(Updated) T-Mobile To Show Off Refarmed 1900MHz Network iPhone At WWDC Next Week? Yes, Yes They Are

Updated: It’s real! T-Mobile just sent us the following statement:

T-Mobile Statement:
While upgrading coverage inside the West side of the Moscone Center, T-Mobile has also deployed 4G HSPA+ service in the 1900 MHz band to test the live network on a small scale. As part of the company’s previously announced $4 billion network modernization effort, T-Mobile plans to launch 4G HSPA+ service in the 1900 MHz band in a large number of markets by the end of the year, which will make our 4G network compatible with a broader range of devices, including the iPhone.
NOTE: The time and location of this test is just coincidental.

A 9to5Mac report circling the interwebs right now is raising a few eyebrows in the T-Mobile community at the suggestion T-Mobile could be ready to show off the iPhone running on their refarmed 1900MHz band network. The 9to5Mac reader reported walking by Moscone West, ground zero for next weeks Apple super-event and experienced quite the iPhone on T-Mobile anomaly —-  a change in his iPhone from EDGE to 3G, which occurred just for the one block around the center itself. Accordingly, the reader specifically said he has passed by the center before and never had the iPhone indicate 3G service, for what should be obvious reasons.

Now, eyebrows are raising that T-Mobile may take some time next week to show off the possibilities of unlocked iPhone’s running on their refarmed network. T-Mobile could make use of MicroCell’s in and around Moscone Center to prepare for the influx of folks attending the Apple conference.

Now, the 9to5Mac report specifically says that they aren’t sure if this is a fluke, or a hint of things to come next week. Let’s be clear that there is no clear sign Apple will announce their next generation iPhone next week, nor that T-Mobile will be among those carrying the iPhone when it is announced.

T-Mobile could be using the time to show off the capabilities of their refarmed network ahead of its purported completion time of later this year. Now, I should add that this persons experience mirrors more than a thousand-plus reports I’ve seen in the last two months showing T-Mobile is clearly making some progress on the refarming front.

Is this a sign of things to come? We hope so, because even if the iPhone running on T-Mobile’s refarmed 1900 network isn’t your cup of tea, the door still opens to dozens of new handsets that can take advantage of the new network.


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  • BigMixxx

    I think they are gonna be showing off.  More than likely a microcell, but it’s more of getting developers to move to their network and develop.

    • BigMixxx

      All I can say…shut my mouth…

  • T-Mobile doesn’t really have to actually get the phone once they do finish with the network.  They can just tell people to hit the Apple store, and have them deal with the headache.  No insurance through the carrier, and no support…so they might as well just send it all to them anyway.

    • We already do perform (albeit somewhat limited) support for the iPhone when it comes to T-Mobile’s APN/MMS settings and what not.

      There are several articles relating to the iPhone in our internal support system – although they aren’t anything you couldn’t find out just by Googling around yourself…

      • That’s fair, but not real tech support. But a person can jump online and get those, none the less…they need to take it to the apple store. But I do respect your statement, and view.

  • Navid

    Will this refarmed network apply to others unlocked phones that currently using EDGE on T-Mobile? I am looking forward to get 3G on my HTC One X :) Come on T-Mobile.

    • Yep.  If it has the 1900 band (from the AT&T devices), it should work.

    • J-Hop2o6

      If the phone supports WCDMA/UMTS/HSPA+ 1900 (most phones do), then yes, they will, including the One X and One XL (AT&T).

      • fixxmyhead

        so ur telling me that my tmobile s2 will get hspa at work?

        it always drops down to edge at work. everywhere else is good

        • StonersLane

          If only I had a dime for when my phone drops to edge.

        • J-Hop2o6

           Thats different. Since the Tmo SGS2 drops down to EDGE, then its dropping down to GSM 1900, NOT HSPA+ 1900, difference. Now, if the TMO SGS2 supports HSPA+ 1900, then it will pick the best Tmo HSPA+ band where u are , either HSPA+ 1700 or HSPA+1900. So Once your tower(s) support HSPA+ 1900, then u wont see EDGE anymore, unless you force your phone down to EDGE via settings.

          Does that help you out?

        • fixxmyhead

          Kind of. I guess we’ll see when this rollout occurs

        • J-Hop2o6

          I believe most Tmo Samsung smartphones do support HSPA+ 1900, so when your area/city adds HSPA+ to 1900, then EDGE at your job will definitely be HSPA+, unless your force your phone down to 2G/EDGE via settings. Better?

          EDIT: I accidentally +1 you, lol

  • TMoFan

    Time to kick some ass. Probably microcell but this will create buzz and bring attention to T-Mobile’s refarm efforts. So many doors open up for us when this is finished.

  • J-Hop2o6

    This will be nice if this happens. Tmo should do an aggressive ad campaign saying something like “Are you tired of AT&T? Well bring your phone including the iPhone to a better “4G”  network with better and more affordable plans yadda yadda”. Something along those lines. But it’ll let ppl know that Tmo supports the iPhones HSPA+/3G with cheaper plans.

    • UMA_Fan

      It’s unlikely but in the event T-Mobile completes spectrum refarming before an LTE iPhone comes out they could rightfully claim they have the best coverage of the fastest iPhone speeds.

    • StonersLane

      I want T-Mobile to be hardcore. Like “stop sucking on at&t and suck on T-Mobile” You know something like that. Just not this one.

  • your name:

    so does this means that any quad band 3g/4g phone its gonna work in tmobile 3g/4g????/

    • J-Hop2o6

       Make sure the phone supports WCDMA/UMTS/HSPA+ 1900 (most phones do).

  • Peter Rardin

    IF they want to get Sued by apple that would be an excellent way to do it, Apple would have to give thier approval for T-mobile to make an official announcement about their phones on their network.

    • UMA_Fan

      I don’t think they do. Apple themselves sell the device unlocked making it open for use on any GSM network

    • XM_JDM

      What are you smoking? No they dont.

  • fizdog

    now i want an iphone or a better android from at&t. i love android because of the bigger screens, if iphone could get to that stage i think more people would switch that havent already and wont have to worry about switching network

  • MauryS

    When will everyone see this change I live in Chicago and have a iPhone on T-Mobile..

    • As I said in the post, later this year.

      • I.am.Illiterate

        When later in the year?


        • XM_JDM

          Ugh. December 3rd. Happy?

        • StonersLane

          But isn’t the world gonna end in 2012? I’m just saying. I kinda wanna believe though.

  • GwapoAko

    Good for us!!!! Yippeee!!!

  • SurgicalTech

    you want a outdated iphone when you can have a GSIII? even when the iphone5 comes it still will be behind android

    • XM_JDM

      GS3 is nothing that exciting. The gsm galaxy nexus is still by far the better choice.

      • tspx23

        the galaxy nexus is way underpowered the gs2 has better specs.

        • StonersLane

          But the Nexus has vanilla ics. The GS2 has Touch Wiz. I’ll take Vanilla anyday.

        • tspx23

          That still doesn’t refute the nexus is underpowered. if you root your phone the gs2 has vanilla ics also. i can’t wait to get the s3 and for an aosp rom.

  • fixxmyhead

    so does this mean where i get EDGE speeds on my s2 ill finally be getting hspa? i get good speeds everywhere except at work it always drops down to EDGE

    • niftydl

       Yes, if you are talking about the international version of the S2. The international version supports 850/1900 MHz networks for 3G/HSDPA, so it is possible your phone will switch if and when they refarm the network in your area.

      • fixxmyhead

        its the tmobile one. damn so ur telling me they still need to refarm it in my area? i thought the whole 1900mhz band would turn into 3g/4g

        • niftydl

          If you have the T-Mobile branded version you should have 3/4G already, but I suppose it all depends on the geographical area you live in. I usually have 4G or no signal, since I live in a large metropolitan area. Do you know anyone else that has a SG2, maybe your phone is acting weird?

        • fixxmyhead

          no u misunderstood. yea i already do get 4g everywhere except at work cuz its a big cement building i just wanted to know if wherever i get EDGE it would turn into 3g/4g

        • It should.

        • fixxmyhead


        • niftydl

           I don’t think switching from 1700/2100 to 1900 MHz will help much with building penetration. Verizon and AT&T have 850 MHz networks, and those are better at working in basements. Your best bet is to just use wifi-calling if you have a wireless network you can connect to.

        • Jarrod

          Not in all areas, Aparently in Houston, Tx I think all carriers are on 1900Mhz. I get similar or better bars then Verizon on my iPhone on T-Mobile.

        • mrsbelpit

          If your edge is coming through the 1900 MHz band and they refarm your area it will be HSPA+
          Tmobile also has edge on 850 MHz, so if that’s what your area has, then no.  There are maps somewhere online to check that out, if you’re interested in googling for a bit.

  • preme

    It’s working in Springfield,ma and the surrounding areas. I am currently in Holyoke, ma right now and on my wife’s unlocked iPhone 4 she now has 3g and pulling 5.41mbps down, my unlocked HTC vivid is now on 4g and is pulling about 6.8 mbps. this is good news for T-Mobile people. I was in Hartford,Ct on Tuesday and only had edge, so it is active in select markets within our 60 miles radius.

    • Jaybos617

      Good news! I used to live in springfield, ma and now I live in Boston, ma. I’m only getting edge on my unlocked iphone 4 so I guess I have to wait for 3g here.

  • predation

    International phones for me 3rd qrtr on….. hell yeah….suck it carriers!

    • Matlock

      Same here, im going to be looking at international phones once the refarm is done! I would look at ATT phones but they can be quite the restrictive a-holes! WHHOOO HHOOO more Android device choices. I could care less about the iphone!

    • None

      Where is the best place to get an international phone?

      • Negrielectronics!

  • Vim

    Apple seems to be toying with the idea of allowing carriers to sell the iPhone unsubsidized directly to their customers.  If so, we could see T-Mobile selling unsubsidized iPhones once they decide the refarm is sufficiently complete. 

  • Rina

    Everyone who has T-Mobile & a iPhone on the network comment if your getting 3G & what areas and if you can snap a photo of it :)

  • XM_JDM

    Phenomenal news! I can’t wait. I have been running every generation of iPhone on tmobile since the very first. EDGE is painful. I absolutely look forward to this.

  • Nathen

    Will the refarming effort affect southern California?

    • Kristoff119

      It’s eventually going to affect all Tmobile areas.

    • It may have been a fluke, but I have an unlocked Atrix and it switched from Edge to 3G in small section San Bernardino (near the Airport) so maybe they are testing it out already.  I am going back next week so I’ll see if it still works.

  • Chatter

    I think this is one of those *wink wink* coincidences. I’m sure TMo did not know about WWDC. I mean, who does right!
    Lets get that iPhone working beyond Edge!

  • no2apple

    is 1900 also used by AT&T ?? bcoz I dont want evil apple to mess up that band on future iphones..
    You know they are capable of doing this if 1900 band is not used by AT&T…

    Also t-mobile should setup some fund for those jail breaking kids to make sure we get a jailbreak as soon as a new iphone/ios is released. This would make Steve jobs( sorry, his ghost) and AT&T sooo mad that they will disappear…

    • Jarrod

      Even if At&T didn’t use this band they wouldn’t get rid of it, because Canada uses that band for 3G & 2G services. 

    • ghulamsameer

      Umm… What?

    • StonersLane

      Yeah Steve is gonna be turning from his grave alright.

    • ChadBroChillz

      what you’ve just typed is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Kim K

    I live in IL it’s a big city AT&T first starts LTE here but when is T/Mobile going to have 3G on the iPhone here in IL anyone know please comment here xo.

  • curious George

    Does this mean I can buy an unlock Motorola atrix. 4g and the phone would work but only get 3g signal when the whole refarming stuff gets done with?

    • ChadBroChillz

      Tmobile 3G is 4G, since they upgraded their 3G network from HSPA to HSPA+. Your atrix would get tmobile 4G, which(depending on your market) will be twice as fast as ATT’s 4G HSPA+ network. I believe the atrix only supports up to 14.4Mbps, which means you will not get the 20+Mbps that people with 42+ capable devices get. However, the G2 and Mytouch 4G are both 14.4, and I got speeds in the 6-9Mbps with them. 

      • curious George

        Oh ok that’s good to know I just want it because of the web laptop

        • niftydl

          I owned the Atrix and the laptop docks and honestly I do not think its worth any money at this point unless you really need a physical keyboard to reply to a lot of e-mails and text messages. The web browser functionality is pretty slow, and everything is still being powered by your phone so the performance is lacking. If you are going to spend the money, I personally suggest a netbook + phone for functionality. Unless of course you can get the Atrix and the dock for super cheap, in which case maybe its worth playing around with.

  • Mike Jhonsons35

    i find this very strange, every time i call tmobile and ask them about the 1900pcs reframming, when will it take effect, i get: sir, i dont see that in our system, it may be just a rumor, or i get, its not written in stone, idk what to believe

    • T-Mobile announced it, the fact that customer care reps don’t know about it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Also, calling customer service regarding this is wasteful, when geographic locations get launched, T-Mobile will be shouting it from the rooftops.

      • Mike Jhonsons35

        your are absolutely correct, thank you david for that comment:) 

  • mreveryphone

    So the one x would work right??

    • tarusdg

      All AT&T phones would work

  • iamrda

    The TMo store in my neighborhood (Norwood, Bronx, NYC) is advertising to bring your unlocked iPhone and get on 3G…as much as I love android phones, I could be tempted to make the switch if this goes down right. 

    • Rinak

      Wow are you serious?! they are advertising it? I’m amazed in a good way.. I hope Chicago IL gets 3G soon. 

      • Mr P

        certain stores in the Bronx are test stores for T-Mobile, so they do a lot of things that are in development for the company before they launch nationally.  There is nothing for the iPhone on 3G yet at all though, that I can confirm won’t start happening until at least September as of now.

      • They don’t have 3G up and running in that area yet, you guys really need to remember that this process is just getting started. It will absolutely be later in the year when it’s usable and not just at a tower here and a tower there.

        • Rinak

          Hi David, Tmobile is working in the chicago area spoke to 611 so it should be soon for us because 1 hour away from here there is 3G they are trying to test as much of towers in big cites they said and then release it all out to others. 

        • No, really, it won’t be…T-Mobile just took control of the AT&T towers necessary to get this done. It’s not a simple, nor easy process. I’m sure 611 and those folks have NO idea what they are talking about.

        • Jarrod

          Why would they be using At&T towers when its their network?

        • Goodies from the failed buyout. 

        • Jarrod

          Getting tower access to their own towers? At&T must be communist….

        • Because AT&T doesn’t own its towers. It leases them from a tower company. And often times, T-Mobile’s equipment is colocated with AT&T’s in order to make coverage expansion cheaper. It’s just a matter of installing another antenna structure and plugging into the base station system to connect the tower to the T-Mobile core network to use AT&T towers. The actual replacement of all existing T-Mobile towers will take a lot of work and will require a lot of red tape (so it will take quite a bit of time to get done).

        • Jarrod

          That probably explains why I get the same of not better signal then At&T. I’m surprised it would take them awhile to get “permission” to work on their towers.

        • Tom

          Just 15 min away from my house, in Levittown PA, the 3G is on. I am in Philadelpphia.

    • XM_JDM

      Your store is employed by a bunch of morons.

  • Winski

    T-Mumble has proven to be the dumbest American carrier to ever exist. They keep bleeding customers; they keep telling the Germans it’s going to be better once they get the next piece of plastic Korean trash to the cash-flush idiot American beer-swilling consumer; they are working as hard as possible to sell off their towers and infrastructure so they can keep paying that clown Humm and his idiotic marketing people; and firing people that support CUSTOMERS so they can keep fluffing up their books so they don’t go Chap. 11 in the US and have to LEAVE !!!!

    Pathetic excuse of a even a minor carrier.

    • You’re so stupid… that is all.

    • Thomanager

      Being a member of leadership at T-Mobile I can honestly say the company has no clue what the hell to do.

      • Frigadroid

        I believe you, damn all the signs of a classic sinking ship scenario & appropriately named the challenger stragety so sad.

    • Michael Larry

       Who the hell does this guy think he is. Do you work for tmobile? Do you know DT? No? Ok then shut up. You see things from a close minded point of view. Not from the inside. We are doing just fine. No need for rude people like you to state facts that just simply are not true.

      • Winski

        PROVE TO ME I’M WRONG!!!!

        I’ve been a T-Mumble customer for over a decade and STILL THINK T-Mumble is a CRAP carrier, has been almost as long as I’ve been a customer. The only reason I stayed was that T-Mumble coverage at 11,000 feet in Colorado was the only one that worked. Now that I’m no longer in Colorado AND my contract with T -Mumble is DONE, as soon as the Phone 5 hits the Apple store, T-Mumble is a BAD AND FADING memory….

        WORST carrier on earth today… Yes, DT was a customer of mine in Germany along with Volkswagen… That experience in Germany just made the one here WORSE!!!

    • Cool story, bro. 

    • StonersLane

      Liking the dino icon :D

  • Aron S

    Hi, I work at T-Mobile so yes as of now in some part of California whoever has a iPhone will get 3G speed. As we are testing our network out we are not running on AT&T’s tower. We don’t work with AT&T the merger has failed and we only have a roaming agreement if you see AT&T on your phone then you on AT&T’S tower. We are starting off in major cities first and as the year goes on we will add  it in more cities and hope to roll out LTE in 2013 there is no ETA. We are always enhancing our network. Keep an eye on newsroom.t-mobile.com for all the latest. 

  • knightsray

    I have a question for whoever can answer this. Now lets say in my area they just turned on 3G..as of right now it’s mostly only hitting 15-50 kb/s and 100-200 kb/s at night. 

    Now when the refarming is done and 2G turns into 4G would my phone know to switch over to that better service? Because our area of course has great 2G coverage which should turn into great 4G coverage right? Would my phone switch over to that better one automatically?

    • Roger

       I wouldn’t worry about it. If you’re not getting good speeds on AWS its probably because its a high traffic area. Also, because PCS is better at penetrating walls you’ll most likely maintain the connection to a PCS tower/have the signal handed off from the AWS HSPA+ tower to the PCS one when things fluctuate, like regular cellphones do during traveling. Also, with Multi-flow coming out and possibly being used when its commercial, its possible your phone will just connect to both.

      • UlyssesGhost

        OTOH, and this is just observationally and I am looking for someone to explain it.  I have observed about 1 month ago techs working on the local towers.  Since then my friend’s iphone on t-mobile  intermittently gets a 3g signal on tmobile.  Good for him but my reception in my house went from being great for the last 10 years to abysmal –  I drop calls now all the time.  Something obviously changed, the question is with them refarming parts of the 1900Mhz band, will that decrease signal/quality for those of use that were currently using that for calls?  Not asking you specifically Roger,  just anyone that might know.

        • Ptomnas

           i’m in Houston. i had lost my 3g phone awhile back. so i have been using a 2g unlocked phone to talk and text on temporarily. i have had no problems with signal since i was using the 2g phone. but this past February starting at midnight my phone would go from 4or5 bars to 1or2 then die no signal. then after an hour or so it would go back to normal. then a few days later the signal would get weak during the day and go in an out for hours that day. then the process repeated like this for the next few weeks. but after that signal strength went back to normal for good and i saw improved signal bar strength since that happened. what happened i believe is that Houston was one of the 1st cities they were refarming. now they are refarming your city so I would give it a few weeks and see if your coverage improves. remember the fcc recently  approved the transfer of 1billion $ of spectrum from att to tmo usa. this spectrum transfer helps tmo usa speed up their refarming and lte build out process. don’t worry about your temporary in and out coverage issue.

        • Jarrod

          Where do you live? I live around Bush IAH and haven’t seen 3G on my iPhone yet. The 2G signal has been variable though but I live between two or three towers so it might be connecting to different towers.

    • farfromovin

      All my previous phones have tended to try to cling to that 4G signal as much as possible. You can see it, I’ll have 1 bar of HSPA or maybe no bars of HSPA and then a couple minutes later it’ll switch to 4-5 bars of EDGE. Even 1 bar of HSPA is miles faster than EDGE and is usually fine making calls too. Just depends on the signal strength but I would guess your phone will strive for that HSPA signal if it’s useable.

  • Screw the DiePhone…..I am picking up a cheap Nokia Lumia 900 or the One X

    • StonersLane

      You know you make us BMW drivers sound like idiots.

    • XM_JDM

      Derrick Ford really just rides a Huffy bicycle with tassels and a basket. Like a good bitch.

  • guest

    where is the Iphone??? God dam, Cricket & Virgin mobile have it now. Keep it real, ppl want that phone man, me included. I love my galaxy nexus but the iphone just does things better. Web surfing, streaming vids. etc. Can’t leave T-mobile, they got a great network for the price. But where’s my iphone player??

    • tegz

       ask apple

    • farfromovin

       I’m glad Tmo won’t be jumping through their arses to sell unsubsidized iPhones. The iPhone broke AT&T’s network lol. It’s so bad in major cities on the West Coast that at major stadium events or large events you can’t even use AT&T. That’s what I hated about them and I switched to Tmo to get far away from that. I like being on the “unused” carrier and hope it stays that way.

    • Spanky

      Virgin Mobile is not paying Apple anything upfront, and their subscribers will have to pay full price for the iPhone. It’s not like Richard Bramson pulled a rabbit out of a hat by carrying the iPhone.

    • Spanky

      Also, the iPhone has many miles to go before it even gets close to the Galaxy Nexus. But that’s subjective…

    • Uh.. HELLO if you want it THAT badly.. Why don’t you just…

      1. Locate your local Apple store.
      2. Ask for an unlocked iPhone
      3. Go to T-Mobile and ask for a micro sim card.
      4. Insert the sim card on the iPhone and that’s it! You have done it!

      That’s the beauty of T-Mobile being a GSM carrier. They don’t NEED to carry the phone in stores… JUST POP IN THE SIM CARD IF THE PHONE HAS COMPATIBLE FREQUENCIES WITH THE CARRIER.

      Sorry I am just sick of these comments. “When is T-Mobile getting it?!!!” Blah blah blah. T-Mobile has ALWAYS had it. Just on EDGE.

    • XM_JDM

      Go buy an unlocked iPhone like have I have been doing since Apple started selling them. Don’t be a cheap ayes beyotch player. 

  • Burke985

    i guess thats good for iphone users but they can have that piece of crap 

  • Is 1900mHz LTE? 

    *Please excuse my ignorance, I honestly don’t know. 

  • StonersLane

    I don’t care anymore. I’ve been using an Android device since I signed up with T-Mobile. I gotta be honest. I was kinda disapointed when Megenta wasn’t one of the carriers to get the 4s. Now I’ve become acustome to Android. I hated it at first. But that’s because of sucky hardware. Now I can gladly I like using Android. The whole time I waited for this day. Now It looks like I don’t need an iPhone after all. But that’s my personal preference.

  • tegz

    i couldn’t care less about the iphone working on tmo hspa+. at&t has tons of other phones worth looking at.

    • XM_JDM


  • Wp_user

    To T-mobile worker what’s going on with the new WPs no Nokia as yet WP8 is coming what’s the plan.

  • TBN27

    My question is will this work for a locked T-Mobike phone? As an example, i went to New Hop, P. A. AND only was able to get edge. Will i be able to get 1.9ghz 3g/4g when i leave an HSPA+ 42 area?

    • farfromovin

      It’ll work on locked Tmo phones because it’ll be Tmo towers. It’s just that your Tmo phone has to support 1900Mhz of course. Most do iirc, especially the higher end devices.

      • J-Hop2o6

         Actually, all support GSM 1900, but only SOME TMO phones (I think most of their Samsung smartphones) support HSPA+ 1900. So u have to check out the specs, or ask members at xda or here about your phone or other phones.

  • HTC One X on Tmobile please!  :-)

  • Bryck

    Does the Samsung Vibrant support 1900 MHZ? ?

    • niftydl

      Yes it does. I have a friend with an unlocked Vibrant on AT&T using the 1900 MHz band.

  • Qayin

    Lumia 900 please :)

    • None

      I’ll have what she’s having.

  • None

    So I can finally get a titan at full price from AT&T and, by the end of year-ish, it will get more than edge in Baltimore??  Is this really what I am hearing??

    • J-Hop2o6

       Once the AT&T Titan is carrier unlocked, and your area has been blessed with HSPA+ 1900, then yes, that’s what you’re hearing.

  • SirAuron14

    tmobile better carry the iphone or im so leaving!

    • …or you could just do like the other 1 Million customers on T-Mobile’s network who already have an iPhone and get one unlocked and put your SIM in it.

      Here – I’ll even give you a link: http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_iphone/family/iphone/iphone4s

      • GwapoAko


      • ArminVanBuren

        Except no sane person wants to drop $600+ for a phone up front. Subsidies are the way to go.

        • Tell that to the 1 Million+ customers who already did..

          Acting like the device isn’t available is absurd because it is and yes you have to pay for it.

        • Littlesis1774

          Well they are insane then. I want an iphone but I am not going to dropped $600 for one. Once my contract is up I am going to Verizon

        • You realize that the $200 you pay to Verzion for the phone plus the charge for a contracted plan over 2 years means you’re paying… are you ready for this?  About $400 – $600 for that phone that you can’t seem to pay upfront for.

        • So by your definition, Americans are sane while the rest of world is crazy.
          Seems legit.
          And yes, sane people like to pay the additional $50 – $100 over a 2 year contract for a higher priced plan and bring the total cost of their phone higher… totally sane.

          Be a slave because you can’t just save a few dollars a month and just  have to have the phone now now now… that’s your call, but don’t speak for everyone.

    • XM_JDM

      Oh no! Please dont leave!

  • Moedawg

    Android fanboys – this does not concern you so stay out of this one.. if Tmobile is seriously getting the iPhone I am thinking of coming back.. comments about that are much more useful.  Keep that in mind.

    • GwapoAko

      You can get the iPhone from Apple Store and bring it to Tmo on Value Plan. We are paying $65 ( 1,000 Mins family plan with $5 (200MB data on my iPhone 4s) and my wife has a 3GS (no data) only wifi)

      • Moedawg

        Thanks – here’s the thing .. I already have the 4S on Verizon that I paid full price for, so I am not on contract.  The hardest part is figuring out how to get it unlocked – Verizon will do it for international use but that still won’t let me use it on T-Mobile, so that’s my next step.  I don’t think the Dev Team has released an unlock yet, just a jailbreak…

        • Soun Maokhamphiou

          R-SIM III will unlock you iPhone 4s on iOS versions up to 5.1.1

        • Fabian Cortez


          I recently unlocked a Sprint iPhone 4S using R-SIM III.

          The only issue is that to unlock the CDMA twins, you need to be able to jailbreak the phone.

        • Jarrodd

          I say eBay it and get a new iPhone for GSM only. Something tells me there is going to be a huge crowd of verizon people looking for iPhones that they don’t have to upgrade to sense there getting rid of unlimited data when you do a subsidized upgrade.

        • Lani

           Correct me if I am wrong.
          Sprint & Verizon unlocked iPhones will not work on Tmobile network. 
          Only the AT&T unlocked iPhone will work on Tmobile network, and only Edge.

  • Mgmessner

    Sounds like a waste of money from the merger flop. Why would they worry about 1900mhz, focus on us loyal customers that buy your phones with your plans and stand by you tmobile, not fan boys that want to bring an iPhone to tmobile. We want our Tmobile branded phones to be enhanced, not some phone that Tmobile doesn’t even carry.

    Ive been with Tmobile for 11 years. Why do you care about people bringing AT&T phones to Tmobile, how about focusing on your loyal customers for a change. 

    • Soun Maokhamphiou


      Although this spectrum refarming effort allows iPhone users and AT&T phones to enjoy data speeds faster than edge, the bigger benefit to this is that it allows T-Mobile to utilize the 1700/2100Mhz spectrum for LTE. Could you imagine that when LTE is not available your new T-Mobile phone falls back on 3G instead of edge? I believe that day will come. This is the direct benefit to current T-Mobile loyal customers. This is a win-win situation for

      1. iPhone users who want to have higher data speeds and have T-Mobile as their carrier
      2. T-Mobile customers who want 4G LTE data speeds on their phone
      3. International customers w/phones that utilize HSPA+ data speeds on 1900MHz
      4. Customers with T-Mobile phones that will use LTE (1700/2100) as their primary data speed selection on their phone and allow it to fall back on 3G speeds (OMG, I have to fall back on slow 3G speeds when LTE is not available?!?)
      5. AT&T Customers who are unhappy with their service provider and wish to have a lower monthly subscription bill
      and so on

      When T-Mobile makes money without having to subsidize phones, that’s more money in their pockets and our pockets. That’s how they can afford the low rates they currently charge while still being able to deliver service that is nationwide.

      T-Mobile has transformed me from a customer who purchases subsidized phones to a customer who purchases his phone outright and subscribes to the value plan. I wish to keep my Value Plan that costs me only $90.00 for three lines (1000min, unlimited text, 2GB data ea. line)

      Once I get faster than edge speeds on my phone, I will upgrade my value plan to the 5GB data one. Keep it up T-Mobile!!! I look forward to many more years with T-Mobile!

      • Mgmessner

         I understand the benefits completely, but for those who really don’t care for buying phones outright get screwed, since the dawn of the cell phone public take over its been contract based subsidization.

        I have always stuck by tmobile because AT&T can stuff it. I travel in and out of the country and I find it sad how i can get 3G in New Zealand on a tmobile branded phone but get edge in Phoenix AZ. Ive always had top end devices, G2x when it was launched, galaxy s2, ect. I don’t get why they can’t just enhance the current network, I don’t need 42 mbps down, all I want is at least 6 mbs down so I can tether and stream. 42+ wont happen on tmobile and I’m okay with that. I just want tmobile to invest in “their latest and greatest”, not AT&T’s latest and greatest.


        • Guest911

           “US loyal customers” also include people that like phones on ATT and yes, the iPhone. So get off your high horse and understand that you do not represent everyone. No one is forcing you to buy anything at full price if you don’t want. The reframing has bigger implications than just getting some phone.

        • Mgmessner

           I am not trying to represent anyone but myself, comments are for opinions. I don’t understand how I’m on a “high horse” to begin with, I’m just curious as to why they can’t make a better network for pre existing phones. I sit at home and get 500kpbs in the phoenix metro area on my S2. Thats pretty sad for the Largest 4G network.

        • J-Hop2o6

           Well u better hope Phoenix will get converted to HSPA+ 1900 so u won’t be on EDGE anymore.

        • Brad162

          I live in Phoenix, and rarely if ever see EDGE inside of the phoenix metro, i’ve always had HSPA no problem (this is one of T-Mobile’s strongest markets from my experience)

          i always get 10+Mbps down, even downtown during work hours, and at night can creep ~30Mbps no problem, i’m not sure where this guy is using his phone, but i’m all over the valley and have seen EDGE maybe twice in a year?

        • J-Hop2o6

          I was skeptical of him saying he’s always on EDGE in Phoenix, unless he’s way outside of Phoenix. But nice speeds! I need a better phone (using a G2 now) to reach those speeds. My next phone should be the SGS3.

  • Titan II + T-Mobile = AWESOME!

  • macman37

    The progress on the refarm sounds great for both people who want to bring an iPhone over and other T-Mobile customers that have experienced the speed of the 1900 Mhz band and want more.  Let’s just hope that Phil Humm and the rest of the T-Mobile USA staff struck a subsidizing deal with Apple, so that T-Mobile USA is finally an official carrier/seller for the upcoming next iPhone.  The refarm sounds great guys, but we are still basically stuck in the same boat of whether or not if we have complete customer support from both the carrier AND Apple if they decided not to become an official carrier and just open the network more.  It’s embarrasing for both the company and their customers when smaller companies like the “Pre-Paid Ones {Cricket, Leap, and Virgin Mobile} are becoming official carriers/sellers before T-Mobile USA does.  It’s a worthwhile investment Humm, and having complete customer support from both T-Mobile and Apple sure sounds a hell of a lot better and more reassuring than being a compatible outsider.

    • GwapoAko

      If Tmo will sell their soul to Apple, Tmo is doomed… Tmo’s strategy on refarming 1900Mhz band is the best way.. People who want iPhones can just bring their used/brandnew unlocked iPhones to Tmo and get the value plan or the Tmo prepaid $30 (100 minutes, unlimited text and 5GB data).

  • gwhyte01

    Screw the refarming for the iphone. I want the advantages of better wall penetration. I want my signal to get arrested for wall molestation, cause my basement doesn’t get anything.

    • ChadBroChillz

      Tmobile only has 1 850Mhz license in SC, and that is it for its sub-1Ghz spectrum, so I would not expect any violations of wall molestation anytime soon. However, You should see a 33% boost in building penetration when comparing current coverage to 1900mhz after the completion of challenger strategy. 

  • Mike Jhonsons35

    so, i spoke with tmobile today, they informed me tmobile is in negotiations with apple? 

    • XM_JDM

      Yeah, I am sure that a low level employee knows all about this. 

  • Todd_the_Hunn

    This is really a good move . People seem to not want to be stuck to a phone for several years & with handsets like the Galaxy Nexus available for 400ish & older iPhones available for much less I really believe there is a huge market for just service . This coming from a grandfathered EM+  customer of course . I can’t wait for this to hit ATL . Will have to decide between a Lumia 800 or a Nexus . Good stuff .

  • Johnny

    Will edge turn to 3G on capable phones all at once or slowly, over time?

    • niftydl

      If I had to guess, they will tweak it according to approximate mix of 3G/2G devices in any given major area. I don’t think they are going to completely get rid of 2G GSM anytime soon, but will likely give it less resources on the towers so that 3G phones get priority access. Likely over time, depending on how their testing goes.

    • niftydl

      If I had to guess, they will tweak it according to approximate mix of 3G/2G devices in any given major area. I don’t think they are going to completely get rid of 2G GSM anytime soon, but will likely give it less resources on the towers so that 3G phones get priority access. Likely over time, depending on how their testing goes.

    • J-Hop2o6

       If that phone supports HSPA+ 1900 then yes, once the tower(s) you’re connected to is converted to HSPA+ 1900. Tmo will still have a small chuck (10MHz) for 2G/EDGE.

  • Miladkhahil

    All of you iphone hatters , wake up and smell the roses … I give you facts … For your ignorance ..

  • Adhiboy12

    Yeah, you don’t spend $4 million dollars just to gain an extra frequency. I could definitely see this happening.

    • Jarrod

      They didn’t receive any PCS spectrum from At&T that I know of, They only received more AWS.

  • Marino

    Just focus on getting this service better because when I’m in school it’s a DEAD ZONE with all the other carriers having bars (EVEN BOOSTMOBILE come on now)

    • XM_JDM

      Oh no! Never mind focusing on SCHOOL. It’s all about getting your texts and Facebook updates!

  • Jarrod

    I was just thinking, If the new iPhone is like the new iPad I could just use the LTE on the iPhone with T-Mobile if they launch it before refarming and then use EDGE for phone calls and text messages. That would also work out for me.

    • N773PH

      the new ipad uses the 700Mhz for LTE. VZW and ATT uses both 700 and AWS for LTE while T-mo will only use AWS so your plan may not work..sorry..

      • Jarrod

        It don’t need both bands of signal plus T-Mobile is going to use AWS for LTE

  • XM_JDM

    Lol. Thanks random person from the internet who thinks he is cool and claims to work for T-Mobile but instead he is just a poser loser.

  • AhhYo

    OK, so Virgin Mobile and Cricket how supply and service iPhone 4 & 4S What a slap in the face to T-Mobile. At of all this, you would think T-Mobile would be in line first before those prepaid chumps. I love T-Mobile and was a loyal fan for a few years. I even paid the termination fee, just in case I wanted to come back and not have a negative chance of paying a deposit. If and when T-Mobile gets the iPhone (hopefully the 5, when they announce it on Monday) I will gladly sign my life away with T-Mobile.

    • pinto

      with virgin mobile you’re BUYING THE FULL PRICE OF THE PHONE like you would tmobile if you were to bring it over. no big deal. dont understand what you’re all in a fuss over. sheesh

      • ArminVanBuren

        Not many ppl wanna drop $600 for a phone.

  • Zolomon1233

    Too late. I just switched my 4 lines on T-Mobile to iPhone 4s’s on Verizon. And I’m only paying about $15 more per month for the same usage but much better coverage. And Verizon is gonna get every new iPhone from here on out. T-Mobile has been good to me for 10 years but I got tired of Blackberries and Androids.

  • Boobinator

    Agreed with Zolomon. I switched both my lines on T-Mobile with Galaxy S2s to Verizon for 2 iPhones last month and paid the full termination fee. I don’t regret it.

    Not hating on T-Mobile but having unlocked phones on their network ain’t that great
    -No insurance offered by carrier for lost/stolen phones
    -No subsidies – gotta spend $600 up front
    -Won’t have full features of subsidized iPhones that other carriers ACTUALLY sell


      Sure you had a gs2, your probably one of those chumps who had a 3gs unlocked. we won’t miss you and iI can’t wait till you drop that pos

    • Soun Maokhamphiou

      Now that you mention it Boobinator… I used to think having unlocked phones on T-Mobile was great but considering there is no insurance and I have to pay international text messaging to the UK every time iMessage doesn’t work right… I’m considering paying the Early Termination Fees so I can use iPhones on a carrier that officially supports it.

      If T-Mobile doesn’t officially carry the new iPhone by the end of 2012… I will pay the ETF, sell my unlocked iPhones and buy subsidized iPhones on a carrier that officially supports it.

      I used to think I was so awesome for getting iPhones unlocked on T-Mobile but once I started seeing text messages being sent to the UK for activating iMessage/Facetime and even sending a failed iMessage to my wife on the same account… I will pass.

      I left android (Samsung Nexus S running ICS) less than 6 months ago to try iOS… never looked back and realized I missed out on so much iOS had to offer.

  • GuestGuy

    Does anybody know when they are changing it and where?

  • Dilson / Mr. Spacely

    I have a DROID Bionic running Tmo and I’ve been getting 1900mhz hspa+ signal in certain parts of RI