Upcoming Release Dates For The Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note And Huawei-Based myTouch Devices

Oh yeah, it’s party time with a list of upcoming release dates for T-Mobile including the two most requested devices — the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note. So let’s just right to the meat of it, but first your standard warning that all dates rumors until final confirmation comes from the T-Mobile mothership and therefore subject to change yadda yadda.

  • Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Metallic Blue – June 20th
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 32GB Metallic Blue – June 20th
  • T-Mobile myTouch (Huawei Phoenix) – July 11th
  • T-Mobile myTouch (Huawei Buddy) – July 11th
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Ceramic White – July 11th
  • Samsung Galaxy Note – July 11th

Unfortunately, we don’t have any pricing intel on any of the aforementioned devices nor any word on T-Mobile carrying a 32GB variant of the Ceramic White Galaxy S III. As always, we’re working to further confirm these dates as well as narrow down pricing details.

Now, have a great holiday weekend!

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  • Khalints

    Very nice David you made my friday :D

  • daghost

    I only want one…of each.

  • rwc1792

    Birthday present comes one day early for me!!!

  • Maciejkoziol


  • MarcusDW

    So if there is a delay of the Blue GS3 we can look forward to a simultaneous Note/White GS3 launch.

    Let the countdown begin folks! Dreams are coming true.

  • remister

    Time to save those pennies up!

  • farfromovin

    Heck yeah! SGS3 here I come… I need a new phone for my 64gb microsd lol.

  • Spartanstew

    Was going to hop on the wirefly deal on the One S, but I think I’ll wait a month now.

  • Guest

    Honest to God this is better than the smut that accidentally shows up on my computer every night…. :)

    • J-Hop2o6


    • GoDucks

      No it’s not!

    • Mark

       Sure…”Accidentally” ;-]

  • Tortionist

    Thank you David. I’ve been waiting to hear more on the release date for the Galaxy Note. Now i’m seriously stoked. I can hardly wait.

  • they’ll all be $199 with two year contract or $99 etc .. the prices for these phones don’t change .. now out of contract prices are another deal :)

    • Heisenberg

      Doubt the Note is $199 on contract. The GS2 is still $229.99 at T-Mobile stores.

      •  why wouldn’t the Note be? it’s been out and available for less on ATT .. hopefully TMO won’t overprice it.

        • Really? http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-phone-service/cell-phone-details/?device=Samsung+Galaxy+Note+(TM)+-+Carbon+Blue&q_sku=sku5610251#fbid=edg8fLLk0E5

        • bogartofelcajon

          …doesn’t really matter to these blood sucking carriers. They will over price it.

        • Dumbazz

          How many times are you going to complain about how you can’t afford it?
          Get a part time job!

      • bogartofelcajon

        I agree, especially if they want to milk you with every penny.

        • Dumbazz

          Sorry you can’t afford it.

        • Ravenous81

          You really live up to your name. Based on your stupid mentality a company should be able to charge any sum for any product regardless of value or customer satisfaction. Why don’t you offer them a million dollars for the phone? That will please stockholders all the more. I would insult you by saying you must be in business, but by the endless depth of your stupidity, you must be the lowest form of human intelligence and therefore, must be a lawyer.

        • BoricuaBoy88

          He (Dumbazz) was obviously not referring to you specifically, so judging by YOUR butthurt mentality, you must be a liberal, because you cannot resist sticking your nose in affairs which do not concern you, all in the name of ”fairness”. And don’t even waste your time in replying to me, as I will not bother to read whatever you post. Just understand that not everyone is the same, life isn’t fair, and that’s a good thing, because there are too many people in the world. It’s illogical to assume that every one of those people will be successful. Even nature agrees: Survival of the Fittest.

        • BoricuaBoy88

          Just ignore that guy, he’s obviously trying to troll everyone, using the same response in every post. And I took care of that wannabe Captain Planet below for you. Ignore him/her as well.

    • remister

      Full retail price 700$ (speculation)

  • mrsbelpit

    Getting the GS3 for my husband on launch day :)

    • noobie

       will be free 2 months after that unless u r too rich!

      • mrsbelpit

        We don’t have contracts, so it’ll be the same price. Might as well get it early.

      • Dumbazz

        LOL! Free after 2 months?

    • MadAndronicus

      What a great wife!

      • mrsbelpit

        Thanks, buddy!

      • mrsbelpit

        Thanks, buddy!

  • tranceformer978

    Still waiting for the next G-series phone.

  • UMA_Fan

    Is the stock android One X variant still in the cards as the next G series phone?

  • J-Hop2o6

    FINALLY!!!! Wonder why the white one is a month later? Surprised since Samsung has some production issues with the metallic blue. I have to see both in person to decide which one will look better. Wish there was a black version tho.

  • Rensman

     Nice scoop David.  Good job!

  • Mam3128

    Galaxy note July 11th… that is a joke…

    • bogartofelcajon

      You’re absolutely right. But I really can’t complain. They’re already throwing me a bone here (with a little bit of meat). Unless, it is July 2013.

  • Lazera Thompson

    wait…..so does this mean that the Galaxy Note for Tmobile might have the 1.5 ghz exynos processor since there is no LTE just HSPA+ ……. and is 42 HSPA+ supported by the exynos processor???? and same as well for the new quad-core version also??? 

    • UMA_Fan

      Yeah it’s pretty weird how Samsung went from being ahead of other chip makers by being the only one supporting HSPA+ 21 on phones to relying on others for HSPA+ 42 and LTE.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Its already been confirmed that its the Qualcomm S3/8660. So no Exynos for Tmo’s Note. Gotta wait for Samsung to expand radio support.

    • yarrellray

      Don’t worry the GALAXY S3 will have the Quadcore Exynos on Tmobile. They will be the ONLY carrier with the quadcore device here in the states. Mark it down.

      • J-Hop2o6

         Your proof?

  • UMA_Fan

    So it looks like the Note won’t be coming in white?

    Then again, we didn’t really know the Amaze would come in two colors until the official announcement.

  • nam12

    Why is the note being released after the GSIII and is there any news on a white version of the note?

  • Bryan Sandoval

    I was wondering when we would get release dates, David you just added to my four day weekend thanks man. 

  • xSAVAGEx

    Don’t get your hopes up thinking the sIII will be $200. Try more like $259. Greedy carriers will try and squeeze every dollar from you. At best I see the note at $229 on Tmobile.

    • Dumbazz

      Ya crazy that they would want to make a profit for their shareholders and grow as a business.

      anytime someone calls a company greedy it’s because they are butthurt because they CAN’T AFFORD the item but instead of taking any responsibility for themselves all of a sudden its the companies fault.
      Ask your mangers at McDonalds for more hours so you can afford the phone!

      • BigMixxx

        go get it at costco or walmart. t mobile does not care. as long as one decides to sign up for a contract, they can care less where you get it…

        • Anonymous

           so they CAN care less?

        • Guest911

          Yes. They can care less but they choose to care for their customers. Got it?

  • Justcurious

    Anyone know the processor for the Note?  Will it come with ICS pre-installed?

    • J-Hop2o6

       It’ll be Qualcomm S3/8660 & ICS.

  • Get_at_Me

    im surprised the note is dropping in july.

  •  oh snap .. the Note is $250 on contract .. lol well there’s the price give or take $20 maybe .. oh well ..

    • who buys phones from the carriers, go to 3rd parties such as walmart bestbuy sams club costco target radioshack lol anyone who buys a phone from the carriers website is an old school uniformed retard who probably dosent read this website….

  • What is the source of the release dates? T-Mobile CSR?

    • You should know very well I’m not going to tell you where I get the dates from.

      • Carloslacend

        See david then the rep told me some truth as I said he had heard something of note in July. Not exactly the 21 as I said but was telling the truth. And you yourself are saying that the date may change so it can be 21 or 23.

        • It wouldn’t not the 21st or 23rd, T-Mobile launches phones almost always on Wednesdays, sometimes Fridays and randomly on Sundays. I don’t recall a time in the last few years they have launched a phone on any other day. So yeah, I’d say it won’t be the 21st or 23rd.

        • Carloslacend

          Ok you’re the expert. I just keep your job and try to contribute something. Bring on the day it is. At last we know or have an idea of ??when we have these beasts.

      • Taron19119

        we just use to u haveing prove of it we dont want to get to excited and get let down thats all

        • Who said I didn’t have proof of it? I didn’t say that, just because I didn’t post an image doesn’t mean I don’t have it. I don’t post random dates, I post them when I can verify them. These dates are verified…however, if the Galaxy S III gets pushed back because of build issues, that’s not the fault of anyone inside T-Mobile. Not saying that will happen, but people seem to want to suggest it could so I’m throwing it out there.

  • jerry

    So its metallic blue? Not pebble blue like the international one?

  • now_onTMO


    my contract ends in july, soo getting the white one..

  • Kevin O

    I cannot wait! I almost left t=mo for the G Note. NOW I CAN FINALLY SEE HOPE!!! July 11 can’t come fast enough!!!!!

  • Kevin O

    I cannot wait! I almost left t=mo for the G Note. NOW I CAN FINALLY SEE HOPE!!! July 11 can’t come fast enough!!!!!


    • JK



  • BossManATL

    I already have a AT&T galaxy note on T-Mobile but you can bet your sweet butt I’m getting the T-Mobile galaxy note.

  • Daddym469

    Here’s my personal take on what the pricing of all T-mobile Galaxy S pricing could be after the GS3 release.
    I fully expect all of the current Galaxy phones to change in price to counter the higher specs of the GS3.

    My Prediction’s…..The new Galaxy S3 will be $649.99 at full retail. I also predict the Classic Plan member will pay 249.99 and the Value member will pay 249.99 down, and pay off the 400$ for 20$ a month, for 20 months.

    The Note will easily become the new flagship handset for$ 699.99, with the same terms per plan as noted above.

    I expect the current GS2 to drop slightly to $549.99, but hoping it goes to $499.99!!!

    The older Galaxy will go from the current 479.99 to 449.99 or lower, AND EVENTUALLY BE DISCONTINUED!!

    That leaves the Blaze to either stay at the current 399.99 or be raised slightly. If that happens I don’t think it will go no higher than 429.99

    Great phones are coming, and we should all expect the pricing to take on new direction as well.

  • Rensman

    I’m curious as to why the announcement states ” Metallic Blue” instead of “Pebble Blue” and “Ceramic White” instead of “Marble White”.

    • Spooln3

      Prolly for the same reason red on a car is called seven different flavors depending on the manufacturer. Its not uncommon to change the names, ever so slightly, from carrier to carrier.

      TLDR: Nothing out of the norm, move along. :)


      Glad to see some of these better phones come to T-Mo. Albeit a bit late to the game on the Note, better late then never I spose….

  • ABC

    Woo Hoo! I cant wait! Gonna purchase the Note and SGS3 in white!

  • Dumbazz

    Do we have spec info on the Note?
    Will it have the same processor as the ATT version?

    • J-Hop2o6

       Yes the same SoC as AT&T (S3/8660).

    • Roswell_V

      unfortunately :(

  • xtriker360

    Nice! But I really want to get the 64gb one, any idea when it’s coming? with a 64gb sd card and exfat support I will turn my SGIII in to a multimedia monster hehe :D  

    • Mark

       I’m using a 64GB micro SDXC card on my MyTouch 4G. I reformatted it to FAT32 using my brother’s Sensation 4G.

      • xtriker360

        Nice but you can’t put no more than 4gb files on it because of the fat32 limitation. with S3 that won’t be a problem because you can format your sd to exfat.

  • Contract up for renawal as early as June 12th…Just in time for the GS III.

  • meh PadFone all the way

  • Peter896

    Yahooooooooo! Can’t wait to get it!

  • Matthew

    And then wait six months for a new Google Nexus running Android5.0 JellyBean and we begin the nonsense all over

    •  and your point? that’s just the nature of this industry.  If you don’t like it, don’t buy into it.

  • Jonathan

    Do we know if the Note will come in just black or will they offer the white version as well?


    • da9th_one

       racist… :-)

      • Jonathan

        LOL!  ;-)

  • Joelsky

    wowowee.. I like this one! Cant wait now.

  • Bayne83

    why is the white one delayed until July that sux :-(

    • John

      My reason is becuase white will be more popular and proabaly outsell the blue, I’m guessing 2 to 1. And they might need more time to produce more. I’m waiting to see if they have the 32gb in white. We are elgiable for our upgrade in Aug.6th. Can’t wait. Now the decession is wether the Note or the S3?

      • Bayne83

         i have been due for an upgrade since October… been waitin… tired of waitin… LOL

  • For the love of everything that is holy, please T-mo, get rid of this “it has to be 42mbps” mentality (Qualcomm chipset). 

    :whispers: shhhh, shhh, shhhh, relax and let it ship with Exynos baby, just let it happen :whispers:

    If we ship with Exynos, we will have the BEST GS III Variant in the US, and with all the reviews popping up, all of the benchmarks help to prove that. 

    Don’t settle for second best and don’t let your HSPA+42 stubbornness spoil this either.

    • souggie

      What do you mean? The dual core s4 virtually matches the current quad core exynos in terms of performance, and is partially based on A15 tech, the exynos is still currently on A9 tech. what you should be clamoring for is a quad core krait s4 in the gs3. THAT would be true power, plus 42mb speed

      • Kevinmarchibald

         ICS UI hardware acceleration makes GS3 Exynos quad core vs. S4 more of a moot point compared to GS2 Exynos dual core vs. S3, where GS2 Exynos had some extra instructions/optimizations for UI hardware acceleration. So I’m less concerned about getting the GS3 with Exynos inside, although without seeing the battery life hit first, on paper I would prefer the substitute to be the S4 Pro with its faster GPU.

        I was also concerned with Android update delays with the S4. But since the other US carriers are getting the same processor, I’m less worried about that. And of course as long as the source is released and we’re able to root, we’re covered by custom ROMs, too.

        So really my only issues are the release date and color choices. I’ve never been interested in white phones, but with the capacitive/physical button kludge, I was leaning more towards the white which in photos seems to hide both better. But I need to get a phone before the end of June, so might have to go with blue. So kind of hoping T-Mobile screws with the S3 packaging like the GS2 to make the non-white phone more palatable.

      • severinj

        virtually matches, ok, but don’t forget the exynos actually *does* beat it at almost everything. i think the s4 was better in the qualcomm benchmark and in one other. once it was put on a 720p screen the exynos beat it at everything else (and sometimes by a pretty big margin)

    • watbetchh

      HSPA+ 21Mbps data speeds suck, so.. no thanks!!!!1

    • UMA_Fan

      99.99% of people CAN NOT tell a difference in performance between the Snapdragon and Exyons phones during real usage.  They are both capable of doing the same high end things.

      People CAN tell a difference when a device has a 42mbps modem than a 21mbps one.  You average higher download speeds.  That matters a whole lot more than whatever invisible edge the Exynos has.

      Just because the Exynos has a slightly higher benchmark doesn’t mean anything.  As long as your phone multitasks just as fast and is compatible with the same high end games as the Exynos variant, then you’re not being gypped.

      Also just imagine people who got the 42mbps GSII last year and want to partial upgrade to the Note or the SIII… It would be the worst thing ever to cut their theoretical download speeds in HALF.  42mbps is the way to go.

      • now_onTMO

         i don’t really care if our version will have the s4 or exynos as long as it would perform good enough without any lag.. i’ve seen how the exynos performs on youtube, it’s a guaranteed performer… not sure about the s4 yet..

        i don’t want the lags and i don’t want the slow data speeds.. not anymore
        i want the best of both worlds.. LOL

  • I have an upgrade on June 9th, so I will wait and get the Galaxy S3 if this date is in that time frame. Hopefully it does not change.

    Anyone else have an upgrade in June?

    • Keenan Stephens

      I think I’m gonna wait till July for the white one!! :-)

    • ABC

      I have a upgrade 6/17/12. Just in time!

    • August 22nd for me. I can wait an extra 2 months after waiting 18 months though.

    • seoj

      I have an update coming up but might as well wait until august or september to let the price sink a bit… ;) 

  • Daddym469

    The real news here is what will happen to the Flavor of the month…(HTC One S)…I’ll tell you, when people see two new phones, both with 720p resolution combined with the super amoled technology…and the smallest of the two is a screen 4.8 inches….
    That One S that is currently being shoved down our throats..will be forgotten fast!!! Thin alone does not make a great phone!

    • Heh

      The problem is that the general consensus is that Samsung’s new ICS Touchwiz skin on the GS-III (even worse on the Galaxy Note) is substandard and not as close to real ICS as the HTC series. The Engadget review clearly states at the end that the One X is superior to the GS-III because of the skin comparison.

      • now_onTMO

        that’s why i hated that engadget review for asserting that sense is better than touchwiz (both latest versions).. he must be visually impaired or just dislike anything samsung because it’s the rival of apple.. LOL

        samsung put a lot of thought into this iteration of galaxy s, the custom UI resembles stock ICS which android nerds love.. from the multitasking window to the app drawer and widgets, settings menu, very similar… thankfully samsung made the background transparent on the app drawer, that’s only the one thing i don’t like about stock ICS…

        sense on the other hand… ummm you should see for your self. im nto saying it’s bad or htc is bad, just not the better one for me.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Interesting thing here is that the Note doesn’t say what colors.  As if I care.  The main thing I want to know now is if it’ll have any upgrades over the AT&T version and how much off contract?  I can get an AT&T Note for $450 on CL now.  If there are no upgrades and Tmo is still trying to sell it for $700, they can keep it.  Glad to have a Release date though.  Basically ONE More month of the HD2 and IT’S OUTTA MY LIFE FOR GOOD!!! :D  Will be getting Note AND Pureview 808 :D

    • yarrellray

      Least Tmobile’s will have ice cream sandwich with updated Spen apps and updated touchwiz.

      • Wilma Flintstone

         Not enough to merit a $300 price difference sorry.

    • trife

      Ouch.  Still using the HD2?  The horror!!!  

      Naw, I had no issues with it but I can definitely see how one could be tired/frustrated with it at this point in time.  It did have some quirks.  

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Yeah Tell me about it.  Ugh, it is total Treachery for real.  This is my *Count it* 8th Replacement HD2… Yea I would upgrade BUT if I do, they’ll extend my contract.  They said they don’t have an Alternate Exchange phone for it either.  One more Month is all I can say.

    • Antang017

      I’m still rocking the HD2 also and can’t wait to see what the Note/SGS3 are priced at. Hard to let the HD2 go though, since it’s been a decent phone, and can still do what most new phones do theses days.

      • Wilma Flintstone

         You must have a Custom Rom on yours or are VERY lucky because this “SMART”Phone has been nothing but Dumb in my case.  Basic features such as Texting freezing up the phone, phone shutting off randomly, Signal strength is HORRIBLE, Camera glitches and freezes up DURING Recording, Facebook slows down the phone, Emails randomly receives all of my emails and KILLS the battery in less than 1 1/2 hours from a FULL Charge no joke, etc.  and Those are the small issues I’ve had and am having with it.  I can’t wait to get rid of mine in exchange for one of those nice devices. July 11th will be a great day for me.

  • Carloslacend

    Now we need the specifications to know where address and know which one to buy I do not expect much change in the gs3 but if I have curiosity to know that change has the note

  • yarrellray

    Talk about extremely happy this is the best news since December 15th 2011. When i thought leaving sprint to go to Verizon was a good choice. I will leave Verizon GLADLY due to it’s OVERRATED NETWORK, POOR UPDATES, POOR SIGNAL, POOR CUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONS. These devices for Tmobile brings them back to the pack amongst carriers. Plus with the chance of purchasing the current Galaxy Nexus through the Google play store and using it on Tmobiles GSM network what more can you ask for. Plus just think of the upcoming NEXUS with jellybean coming in November which also will be sold through the google play store tmo looks great to me. Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2, and Htc One S, Htc Amaze 4g. Great time to move to tmobile. Bye bye Verizon i will gladly sell my CDMA NO UPDATE GALAXY NEXUS.

  • Pig_Vomit

    Relax, everyone.  It’s Samsung and T-Mobile!  All those release dates are for   *2013*.     :-)

    • mingkee

      or 3120

      • Carloslacend

        Why not best for 5000. What a stupid person. In 2013 this date will be talking of GS4

        • mingkee

          T999 has been passed FCC for few weeks, so the releaae day is counting.

  • mreveryphone

    Note going up on cl as we type gs3 ftw

  • Jgarofola

    I just picked up a galaxy1 today on gregs.list the women said she only used it for 1 month it has been
    A box for over a year. I need to update it still on 2.1 anyone have any idea how I go about updateing this vibrent.?

    • J-Hop2o6

       Sell it and get a SGS3, One S, Note, Amaze, or SGS2. SGS1 is wayy old and horrible (alot of issues).

    • allgalaxysgood

       Google for Kies mini, Samsung’s tool for updating the ROM. It’ll install Gingerbread 2.3.x. If you want ICS, root the phone http://forum.xda-developers.com/

  • mr me

    Fathers day promo: all phones are free promo ends on the 17th, then s3 comes out, smart thinking Tmo

    • Heh

      That is specifically why they do those sales, to clear out inventory for new products. It’s all planned.

  • JR69

    I just upgraded and picked up a one S and white SII for the wife on the BOGO.  I’ll have to see what it is like in person and then decide to sell one. But if the rumor is true and Google is going to release five different Nexus phones in November then I’ll definitely wait.  Maybe we’ll see Jelly Bean.   

  • Joe

    Where is the release date for the HTC One S black/red???

    • AnthonyRyan89

      Tmo didn’t pickup the black/red One S they wanted the blue

      • Devin

        Um, yes they did, and like said just before, its suppose to come out in June. They wanted to get a large stock in before they released it.

        • AnthonyRyan89

          Oh well I didn’t see that or had no idea that they would get it because from what HTC said before that’s the blue was going to Tmo

    •  there were murmurs that the Black/Red One S would be coming end of June/Early July but I haven’t heard much in a while.

  • TMoFan

    The only thing missing is the HTC One X. :-)

    I’m happy to see these phones coming our way. Perfect additions to our lineup during rebuilding year.

    •  Seriously agree, great start!  can’t wait to see what else they have down the pipeline.

  • mingkee

    Well, time to save money for Galaxy Note and move Galaxy Nexus to the line which has tzones.

  • I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking this baby up too. Damnit, Samsung. Taking all my money.

  • Been wanting to add a new line, I was just waiting on the Note release date now i have it thanks David.

  • BoricuaBoy88

    FINALLY! That gives me just over one month to save up for my Note! If anybody is torn between the Note and SIII, understand that specs aren’t everything. More than likely, you will see Samsung release a Galaxy Note 2 with the same specs as the SIII and the features of the original Note, so patience is a virtue in that regard, in the meantime, settle for the Note, it’s still more than adequate for many people, and if you’re that fixated on CPU speeds, remember that you can always root the phone and flash an ICS rom that enables CPU Overclocking up to 1.8Ghz, making it even more competitive with newer devices.

  • Bryck

    Is the GSIII Going to have LTE support???

    • TBN27

      No. Because the LTE network will be up and running in the middle of next year

  • Jarrod

    If they don’t include LTE on the Note in band T-Mobile plans on using, I hope they at least add in DC-HSPA+

  • All you waiting on the galaxy note are going to be so amazed, it will be very hard to go back to a smaller screen. Trust me, I love mine. Wow.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I’ve demoed the AT&T version at Best Buy and I Love it.  It took me some getting used to but I love it.  It did lag a bit between menu screens though but I can live with that.

      • None

        When you say demo, do you mean play with the phones in best buy like the rest of us?

  • Pig_Vomit

    A few posters here say that they are going to buy *both* the GSIII and the Note.  Isn’t the GSIII similar enough to the Note that you wouldn’t need both?  Aren’t you concerned that the Note, which by the TMO release date will have been released nine months earlier in Europe and five months earlier on AT&T, is somewhat obsolete given that a quad core Note 2 will likely be released no later than six months down the road?  Help me out here with the reasons you think you need both.  Not hating here, just curious.

    Personally, even though I’m excited about the GSIII, I’m hoping that HTC will release a version of the One X with a microSD slot or at least more internal memory than 16GB so that I can avoid buying a Samsung product ever again (burned Vibrant owner here).  HTC seems to get it much better than Samsung as far as product support and OS upgrades.

    • Ali

      With the price, why not just buy the new line of Samsung Tabs that are sure to be released if you just want the bigger screen, too?

  • Weezy0803

    To be honest tha dates are aye rumor because tha gs2 didn’t come out Oct nd nov so expect tha same for gs3

    • Ummmm, no. Those dates may end up being a day or a week off, but they won’t be months off.

      • Weezy0803

        Just like tha ics date that’s been posted here right like I said expect fall for these phones

        • Heh

          Yah, don’t argue with the founder of the web site when you have the English and grammar skills of a first grader. What is it with T-Mobile’s customer demographic lately? Why don’t they teach these kids English if they insist on importing them into the country.

        • Weezy0803

          Who said I was arguing with tha founder I’m stating facts … tha phone haven’t came out for international yet due to tha phone issues so why would they bring to tha US

        • XHD

          did you not notice the release date by Samsung is “SUMMER”.

    • You’re right, you know better than me.


      Why do you phrase “the” with “tha”? You look like an idiot, especially when you are trying to make a point.

      • Weezy0803

        Yuh still understand it right smh at trolls

  • Matt

    hopefully this will be the quad core version since it would work on the HSPA+ network. if it isnt the quad core version, then ill wait for the nexus phones coming out in november because i bet those will be quad core for the US carriers 

  • John

     Does anyone know if the Galaxy SIII is going to have the WiFi calling too?

    • TBN27

      All t-mobile smart phones will have wi-fi calling. It is a unique convenient feature that sets themselves apart from the other 3.

      • ogopogo

         Agreed. And one of the points that T-Mobile should really be pushing. Combining WiFi calling and Google voice allowed me to call back to the US for free in Canada, the UK, and Dubai.

      • John

         I am sure it will get it but even a few android phones were released without wifi calling.  The Galaxy S II was one of them.

        • TBN27

          I know because i have a GSII however, T-Mobile has mentioned before that all smartphones will have them. It is a standard and very useful feature.

        • John

          That is really the main reason that I stick with T-mobile.  I started with a blackberry and as soon as the android got wifi calling, I went android.  I have the mytouch 4g and I am ready for an upgrade and I am looking forward to the GSIII.  I just could not get it unless it had the wifi calling though. Good to hear that it is going to have it.  :)

  • Very exciting stuff on T-Mobile. This should bring many new customers flocking to T-Mobile. Been with T-Mobile for years, get very fast data speeds and great service. The only issue I ever had was the selection of phones,(there isn’t one) Now with these new bad guys coming it puts a completely new look on things. Many customers may choose the Note, Great phone, Hope it comes threw with the international software (processor). I am like a kid in a candy store after hearing this news. The new SGS3 along with T-Mobile’s super fast HSPA+ Network will make this guy a very happy camper. Thank You T-Mobile.

  • Brandon


  • Heh

    All in all, very solid high-end additions to the lineup. Should hold us over until the first T-Mobile LTE smartphones start showing up nearer to the end of the year.

  • Juicebox

    I’d take Samsung over Huawei anytime!

  • Bryck

    Does anyone know if the T-Mobile’s NOTE has upgraded specs then the AT&T one.

    • Heh

      The only thing we know is that it will launch with ICS pre-installed. As far as hardware, the strong theory right now is that it will be identical to AT&T’s version (S3 dual core). It makes sense from a manufacturing and cost standpoint, especially for a value carrier like T-Mobile.

      • Bryck

         I thought so..Thanks

      • IRIE4IPIER

        If the Note comes with S4, I will definitely be getting that.

  • Bryck

    Man!! I’m debating between the SIII and the
    Note…..the specs of the Note are not  that much of a downgrade
    in confront of the SIII, if at really is a downgrade lol…..I’ve been reading lots of reviews about the
    Note and I’m really starting to think about scooping one instead of the
    SIII….Any suggestion guys???….I really like the screen of the note and the hardware specs are pretty good to……anyone that has a note and can help me make up my mind thanks.

    • Heh

      Exact same scenario for me. The Note is (in my opinion) superior. The larger screen and usability of the stylus outweighs anything the S III has. It changes the whole dimensionality of what the phone is. They both have pretty much exact same displays, 720p Pentile Amoled. I can’t think of a single reason to get the GS-III over the Note. Especially because our Note launches with ICS. The only reason is if you have size issues with the Note, but trust me, you’ll get over them.

      • Bryck

         Thanks. Let’s hope its supports 42HSPA+

      • InpraiseofHim

        I really like my Note. The stylus is nice for me because I take names of people that I need to add to our church prayer list and it is very handy! I would like to see the new updates on the new Note which will make it all the more wonderful! I only have one addition to my wish list and that would be having it lighter but I can certainly live with such a great phone no matter what they do with it. I do not think that it will be on our shelves very soon though; suprise me Samsung! :-)

    • mreveryphone

      I’d go with the gs3. I have the note and have used the s pen 4 times since having the phone. It’s cool at first then it gets old. The screen is nice and big but it can get cumbersome to use at times. Plus it will have an old processor which makes the phone lag and stutter.

  • Selre

    Wait a second the LTE version of the S III has not passed through the FCC yet. We’re talking 25 days until the supposed release date? Riiight. 

    Don’t think so

    • niftydl

      Tmobile is not going to have an LTE network for a while, so all the current phones are just 42Mb HSDP. The release dates are possible, but pure speculation, we will wait and see.

      • Jovthe1

        The One S from when i learned trough a training with the T-Mobile rep the at HTC says its already LTE capable just waiting on the network

        • Rofl… yeah, they’re going to activate the invisible LTE modem when their network goes up.

    • Pig_Vomit

      The LTE version just went through FCC.


    • Heh

      Yahhhh… No. We’re not getting the same LTE version as AT&T (which by the way also passed FCC just recently). We’re getting the T-Mobile version SGH-T999 which was approved and is HSPA+ 42 only.

  • Anthonyaldrete

    will t mobile version have the same processor that is in the UK version ?

    • now_onTMO

      we don’t know yet.. let’s hope fo rthe best

    • J-Hop2o6

       No, it will be the same as AT&T’s (S3/8660). Its already been confirmed.

  • now_onTMO

     oh just wanted to share… if you anyone here is a comcast xfinity subscriber, there is now an app available that lets you stream movies, shows, etc.. it’s finally available on android

    exfinity tv play.. i think

  • matt

    No release dates or news on any new Windows Phone devices.  What a shock.

    • Heh

      They make up less than 5% marketshare. Do you blame anybody for not introducing new models when despite everything Microsoft doesn’t, they just DON’T SELL WELL?

      • Aaron Tant

        true, but I love the Radar.  I own it and sell it.  My store (obviously not speaking for other stores) can’t keep them in stock.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I hope that the Note supports HSPA+ 42mbps… if so I may use my upgrade. Having a big screen would be nice…. then again not sure what kind of case to get it without making it too large for my pockets.

    • Whb456

      Check out the cases from Proporta… This is the case i pre-ordered

      Proporta Samsung Galaxy S3 Leather Case Cover Sleeve with Lifetime Warranty, this case has an Aluminum lined case, and they also carry a leather like case.

      And i see that Amazon has reduced the price since my purchase, and the shipping date is May 30th.

  • cool!

  • I am freaken pumped. Going to buy the SGS3 AND the NOTE. I am absolutely thrilled that T-Mobile has figured out what has kept tons of new customers from coming to their Network, great phones. Once the buss is out that T-Mobile has these devices it will work it’s momentum to the middle of the road devise buyer as well. When they get their 1900 spectrum working for  HSPA+ they will get many unlocked device customers running to their site. People are dying to leave AT&T with their I-Phones and other devices. 

    • Enoel69

      True that…the 1900MHz refarming strategy has the the iPhone on its sights but also on a multitude of other devices with those bands. A lot of Att customers who are tired of being nickel n dimed are also a target…bring ur device and u will find a good home at Magenta.

      • mreveryphone

        Yep the one x is dead in my sites when the 1900 band becomes available! Gs3 as my daily driver and one x as my backup. Helluva combo right there!

  • Palus85

    As a T-Mobile Rep I’m happy we are getting these two devices. Hopefully T-Mobile prices these right so that they will be easy to sell lol. All we need is the iPhone 5 and the reframe and we will be back!

  • BoricuaBoy88

    If I were a betting man, I would say that the Note comes out sporting an S3 processor and supporting 42mbps HSPA+. My hope would be the same, but with an S4 in place of the S3. And I prefer the Blue(ish) model. It makes it look of a higher quality, especially with the textured back and the dark front bezel which really makes it resemble a tablet. The white model looks cheaper with the smooth, glossy back and the white bezel around the screen. If the phone were smaller, the white model would be more appealing, but the size demands attention, and a unibody color scheme which hides the screen stands out more, ironically.

  • Fredharriso

    Looking forward to the release of the Galaxy Note. have been using the unlocked gsm version and can’t wait to get my hand on a real 4g version. 

  • SocalTeknique

    Holy $hit!!!! I just got an HTC Amaze (Wind Mobile version) because of the camera features but I guess it’s going to be a quickie and replace it with a Note this summer.

  • Carlos

    My hope is that the Note will be released with ICS and Premium Suite. While the release dates include even the color on the other models, no word about whether the white or blue Note phone will be released on Jul 11. I almost switched to ATT, but with this news definitely I will wait and stay with tmobile. 

    • J-Hop2o6

       Its ICS, and its not the white version (only seen pics of the black one).

      • BM1

        Good!  Hopefully T-Mobile will offer both colors for those who prefer the white version!

        • Scarfacemario

          Thank You I am one of those people who prefer the white version. 

        • poopoo


  • N Lam

    Super excited! Just want the Note to come to t-mobile ASAP!

  • josue cifuentes

    TMO not better have $200+ price tags on the phones if they do customers will look else where 

    • Scarfacemario

      High end phones are always $200 on contract I’m pretty sure the note might be a little more but I dnt care if I pay $300 for the note I’m still getting it no matter what price ……I hope they have the white one on release date though

      • tekmonkey

        I bought the SGS 1 for $99 when it first came out from Costco.  Tmo was selling it for $199.

        • Scarfacemario

          wow nice true well i bought my galaxy s2 white for $149 but your price is great!! i should check else where first before going to T-mobile.

    • ABC

      Lol…… Better start lookin else where then!

    • bsa

      Better start saving up cause sg3 & the note are gonna be bank breaker for you then

  • HelloAmaze

    If there was a poll to which phone seems to be getting more attention in the comments, its the Note, GS3 is looking a little mashed

  • Y314K

    Got a ? about those that know about Euro bands vs TMo bands…

    Got a family member going to multiple countries in Europe for the summer…..  England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain for over a month….  They will hope to buy a monthly GSM sim card that works in multiple countries…  Anybody know what would be the best carrier for all those country’s…  Preferably with texting and 3G…

    Said family member would like to travel with the least amount of hardware for taking Pictures, Videos,  making Calls, Texting, Surfing the web, Skype..  Using wifi where possible & 3G too… Etc…

    I know an international SGIII would be perfect but crazy expensive….$694 as of right now…  But our full upgrade with Tmo USA became available in April…  And although we where planing to wait for A15 phone to upgrade…  I am now hopping the SGIII gets release on TMo before said family member leaves for Europe..

    My ? is…  I know international phones are mostly compatible here with ATT…  But I was wondering if a TMobile SGIII would be voice, txt, 3G data compatible with any carriers in the European city’s above…  That way we can use the SGIII for everything needed & it would be ready to use on TMo USA for the rest of the contract afterwards….

    What are the chances that the SGIII would be a world phone???  Is there another phone u would recomend for this…  That would be as fast as the SGIII… Specially for pics…

    • Gwapo

      Buy Nexus 2 or iPhone 3GS from CL.

    • Izzybrexx

      Galaxy nexus

      • Y314K

        Right…  That would be a $399 option…  But from the reviews of the camera I’ve seen…  It would be just an average camera option & shorter battery life….  The SGIII seems to have a much better camera…  And the SGIII should have a higher resell value then the GNexus…

        The Expansys-USA $695 version list it’s band as “Network 2.5G (GSM / GPRS / EDGE): 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz 3G (HSPA+ 21Mbps): 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100MHz” which seems if I am not mistaken that it would work fully in Europe & would work on TMobile USA on 21Mbs after the refarming…  But not if TMo is still on the 1700 band for HSAP+..

        The Tmobile US SGIII version should come with a 42Mbs modem but not sure if it will come with the Europe bands… Although the refarming that TMobile suppose to do for the rest of the year might make them include some of the bands…  Since nothing has been anounce…   It’s all speculation on my part…

  • BM1

    No one takes Engadget reviews very serious these days when it comes to high end Android handsets, as it’s quite apparent they are clearly tied/aligned with Apple.  If you want a complete detailed review of the Galaxy S3 and Touchwiz’s unique features go to GSM Arena (also check out the HTC One X vs Galaxy S3 comparison).                                     

    • Heh

      On the contrary, I think Engadget has become one of the best all around gadget/ tech blogs, especially as of late. Gizmodo has gone down the tubes. In every conceivable way. Their new page formatting stinks, and they have some new media/ pop culture/ celebrity garbage mixed in with tech reporting. Engadget has been my only go to lately. Other than T-Mo News of course! And by the way, how could you possibly say they’re Apple shills. USED TO BE for sure. Now they spend half of their coverage on all of the 100,000 new Android phones coming out/ soon to be coming out/ thinking about coming out/ etc etc etc. They cover Android all the time.

  • tenlay

    I am not a tech expert or anything like that but I like to know if anyone can tell me which phone is better for normal use.  I don’t use it for extensive gaming, except for surfing the net and youtube watching.  If GS3 comes with Snapdragon S4 processor and Note comes with S3 processor with ICS, which is a better phone ?  Btw, I don’t mind the size of the Note since I have big hands…lol  Any advise would help…..thank you. 

    • NathanParks

      if you can deal with the size, i’d say go for the note. since you don’t plan on using your phone for games, you don’t really need the fastest dual core processor. it has a gb of ram and that’s really all you need.

    • jerry

      GS3 for sure. Bettet battery life and better CPU. S4 is by far better than s3. I played with the note in att store today, its really laggy. but still, try it yourself first.

  • Ai15381

    When do toy guys think the note 2 will be released? Some people say it will be announced in Sept that would suck if I got the note in July and they announce a new one that fast. As much as I want the note that is something that is making think I should get the sg3 which is still an awesome phone. But I kind of want the huge screen. Idk what I will do yet but its cool to have options.

  • Brubawil

    My big question is will the GS3 be quad-core on T-mobile? Cause I’ve seen other reports on the radios not being compatible with the quad-core processor. Or is that only the LTE radio or all 4G radios?


      I think it is just the LTE radio. The International version is has HSPA+ 21. I would think it would be a slight modification to make it 42.

  • Nypdreport

    AT&T ought to be prosecuted by the Department of Justice for
    monopoly, price fixing, prevent competition and conspiracy with Apple, Inc.

    AT&T is the first and the only US carrier sells iPhone for the
    first three and half years in the US before any other US carriers. AT&T is also
    the only US carrier benefits financially from this monopoly, but the majority
    of the consumers suffered. Even the consumers of the AT&T ended up paying a
    higher rate.

    Now, AT&T stroked again with the “Samsung galaxy note” deal. AT&T
    is the only US carrier exclusively selling this hot phone. The majority of the consumers
    got screwed again.

    Folks, by leaving Verizon, Sprint or T mobile and then switch to AT&T
    for galaxy note will only help AT&T to have more money to strike on us in
    the future again. Let’s stand together to say no to AT&T. Let’s stand
    together to bring enough attention to the US Department of Justice. Just like MCI
    brought US DOJ to defeat AT&T in the 1980s.

    US DOJ has already charged Apple for price fixing of the eBook. That’s
    far not enough. Apple’s role is at least conspiracy with AT&T. Apple also
    benefits from prevent positive competition with Samsung. The victims are us,
    people, and the consumers from US. We cannot expect Verizon, Sprint or T mobile
    to bring AT&T to court for monopoly because that never happened for the
    last five years. We don’t know why these big three companies allow AT&T the
    screw around. But we do know that we, the consumers from US are the true victims.

    People from Europe, Asia or Africa enjoyed “Samsung galaxy S2” five
    months earlier than US people did. “Samsung galaxy note” is another three
    months earlier, even as today, the other big three US carriers still can’t announce
    for the galaxy note release. All the first four Major carriers in UK are already
    selling galaxy note.

    We, the US consumers are being ignored and discriminated by the arrogant
    AT&T and Apple Inc. we need US DOJ to protect the US consumers’ rights.


      At the risk of defending AT&T you have no clue. It is not a conspiracy. It is called a contract between two private companies. Do I think it was crappy of Apple and AT&T to hold exclusivity for so long? Yes. But not illegal and a great business move for them. If T-Mobile had secured such a deal we would all be saying well played! So get off your high horse and realize that sometimes you make a good business deal and that’s all it is. 

      • now_onTMO

         is it really hard for you to say the word ” greed”.. admit or not , these companies are greedy.. there i said it.. it’s true!  and yes we are the victims and we can’t do anything about it..


        • TMOTECH

          Greed is human nature. Denying it is to ask yourself not to be human. Why do people want 800 dollar phones for nothing? So they can spend money on other things. That is the simplest form of greed. Give me so I can have more. Don’t worry about the forgotten man. That is why we have people on welfare with iPhone’s and big screen T.V.’s while they swipe their EBT card at the strip club for cash so they can buy weed and beer. Because they are greedy. They don’t care who they screw. At least Big business is providing you a service while they take your money. And they also provide others with jobs so they can buy other goods and services. Others just expect things for free and don’t want to work for it. I do not blame the Big Bells for cutting the deals they have cut. More power to them. I just wish T-Mobile was savvy enough to do the same.

        • now_onTMO

           i disagree… greed is not human nature, it’s a choice.. people are not born that way , only choose to be that way… these companies are greedy, it’s more than obvious, the fact that we have many carriers here in the US but all have different basebands so can’t use your phone on other carrier’s network prove their greediness.. but i don’t really complain because im ok with tmobile , i love tmobile, i’m simply stating what is obvious and we as consumers seem to have gotten used to it and live with it.. whatever , right?

          and please, don’t wish for tmobile to be ‘savvy’ that way , if it ever happened, their rate plans would get higher.. LOL

          “Why do people want 800 dollar phones for nothing? So they can spend money on other things. That is the simplest form of greed.” – i can’t comprehend this..

          peace.. :)

        • Mark

           Companies are in business to make money. If you don’t agree with them, don’t do business with them. Simple as that. Greed is in human nature. Phone companies use different basebands because that is what was available to buy in auctions and that is what they are allowed to use.

        • now_onTMO

           oh.. ok  :)

          but still , i think greed is not human nature because it’s a behavior… it’s a choice

        • InpraiseofHim

          Yes. Greed is a choice to sin!

    • what trumps your theory here is the fact PEOPLE are not FORCED to buy this.I agree with almost ANYTHING logical and I co-sign your thoughts. Hell ya its all a game and BS behind closed doors but the MAJORITY of people do NOT think like you and I so this is why companies with schemes flourish ! Its SAD but REALITY the problem started with the way we think !

  • tekmonkey

    Any issues with previous SGS white phones?  Im debating on getting the white SGS 3, currently have a black SGS 1.

  • the gs3 is to big down size it or make it were the screen is a little smaller and make the phone more compact for tmobile

    • Ljones507

      You got to be kidding me.lol

    • Scarfacemario

      this phone in my opinion is actually selling because of the screen size well thats why i want it and if thats your complain then get your self a galaxy s2 or something …geez!! 


      Me no understand you broken English…

      • Hh

        You no funny

    • Peter896

      What Jeremy was trying to say was, “The GS3 is too big. Downsize it. Make the screen little smaller. And make the phone more compact for Tmobile.” Too many fragment sentences.

  • What processor will the T-mobile’s version of the Note have?  Guessing S3 or maybe S4?

  • farfromovin

    Dying to know which processor we’re getting. My guess is the s4 just for 42mbps. Although I also have my fingers crossed that the international version supports 1700mhz. That would be a tough choice. World wide dev support and possibly better lifespan as more quad core apps come to market but slower data or the zippy dual core with 42mbps connectivity ans a bastardized dev community. Ohh the choices (SGS3 of course).

  • Illegaltoast

    Any idea if this might mean the note becomes unexclusive to AT&T and might come to Verizon? I know this is T-mobile news but still.

    • JW

       The exclusivity to AT&T on the Samsung Galaxy Note ended the beginning of June 2012.  So, yes; The Note is slated for both Verizon and T-Mobile.  However, T-Mobile seems to have the jump on Verizon so far.  Ther Note may come to Verizon by the year’s end, possibly sooner.

  • guest

    Is note coming in both white and black on the same day? they better..I mean if they release black one only, or release the white after couple of month like the galaxy s2 that would suck…

  • Liversausage

    The Note is coming! Holy cow! I’ve been waiting for this ever since GN came out. Now if i can only find a way to pawn off my GS2…

  • Milwaukeeque

    im on a family plan with 3 older adults who don’t care about phones. had the htc sensesation moved on to the galaxyS2 now I want something but for some reason the GS3 doesn’t move me like the note does. was gonna get both but think i will use one upgrade and. save the last one for next year….. thanks Tmobile

  • I’m patiently waiting for the Note.  However, pricing will be a major factor in my purchase decision. If the Note is $299, then I’m probably going to go to AT&T to pick it up for $189.  I understand that TMO needs to make a profit, but there are limits as to how much I’m willing to pay to pick up a new phone.

    • Vjballa21

      have you compared how much you would be paying every month?? I hate people who only see the upfront cost and dont consider the cost associated after they buy their phone! Unl Talk text 2 gig web on t-mobile 79.99 vs. unlimited talk text to 2 gig web att 115.00. 840 dollars difference over the course of two years.

  • Vonpesto

    Just spoke with a sales rep (via phone) at a local retail tmo store to see if pre-order was available for the S3.

    She stated they were not aware of any preorder process for retail locations, but maybe in the next week there’d be info for online presales of some sort, blah, blah blah…

    Just as a shot in the dark, thought i’d ask about the Note, to which she replied, that “wasnt expected until August at the earliest, and it would probably be an upgraded Note 2, optimized for their 4G network, and would be different than the current Note available on AT&T.”

    Now, where is that grain of salt?

  • Vonpesto

    Just spoke with a sales rep (via phone) at a local retail tmo store to see if pre-order was available for the S3.

    She stated they were not aware of any preorder process for retail locations, but maybe in the next week there’d be info for online presales of some sort, blah, blah blah…

    Just as a shot in the dark, thought i’d ask about the Note, to which she replied, that “wasnt expected until August at the earliest, and it would probably be an upgraded Note 2, optimized for their 4G network, and would be different than the current Note available on AT&T.”

    Now, where is that grain of salt?

  • Considering LTE isn’t ready for hardware introduction and the current GSII had a change in processor for the “42mbs” the same has to be for the GSIII and Note. Sucks I just feel like Sammy would used S4 in their phones in the interim it is a reason they use exynos. So if I cant have what was intended why support it? We CONTINUE to buy into hardware changes and they make it acceptable Notice Apple hardware (processor) is the same for WHOEVER carriers the device? Exactly if you except it dont complain about it.Im guilty of this myself thus I am awaiting a device that meets ALL my needs which are not too much ( 5 row GREAT hardware keyboard 4.5(or larger) screen. Great camera’s and bloat free if Google sends an update my device can receive I dont want to WAIT MONTHS to receive it.Otherwise I’ve already EXCEPTED my GS2 not going to ACCEPT a GS3 or Note skimped for US consumers. If we boycott and stand for our rights WE can mandate the PRICES they charge they only can do what WE allow them as with anything if aint nobody buying it the prices will go WAY down and be in the true power of consumers !

  • xkrrms

    any word on tmobile galaxy note coming in both black white? or just black?

  • xkrrms

    any word on tmobile galaxy note coming in both black white? or just black?

  • Gg Mailbox

    i want my Galaxy Note…  End of story…  Until I wait, with bated breath I wait.  Purse strings closed.  Did I say,  I want my Galaxy Note?