Year End Question: What Phone Did You Want On T-Mobile That Wasn’t Released?

While the end of the year might have finally seen the long-awaited Apple announcement for T-Mobile, there were plenty of other smartphones this year that didn’t land on Magenta store shelves. So here’s one of our final questions of 2012 — was there a particular phone you wanted to release on T-Mobile that never arrived? Take the HTC One X+ for instance, was the T-Mobile tease a big disappointment for you? How about the Lumia 920 for all you Windows Phone 8 fans out there? Did the lack of a T-Mobile launch (and eventual Lumia 810 release) have you looking elsewhere for an opportunity to use the top Lumia device?

Let’s hear your thoughts, what phone did you absolutely, positively want on T-Mobile in 2012 that never came?

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  • techymexican

    Lumia 920! but of course, the Rodgers Lumia 920 has the 1700MHZ band so there was a slight loophole, but it did hurt my wallet a little.

    • Zack Kennedy

      Rogers’s Lumia 920 works on 1700MHz?!

      I’m going to have to look into that! It would be worth the price for me. That is, if I can get it unlocked :/

      • Yep, I’m running an unlocked Rogers Lumia 920 on T-Mobile and loving it. Just didn’t love the price… about $700 total from Negri Electronics.

  • Brian Richards

    A GS3 with a slightyl smaller screen and a much bigger battery… oh wait that doesn’t exist, so I guess the Razr Maxx? Except with Samsung features and build quality? Point is this: the carriers and manufacturers ought to try asking us what we want in phones rather than throwing a bunch of crap at the wall to see what sticks.

    • leebier

      Like the GS3 mini? I know it’s not exact, but it generally fits the bill. FWIW, importable via amazon and other sites.

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    The One X+ or the HTC DNA. I would have liked to see that as the Nexus 4.

    • Matlock

      The Nexus 4 was not going to be based on the DNA when rumors of the DNA didnt really surface until after every one already knew that the phone was based on the LG Optimus G. Plus if the Nexus 4 would have been based on the DNA it would definitely have been much more expensive.

      • It also would have been a Nexus 5.

        • LOLTurner

          Nope. The 4 means 4th nexus phone, not 4 inch screen.

        • Keith Hooker

          And the Nexus 7 and 10?

        • Obviously the Nexus 7 was the 7th nexus device, as it was released before the Nexus 4.

    • thinmanXXS

      I would have thrown my money even faster at them if that were true.

    • I would love the HTC DNA as well on T-Mobile. Played with it in the store. Sexiest phone ever! I also wouldn’t mind a Droid Razr Maxx HD as well. I laugh at the phones in T-Mobile lineup. Smh..

      • Trevnerdio

        Like the Galaxy S III and Note II? Total slouches, let me tell you…rolls eyes ;)

        • bleeew

          The Note 2, and GS3 is on every carrier. People want choices. I have a Droid DNA, and its fast. Glad I didn’t buy overated GS3.

        • mizzat

          haha enjoy your terrible battery life and wait time for updates

        • Andrew Baxendale

          How’s battery life? My friend has one, and my brother and sister have GSIIIs. Their battery lasts around 6 hours, how does the DNA perform?

    • CDavisUnlimited

      I’m running an unlocked X+ on T-Mobile’s refarmed 1900 mhz network right now. It’s an unbelievably amazing phone.

      • 0neTw0

        Good to know. I want the Optimus G and figured it would work on T-Mobile Now

  • Milhouse van Houton

    Xperia T Or Tx

  • Morning Wood

    A Sony Xperia Phone.

  • calgrav24

    HTC One X+ all the way. I was so disappointed when they didn’t get it. But I am still enjoying my note 2 instead. I guess htc didn’t want my money.

  • One X(+)

  • a holographic phone kind of like what they used in Star Wars where it would project right in front of you.

    • Zack Kennedy

      Nah. Give me the Doctor’s (from Doctor Who) phone any day. The ability to call anywhere in space and time without a phone bill? Sign me up!

  • Johnnyd

    The jelly bean update for the HTC One S

  • Hi


  • gerald dawkins

    Htc dna a must have

  • Spoorthy Vemula

    A flagship HTC device would have been awesome

    • Aztec713

      What is the HTC One S?Not a flagship? Are you dumb and meant to say a better flagship phone?

      • Ryan

        The S was NOT a flagship phone, the X and X+ were, then later the Butterfly.

  • jbhotnessmon

    make it the LG G2X …. NOT I wouldn’t wish that POS on my worst enemy. That should be a webos device for shits and giggles.

  • The HTC One X+ and Lumia 920 had my heart set on them

  • Francis Scardino

    so far the comments got it right, a Sony Flagship as well as the HTC One X+ would have been the bees knees. 1900MHz can’t come fast enough….

    • CDavisUnlimited

      Got an X+ running on 1900 mhz now. Averaging 13 Megs down in Seattle. So rad.

  • tirtawn

    nokia n920

  • QDOG8

    I was desperately waiting for the One X+, but I was forced to use my upgrade on the One S because my G2’s screen shattered.

  • Have no issue with phone selection. I want a faster deployment of the improved network/refarming. TMO announced HSPA+ in our market (Bend, OR) over a year ago. But, then it never came. The Edge/3G is getting old. And Verizon just lit up their 4G-LTE here. I’m loyal to TMO, but frustrating.

    • cutienoua

      just paid my final bill with Tmobile. 12 years
      no reason to be loyal
      got iphone 5 on verizon! no more waiting for Tmobile iphone !

      • Zack Kennedy

        And we would care because……?

        • k-mack


      • Here, have some fucks.


        ENJOY the bill when you get it,,,Its a DUZZY…

        • Wilma Flintstone

          More like ENJOY better coverage, better signals, Less Dropped Calls, the ability to call during a rainstorm without the cell towers going down for hours, a more stable signal, better leadership, actually a not much more expensive and maybe not a more expensive bill at all depending on the plan they get and most importantly, enjoy the Google + Motorola SUPERPHONE that is coming out this year that will most likely be a VERIZON TIMED EXCLUSIVE with other carrier versions coming out at a later date.

        • Farhan

          Most of what you’ve said is subjective. I’m sure there are places where T-Mobile has a better coverage, better signals, less dropped calls, etc when compared to Verizon. And as far as your most important reason is concerned – switching carriers for a phone imo doesn’t really make sense since any new superphone is bested within 6 months.

          Choice of carriers should be dependent on the areas you frequent, the coverage you get in those areas, and how much you can afford to pay. I’ve lived in AZ, FL, and now live in SC and still use T-Mobile – going on 8 years. :) I’ve driven from Arizona to Florida and didn’t have any dropped calls – although there are many places where I probably didn’t get a T-Mobile signal (that would be true for Verizon as well), but I never had a problem using my phone WHEN i needed to.

          Eventually superphones will arrive to your carrier or you can get one unlocked. Carrier-hopping, chasing the next magical phone is not as satisfying as having a carrier that works where you need it and at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

        • Trevnerdio

          Service dropped during a rainstorm? Wow, that’s a first. Think the only time that’s happened to me is when a cell tower got struck by lightning…and it just transferred over to the next tower.
          And not much more expensive? Good one. 3 smartphones on Verizon with 6 gigs of data would cost $200. 3 smartphones on T-Mobile with unlimited data, a regular phone, and 2 MBB devices cost us the same price.

        • jhnderson

          I’m with Wilma on everything she said Xcept the part of no service during a rainstorm lol if it was a snowstorm then yes tmobile service usually craps out while att n Verizon always work haha I’m now living in los Angeles n I noticed the one thing tht messes up every carrierincluding Verizon is earthquakes felt a few in LA n every single carrier tmobile,att,Verizon, sprint etc.. all crap out.Like when there was one at 4 am pretty strong 6 point something last year I had Verizon at the time my mom tmobile my dad att they all crapped out it sukd cuz it was at 4 am .

        • Trevnerdio

          Haha that sucks…
          But the huge Verizon price change is a fact…I checked it out a few weeks ago

        • crystalbella

          i agree with u on the earthquake thing lol i also live in LA n on earthquakes all cell phone companys go dwn.. I memba the one at 4am scary !!i was waking up for work puttin on my shoes when it first started shakin sloow i stood up my bed i knew something was wrong as i was goin outside bamm it came on strong i was already outside i almost tripped on some stairs that was scary power went out no cellphones worked verizon, att,sprint,tmobile,boost,metro nada i had tmobile my neighbor had verizon he tought he was the only one till i showed him my phone n btw i believe it was 6.4? or 6.1 earthquake i dnt remeber exactly all i know it was a 6 point something.

        • art

          Tmobile was alright on the Strip I cant comapre other services, I had signal and everything but the netweork was seriously congested my entire vacation trip i couldnt upload pics. Bright side it was jsut data lol

        • davedsone

          Fred must have been hitting you in the head a lot lately…….

        • BigMixxx

          Awe wilma, you left us!!!!

          I have a verizon phone and a T mobile phone. Same dead spots (Las Vegas). No QUESTION about that.

          As for leadership. Take a look at the last set of Verizon commercials. They don’t REALLY say anything (but so goes the rest). Premium service and a Premium price. that’s EXACTLY what we get…


          New years was a real test.
          Google Voice using Groove IP over a cellular network.
          The Las Vegas Strip
          400K or more folks in one place.
          Both phones…as a matter of fact, 3.
          T mobile: GS II, Verizon Galaxy Nexus, Sprint Blackberry.
          First call to Ma, using the T mobile device. Clear call…’Happy new year’
          Next call to my sister on the Verizon Device. Two tries (more folks on the network I know). Phone Dropped to 3g (and I KNOW there is a tower on Ceasar’s Palace). Called my sister on my t mobile phone.
          Sprint….Text message arrived 20 minutes after it was sent. And I sent it to myself…

          Every year, of course it’s bad on new years. BUT as for reliability, I think T mobile won on the strip this year, for their customers. again, it’s is about where you are and who is a good provider in your area.

          At least, that’s how it was for me.

        • idroid

          Lol, I went through hurricane Issac in new orleans recently, sprint and Verizon crapped out while my T-Mobile kept on trucking. Granted, the data portion was reduced to edge but the big red and sprint was a complete shut off. No thanks to expensive bill and limited data. I’ll keep my trusty old Tmo!

        • ChilenoinUsa

          Why are you in tmonews?

      • Lol at all the ppl who thumbed you down and got mad!! Like ppl leaving T-Mobile for the iPhone isn’t realistic.

      • galaxydude

        Enjoy.paying a 150 to 160$ amonth for one line
        And if you ad a line your looking at close to 300$
        A month.

        • Daniel Holmstock

          hey lets be realistic now please – i left t-mo for 6 years – and i was paying ofr 5 lines (1 was home line) 230 and one line had no data – now i went to att and our 4 cell lines with all unlimited talk and share 6 gigs which is more then enough since we mostly use wifi is 249 with tax and i get way more service now – but to be fair – i always had edge with t-mo in the sticks… t-mo is a great city carrier imho but not for the sticks …

        • galaxydude

          The reason your paying only 249$ a month is because you are only get 1.5 gb per line a month .I
          Had on 2lines 900 min and unlimited text and
          I was paying around 275$month.

        • Daniel Holmstock

          again – FOR what i use this works – i dont care if they gave me 10 gigs i am not even using the 6 – so i might drop that down as well. Based on USE i found a better deal.


        Iphone? What the fuck is it with you people and your Apple products? Shit is way overrated.

  • Mark Reese

    LUMIA 920

  • Brian Bloom

    I wanted the Nexus 4 until the no “wi-fi calling” thing surfaced (I work in a basement and *need* that feature). Failing that, the HTC One X+ was my next choice. I guess I will have to go with a Galaxy S III unless I want “3 strikes, you’re out!”

    • Best way to fix the wifi calling is through an app called groove IP and signing up for a google voice account… Yes you will have a new number for people to know but is unlimited nationwide and free. I felt just as strong about it add you then looked into it and it’s not a bad compromise… Now I just gotta get a nexus 4 before the 5 comes out.

  • Scott789


  • TTech

    Lumia 920 but not until they get WiFi calling working on WP8

  • Fish

    Samsung ativ s, lumia 920…

  • fort

    Motorola RAZR HD

  • Gary Smith

    Droid DNA, LG Optimus G, Xperia Ion. I get jealous when I go into At&t and they have 8 or 9 top tier phones while T-Mobile has the GS3, Note 2 and a bunch of junk.

  • Deadeye37

    Any one of these phones:

    HTC One X+
    LG Optimus G
    Motorola RAZR HD

    I love my SGSIII, but I still would’ve loved to give my money to HTC and get a 32 GB HTC One X+ instead (with microSD slot, of course).

    I’m glad that we got that Nexus 4 though (even though it doesn’t have Wifi calling or a microSD slot, which is why I didn’t end up with that phone instead).

  • sushimane

    I want to see that padfone a phone and a tablet all in one. But that wont be out in the states but it was cool new concept

  • dtwhsieh

    HTC One X, HTC One X+, a variant of HTC Butterfly/Droid DNA, and most of all, Asus PadFone 2.

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    64gb One X+ and any of the real Sony flagship phones. I would have just like see what a Nokia Android phone would have but that will never happen haha

  • JustMe

    Samsung Ativ S or Nokia Lumia 920 would have been nice.

  • Anonymouse

    A flagship Sony phone would have been nice like the Xperia T/ TX as well as a Motorola RAZR phone. The Huawei Ascend P1 looks good too!

  • craigd

    HTC one x+ or the HTC dna/m7

  • thepanttherlady

    32gb or 64gb Note 2

    • Matlock

      a Memory Card takes care of that at a much lower cost then the manufacturer charges for the bigger memory models.

      • thepanttherlady

        I have a memory card, thanks. Still want, and would buy the larger memory of this phone.

      • jj gomez

        I picked up 64gb for my note 2

  • Mae

    One X+ or the SGS3 in black or gray… but I think I see a light at the end of 2012…

  • jelliottz

    I would have like to see the Nokia Lumia 920. We received the 710 on the last go-round and the 810 this time. Its fantastic we have the HTC 8X, but a top of the line Nokia would have been nice. Especially with that camera.
    But as someone else said, 1900mhz can’t get here fast enough.

  • Ty Christensen

    HTC One X+ would have been nice but I’m glad they got the Nexus 4 which I now own and it’s the most incredible phone ever made in my opinion!

  • James Temple

    Really wished we had the Lumia 920 – that camera is awesome.

    • eanfoso

      Still doesn’t beat the nokia 808 pureview, and the 808 pureview actually supports t-mobiles 3.5 G network

  • Dan Lupescu

    To be perfectly honest with you, outside of the motorola razor (the new ones of course) tmobile seems to only pass on phones that end up sucking high tit anyways…

  • jj gomez

    David .
    wireless charging for gs3 and gn2. update us please

  • How about maybe the nexus 4… On the shelves…. That’s what I would have liked this year. Sweet fumble lg/google. Not.

  • HTC Motorola lg or Sony flagship phones

  • kev2684
    • Zack Kennedy

      This ^

      On the bright side, at least it will work on T-Mobile’s 3G in a lot of areas now ;)

  • cybersedan

    HTC One X+

  • Gumpo10k

    Droid Razr M. A high end device in a small form factor is something the Tmo lineup never really had all year.

  • kent ma


  • Matlock

    There are two phones I would have liked to have seen on T-Mo this year, although I wouldnt have gotten them, the Motorola Razr HD Maxx, and the HTC One X+.

  • Franklin Mintah


  • aussiedog61

    Without a doubt, the Lumia 920. Possibly the ATIV S as an alternate.

  • Guest

    I really wanted the droid razr Maxx hd

  • rafe1621

    I would have loved to see the high-end Lumia and the One X or X+. I also would have loved for the Nexus 4 to actually be available. But, I know that wasn’t T-mobile’s fault.

  • Poopoo

    Htc DNA or job on htc one s

  • Nokia N9 64gb

    • Wilma Flintstone

      This X1,000,000,000,000

  • FILA

    Where is the G3???? Every two years, they should of did like rumors earlier this year. HTC One X + was going to be a stock G3 for the fall. Fail.
    I ride the nexus train for life now

  • Nokia Lumia 920

  • Hunter

    Is this article a joke? What phone WAS released on T-Mobile?

    • Wilma Flintstone

      2011 devices Lol

      • Trevnerdio

        Like Samsung’s phones that beat the iPhone 5 before it was released? You guys are funny

  • Milad

    Iphone 5

  • dgw

    The HTC DNA with Micro SD slot that was released in Korea (I think)

  • davidwal

    Easy One x+ or the droid razr or any Motorola highend android phone.

  • The HTC DNA

  • psaux

    A QWERTY phone with the Note 2’s guts and the SGS3’s screen.

  • Durandal_1707

    I’d love to see a high-end Motorola phone such as the RAZR MAXX HD on T-Mobile. The battery on that device is phenomenal, and Motorola phones have great signal strength as well.



  • Zack Kennedy

    AT&T getting an exclusive on the Nokia Lumia 920 was a bum wrap. :/

  • TBN27

    LG Optimus G and iPhone 5

    • Nexus 4 is the same phone as the Optimus G with a different chassis.

      • TBN27

        I know. However what i love about the Optimus G us the Optimus UI, the new multi-tasking capabilities and the camera. Things that the elusive Nexus 4 doesn’t have.

  • TmobileinHouston

    Htc one x+, then dna huge let downs

  • Dmoney

    I would love to see a motorola device. Now that google owns motorola maybe we can get a Cliq HD without the motoblur but more like the razr or atrix hd

    • There are so many great, new Moto phones and you want a re-hash of a CLIQ?

      • dmoney

        No that was the only motorola phone tmobile had so why not stick with the same name. I.e sprint photon, verizon razr, and att atrix. Or we can gi with the defy hd lol

  • Jays_on

    Samsung ativ s

  • gnd

    A Razr of some kind, the Nokia 920, or the Samsung mini G3

  • Seth Hollen

    HTC one X+

  • I was pretty disappointed that T-Mobile didn’t get the Samsung ATIV S. I ended up getting an unlocked Rogers version of the NOKIA Lumia 920 and it runs great on T-Mobile, but I would have preferred the ATIV with its bigger screen, removable/bigger battery, microSD slot, and lighter weight.

  • Hamster

    Moto RAZR M

    • kalel33

      Really? Razr M? It’s not even in the top 5 Android phones with Verizon. Galaxy Note 2, HTC DNA, Moto Razr Maxx HD, Samsung Galaxy S3, and regular Razr HD are all better Android phones. The M lines up with the likes of the Galaxy Stellar and other mid-range phones.

      • Gumpo10k

        Razr M fills a niche for a smaller phone with higher end features and a more premium feel – something Tmo was hurting for this year, with their nicest smaller form factor phone being the Blaze, which is virtually the same form factor as the M but with all around slightly worse specs.

  • haru280

    oppo find 5 or any 5+” phones

  • Josue

    droid razr maxx…

  • cj

    It was the htc one x but samsung squashed that with the release of the galxy s 3. Htc and other manufacturers should take a note from what samsung did with that. The uniform form factor for purchasing cases etc. and releasing it on all carriers was simply brilliant and how it should have always been. Kudos to samsung for that.

  • Would have stayed with tmo if they accepted the Nokia Lumia 920. Now with ATT, and yes I do get better reception.

  • Dale C.

    Droid Razr Maxx HD

    • Wilma Flintstone


  • Bronze 6

    I want to see T-Mo collaborating with HTC to bring back the G series so that T-Mo has something defining again for 2013. But what I wanted was probably, Moto Razr Maxx HD, HTC Butterfly, HTC One X+/G3. But for once, I want to see the G series handsets, like a G3 and a G3Q.

    • Newmexican

      Totally agree on the G3. I upgraded to a Sammy Relay 4G instead and I am not convinced. The keyboard is marginal and face it its plastic that scratches easily

      • I also want to see a G3, preferably by HTC, but they aren’t making QWERTY phones anymore. Finally upgraded from G2 to the S3, an upgrade on convenience really. I tried the relay I’m sure, and wasn’t convinced. Would have went for the N4, but no SD card slot is a deal breaker for me

    • BigMixxx

      a freaking man!

  • Anything Motorola would have been nice.

  • rob

    The Nexus 4 helped soften the blow of the One X+ news and a lack of Sony devices and the Lumia 920

  • Geek Man

    G1 then G2 then? Yup the G3.. I waited patiently for this and it is very disappointing.

  • newbold814

    htc one x+! i wanted it so bad and still do!

  • BlackJu

    920 and/or 8x in some additional colors.

  • ant have the s3 for 99 16gb with contract and 149 32gb with contract NO GALAXY NOTE 2 ON SALE ITS STILL 369=445 after taxes and shipping


    NOKIA LUMIA 920— 12 years with T-Mobile. I don’t care about the I-phone– that phone blows.. I had the I-phone 4 and 4s– traded that quickly for the Samsung Galaxy S3… After messing around with Windows phone– especially the NOKIA Lumia 900 on At&t– I was hooked. So when I heard about the NOKIA LUMIA 920– man was I excited. Than the biggest disappointment.. At&t exclusive… F#%@ that….

  • tie

    nokia 920

  • D Velasquez

    if T-Mobile could get any Fujitsu or Sharp phone that alone could crush Verizon or at&t line up, as much as i don’t like it the iPhone is a plus in the line up, anything like the Arrow Z, X, U, EF, V, Xperia AX, IS12T, Optimus Life, Pantone 6, 203SH Aquos Phone Xx, Panasonic Eluga, Panasonic 102P, Panasonic Lumix, Nokia Lumia 920 and the Galaxy Camera.

    with this line up T-Mobile could definitely take Sprint or at&t place.

    • JNawaz

      I agree. Sharp and Fujitsu has some of the best designed android devices. Panasonic and Toshiba also got some flagships. It’s sad that they are only sold in Japan. IDK if any of these japanese devices will show up across the pacific. Even if they do, I think Sprint might offer those while under the influence of Softbank, third largest carrier in Japan and the majority holder of Sprint. It’s very unlikely T-Mobile will offer those.

      • D Velasquez

        some can be used but the 3G does not properly work sadly, if Sprint changes to SoftBank and brings some of the devices i will not hesitate to switch carriers, i’ve used the phones before.

  • JNawaz

    T-Mobile missed the boat on so many flagships this year that it didn’t have anything other than GS3, Note 2 and 8x to sell and Nexus 4 is a hard find. Honestly, T-Mobile customers have little to no incentive to buy the Nexus 4 on a contract either. T-Mobile had a good thing going on with its MyTouch and G phones but they messed them up too.

    I use T-Mobile prepaid, which is a great value for the money. As of late T-Mobile made a series of missteps and bad executions that makes me question whether T-Mobile would be able to make a turnaround. It’s going to be very tough without heavy device subsidy, lack of flagship devices, lack of LTE and spotty coverage outside major cities. Value plans aren’t really going to be that enticing for many prospective customers with high up-front costs and two year contracts. (If only 1 year contracts came back)

    I really didn’t mean to drift off-topic here but these are some of the devices that T-Mobile could, or I would say should’ve had.

    Optimus G (not really necessary since T-Mobile is already offering Nexus 4)

    Sony Xperia T/TX (they never had a single Xperia, let alone a flagship)

    One X+ (One S alone just doesn’t cut it)

    Lumia 9XX or Ativ S (A flagship Windows Phone 8 device, T-mobile needs more)

    I wish T-Mobile all the best in 2013 and hope that things improve for the company.

  • nd5

    HTC One X/One X+
    Nokia Lumia 920

  • Guest

    Nokia 920!

  • REG

    Nokia 920, waiting patiently.

  • derwood


  • eanfoso

    The nokia 808 pureview, I could use a 41MP camera any day any time

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Nokia N9 or Jolla MEEGO phone

    • eanfoso

      … The n9 is a 2011 phone, sailfish you mean? The phone itself is still in the Labs, being tested in a n950 the actual phone won’t be released until March to the European and Asian market

  • A Sony Xperia and a few of the phones that went to Verizon would be nice. But of course T-Mobile always gets sloppy fourths.

  • iPhone 5 and HTC One X+

  • clos

    I have the samsung galaxy note 2 with truly unlimited data enough said

  • Impending Doo

    iPhone please. I’m ready for you…

  • Tim O

    Lumia 920

  • skizzoid

    I so very much wanted to see the HTC One X+ on T-Mobile, and while I’m pretty happy with a Nexus 4 (upgraded from a G2), I wish I had some of that HTC build quality on there.

  • bleeew

    DNA and iPhone.

  • foxbaby

    The phone I wanted was Nokia Lumia 920. I got it yesterday from Rogers/Canada; even the sale’s person said it’s beautiful…

  • Demitrius Harris

    Red 808 Pureview….

  • WW

    I couldn’t ask for more than GS3, GTab2 & Nex4 so nope.

  • TMoFan

    The HTC One X+. That was the one phone I was looking forward to for months and was crushed when it never came. Another phone I would have liked to see is the Sony Xperia T. It passed through the FCC with T-Mobile bands but it was never officially released.

  • BigMixxx

    Razr line to t mobile. FINE devices….
    I’d like TMO to get rid of all BS phones…
    And lets see the higher end chinese manufactured phones…

  • David

    Loved to of seen the HTC BUTTERFLY aka DNA on Verizon. But man am I loving my note 2. What a great phone.

  • Amedeo Felice

    Nokia lumia 920 (specially RED and Yellow), Samsung Ativ S 64Gb, more colors for the HTC 8X (specially Red), A windows 8 pro tablet like the samsung Ativ pro..

  • Bling_Diggity

    HTC One X+ or HTC Butterfly. Both phones are awesome, and could have easily been released via T-Mob. T-Mobile and their recent slew of crappy phone releases are losing me as a customer.

  • Andriod Sidekick for sure !

  • Me

    I want an iPhone

  • Craigers

    HTC One X, no question. Love my One S, would have loved the One X more.

  • SAL

    i’m thinking of switch to verizon or At&t, because they have nicer phone such as HTC ONE X+, HTC DNA. and even the galaxy siii and note 2 cheaper with verizon and att than tmobile…. sorry tmobile my contract is up on 02/25/2013, so if there is no premium htc android of course, then im leaving you guys… no for small screen htc or less Cpu… BTW i pay now $290 for 5 lines for 2G high speed and just 2 lines unlimited talk, the 3 lines 500 mins. verizon and att will be everything unlimited with 6G share internet, which is plenty for us for $280. not to mention faster internet and better coverage. i love wifi calling and i wish tmobile make it as an app for non tmobile phones to get unlocked phones work with it. other thing 1900mhz 4G still not exist in 70% of the states

  • the HTC One X+. i loved the HTC One S, but i wanted the lil upgrades.

  • galaxydude

    A G 3? a follow up of the HTC G2 hopefully this
    year. HTC will release the g3 with a awesome
    Keyboard. And the excellent build quality they
    Had on the g2. I still think it is one of the better
    Androids ever made.

  • Mlynch01

    HTC One X +

  • Noel

    Been waiting for a top of the line HTC device on Tmo. I have the N4 now but i was really waiting for the One X+, till we were let down by HTC/Tmo. My hope is the rumored 1080p HD screen M7 with the rumored top specs plus hopefully an SD card slot and a removable battery will be a multi carrier device with radios that will play nice on all major carriers. Hoping for a device with radios just like the Lumia 920 for India which is said to have 3G, Pentaband HSPA+, Multi-mode LTE 9bands…now that is a true world phone. Hoping HTC will do right with this device and future flagship devices not to cede any ground to Samsung spec wise or carrier distribution wise.

  • LinkArt

    Nokia Lumia 920

  • best

    I just wish they would carry some of the Sony phones. I love them! ;(

  • sabaii

    HTC One X+ . Might be switching carriers this year when my contract is up if they can’t get their stuff together. I have had no real issues other then being last to get 4g. Now being last to get the LTE type speed. And now we can’t have a quad core phone other then the Nexus 4 which I cannot even get my hands on. One dissappointment after another. I wonder where my money goes that I pay them. They need to step it up for 2013.

  • I’ll take any phone as long as it comes with Karly, she’s smoking HOT!!!

  • TheDevilMan

    The Sony Xperia Line would be awesome

  • valzho

    Lumia 920

  • clell

    I waited ALL year for the HTC One to come to Tmo. Then the One X. or ANY HTC device that was highend. The One S is midrange and barely better than what I currently have. No, I didnt want a GS3 or a Note 2. I wanted an HTC One X, but it NEVER came. All i have to say is my contract is up in April, we better know if the M7 is coming to this carrier or thats it. I’m willing to wait for them to build out LTE and start to get better devices. Hopefully since the Iphone is coming this will happen sooner rather than later.

  • iman

    tmobile iphone when when


    Where is the picture of Carly taken from? She looks really good in this picture.

    • PiCASSiMO

      On topic… Nokia Lumia 920 was a disappointment, same goes for the HTC One X+.

  • asian guy

    Funny i told myself that i would like optimus G but instead i got optimus l9 maybe few months I’ll purchase it from at&t

  • Shibboleth07

    as a retail store associate, I desperately wanted the Iphone. I am so tired of trying to explain why we don’t have it or why another phone is better. I am so very happy we finally found a way to have the Iphone and not raise the customer’s bill. THANK GOD!

    • Herb

      This is the wrong attitude. You should be excited to explain why another phone is better, because it is.

      • LinkArt

        he must be a pretty bad associate

  • Winski

    Who cares?

    • The other people reading? My mother and wife care what I write, so there’s that.

  • guest

    HTC One X+ I would have liked to have gotten that. Got the att version unlocked from eBay for my sister stuck in the sim card in Monterey Park. It picked up 1900 but it was so slow compared to my note 2 the data is unusable. 1-2k ping and 3-5 down 1-1.5 up. I don’t know how they are going to keep any att iPhone users with those speeds. Plus as soon as I walked inside my office the 4g switched to edge! You can literally watch the signal strength go down as you walk into the building away from the doors! LOL.

  • Dan Rubin

    I wanted the Lumia 920. I ended up getting a Galaxy S 3 instead. I don’t like HTC.

  • how about wifi calling that works!

  • Ernie D

    HTC One X+ & the Lumia 920…those twoshould come to TMo! Never cared about any iPhone speculation. But most importantly I wish TMo makes the announcement ending 2G service!!! Eastern San Diego is 2G country. I spend half my day out there for work.

  • Lawrence

    a Motorola device. like the razr hd, or similar.

  • cycad007

    A flagship HTC device *WITH* SD card slot *AND* removable battery! :-)

  • Nokia Lumia 920

  • idroid

    Optimus G and one x+

  • Rocci

    A follow up to the phone that introduced android to us all. A G3 would have been nice and long over due. Very disappointed t-mobile decided not to keep the G series going. I had th G1 & the G2 and loved both of them.

  • Boxhead Laflare

    I wish we could get some more big screen android phones. Theres too many on other carriers. And also the Lumia 920 thats a dopewindows phone but we have tghe 810. Which i feel wouldnt get people to jump to WP8. Nor does windows app selection is not great now either

  • Mektah

    A high-end windows 8 phone with expandable memory woul dhave been nice.

  • ChilenoinUsa

    Definitely the Lumia 920. Everytime I pass the Microsoft store at the mall, I get a sad face…

  • 0neTw0

    LG Optimus G. AT&T and Sprint got em. :(

  • I want Sony to release one of their international phones unlocked with 1700mhz and HSPA+42 in the U.S , instead of just unlocked phones optimized for AT&T that AT&T dosent subsidize!

  • Alex Zapata

    Nokia Lumia 920, but only if it could have wifi calling :-/

  • Saad Akhtar

    I know it was announced, but I really would like at least a release date for iPhone. Don’t torture us with just an announcement.

  • roberto

    We need a top of the line HTC device, no bs like the one s

  • Derek Owens

    I really wanted a Lumia 920. I may need to leave TMobile to get it.

    • LinkArt

      looks like I’ll be switching to att or Verizon for the same reason. Verizon will be getting similar phone to NL 920. Tired of T not getting flagship WP

  • Pauldro952

    I wanted a Lumia 920 in Emerald Green.

    • LinkArt

      that would be nice

  • vijeloco

    I have t-mobile for 4 year an I liked an I paid $149 dollars for 2 lines unlimited. Minutes, tex and data whit my galaxy note2. I dont no why people always make complain

  • Dcsouthgw

    I wanted the Galaxy Note 2 or the S3 with 64 gb of internal storage. Samsung shouldn’t announce products in the us that they know they will never fulfill. I ended up getting the note 2 anyway and it had been great.