Galaxy Tab Shows Up For Upgrade, Getting Closer To “Tab” Day

The Galaxy Tab officially arrives in just 6 days but it’s already made an appearance in at least one account.  Unfortunately, attempts to pre-order the device were met with a “coming soon” message.  However, the same could be said for the HD7 page that already went up, yet at least a few HD7’s are said to be delivered tomorrow so who knows.  Maybe with a little luck you can order the Tab a day or two early and be the envy of everyone else.  Let us know if it works for you!

Thanks, Safil.  You da man!

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  • JP

    I know the US version is NOT supposed to come with voice capabilities, but when I try, it’s asking me to upgrade and choose a phone line. I wonder….

  • Dominick

    I really hope I can do this, would love to upgrade my phone to this and get a cheap android device or whatever

  • I would like to get this and the moto flipout.


  • Magenta Magic

    This will be a webconnect device, just like the netbooks. FYI

    • JuniorJunior

      true, but what if you just throw your android device sim into it?

  • trife

    My guess? This will FLOP. Just my opinion though….we’ll see I guess.

    • tipsofme

      I fear the same unfortunately. What really suck is I know they are going to make this a part of the daily sales matrix and wonder why people aren’t able to sell 5 a day! Freaking desk jockey morons.

  • safil

    I don’t know. I personally bought the ipad and thought it was too big, didn’t have flash and since Im an android dude, the “not free” apps bothered me. I mean, I jailbroke it right away but, no free apps that android has kills me. Also, not to mention for the weight and size, i rather use my laptop. I like the samsung tab cause its an extension of my mytouch 4g. I mean, all i have to do is sign in to app brain and get all the apps I have on my phone and they sync. Not to mention, I can tether it to my phone. If we can’t make calls from it or if it doesn’t have a front facing camera, than it has to be wifi only, for me at least. I’ll buy it when it comes out and play with it for 13 days and if I don’t like it, return it on the 14th day. I’ll be posting a revue when I get it. @safil on twitter or I’ll just send it to TMOnews.
    P.S.- thanks for the credit, means alot.

  • sam

    its not gonna flop but all of the features that put it over the top have been stripped by u.s carriers, ie…( voice calls) pretty soon these things will be everywhere… someones got to take the first step and samsung did

  • John

    I went into the tmobile store just as the Samsung rep was leaving, got to play around with it, it’s pretty nice, and great form factor all in all. I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of the size, but it’s very comfortable! Just don’t know if I’d get it and pay the additional money for another data plan…. I think I’d really only get a wifi only tablet device at this point.

  • Jeff

    I would only want to it if it has the ability to allow voice calls via bluetooth. Earlier screenshots did show the phone icon on the screen, but the later images had it taken out. I contacted Tmobile and they said voice would only work via wifi with skype. I was like, if I am at home, I’d just use my landline then. If I am in the car, using this for GPS, voice over bluetooth would be perfect. Not sure why Tmobile would take this out, seems like a product killer in my view. It would go a long way in selling it as an upgrade.

    • JuniorJunior

      I agree but think of the great things that the devs at do, and will do. I give it a week or so before the capability to make calls pops up.
      its already been rooted!