to so many carriers with so many choices, I think that there is actually going to be a third leg to this google, apple war. Any thoughts?

    • NiiDiddy

      depends on how WP7 catches on. i think it will—and if it does, there’ll be a real war going on. WP7 just needs a good app platform and developers who’d want to write apps for WP7 and competition will get crazy between iOS, Android and WP7.

    • AreYouSerious?

      I think you need to reserve that statement until WP7 is available in the U.S.

      I know its slow adoption for WP7 in Europe right now, but looking at Android’s history, The G1 dropped in October 2008 in the U.S., then in Europe a couple of months after.
      Even then, it wasn’t until Verzion and the Droid that Android really took off, and that was a YEAR after the G1 with a much bigger marketing campaign. Again, the Droid in the U.S. first, then in Europe a month later.

      You’re stating Android ‘shooting to the skies’, well keeping with that example, you need to give WP7 at least one year to make a fair comparison.

    • Deke218

      Android did not shoot to the skies that fast. Android was pretty much rejected at first [Still I got the G1 on day one – Android still sucks]. It took a while to gain acceptance. WP7 has been out what a week? Give it time. Of course I wouldn’t buy the HD7.

  • Nerd lust

    Microsoft will make the big 3 sweat! However blackberry enterprise will be the biggest sweetest target.

  • mtnman

    I like the form factor the WP7, but my only draw back to it is that it’s so new. Sure you’ve had Window’s 6.5 and now 7, but i’m a little concerned as to the OS. Would like for others to be the Beta Testers first and see how it is.

  • redman12

    Want this on Android, I don’t like WP7 interface.

    • Sean

      Then get the HD2 & put Froyo on it…done. Other than 720 video, the specs are as identical as they could be and still be different phones.

      Or, gasp, switch to Sprint & get the EVO.

      I love my HD2, but have been disappointed with the drop in development of apps for the WinMO platform. Android is nice (i have a MT3G), but without better support for Outlook/Exchange (I’m still on 1.6 – c’mon TMo gimme Froyo!).

      My Amazon, Ebay and BankofAmerica apps on Android aren’t there on WinMo. If Microsoft doesn’t fix the lack of Dev. for the “fun” entertainment type apps that Apple & Android have, they won’t be able to make that leap back into relevance with enough marketshare. I hope for the best because I do like WinMo.

      But this phone specificially is not the end-all be-all. It’s “old” hardware: The high-end WP7 phones that come out in Feb/March will be running 1.2 & 1.5Ghz processors and I hope that HTC will put an AMOLED screen on the 4.3″ form-factor – that would SLAY! Better screen & better battery life.

      And with no MicroSC slot in the HD7, it dies on the vine for me. That’s a deal-breaker.

  • NiiDiddy

    Wow…not bad. I’m actually impressed. UI looks/acts smoother than Android IMHO, from the little I’ve seen on WP7.

  • firebird

    We have been told it doesn’t come out till the 18th.

    • sandytoes

      Incorrect info frirebird. Minus ten days and you’re right on the money. (Means its coming out the 8th bud)

  • DDD

    I think it comes out on the 8th. I saw a demo today, the phone was behind the counter, at tmo store. Held both HD7 and Mytouch 4g (which was the reps). I must say it was smooth! Kind of like the ios. Very fluid. The only draw back seems to be a repackaged HD2. That kind of bugs me. Oh and I am a guy that has owned a android device since day G1:)

    HTC should of called it HD2.1

  • hi

    gah!!!! Why can’t this phone have Android?!

    This just killed the MT4G for me. From the first leaked picture I’ve absolutely hated the childish, hideous design. This, of course, is the final nail in the coffin. It’s absolutely beautiful. Now I just have to wait until the features of the MT4G meet the form of this awe-inspiring device

    • Deke218

      um because Android sucks? Yeah that it.

  • Nokia N900

    No skype, no FFC, no deal. Barely any apps either…

  • Sanjay

    I have been waiting for WM7 for a long time. Desperately need to upgrade from the super slow TP2. Now I am so disappointed to hear that a brand new WM7 phone won’t even have HSPA+ (let along 4G). Also, WM7 lacks copy/paste and some other key functions that already exist on WM6. There was something else missing that I can’t remember now that disappointed me when this first was evaluated on forums. Not sure now I would buy the HD7. Anyone else? When will the Dell Venue Pro come out?

    • Air One

      I believe all WP7 phones will lack copy, paste etc. if you stay tuned the jan 2011 update will come with copy,paste, flash etc. its just a waiting game and WP7 is going to explode.

  • JB6464

    Somebody tether that badboy and see if T-Mobile stripped that out of the phone or not.

  • James

    Why is everyone complaining about how many apps there are for this phone? it brnad new. when Apple released the i phone people said the same, and guess what same was for android >_< eventually all apps will be on all phones regradless. The only way you will see apps on WP7 is if people buy the phones. Ill admit i am thinking of WP7 because its simple. out of all the apps out there i only use a handful of them and so does everyone else i know that has a iphone and a android. bottom line is do you like OS and how it runs. each OS is pretty much talored to specific types of people.

  • Cybersedan

    The hardware looks to be nicely polished, I hope microsoft finally got it right with the OS. Even though I’m a solid android fan, its good to have options.

  • alex32g2

    im an android guy (happy owner of g2 for 3 weeks) and im not going to lie..wp7 UI looks way more polished than android. this is one heck of a phone.
    any thoughts?

    • Insider

      The OS does look polished with ActiveSync, Office and Sharepoint support right out of the box. But, no cut/copy – paste, no HSPA+, no FFC and no substantial apps.

      With T-Mobile, it’s a love-hate relationship. I love T-Mobile for their service and customer service. I hate them because they ALWAYS leave something to be desired with their devices. Why couldn’t they have a 4.3″ Android device. Yes, the Vibrant is nice, but leaves out a FFC, camera flash, WTF? The MT4G is nice, but looks like something you would buy for your kid. It’s ALWAYS something. They can never nail down a device that is THE device to compete with the Evo 4G’s and the iPhone’s of the world. You know what I mean?

      For me, it is very frustrating situation and one that eventually will have me move from T-Mobile to Verizon or Sprint. I will NEVER go to AT&T.

  • mos_def98

    Other than this phone having WP7 and a few geeked up apps to me this phone is no different than the HD2. I’m a HD2 owner and I must say that this was one of the worse phones that tmobile has ever came out with. Beware all of you that don’t know anything about the HD2 don’t waste your time nor money because it’s not worth it at all trust me you all will be pissed that you bought after about a month with the phone. The constant freezing and the constant going off on it’s own is a pain to me, but hey to each his own.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Agreed 100%. I am ready to get rid of this HD2 but Tmo doesn’t have any phone with the stuff I want so I’m stuck with it until they decide to get a 4.3 with an OS other than Windows on it and a ffc.

  • jbanks

    David boygenius has q3 results up…. We added customers!!!

    • David, Managing Editor

      Might want to look at our site!

  • Ruufus

    where is my video out feature?

  • how hard is it for them to get the dang head phones right? put the mic and the controls for the mic up closer to the ear so you don’t have to look for it every time you want to use it. And shorten the length a little. Maybe they all have after market headphones so they don’t understand my frustration.

    • RDL

      Maybe the point of it was that you can jog with your phone in a pants pocket or work out at the gym, or have enough length to put it away from the toilet when you are conducting your business so that you don’t drown it?

      I’m just sayin’…

  • Deke218

    How can you watch T-Mobile TV without HSPA+? Its terrible on my HD2. Why oh why did they release this device without HSPA+?

    • sanjay

      I agree. That is what I was forgetting on my earlier post. Brand new phone, plenty of time to plan because HSPA+ has been rolling out for a while now. I think the phone companies need to also put their foot down and refuse phones that don’t have some basics (put some pressure on hardware and software manufacturers). No copy/cut/paste in the brand new WM7 system? Idiots! No HSPA+ while touting it on the airwaves and internet as a selling point? Idiots! No Flash? Double Idiots! What else is missing and why should we be waiting till January for fixes. This is brand new, you don’t plan to fix new things, Idiots? Now I have to seriously consider what I did not want to do and that is to switch away from WM because I have already waited too long.

    • lsnizzle

      Doesnt hspa max out at 7.2Mbps? I know a lot of you want hspa+ but seriously i have yet to see hspa+ speeds on current phones especially in populated cities such as New York and L.A. where I live. the most ive ever reached on my hd2 is 4mbps. 7.2mbps is enough to stream hd videos.

  • jigsaw918

    can someone confirm that Windows7 Phones (including Dell Venue Pro) do not have Wi-Fi calling?

  • jmc

    played with this phone today, i must say its a winner.

  • molten

    There are a lot of people sleeping on WP7. I cant believe some of the questions being asked here and the bad info being giving out. If you dont know something,dont talk about it.Better yet dont give advice on it.Telling someone not to buy this phone because you had a bad experience with the HD2 is like telling somebody not use a smartphone because you hard a bad experience with the iPhone,Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 are two completely different OS. As far as I am concern,the more the merrier! Bring on more platforms so that the so called “big 2” OS’s stay on thier toes.