Seidio Launches Accessory Line For HTC One S

There are a small group of accessory companies that I truly believe make excellent products and the folks at Seidio make some of the best. These guys know how to make something that works exactly like you want and their products fit your phone like a glove. I just realized they launched their HTC One S for T-Mobile product line and now I’m bringing it to your attention.

They’ve got screen protectors, fingerprint reducing screen protectors, ACTIVE Holster, ACTIVE case with metal kickstand and the Active combo holster with kickstand accessory. I’d definitely take a look at Seidio’s introductory line of HTC One S accessories if you want to protect your brand new smartphone, these guys make great stuff.


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  • mike

    make accessories for the galaxy s3!

    • Y314K

      Under TMobile SGIII they have a bunch of under development accessories…  Hope they are available before launch…

  • Cycad007

    Thanks!  I wouldn’t mind getting the finger print reducing and hd screen protector.

  • Get_at_Me

    That active holster is nice. Alot of customers have been asking for something like that. Hopefully we carry them in stores soon.

  • How about one of their extended batteries…  oh, wait. :P

  • None

    @david -You said a “small group of accessory companies that I truly believe make excellent products”.  I am curious what other companies you like??  I don’t really have a GO TO company yet…

  • Another reason for me to splurge all my money away, great… lol

  • Mark

    Any word on TMo stores (or anyone else) carrying the HTC car kit for the One S?  I think AT&T has the one for the One X; are they compatible?