Dell To Offer Dell Venue Pro’s To Employees Replacing Blackberry, T-Mobile To Serve As Provider?

Dude, T-Mobile is getting more Dell!  Well, 25,000 more Dell employees to be exact if this report by the Wall Street Journal is accurate.  Dell has decided to move 25,000 employees over to the Windows Phone 7 platform and eliminate the company’s Blackberry program, saving them almost 25% in cellular costs.   Employees will be offered the Venue Pro in exchange for their Blackberry, however the company does plan to have Android offerings available in the future.

Dell will market this switch to their own set of business clients and partner companies helping them eliminate costs.  Dell does face an uphill battle as Blackberry has remained constant in the business market and a great deal of companies may be unwilling to switch to an unproven platform.  Of course, the move itself shows that Dell and other companies are attempting to remove the stranglehold Blackberry once had over the business market and, in the face of increasing competition, Blackberry can’t afford to lose in this area.  Dell employees have been asking for a larger selection of devices to choose from and the Dell powers that be want a way to shave costs.   It sounds like they have found a solution to both.

Regarding T-Mobile, Dell is talking with Magenta about purchasing both voice minutes and data packages in bulk rather than individual plans.  The interesting part of this is that a possible deal might allow unused minutes and data to carryover.  Is that like rollover?  Did I read that right?

As of  now, Dell has not spoken with RIM regarding this move so we can imagine the people in Waterloo aren’t going to enjoy reading this morning’s Wall Street Journal.

Wall Street Journal

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  • Dave

    =O yay! Because I will have a Dell next year. Don’t know about the Venue Pro (want one, but I invested so much into Android including paid individual apps & appbucket).

    • Reader

      “but I invested so much into Android including paid individual apps & appbucket”- these are sunk costs.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Don’t forget to link @Tmobile tweet regarding the newly added 25K Dell employees.. here it is:!/TMobile/status/434188276731904

  • alex32g2

    My G2 just got the system update! it took 5 minutes to install and it only brings wifi calling (:

  • NiiDiddy

    this is good stuff for Magenta!!

  • alex32g2

    oh and sorry i couldnt take a picture to show you guys,i just woke up in the morning and it was there.ill describe it though.. when its downloading there are three green arrows in form of a circle pointing to a phone. then at the bottom theres a status bar showing the update is being downloaded. When its done it tell you that the the update has successfully been installed. At first I didnt know what got downloaded to my phone.BUT when i turned the wifi on my phone, i immediately got a pop up of the wifi calling app showing me mini step by step tutorial.
    I hope that helps, im sure im not the only one that has received it

    • AreYouSerious?

      How about posting that comment in a blog about the G2?

      • alex32g2

        i couldnt find one…i just went to the most recent ones to just say it, chillll

  • SublimeDavid

    Excellent if this happens hopefully well get the rumored Dell android, looks like were going for one sector we’ve long missed as these Accra can be quite profitable

  • SublimeDavid

    Accounts I meant not Accra….

  • efjay

    I would expect WP7 to be the preferred choice for businesses, with its Sharepoint client being a particular plus and with updates will be a powerful business platform. android wont offer the security businesses require and since its so easily hackable it wont be the first choice.

  • Miro

    in the quarter release statement from yesterday Rene Obermann was quoted as saying he along with the new Tmobile USA CEO will be presenting a new strategy early 2011. We can speculate what this means but sure they could be tweaking the plans

  • SublimeDavid

    Prob some tweaking like no longer allowing multiple phones onto emp if you already paying one off or even more aggressive pricing with the best selection of phones as were now seeing, project darker anyone?

  • Magenta has decided to run out of the shadows and make some noise. I like the new direction things are going. I feel the changes that they are making will cause adults to come back to Magenta. Dell Venue Pro FTW!

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • nerd lust

    Bad news for blackberry! But businesses want security first so they will be fine in the business sector.

  • Vibrant Addict

    This could be the one push that was necessary to beat RIM at it’s own game. If Dell can make this happen, and help others to do so as well then RIM will lose it’s niche market.

  • Brandon

    If I was a BlackBerry user at Dell I would be furious :|.

    Getting rid of bb’s email and elementary features like copy paste = RAGEMODE.

  • JM

    Everyone will be watching to see how this goes. It will be impressive if such a large company can make this switch work.

  • FILA

    annnd nobody mentions Steve up there from the early 2000’s, i miss those commercials