T-Mobile Releases Father’s Day Sale Details, All 4G Smartphones Free

Having seen Father’s Day Sale material arriving in T-Mobile owned retail stores, it was just a matter of time before T-Mobile’s official press material hit our inboxes and just a few minutes ago, it did. T-Mobile wants to say thanks to Dad, for all that they do with the gift of a new 4G smartphone or tablet.

Friday, June 15 – Saturday, June 16 T-Mobile is offering ALL 4G smartphones and select broadband devices for free with qualifying plans. Devices such as the HTC® One™ S 4G, Samsung Galaxy™ S® II 4G, Nokia Lumia 710, BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 are just a few of the many included, all running on America’s Largest 4G Network®

This offer is good for both new and eligible existing customers, receiving their devices for free after a mail-in rebate. All offers require a new two-year contract on any qualifying unlimited Classic plan or $0.00 down payment after mail-in rebate when signing up for any qualifying Unlimited Value plan.

For example, on a classic plan the HTC One S is $299.99, with a $300 mail-in rebate leading to a net cost of $0.00. I don’t know why T-Mobile raises their prices on these handsets prior to these sales, but as long as they are free after mail-in rebate, it is what it is.

The Father’s Day promotion will be available from June 15th through 16th at participating T-Mobile retail stores nationwide. You can always hit up T-Mobile’s official sale page for more details at the link below.

Father’s Day Sale Page

Full Press Release:
T-Mobile Says, “Thanks, Dad” with Free 4G Smartphones for Father’s Day
For two days only, June 15–16, all of T-Mobile’s 4G smartphones and select mobile broadband devices are free
BELLEVUE, Wash. — June 11, 2012 — To say thanks to dads for all they do, T-Mobile USA, Inc. will once again hold a special “Father’s Day Sale.” For two days only, Friday, June 15 and Saturday, June 16, all of T-Mobile’s 4G smartphones and select broadband devices will be offered for free with qualifying plans.
T-Mobile has a history of creating great offers to celebrate Father’s Day, and this year it’s making it even easier and more affordable for dads and their families to stay connected. The Father’s Day promotion includes T-Mobile’s fastest 4G smartphones and select mobile broadband devices running on America’s Largest 4G Network®, such as the HTC® One S 4G, Samsung Galaxy S® II 4G, Nokia Lumia 710, BlackBerry® Bold9900 and the T-Mobile® SpringBoard™ tablet with Google™.
“We want to say thanks to fathers for all they do and keep them easily and affordably connected to family throughout the entire year,” said Andrew Sherrard, senior vice president of marketing for T-Mobile USA. “Whether through voice calls, photos, texts, video conferencing or social media updates, T-Mobile’s ‘All Phones Free’ promotion provides families a great opportunity to get the latest cutting-edge smartphones running on lightning-fast speeds via America’s Largest 4G Network.”
New and existing eligible customers can take advantage of this deal, receiving their device for free after a mail-in rebate card1 when they sign up for a new two-year contract on any qualifying unlimited Classic plan2 or for a $0.00 down payment after a mail-in rebate card when signing up on a new qualifying Unlimited Value® plan with an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP).3
The following is a sample of the 4G devices available during the Father’s Day promotion with a two-year Classic plan:
The Father’s Day promotion will be available from June 15 through June 16 at participating T-Mobile retail stores nationwide. For more information about T-Mobile’s “Father’s Day Sale” and details about qualifying plans, visit http://t-mo.co/LGxKbc.
1 Mail-in rebate not required in R.I., Conn. or Miami-Dade County, Fla.
2 Standard upgrade eligibility rules apply for existing Classic customers that stay on a Classic plan; standard migration fees will apply for existing Classic customers that switch to a Value plan and have less than 18 months contract tenure.
3 Equipment installment plans: On approved credit and 0 percent APR. Down payment and unfinanced portion required at purchase. Remaining balance paid in 20 monthly installments. Total price of each device equals down payment amount plus monthly payment amount times 20.

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  • Lyman

    Maybe they raise the prices since there are some people who never bother to mail in their rebates or have their rebates never come in or rejected and so they pocket a larger profit.

    • Also it will accumulate more interest for them to profit on. 

      • Chris

        What interest?

        • Corey21

          lol people talking out the side of their necks chris.

      • Guestwho

        no interest on none of the phones… so no mark you are wrong

        • swehes

          He is talking about the money that T-mobile gets to keep from you in 90+ days that they put into the bank, where it accumulates interest for them, so when they give you your money back, they have made some money in interest from the bank.

  • Deadeye37

    Unlimited Plans only?  So if I have the 1000 minute plan, or a grandfathered plan, I have to pay an extra $100 to upgrade my phone since they just jacked the prices up for the sale?


    skipping it.. no phones i care for. Gnex still best available on tmo.. imo

  • island

    best news so far today!

  • sharklover

    If they are giving all these phones for free then I don’t see why they will not selling the S3 for $199. They will probably announce it on Monday.

    • CrankyBear

      Because the SG3 doesn’t come out until the 21st. You’ll have to petition the powers that be to move Father’s Day forward a few days.

  • peepster

    Oohhh, if only Father’s Day was after June 21st…

  • Blitz

    3…2…1….let the crybabies (who cant afford the SG3) CRY about how tmobile isnt including this phone…..

  • I’m taking this as a sign the GS3 will be $299 with a $100 mail in rebate. Ugh!  I know mail in rebates are good for companies because not everyone gets the rebate and they can hold onto funds, but when will they get it that consumers don’t like them.  What do we really get from loaning a company $100 for 90 days?

    • niftydl

      They make more money while they hold on to your cash and discourage people attempting to scam them by selling the phone for profit. I dislike rebates too, but I understand their reasoning. I wish the U.S. consumer understood the long term benefits of going contract free and purchasing phones full price, the whole industry would be forced to compete at lower headset prices.

      • BM1

        The problem is not with mail-in rebates per se, but with T-Mobile’s ridiculous upfront fees.  Furthermore, other carriers have similar or more competitive offers without any rebate programs while also dealing with fraudulent consumers reselling phones for profit, so I can’t subscribe to the notion that T-Mobile has no ability to provide better deals that don’t require mail in rebates, they just choose not to. 

  • Purenupe1


    • Exactly.  What business benfit do companies get from doing this?  It’s totally lame.  Also, sucks a fat one that they have this deal JUST barely prior to the GS3 being released and not including it or making it available for pre-order with this deal.

      • Brandon

        They get the benefit of not having to deal with the fraud that they had in the past. There are reasons that rebates are mail in now and not instant

      • CrankyBear

        They are also relying on some people not meeting the criteria, or forgetting to turn their paperwork in. Add that to the extra $100 they’re jacking up the price, and I’m sure they are profiting well on this.

  • Hate rebates.  Had to fight with T-Mobile for 4 months last time to finally receive mine.  They wrongly rejected it repeatedly even while saying on the phone that it was a mistake and they were fixing it.  Only to wait weeks for a new letter in the mail regretting to inform me that it was declined again.  I friggen hate that BS.  The CS is always polite and helpful but the process of it all just sucks.

    • CDOGG

      I am sorry you had so many problems.  Seriously, if you fill out the rebate correctly and keep the required feature and plan on your account until you get the rebate it shouldn’t be a problem.  Our rebate department is really good as long as you do what your supposed to.  Ohh yeah and don’t wait til the last minute.

      • Everything filled out correctly.  I never had to resubmit anything as the CS could confirm it was all correct.  My account and features hadn’t changed and was always correct.  The automated system or whatever monkeys in the machine that make the wheels turn was the problem.  I had also submitted it within the specified timeframe.  They actually got 1 of 2 submissions correct and the check came as expected.  It was just the 2nd of the two submissions (2 phones, same account) that kept getting erroneously denied.  Main point of it all, rebate systems suck and undermine customer confidence in the company.  I say this as a long time T-Mobile customer.

  • If I have to come up with 300$ OOP for an HTC ONE S… I will just get a Galaxy nexus and stay contract free until the next nexus device is released. 

  • Fatammy

    waiting 2 months for $300 rebate, switching to unlimited plan, phone have to be active on that line to be eligible for rebate so can’t ebay the phone until i get rebate. Thank you T-mobile but no.

  • beyondfrustratedwithmagenta

    So this doesnt apply to 500 minute plans? Its always something to screw us….& rebates,pls

  • Easy pay billing required in order to get rebate???

  • Dstaylo2

    Does anyone think that WalMart will match the free prices? 

    • Tom69


    • Jose

       yes check with walmart: got a radar phone for 28.98 plus activation 18.00 and a sensation for 48.98.  

  • CrankyBear

    I played with the One S for a bit. It’s nice, but I’ve heard too many issues about it. I’m also not going to pay $300 (plus upgrade fees), then play the rebate game which T-Mo is NOTORIOUSLY harsh about (you were supposed to send your receipt on 8.5″ x 11″, this is 8.5″ x 10.5″, I’m afraid you’ve been declined and now it’s too late). I’ll wait 5 days and take the SG3 for $200, thank you.

    • Carmello

      have you applied for a rebate with them in the past year or so?  I have received all of my recent rebates (4 line account), but last time I upgraded I had serious issues.  One of the sales people told me that they are doing rebates in house now (instead of farming them out to a “rebate company”)

      • CrankyBear

        Yes, I had issues with the paperwork that the salesman filled out for me. Fortunately I was able to clear it up, but still, I don’t want to wait 4-6 weeks for a gift card.

        • Nick

          you can’t wait 4-6 weeks for a $300 gift card, but you can pay $200 without any hope of a rebate?  not sure i follow that thinking.

        • baxter44

          it’s pretty obvious what the thinking is and it’s rather easy to understand

        • Nick

          Would you rather spend $0 or $200?  I’ll give you a minute to think about it.

        • Nick

          Would you rather spend $0 or $200?  I’ll give you a minute to think about it.

      • CDOGG

        Helpful Hint: DO NOT LET THE SALES PERSON FILL OUT YOUR REBATE FOR YOU.  DO IT YOURSELF.  There are requirements that they sometimes they dont tell you about and if you don’t have the feature on your account at the time of rebate verification you will get denied.  

  • Misaka Mikoto

    My account has 4 lines on it, all eligible for upgrades. Can all of us get a new phone under this deal?

    • Guest911

      I dont see why not. I dont see a “limit per customer”.

      • Misaka Mikoto

        It says  “One device per eligible account” on the bottom of the official page in fine print…

        • Guest911

           Damn that fine print! From personal experience I can tell you that I have upgraded 2 lines on the same account during a past sale. Maybe things have changed. Sorry.

    • Larry Marranzino

      I was told on these specials that NO upgades only those who can activate a new line. Have had a family plan with 5 lines and they won’t give. So come July no more T mobile they just try and screw you. ATT and the rest give you the special price for upgrade when due.

      • Matlock

        whoever you spoke to was an idiot! this deal is for both upgrading, and brand new customers! So if there is a phone that you want, go get it!!

  • Justin

    does anyone know if tmobile will be getting the one x anytime in the future?

  • Arbygurg

    My Family plan contract with 5 lines is ending on September 7 2012 [24 months].  Will i be eligible for this upgrade since i am on the 21st month atm?

    • Nick

      call 611 and they can tell you for sure

    • BioBlueDemon

      Yes, you will be but you’ll have to switch to the Value plan. It’s a better plan anyways so that’s awesome!

    • BioBlueDemon

      Yes, you will be but you’ll have to switch to the Value plan. It’s a better plan anyways so that’s awesome!

    • CDOGG

      yes you will be eligible as long as you are fully eligible for upgrade.  Fully eligible means 22 months since you last upgraded.  If you upgraded a year ago then no you would not be.

      • CDOGG

        And dont switch to a Value plan unless you want the down payment for free only.  Classic plan accounts that are fully eligible will get the phone entirely for free so stay on the classic plan.

  • Come on

    $99.99 for a Nokia Lumia 710?!! You can get a Nokia Lumia 900 from $0.00 to $99.99 for a 2yr contract w/ATT without any promotions! Yeah this attracts attention but not for a T-mobile Father’s Day “Sale.” 

    • Mr Partyanimal

      True, you pay the phone 99.99 with 2 year contract but it you save like an extea 60$ for att basic plan! safe better with 2 phones for a family plan……. 

    • Mr Partyanimal

      True, you pay the phone 99.99 with 2 year contract but it you save like an extea 60$ for att basic plan! safe better with 2 phones for a family plan……. 

  • theystilldontgetit

    The only phone the masses will want comes out this September.  Unfortunately T-Mobile most likely will not carry it. 

    The extremely loyal T-Mo iPhone fans will have to put up with hit or miss 3G over PCS if they are lucky enough to live next to the one cell site in town that offers it. 

  • This sale sucks! They just had the Amaze free, and the Galaxy S II for $99 with a $99 rebate! Both “web only specials”, for both phones I tried to add a line via web and couldn’t do to their systems had a “computer glitch” during the web only special; even tho I have order numbers they still won’t honor the price! I’ve been with Tmo 5 yrs and never had a complaint but now I do! Time to look elsewhere!

    • Therealmikebrown

      If you paid your bill on time T-mobile would have no problem helping you. But you can’t sound entitled when you called.
      I can bet you’ll have more than one complaint in 5 years with another carrier.

      • chickie61

        You’re an idiot! You don’t even know me yet your making assumptions I don’t pay my bill on time? I was just on the phone with them for an hour because they were trying to find out what the problem was, I’ve been a loyal customer for 5 years and am in good standing to where I can have 6 lines without putting any money down. I don’t pay my bills late, it’s normally paid 2 weeks before it’s due Mr I don’t know wtf I’m talking about! Idiot!

        • Guest

           Make sure you deal w/ retentions; I’m sure they will be willing to work something out before you jump ship.

        • chickie61

          All they told me was sorry we could put in a help ticket for the error you received on the web but you won’t get the promo price. I went to AT&T  :)

  • meh


    So the SG3 will not be available for this promotion so make your choice wisely folks.  If you decide to get a different model inside buyers remorse then you will not get the promotion.  

  • AhhYo

    You call this a deal? Pay first, then receive a mail-in-rebate card (whatever that is). You also forgot to mention that you have to pay sales tax (on the original price), which you do not get reimbursed and activation fee. In all, you better have at least $350.00USD when you walk in the door, or else, you’re stuck with some outdated phone with jacked up price. I see no deal worth waiting in line or going to T-Mobile for. Until they truly offer something where the consumer doesn’t have to pay a dime, then I’ll wait.



  • cesarthegiant

    ok so if i’m about to complete the 24 months then the phones will be at 300 plus tax with a 300 rebate? if thats the cause then that is not bad literally only paying $25 for a htc one s

  • Larhawk

    So….I own a family plan with 3 phones, all expired contracts…if I want to upgrade to these free smart phones, I’ll need over $1000 cash?…that’s not very smart

  • maruichan

    I was told you also had to have at least a $35 data plan… we just upgraded three lines, but it’s not worth the effort to maybe ‘possibly’ not get a rebate due to 1) returning the phone 2) inadequate data plan… rebates suck.

  • Guest

    Can anyone here comment on a current promotion offering those who are 18+ months into their contract full upgrade eligibility? Supposed ends on July 16. Tried to get into through online chat and when I could not name the promo I was directed to look at the Father’s Day promo. Anyone hear of this or have any info?

  • senCybil1

    It’s so blatantly obvious this is just a ploy to clear out inventory of obsolete phones they know they’ll never sell as the newer models come in a week later. Doing it as a rebate is stupid. You might entice some customers if it’s really free, but not if they need to pay first and wait for a rebate. It’s not like you can sell people on the network quality…only provider I ever knew to have multiple dead zones in the middle of Manhattan. If you can’t get steady service in NYC, there’s no hope for the less populated parts of the country.

  • GaryintheBronx

    I think it has to do with Apple. There are some serious power plays in the telecom sector. Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) and Nokia are having to prepare for Sprint’s mega move to offer a $30 a month I-Phone 4s in late June (through their Virgin Mobile brand) – try a seven second ponder of the “credit challenged” masses (who will find a way to pay cash for that phone) – There’s going to be more Apple products for everyone in the coming months which is really bad news for the guys who have had (maybe better described as shared) that particular pre-paid market since the very beginning. Apple stuff just works – and now, there are great lenses (and lens adapters) (for the i-phones) available to shoot outstanding pictures. Even the DSLR guys are taking note and keeping camera pricing tight on their big cameras because the i-phone can use their glass now. If Apple were to purchase a company like Fisker what do you think would happen to the current car msrp’s? 

  • Harddude5

    The cell phone company that likes to shoot itself in the foot does it again. I decided to use my upgrade on either a Samsung S2 or HTC One S and just as I was checking out the salesman pulled out the rebate form and showed me that in the fine print either of those two phones would require a data upgrade from 2 to 5 gb. I don’t use anywhere close to that amount as most of my web surfing is done on wi-fi so obviously it was a no go. Does this company seriously wonder why long term customers are leaving in droves? They are idiots.

  • Loupach

    It’s not free if you have to pay!