Year End Question: What Phone Did You Want On T-Mobile That Wasn’t Released?

While the end of the year might have finally seen the long-awaited Apple announcement for T-Mobile, there were plenty of other smartphones this year that didn’t land on Magenta store shelves. So here’s one of our final questions of 2012 — was there a particular phone you wanted to release on T-Mobile that never arrived? Take the HTC One X+ for instance, was the T-Mobile tease a big disappointment for you? How about the Lumia 920 for all you Windows Phone 8 fans out there? Did the lack of a T-Mobile launch (and eventual Lumia 810 release) have you looking elsewhere for an opportunity to use the top Lumia device?

Let’s hear your thoughts, what phone did you absolutely, positively want on T-Mobile in 2012 that never came?

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