“Slow T-Mobile News Day?” Why Yes It Is, So Here’s Some Stuff To Read

As the year winds down we’re in a bit of a T-Mobile news lull and while that’s fairly standard coming off the holidays, it makes for the only time I’ll ever allow the words “slow news day” on the website. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at some of the other happenings around the web with a T-Mobile twist of course.


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  • Julio

    There are no nightlies for the T-Mobile Galaxy SII yet.

    • OSG45

      Yes there is on XDAdevelopers.com

      • Julian C. Taborda


  • ant

    is tmo going to drop the note 2 online price soon

    • Ty Christensen

      Yes I agree it’s absolutely outrageous at $370 after rebate on an upgrade

      • ant

        well at least they just dropped the s3 price to 99 16gb n 149 32gb so i have hope they come down or something

  • Nick Gonzalez


  • MacRat


    If there is no news, then you should just enjoy the break. :-)

  • You could post the results of the poll ;P

  • Slow news month for T-Mobile.

  • misi

    T-Mobile doesn’t provide any customer incentives for long time customers. the zero down campaigns are fraudulent, and the phones are usually things tmobile wants to rid themselves of. If a customer remains with this carrier for over two years there should be a “free upgrade or discount on monthly bill. every year after 2 yrs,
    a 10_15% bill reduction or free upgrade, no rebate crap.

    • philyew

      That isn’t true, they just don’t publish what’s available.

      I have to say that your expectations are somewhat unrealistic: TM pay upwards of $450 for top end smartphones (see evidence from the Apple v. Samsung case) so they are not going to give that away to every 2+ year customer. However, when I renewed my contract over the summer I got an extra $100 off each of four new top-end Samsung devices, plus 5Gb plans (no tethering) for $20, and other previous service charges reduced. The total savings over two years will add up to over $1100. I’ve heard of others getting even better deals.

  • MrDenver_Pie

    Any chance that jelly bean will come to the Note 1 anytime soon? I have no desire to root the phone at this time.

  • wascrazyabtdisblog

    Blog itself is very slow