Samsung Galaxy S III Blue Pebble Color Delayed Due To Production Issues?

It’s being reported by multiple sources today that Samsung is experiencing trouble with the production of their Blue Pebble color variant of the Galaxy S III. Reports are coming from various sources including Reddit, XDA-Developers, and New Zealand blog According to the report, Samsung had to destroy close to 600,000 back covers of the blue edition and it will push back some international shipments.

We should highlight that this report doesn’t seem to cover all current sales of the Galaxy S III as some UK-based blogs say no shortage is being reported in their local areas. Furthermore, there is no current indication that this will affect USA shipments expected in the last half of June. Samsung has yet to comment on the situation so take all of this at face value.

As it stands now, current T-Mobile whispers have the phone possibly set for a June 20th launch (Blue only, white edition coming in July), though we’re only giving that date some credibility without any real evidence to support it. Still, it’s the first possible date we’ve heard, so as always — take with grains of salt.

Reddit, XDA-Developers,

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  • rwc1792

    Fingers crossed that we do see this phone on T-mobile in June.

  • Rensman

    Engadget posted a fairly in-depth review of the Galaxy S III a couple of hours ago.  Worth checking out even though our version will most likely be different.

    • now_onTMO

       i read it… but nope, im not expecting a good review coming from iEngadget with this device..

      • Derail Doax

        Is Engadget still in the pockets of Apple? I thought that was Joshua Topolsky that was the Apple lover… I thought they’ve seemed more level between Android and iOS these days.

  • Test

    This does matter, as blue is the initial color for US.  I would rather have the black one though.
    Also Sammy I am willing to get mine without the back cover, so please announce it already.
    hopefully sammy will have the annoucement party soon, as we should get one in NY……

    • farfromovin

      There is no “black” available.

  • KOD


    • T-Mobile has NOT said anything on the record about carrying it.

  • KOD


    • Diana


  • MarcusDW

    That’s alright, I wanted a white one anyway.

    • white phones are for chicks

      • Abe_The_Babe

        Statements with no factual basis are for morons.

  • Lee72artis

    I just hope that the tmo version won’t leave out the notification light and the fm radio.

    • spartanjet

      Or the camera flash like they have done on previous Samsung phones.

      • Actually, the camera flash was usually added as a request from CDMA operators. The CDMA Generic version of the Galaxy S had a camera flash because Verizon Wireless wanted it there.

  • Get_at_Me

    june 20th is my birthday….what a nice gift

    • now_onTMO

       mine is july! right around the release of the white version… :)

  • Joey

    The 20th is a Tuesday, nothing comes out on Tuesdays

    • GoDucks

      My calendar shows the 20th as a Wednesday.  What kind of calendar do you use?

      • barondebxl


      • Moth477

        Must be the Mayan calendar.

        • Mr_Vault

           That means he’ll be a day late to the end of the world !!

      •  Ahahahaa!!  Oh Snap! = D

  • now_onTMO

    what is this? they can’t perfect the back cover ?

    from the videos i’ve seen.. it seems like the plastic is more flexible compared to the first gen galaxy s.. you can twist and bend it but not with the original galaxy s, just slightly..

    it’s lighter and more shock absorbent i guess..

  • now_onTMO

    what is this? they can’t perfect the back cover ?

    from the videos i’ve seen.. it seems like the plastic is more flexible compared to the first gen galaxy s.. you can twist and bend it but not with the original galaxy s, just slightly..

    it’s lighter and more shock absorbent i guess..

    • Derail Doax

      It’s polycarbonate. We’ve already discussed this. It’s stronger, more flexible, and less susceptible to drop damage… Next topic.

  • Samsuck


  • Derail Doax

    Being that HTC screwed up and signed an exclusivity agreement with AT&T on the One X it looks like I’ll be getting a T-Mobile GS3.

    HTC quit shooting yourselves in the foot signing exclusivity agreements. You’re already having enough of a problem fending off Samsung without you cornering yourself…

    • Vim

      Sprint’s new EVO 4G LTE is a One X with a bigger battery, a micro SD slot, a camera button, and a kickstand.  So if T-Mobile wanted something equivalent HTC could have made it happen.  And they still can.  We’ll see if the rumors for a summer release pan out, but I certainly agree that HTC should have gotten the One X onto all the carriers before the S3 could be released, not just AT&T and Sprint.

  • I am just curious when does the Samsung Galaxy III come out??

    • Please do a search on the blog as this question was answered two days ago with a post!

      • ok I am sorry I was unaware of that

      • Marc Klein

        Didn’t you say that it was rumor and not officially confirmed?

        • Does that matter? We posted a date and people need to search. It’s a ridiculous part of blogging, the laziness that exists when it comes to searching for answer.

        • Marc Klein


  • Enoel69

    I am accepting the  fact that i will most likely spend $1500 or so on Android devices in the coming seven months. I will get the GS3 at full price on Tmo, will the get one of the next JB Nexus from the play store hopefully one made by HTC (pls micro SD slot and a bigger replaceable batt a must)  to give me a true replacement for my N1 and will also get one of the Nexus tablet either by ASUS or Sammy. I hope HTC does not hold anything back if chosen as the main OEM or one of the fab five OEMs of the JB Nexus as rumored. Pls give the ppl what they want..a 4.7″ HD screen, ample internal storage with a micro SD slot, 2GB RAM, bigger replaceable battery, 12 to 16Mpx rear cam 2 or 3Mpx front cam on a form factor that is less than 130mm tall or max height 132mm, 68/69mm wide and less than 10mm thin due to the bigger batt.

  • Guest

    why is the white one coming out later than the blue?? is it cause they know everyone wants the white one so they will try to give an incentive to buying the blue (because u can have it earlier)?

  • s3whitebaby!

    lol 600,00 plastic cover

  • Marc Klein

    I’m surprised that aren’t releasing the phone for Father’s Day