Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II Owners Can Score A Free Flip Cover By Registering On Samsung’s Facebook Page

Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II owners take note as a special offer will help you score a free flip cover and NFC Tectiles just by registering on Samsung’s Facebook page. Samsung’s Flip Covers retail for around $39.99 and with your choice orange, green, blue and pink along with 7 different Tectile options, there’s little reason not to take advantage of this offer.

That’s not all from Samsung as they are also throwing in a 50%-off coupon for the accessory of your choice on their official web store. Even if you aren’t a Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II owner, you’ll still be able to take advantage of the 50% off coupon all by registering on Samsung’s Facebook page.

All you have to do is hit the Facebook link below, enable the Samsung application, register your device and score your freebies.

This is a limited time offer good from 12/28 to 2/11/2013 and the offer is limited to 10 items per shipping address. The 50% coupon on accessories is good for mobile accessories only.

Go. Register. Now.

Samsung Facebook

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  • GS3User

    Haha. Stupid trick to get people to register! What a scam! “No longer available”

    • Levy Salazar

      Yup all gone ):

    • So it’s a scam because you didn’t get the free item lol? Stop it man, lol.

      • MacRat

        No, it’s a scam because it involves Facecrook.

        • That’s silly

        • Mujo Berbic

          it actually didn’t require anything from facebook… didn’t like their page or anything… I found out about this yesterday morning on xda and took advantage of it for my note II as well as my girlfriends GS3… don’t see how registering your phone is a scam… any emails they send you, simply mark as spam…

      • Ajay Singh

        No its a scam because it doesn’t say limited supplies.

        • gGS3User

          Scam scam scam!

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      You should pick up a dictionary and learn what the word “Scam” means.

      • frigadroid

        As in Scamscum aka Samsung I already know all about it thank you. the worst manufacture in the business.

  • DOA

    free lasted two hours only. but 50% is still good. besides, the not longer free colors were not worth it.

  • That was fast, they already went through their 12,000 offers.

  • Shibboleth07

    No longer available


    6-8 weeks my free orange note 2 cover will be on the way!




    Thanks Samsung

  • Bobby Foster

    they are out of the cases for free. but the 50% off is nice still

  • Miss Anne Thrope

    This promo was already advertised in numerous blogs yesterday around noon so most cases have already been claimed.

  • I was able to get one for both devices, but they went really fast.

  • Shoulda read the comments before I just went through all that. I wonder if they really did give away that number.

  • yozo

    too bad i missed the boat. but i guess with SO many people owning the device, it would be easy to see how it was cleared out of freebies quickly.

    anyone using tech tiles? does it drain your battery keeping nfc powered on?

    • Noor Mahmoud

      From what I’ve read, not really. It is a very minimal battery drain. Then again, on my Note 2, I wouldn’t notice… I keep everything on.

  • willy

    I got only the pink one lol

  • Richard cruz

    getting one in 6 to 8 weeks yei!!

  • olographics

    ONLY PINK???????
    Well, at least was free.

  • Matthew Benyamin

    got the email, but didn’t order one. all that was left was pink for the note 2

  • achusaysblessyou

    Yes they actually gave it away, although this was posted at 1:27 p.m. PST yesterday on and the S3 offer was gone by 6 p.m. PST and when I ordered it last night at 8 p.m. PST, the Note II only had 3 cover colors in stock: Orange, Mint and Pink, which is kinda sad since my Note II is the Titanium color. Although, if you already registered your phone, register with a different account. Not sure if the Note II still has stock of covers

  • aj

    Thwre out of green

  • fechhelm

    I registered mine at 8pm last night and am still waiting for the email. Guess I don’t even get the 50% off either. I wonder if I qualified if I had already registered my gsIII back in June.

  • SDJB

    This is old news, they were all gone yesterday Nothing wrong with David enjoying his Holidays and slowing down on the news.
    Happy holidays to all.

    • They were not gone that quickly…I think some of you are just upset you were not able to get one.

  • 路人


  • thepanttherlady

    Don’t forget T-Mobile’s FB coupon is good through 12.31.12 for 30% off accessories:

  • Scott Walsh

    I knew there would be a catch, 2 months? Christ I probably won’t even have the same phone by then…

  • Scott Walsh

    Up yours Sammy!

  • Bill Smith

    Sorry but I’m not dumb enough to be on Facefraud.


    damn it, why am i only getting 50% off coupon?!!?!

  • Vicky Bair

    this was over by the 29th – they had limited quantities