Meet Joe, T-Mobile’s Best Windows Phone Salesman

Meet Joe, T-Mobile’s top Windows Phone salesman as he works his way through CES 2012 by meeting Carly, taking a helicopter ride, driving a Ferrari, attending a Playboy party and more. It looks like Joe had a great week.

Hey Google, how about a Playboy party invite for some top Android salespeople? Show some love for that increasing marketshare, just saying.

“Do you know Joe? He’s T-Mobile’s most enthusiastic Windows Phone sales rep. As a “thank you” for his excitement about our new Nokia Lumia line, we took him with us to CES in Las Vegas for a week of VIP treatment.

From Playboy parties to Ferraris to helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon, let’s just say, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.”

WPCentral, YouTube

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  • $10-$15 per phone sold on AT&T to reps.  Meeting Carly (is that really that great?), taking a helicopter ride, driving a Ferrari, attending a Playboy party and more for a T-Mo guy.  How about taking that cash and making your OS more competitive because all you are doing is a disservice to the customers of those two carriers.

    Yes the OS is a user preference but based on the cash MS is throwing at the carrier reps to sell their phones it completely distorts the playing field.  Try incentives for the customer like I don’t know… OS they will like that sets itself apart from Android and iOS for starters.

    • Anonymous

      “…an OS they will like that sets itself apart from Android and IOS for starters.” Check the top  10 selling phones on Amazon. Check the top selling phones on Tmo and ATT. Check the reviews by many of the top tech pundits, bloggers, news organizations, and journalists.

      Okay. Now that your first request has been fulfilled, whatcha got next?

      What’s funny about the internets and its bevy of geeks is that geeks are some of the most bigoted, hateful, prejudiced, and discriminatory individuals that exist. But, this is only behind the safety of their World Wide Web fence.

      You guys take an positive article about someone success and spew vitriol at what would be an alarming race if it weren’t unexpected. My thing is, whose identity is THAT attached to a cellular telephone operating system that they see the need to jump into every competitor article/thread and spit spit spit?

      I don’t prefer Android or IOS but I don’t hate them. Not to mention, you won’t see any of my comments in ANY Android or iphone thread. Why spend my time commenting on something I don’t particularly care for? Ah well. Guess a phone does not my identity make.

  • Windows Phone 7 sales rep – wow…mom must be so pleased.

    • Randallainsworth

      Wow, hating on the guy cause he was successful at his job. Classy… Oh and hey, can you supersize those fries for me Randall? Ya thanx, you forgot last time. I know working at McDONALD’S can be stressful.

      •  Haha this was great ^^

      • Tbyrne

        LMFAO!! ^^

      • Should I congratulate the guy for suckering lots of people into buying something that sucks? The interface of Windows Phone 7 is probably fine for retarded people, but for a device that you use all the time like a phone, it would get old fast. It’s too Windows-centric – that means that it’s not real Mac friendly. It’s way behind Android and iOS in terms of capabilities.

        It’s something that sucks…because it reminds me of other stuff that sucks. In fact, it sucks in ways that other stuff hasn’t sucked before.

        • Like your mom?

        • How about you just not talk at all? Congratulate the guy or don’t continue to comment in this thread. The interface of Windows Phone and YOUR opinion of it are exactly that, YOUR opinion. So feel free to leave your opinion in a way that doesn’t make everyone want to hate on you for being rude to someone who performed their job well. I don’t think it sucks, I don’t think it’s boring…guess I’m retarded.  

    • Haters gonna hate.  Trollers gonna troll.

      Congrats Joe!!!

    • sean thornton

      Yeah, and I’m sure you’re a real winner.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Such excitement… Tmo news almost has its own tmo news show.

    • Tbyrne

      Yeah, that’s right gouvy! Everything T-Mobile plus extra goodies on TmoNews. Don’t ya just love it?

  • Anonymous

    That beat go hard.

  • Alexfromop

    Now, about them padding the reviews on T-Mobile’s website…

    • Just Root It

      actually, I work at a tmobile store. People love the windows phones. I have not had one return, and we keep selling out of the Lumia (black model).So I kinda believe the reviews.

      Having said that, it seems weird that Nokia would surprise a T-mobie sales person who sold a lot of windows phones, considering those phones would have been sold before nokia launched the Lumia, which means he was rewarded for selling HTC phones???

      • Alexfromop

        Its not the quality of the reviews, its the quanitity that raises red flags. They released numbers a couple weeks ago for the top selling phone, and the Radar was 3rd behind the Amaze and GS2. However the review count for the Radar was over triple the counts for the other 2 phones.

  • Anonymous

    WOW there is a lot hate and negativity.  The guy is a good sales rep and he got rewarded end of story

    • But he’s selling something that’s crappy.

      • sean thornton

        Windows 7.5 isn’t crappy, and anyone that uses it for a week will tell you that.  It may not have access to 500,000 apps like Android (many of which frequently force close), but it does work like it’s supposed and is smoother than most android devices that have 2-3 times the computing power.

        You should get your facts straight before you make comments like that about a person that you don’t even know.

  • Thecityboy781

    Not even if they gave me all of that I would sell windows phones…they freakin suck lol

  • If you guys want Windows Phone tips/tricks, app recommendations, and all news Nokia, follow me on Twitter! @NokiaJoe1

    • nerdlust

      Congrats on your sales award you looked like you had a blast in Vegas.

      • Thanks, guys! I definitely had a blast in Vegas!

    • Steven

      Job well done, sir!  Congratulations.

    • Makoute

      He’s a recommendation, can Tmobile USA get the lumia 900

  • TBH, when/if the Lumia 900 comes to Magenta, I’m probably abandoning Android.  If you’ve used it for any period of time (I got to drive one for a day at work), you’ll appreciate the smoothness and simplicity of the OS and the fact that it never, ever, force closes apps or locks up.

    Just sayin.

    • Anonymous

      You mean like Ice Cream Sandwich?

    • Just Root It

      Depends on what Windows does with software. I mean, Android had many issues but is (finally) a more stable platform (less freezes or force closes). ICS may finally be the generation of software that really works for Android. Windows is very decent (although Lumia is a fairly low-mid-tier phone) OS for it’s second generation, but then again, it’s really not it’s 2nd gen… It’s more like WIndows secong try at a mobile platform. Regardless…
      a higher-end Windows Phone will sell, but I’ll wait to see all the competitors at that time.

    • I will probably be joining you too.

    •  I will definitely join you for the Lumia 900 or, better yet, for the Titan II :D

  • nerdlust

    I’m loving my htc sensation but when I tried a mango hd7 it was so smooth and fast if I ever leave android I’m sure it will be for a Windows phone. Btw the guy got rewarded for doing a great job! Why all the hate?? Congrats again Joe for your hard work and your trip!!

    • Just Root It

      The windows phones are nice, but coming from Android, they feel limited to me. I love the interface and the smooth flow, and the things it does, it does well. I love XBox live Games.
      But… I use the Radar for about a week, and suddenly I have to go back to Android. It’s just missing features, Apps, and abilities I am used too. Don’t get me wrong, As soon as I start using the Android (GS2) I miss the easy to use windows.

      But, The other day I downloaded an app to make a pdf on my Android phone in less than a minute, then scanned a letter, and faxed it from my phone to a business fax line. All in less than 5 min. That’s just too much to give up.
      Windows needs more apps so it can compete in business.
      Also it’s far to dependant on Zune… Let me make a playlist freom the phone and i’d be happier. Or select several photos to delete at once. These simple features are missing along with a lot more.

      So if windows ups it’s software, it may compete, but until then the cheap wp7 devices are selling to new smartphone users, not advanced users.

  • Anonymous

    What’s a Windows Phone?

    • Tbyrne

      LMFAO! Good one!

    • Anonymous

      It’s not an Android or an iPhone, so consumers aren’t buying it.

      • Anonymous

        Let me correct one thing… it’s not a Droid. Lol. The uninformed are always good for a laugh or two.

    • Undroed user

      I think it’s Windows XP loaded into a rotary telephone. Yeah…there.

  • Just Root It

    Windows 7 (7.5) is a greta platform, but it is still limited. I love the interface, and some XBox live apps are incredible ( I’ve owned HD7, Radar, and now got a lumia 710, also own a Galaxy S2). But compared to other phones it just feels incomplete. And I do not understand why. WIndows has made software for phones for many many years. They have tons of experience in the industry. Yes the New Windows Software is smoother than the old HD2-Wing- MDA… (and multiple other touch screen windows phones predating iPhone and Android), But it is also missing so much.

    And why does t-mobile buy the cheepest phones. The Lumia 900 will be a much better seller than the 710. Look at Apple, customers who want simple, easy to use smartphones are willing to pay a lot for a high-end device that works well.

    To me the Lumia and Radar feel like very cheap microsoft iPhone knock offs. Zune instead of Itunes, no expandible memory, little customization. But crappy cameras, cheap materials, and good software in performance, but lacking in features.

    • sino8r

      The only thing limited besides their lack of apps and developers is tmobile’s lack of nice WP7.5 devices…

      • Just Root It

        Actually I’ve seen a number of features lacking.
        1. Can’t make a playlist on the go, have to connect to Zune (sucks while on a trip).
        2. Can’t set email delivery schedule (i.e. push durring office hours, delay over weekends- without manually changing when you want the change).
        3. Can’t open protected PDF’s even with the adobe download.
        4. long wait for games to completely reload when “multitasking” (Android is much quicker to switch back and forth).
        The list could go on an on, but I tried to cover the lacking features or abilities fwhich have irritated me. Even with the best hardware, Windows needs to improve the software.  

    • Philosoraptor

      The Lumia 710 and Radar are entry level phones and don’t hold up to the iPhone 4.  For the price, you shouldn’t expect it to.

      But yeah, T-Mobile has cheap phones.  In other news, the sky is still blue.

      I’m hoping for a Lumia 900 to land on T-Mobile after AT&T’s exclusive time period is up.  Even it is “old” tech in a few months, I’ll be more than happy to pick one up for cheap.

  • JustMeHere

    Joe!  the best you can do is stay clear away from Windows.

    I wont pay their sales tax.

  • Damn. I want to meet Carly :( lol

  • tmojoe

    Hey joe,
    First & foremost, CONGRATULATIONS! Sales in general is a tough business, & its not any easier im sure following the stigma of the merger…but you still stepped up & shined! NOTHING, beats that feeling! Im actually changing careers, I have a chance to work in the field thats based on what I love, mobile tech! I have an interview next week with one of the top US carriers, starting as a store manager, & I feel like Im taking a risk.Im leaving whats familiar & comfortable, but I have a chance to do something I love! I have to try… I hope I can perform at the level you have! Thats an accomplishment you can be proud of, TMO has been very good to me over the 9 years Ive been with them, but I have a feeling the position willrequire I drop my tmo lines, assuming I get the position…:-(:-(. Anyhow, I hope this is only the begining af many more career highlights for you!!

    • Thanks, tmojoe!! This was definitely quite a treat for doing something I love to do! I can’t thank Nokia and T-Mobile enough for it. I hope your interview goes well so you can take your career to the next level, but it sucks losing a customer of 9 years. Thank you for all the kind words and good wishes. I really do appreciate it!!

  • Anonymous

    I wish my store was busier so i could win stuff like this! I sold the most Lumia in my region and won an xbox last week =)

    • Tmorep

      i did too!! haha!!

      • Anonymous

        haha cool! i also entered a video submission for that other contest, so hopefully i win two xboxes lol

  • Joe is just the salesman I hate. The kinda guy that shows you their worst phone with the worst OS, and then exaggerates its features to get you to buy it. 

    • Lubbalots

      Don’t be jealous.  He did his job and got what he deserved.  Besides he’s probably is one of the few selling alot of WP compared to the thousands of fanboy android/apple “sales reps shows you their worst phone with the worst OS, and then exaggerates its features to get you to buy it.”

      • Just Root It

        Actually a lot of stores are selling out of windows phones. He is probably just at an extremely high-volume loaction  so if he sells the same percent of WP as any other store, he still wins because he sold more. A windows rep came to my store back whan we only had HD7, and he said it was crazy because percentage to customers some small stores really outsold big stores in windows phones, but windows gave free phones to the ones who sold most quantity. So again…High-Volume store wins out

    • Anonymous

      Alot better than that shitty ass Android.

    • Anonymous

      I love my windows phone. i also love my galaxy nexus. now if you want the worst os in the store, look at blackberry….

  • Lubbalots

    “Hey Google, how about a Playboy party invite for some top Android salespeople?”  LOLzzz!  Theres too many of them.  Be too expensive.

  • Lani

    Good for him being enthusiastic about a product, and actually doing what he is scheduled during the day to do.

    Wish I could say the same about the store peeps I come across, busy texting and FBing. I guess some stores are just glad to have store peeps.

    • I guess that’s what happens when you make minimum wage.

  • Good job, Joe!  Tmobile has always been my favorite carrier.  And the Wifi-calling feature on many of the phones is a killer app, don’t you agree?  Now, if they could just get it on the WP7….