T-Mobile Stores Receiving Father’s Day Sale Promo Material

T-Mobile’s continuing to prep for their upcoming Father’s Day sale this Friday and Saturday, the 15th and the 16th with new promo material arriving in retail stores. We’re still missing the full enchilada of details, but we can clearly see that this will be another “All Phones Free” offer. I hope as the days tick down to the sale itself that more info will become available (of course it will), than again, T-Mobile should send out their own press release a few days in advance as Radio and Television advertisements begin as well.

It’s unfortunate that this sale is happening prior to the Galaxy S III launch (that’s just the way the calendar falls), but if the HTC One S still has your attention, this could a very good sale indeed.

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  • CM Punk

    Really hoping it’s a small (or non-existant!) Mail In Rebate and they market it well!!

    • Guest

      No such luck. If it’s like any other sale ever, it’ll be free after mail-in rebate. And they will most likely bump up the phone prices for the weekend to squeeze more from the stores.

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    “It’s unfortunate that this sale is happening prior to the Galaxy S III launch”

    No f’n kiddin’! :)

  • Bza13

    Just in time for upgrade! Obviously the s3 won’t be included…what do you think would be best available? S2, amaze, one s?

  • pinto

    the sgs2 was free online a couple days ago iirc, so it wouldnt surprise me if it was free…

    • William Brubaker

       Ok so one thing to clear up with online prices is that they are only available to Classic plans. Not value. With classic you end up paying t-mobile more. With value you pay tmob less and get the same stuff.

  • fechhelm

    Will I be able to keep my grandfathered plan.

    • Cesar

      If they give you a hard time about it, ask to speak to customer loyalty and tell them how you feel.

    • Get_at_Me

      As long as ur plan meets critia for mir card.

    • Brubawil87

       Of course you would it would be the same as a classic plan upgrade price and then you get the full price back in the MIR. Minus taxes.

  • Get_at_Me

    Im thinking the gs3 wouldve been excluded from this deal if it ran post launch.

  • Tmobile is really trying to clear out lower-end phones before they launch the GSIII…

  • Pheneks

    My wife and I are both due for an upgrade on a family plan. Can she take advantage of the free phone deal, to get the Galaxy S II or One S (she doesn’t really care which phone), while I wait until the following week to get a Galaxy S III?

    • Bratty

      Nope. Doesnt work that way. Would be awesome though.

    • Bratty is wrong.  I do this all the time.  Each line has its own upgrade.  If your wife upgrades now, then she resets the family contract on her line.  If you do it a week later, you will just be off a week and it will be a normal (non-sale) upgrade.

      • Bratty

        But will he get the free phone a week later? I didnt think so but am happy to be wrong on this!

        • Vim

          His phone wouldn’t be, but DL never said it would.  It’s only his wife’s phone that would be free since she’d be getting it during the sale.

    • tmo-manager

      Yes. While the full details are not out about this free phone sale I know you do not have to get two phones at once. You can use your upgrade on the 21st for the sIII. And use your wife’s for fathers day. Most of these sales make you have the 5gb data and unlimited minutes plan to get the rebate.

      • whiteiphoneproblems

        A similar, but slightly different, question: we are currently on an old EM+ family plan, but have been looking to switch onto one of the current contract plans. I’ve been thinking we’d go with Value, since you save so much over the two years vs. Classic ($840, given the specific plans I’m looking at); and we’re used to buying phones full price anyway.

        But — if we switched to a Classic Plan on FD weekend; got my wife the $600 BB Bold for free (after MIR); I could then wait and get the GSIII a few weeks later, for whatever its subsidized price turns out to be (let’s say $250, vs. a $600 retail price) — and we would have saved a combined total of $950 on the phones ($600 savings on the BB, plus $350 savings on the GSIII)?  That works out to make Classic the better deal in this scenario (we would only pay $250 toward one phone; whereas with Value we save $840 on the plan but pay a combined $1200 for the phones, meaning we would “pay” a net of $360). 

        Am I doing anything wrong with the math, or making an incorrect assumption on how the 2nd upgrade works? (It is fine to switch into Classic, but not take both upgrades at the same time, correct?)  Thanks.

        [EDIT: Nuts, just noticed your comment about 5gb / unlimited minutes being req’d — those aren’t the plans I’m looking at, or need — if it’s true, that would throw off all the math!!]

        • WW

          For all of these sales so far, Value Plan customers aren’t getting the phone for free. They’re getting zero $ down payment after rebate. You then pay the balance of the phone off on your monthly bill. When the Value Plan is used this way, your monthly bill is still lower (because you paid so much up front; but you’re getting that rebated) than Classic Plan for the same service and phone. Then after month 20, it drops again when the phone is paid off.
          Generally that means that for a $600 phone, you pay $300 up front then get a $300 rebate to zero out your up front out of pocket then pay $15 on your monthly bill for 20 months ($300 total; zero interest “financing”). I’ve been told (store rep) that you can pay off the balance (the $15/month) of the phone at any time.  
          TMo may still be offering (they were, a few weeks ago when they announced the Sensation ICS upgrade would disable “free” hotspot) tethering/hotspoting & some photo upload cloud service for free with the 5gb data plan.

      • BobDole

        Uuuuuh NO. the sg3 ISN’T part of the promotion! Get a clue.

    • TMobFTW

      Both upgrades do not have to be done at the same time. Your wife will get hers free after mail-in rebate where as you will only get the standard $50 MIR on the 21st.

  • 970411

    Okay if you got the htc one s and cameback in a couple days(21st) to exchange phones, can you not switch it out for a galaxy s3?

    • tmorep

      You would pay the price of the S3. The free price is only for the current phones

      • Applesucks

        I thought you could exchange or swap out for a different device if you do it within a week?

        • Briguydj32

          You can… and you pay whatever the price is of the phone you want. In this case, the S3 wasn’t sold with the promo.. so you’d be exchanging a free phone for one that costs money….. Pretty simple really… if you exchange a $100 television for a $1000 television at best buy…. what do you pay?… I hope you don’t need a calculator for that.

        • TheAnsweris900

          Pretty funny how people want to out smart T-Mobile while their own logic betrays them. Come on people. If you want a deal on the S3 just wait long enough and it will eventually be free.

        • tmo-manager

          You have 14 days from the date purchased to return or exchange. Depending on where you got it you will probably have to pay a $50.00 re-stocking fee.

      • Brubawil87

        ya the rebate would then not qualify for anything if you return it.

  • JohnGTJohnson

    3 after hours deals in the past three days (The s2 was free twice and the 1s once) and now this. I don’t care if they are clearing inventory or just trying to get some subscriber gains, I just hope they keep it up. Although maybe this next sale is why they aren’t taking pre orders on the s3…

  • Rvpanthony

    im due for a full upgrade tomorrow. i really like the s3 but dont wanna spend that much money when i can get the s2 or one s for free during the sale. is the one s better than the s2? or not that much of a difference?

    • Get_at_Me

      Id go one s over s2

      • brubawil87

        ya it has a much more optimized S4 1.5ghz dual core cpu vs GSII has the aged S3 cpu

    • Brubawil87

       Only drawback if One S is onboard storage is minimal. if thats not an issue go ahead. It comes with 25gb of dropbox for 2 years so just set everything to automatic upload and your good.

    • Khalints

       1.Get one S for free on fathers day
       2.Sell for 500 NIB (new in box)
       3.Pay difference for full price Gs3

      • Mrsmith247

        The only issue with that idea is that you wont get the rebate back without actual usage on phone

  • J11 Estrella

    I just bought an HTC One S a week ago from tmobile.com . Jut wondering if anyone here knows if I can call them and have it price mathced?

    •  return policy is 14 days so u should be able to. u can even bring it in store with the receipt.

      • J11 Estrella

        Do you know who tmobile do their refunds on returning phones? Do they give the credit back to your credit car or to your tmobile account? The website says it will be credited back to the account within two billing cycles. Im just confused about that.

        • T-MobFTW

          It depends on how you paid….if you paid via credit card it will be refunded back to your cc within two business days.

    • tmo-manager

       No. The phones are free after mail in rebate and the upgrade must have been done on the sale date.

    • William Brubaker

       Ok heres what you should do. Return the phone via online support and then they will send you a box to ship the stuff back. Got to a retail store and they will sell you the phone for whatever price and you will get that back in a rebate. But the awesome thing is they will sign you up for a VALUE plan so your monthly bill will also be less then what the online CRAP can offer you.

      • Corey21

        you can’t get the phone for free on the value plan stop setting that person up to get pissed when they tell him all he gets back is his/her down payment , and they pay the rest of the phone off in installments.

    • Brubawil87

       Return via online support. Go to store get a value plan. Phone is free after rebate and you pay less per month.

  • Does anyone know If this offer would apply if i upgrade? All 3 lines on my plan qualify for an upgrade :oo

  • Brubawil87

     Online only sure. But Online rate plan only offers classic.( To qualify for the instant and Web-only discounts, you must activate the
    product on a new line of service with a Classic rate plan on a two-year
    service agreement.) straight from the site.
    Classic sucks compared to Value rate plans which are only available at T-mobile locations.

    • JohnGTJohnson

      Very true. But the last time they did this phones were not free on value, they were just no-money down. Is there something I’m missing? because a free phone on a value plan would be something no one should miss.

      • cheaplikeafox

        yeah phones are never free on the value plan…that’s why those plans are cheaper

  • Encino Stan

    ExpandAny news about the Micro Arc Oxidation version of the HTC One S? Will it be available in time for the sale?

  • nd5

    Does this upgrade require moving from a classic plan to a value plan?  I’m on a great classic plan and don’t want to change anything… including what I’m currently paying for my 5gb data plans.  I’d love to get my hands on a free One S if I don’t have to change plans.

    • WW

      Most of these sales require a new plan selection but have a rep price out a value plan for you. I stuck with my grandfathered 1800min (I think 1800) myfaves family plan for 2+ years after they discontinued it but am now paying less on the Value Plan. With more data and more smartphones.

      About $160 for 5 lines. It’ll drop to about $130 on month 21 after the 2 primary phones are paid off. The kids got a prepaid Amazon Exhibit II (now Galaxy Exhibit) and my old hand-me-down Sensation 4G (I got a GNex for $400).    
      1 unlimited talk Android 2gb data  
      1 unlimited talk Android 5gb data w/hotspot/tethering/photocloud  
      2 500min talk Android 200mb data (kids don’t talk and we could upgrade to 2gb data for $5/line)  
      1 500min talk no data feature phone (elderly person)  
      All unlimited text, TMo to TMo, nights/weekends  
      My circumstance makes the Value Plan almost a perfect fit but It’s worth getting a quote if you haven’t compared recently.  
      I actually pay about $140/month (10% [could be 15%] off the whole bill) but I’m assuming that most people don’t have access to corporate partnership discounts so I quoted my plan w/o the discount. If you work for a big company, check if they have employee programs that get you discounts with wireless carriers.

      • nd5

        I’m stuck in contract on my value plan.  3000 family minutes.  Unlimited text.  $20/line for 5gb data.  There’s no way I’m giving up the 5gb data for $20.  I was able to upgrade one of my lines without changing the plan, but this wasn’t a special sale situation either. 

        Also WW, I have no problem going into the store. 

    • WW

      Oh yeah….you can, of course do this on-line (don’t know if the sale is available on line) but make the effort to go to a store.  
      It’ll cost you the same except the time and fuel but it’ll help someone keep their job by giving them a sale (if you buy).  

      Hope I’m not sounding preachy but everyone: Keep this in mind anytime you can do something without dealing with a person face-to-face. Even if it’s not sales, every time you deal with a person, you help justify the need for their job.  
        Besides human interaction is good for you.  

      • Therealmikebrown

         Oh well, I don’t go places so people can work, I go where I can save money.
        Phones are always cheaper when you call, if you pay your bill on time, every time. The people in the store also like to tell you insurance is mandatory and extra crap like that. No thanks.

        • WW

          So do I.  Only if it doesn’t cost me more.

  • I must say, as much as I want the Galaxy SIII, a free One S a week earlier is much more appealing. I can live on the cloud with my phone, and use my 32 gb card with my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (and adapter) if I want the additional offline access. Better yet, my upgrade triggers on June 15!

    • Khalints

      Do what you like but you would be missing out on HD screen, sd card, removable battery, more ram, and possibly (IMO) better dev support.

      Just my 2 cents…

      • All very valid considerations and trade offs. But, free < 2 cents.

        OR…I could take your approach and flip it for the GSIII.

  • gargoyle999

    I’ve been eligible for full upgrade on our lines for a few months now.  I just got a text message that as a thanks for my loyalty T-Mobile is offering me one free month and $15 off per month.  Any one receive that before?  Trying to decide if I’m going to stay with T-Mobile as wife needs either a Windows phone or iPhone to sync with work and there is not much selection for Windows phones.  So am going to visit a Verizon store tomorrow to get some info.  But a free month and $15 off would be a nice incentive to stay.  Over the years I’ve always upgraded as soon as I could so I’ve never received such and offer before.  Wondering if there are restrictions or some other catch to a loyalty offer like this?

    • Khalints

      I say get a windows phone (either with one of your upgrades or off contract) and stick it out until t-mobile can do iphone bands (1900) later this year, then if she really wants an iphone use your upgrade for an android, sell it and buy her an unlocked iphone.

      Just my 2 cents.

    • Aaron Tant

      what software does your wife’s company use to need an iPhone or a Windows Phone?  We use outlook at work and it works on all smartphones.  I currently use an android and a windows phone.

      • gargoyle999

         It has something to do with the security software that gets installed when she connects it.  Makes you need a password every time you go to use the phone.  PITA…

    • gargoyle999

      To answer my question the ‘catch’ is I have to switch to the Value plan.  With the dollars off per month  offer it would cut my bill in half, add 300 voice minutes and give unlimited text to all 3 of our lines (currently only one has that).  I would keep 5Gb data and wife who doesn’t really use much data would be on 200Mb.  So I’d save $65 month then have to pay full price for the phones.  I think the wife might just like that Windows phone after all!  haha  Now I have to decide do I wait and pay full price for the GSIII or get the One S and save $300 (deposit rebate) with this promo?  

    • Stephen_P

      I would take that offer. It’ll have you changing over to the value plan but that is a huge savings every month if you are correct about the $65 per month. In just a few months, you will have recoupped the cost of the device and now it’s all money back in your pocket.

      Now, about the windows device. I currently have the Nokia Lumia which is my first Windows 7 device and I am incredibly surprised how satisfied I have been with it. I have a few friends that have used the HTC Radar and they swear by it (faster web speeds than the Lumia if you live in a 4G area). I think your wife would be very satisfied with it, and if she isn’t, then do like someone down below said and sell the WinMo phone and buy an unlocked iPhone when TMo unlocks that 1900 frequency. Good luck :)

      • gargoyle999

         Well like they say if it sounds to good to be true…called back Saturday after the person who was supposed to call me didn’t.  Turns out even though we discussed what data to put on the lines 5GB for me, 200MB for wife, non on the dumb phone we use to walk the dog, the $65 price I was given was wrong.  It was only for an individual line.  So now it would really be $97.  Oh and even though the text I received indicated $15 off a month the most they can do is $10.  And she made it sound like she would be doing me a favor by giving me the one month free and the monthly discount.  Not supposed to do that..blah blah.  Anyway text clearing says both and $15/month.  So I’m not going to lock myself in for two years for that.  I can lower my wife’s data right now to the same 200MB and save $15/month right there.  So then I’d just be saving $15/month over what I’m paying right now have to buy my own phone outright and wife’s data would only be 200MB..doesn’t seem like a good deal.  So my latest thought for now is to go with the $30 prepay T-Mobile has with 100 voice and unlimited text and 5GB data for me and Simple Mobile $40 plan for the wife.  Would just stop using the ‘dog phone’.  That would be $60 month saving over what I’m paying now and no long term contracts giving me time to think about it or just wait it out for a phone I really want, the iPhone5 or Verizon to announce the family data plans, etc.

        • Stephen_P

          Oh wow, sorry it didn’t work out for you :(
          Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  • Khalints

    1.Get one S for free on fathers day
     2.Sell for 500 NIB (new in box)
     3.Pay difference for full price Gs3

    should I? Or this is just a bad idea?

    EDIT: Apparently they might not be going for that much new anymore….. this might not be such a good idea…

    • Me

      You have to use it on the line you do the act or upgrade on at least once in order to get the mail in rebate back. No longer NIB. Good try though.

  • so during the last all phones free sale, what exactly did you have to do?  be a new customer? or did it apply to existing customers and if so, what did existing customers have to do?

  • Tortionist

    Anybody know what kind of discount T-Mobile has for the military? I’ve been using one from the company I worked for,but i’m not with them anymore. Theirs sucked anyways. All I got was fees removed whenever I upgraded.

    • Brandon

       You get 15% off your monthly bill plus any new lines will have waived activation fees.

      • Tortionist


  • Me

    All of the details will be released to the public on the 11th.

  • Buyer

    If I’m on a Unlimited Value plan, am I eligible to buy a new phone then get whatever rebate is offered in store after paying full retail price?

    • gargoyle999

       the postcard I received Saturday for a pre-sale indicated you had to sign up for a classic plan

  • Mr Gizzyrey

    Would it be possible to get a upgrade instead?

  • DrWho75

    Careful everyone, went into the store to read the fine print.  HTC One and Galaxy 2 require unlimited data and voice plans.  Family of 4 would be around $295 a month.  Not worth it but the HTC One is a nice phone, just no NFC