Samsung Out To Prove Galaxy S III Is “Innovative and distinctive” In Fight Against Apple

Time for round 234920923423 in the Apple vs. Samsung patent fight as Samsung releases a statement hat it will “demonstrate to the court that the Galaxy S III is innovative and distinctive” as Apple claims Samsung violated a pair of software patents. On Tuesday, Apple asked a US district court to temporarily ban sales of the Galaxy S III inside the US right as Samsung gears up to launch the smartphone on five US carriers.

Samsung and Apple have been involved in a multitude of bitter patent lawsuits in North America, Europe and Asia since Apple’s first accusation that Samsung copied the iPhone back in April of 2011. As the legal battles continue, Samsung counts Apple as one of its largest buyers of chips and display screens with Apple relies on Samsung for mobile components.

No word on when the US District Court in Northern California will hear the case.

By all means this is getting ridiculous and while Apple may be partly to blame for being overzealous, just as Microsoft is for suing every Android device manufacturer under the sun — the real problem is the broken patent law system itself. The government needs to step in and handle this business already, before consumers really start losing out.


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  • mreveryphone

    WOW crapple is really reaching. When they feel threatened they go into sue mode. We the consumer created this beast and now it’s time to bring them back down to size and stop buying their products! Hell car manufacturers should be suing for power windows, push button starts, heated seats, self-dimming mirrors etc. The patent system was mainly for small businesses to protect them, so I don’t know why they keep giving them these patents.

    • Drepope100

      One word: Money! Underneath the surface of all of this nonsense, money is the culprit.

    • morbid

       They have to sue to keep good phones off the market or else their sheep might realize that Apple isn’t actually innovative.  They’re just good at convincing people that their phones do wondrous things… even if other phones had been doing all those things for many years prior.

      • stafa

        What’s innovative about what Samsung is doing? What about HTC? Why don’t you demand Google be innovative and actually spend some resources on updating their Nexus lines properly and on time? Where’s your call for innovation there?

        • souggie

          But who says they aren’t? And what’s on time? YOUR time? This is a major corporation, do you not want things to come correctly and not rushed, or would you sweetie for crap software instead?

        • souggie


        • souggie


        • souggie

          But who says they aren’t? And what’s on time? YOUR time? This is a major corporation, do you not want things to come correctly and not rushed, or would you sweetie for crap software instead?

  • NickPetrizzio

    I hope Samsung does prove they are innovative and distinctive
    unless they sue for innovation again and they are forced to make it suck to shut apple up

  • MarcusDW

    I know one thing.  I will own a GS3 before Apple has a chance to ban it!!

  • Dean Farrell

    Siri is basic AI, which has been around a long time.  How they even got a patent in the first place is questionable.  That is the issue.   I was working on AI systems back in the early 80’s.  Doing many of the things Siri does. 

    • Test

      I agree, the US court should/must investigate or study each patent request further before granting it.  By letting Apple to gain every patent they can think of not just killing the competition but also real innovation….

      • This is exactly the problem, the problem is the system itself.

  • Deadeye37

    Innovation, not Litigation, should be what each company should be after.  Apple is still innovating, but they are starting to lean way too much on litigation.  I want to like Apple, but its really hard when Apple turns around and sues every phone maker that has a competitive phone.  Makes Apple look like a real douche.

    • It absolutely does, but I stand by the idea that while Apple may be partly to blame, the system itself needs to be fixed so we can keep Apple in check.

      • mike_hilly

        While I agree on the whole with this, where do you draw the line in the proverbial sand to ensure that one’s innovations are protected?

        I am of the personal opinion that IP patents are good along with the current system, to the extent that it doesn’t hinder the natural evolution of a product life cycle. Provided it’s not a copy paste there shouldn’t be much to argue about. The concept of Siri has been around for a long time. How this patent was granted in the first place is beyond me.

        That being said putting a reasonable time stamp on some of these patents might be the right direction to head.

      • Deadeye37

         Agreed.  Now we just need to get a few someones in Congress (or the President) to come up with a better system that allows for better innovation (being able to build on an existing idea) instead of suing anyone that uses part of that idea.  I would much prefer to have a waterfall of announcements of ideas built on ideas coming out on each phone coming out instead of Company X is suing Company Y because their new feature is similar to a feature that Company X has.

  • Zingar

    The only thing I’m wondering is if Samsung is a parts supplier for Apple and the iPhone, couldn’t Samsung use it’s own components to improve their phones and innovations?

    • Deadeye37

      Probably not under it’s contracts with Apple.  Most likely Apple has Samsung by the balls when it comes to being able to use hardware Apple has purchased from Samsung.  However, Samsung, from a hardware standpoint, probably is the best around next to Apple, which is basically Samsung.

      • Cycad007

        Samsung currently makes the best displays in the world bar none.  That is their one and ONLY advantage from a hardware standpoint.  Intel (yes…Intel) has the best fabs in the world…followed by TSMC and Samsung.  From an engineering perspective, I’d easily choose Intel, ASUS, and Sony (Sony’s problem is in its company’s leadership/structure…not its technology) over Samsung.

  • NaturalX

    If a person acted like how Apple does, I wouldn’t hang around them.  People (companies) like that are unhealthy to keep company.  Apple really is turning into Microsoft.

  • Cycad007

    This should be interesting as Apple will use its Siri patent to block the Samsung G3 (S-Voice).  If Apple’s lawyers have done their jobs correctly, this could go pretty bad for Samsung and cause problems as well for Google (Android).  Can Samsung prove the S3 is “innovative and distinctive”?  I have serious doubts here.

    While I love my HTC One S…nobody can argue that smartphones would look nothing like they are today if it weren’t for Apple.  Android looked much more like a Blackberry than a iPhone during its initial design.

    • Jaime Laigo

       Siri was stolen from an app that ran on android first….

      • Cycad007

        As the lawyers would say, “That’s up for the courts to decide”.  But I haven’t heard of any lawsuits being filed against Apple for Siri.  If Siri was “stolen”, then its the patent holder’s responsibility to file a claim or lose his/her right of the patent.

      • stafa

        You idiot. Wow. They should have an intelligence test for people to get on the internet. You would be stuck in a cave.

      • Ryan DeArmond

        you’re right…. it was called vlingo…they just added the ability to ask it retarded questions that mean nothing. Stafa needs some intelligence

    • Jdwabq

      Both my MyTouch 3g slide, and the MyTouch 4g have had the Genius button long long before Siri

    • Jdwabq

      Both my MyTouch 3g slide, and the MyTouch 4g have had the Genius button long long before Siri

  • d3mon_fx

    In Jobs perfect world we all be driving the same car, wearing jeans and turtle necks, and using apple products, that’s the legacy he left for Apple. Remember how much the first iphone was? $600 until other touch screen phones started to come out, so they lowered it to $200 (sorry for the sheep that bought it at launch)… So pretty much is about money if they were not alternatives we will be paying $600 for iphones that cost 20 bucks to make, and making apple richer everyday.

    Imagine if the first car company had a patent for the first car and refused to let people improve it, we will still be driving on wooden rims. And if apple is so innovative why did they copy the Android notification system and called revolutionary? they are hypocrites

    • Cycad007

      That’s capitalism.  You sell as high and as much of your phones as the market will buy.  $600 smartphones?  There’s nothing wrong with that…as long as people will buy your product.  *IF* you were an Apple shareholder, you’d expect and would want nothing less.  Its just makes good business sense.

      Patents are a double-edged sword.  They exist to protect first movers and innovators.  They don’t offer any guarantee that the patent holder won’t charge the public exorbitant prices.  Yes, there’s widespread abuse.  Millions spent just to purchase patents.  But if there weren’t any patents, don’t you think countries like China could just imitate/copy our products, sell them for cheaper & put us out of business?

      • 30014

        Um, China already does all of that. Our patent system has no legal ground in China.

        • Cycad007

          Perhaps…but it just guarantees that China can’t sell its knockoffs to US, Europe, Australia, etc..

        • Needanewphone

          You do realize that almost everything in the US is made by China?

        • Cycad007

          Of course…just because its made in China (where manufacturing is cheap) doesn’t mean the bulk of the profits go to China.  Most of the profits are retained by the patent holder (Example: Apple Computer).

        • morbid

           But you can buy Chinese imitation phones… and other copied products.  Bill Clinton made China our Most Favored Trade Nation… after all  :(

        • Cycad007

          Don’t confuse imitation phones with licensed products.  If you can buy the product (like a smartphone) in a store such as Best Buy, then most likely it is licensed by the patent holder.  The Chinese (or whoever else) won’t be able to sell their products for long in most of the world if they don’t have their products licensed.

          Patents *CAN* be used to protect intellectual property from being exploited.

      • d3mon_fx

        yes but when the market changes you can be bitching about it, if Mercedes sells an AMG version of their cars for 60k and then BMW comes out with an M car for 55k. Mercedes cant take them to court or they? IF i was an apple shareholder of course i want everyone to drop their money in my pocket but also i would like for them to keep improving the product so I get more money, instead their closed minded system stops them from doing that, still on 3G, small screen, etc.

        If i was an inventor I will hate for someone to copy it and make money form it; however, you cannot stop the advance of technology in many ways every single inventions has been copied, made obsolete or improved.

        And have you ever been in China? the have cars that look exactly like bimmers but with a diffrent name and number lol they have fake iphones, oakleys and even fake starbucks. But of course quality is crap thats the big diference.

        • Cycad007

          d3mon: I personally wish Apple would be more open & open-minded on a number of things…such as all those you pointed out.  However, they are currently the most successful technology company in the world….so I imagine they’re doing something extraordinarily right.

          China can (and do) make all the knock-offs they want.  The problem is they can’t openly (and legally) sell the products to the public without the patent holder shutting them down.

          There is (and should be) a place for patents in this world.  Its just unfortunate that patent abuse is so widespread.

        • Jose Hernandez

          That was very well said. 

    • mike

      ermm that’s because they weren’t doing the carrier contract back then. You do realize when you sign up for the 2 year contract, you are paying higher cellphone bills to make up for that other $400. If you get the value plan, where you don’t get a phone upgrade, it is much cheaper.
      and iphone costs around 200 bucks to make. Not to mention the cost that went in to the designing process, also the software. Software is a big part of the phone, and it doesn’t fall out of the sky in one day. Obviously if you divide the cost of software developing process into millions of phones, it wouldn’t be too much, but still software is costly. 

      Ya, apples’ products comes with hefty price, but they have their stores all over the country, and did you see how many ppl were working there? People obviously take advantage of the store rather than calling to get their replacements, help, etc. And you’d be surprised how easy you could get a replacement from apple store, even though it maybe refurbished. You don’t get that with other manufacturers.  

      Obviously, Apple has ran out of ideas for the next innovative things. They have to prevent other phones from being similar to them to protect their spot. Yea they are running business, not charity.

      • d3mon_fx

        The iphone was $599 for 8gb and $499 4gb with a 2 year contract on AT&T my friend. Apple stores would not sell unlocked iphones as they do now, as a matter of fact my cousin wanted one so much and we went to an Apple store and they told us ” we are not allowed to sell an iphone without a contract”. When they lowered the price AT&T  and apple had a $200 “protection program” if you bought is like 14 days before the price drop the other sheep were so mad that Jobs gave the $100 store credit. There is not way the iphone cost that much maybe if they will make it in USA but they make if in China.

        Designing a phone doesn’t cost millions and if software is so costly why is android free? and Google is not bankrupt?

        Take advantage of the store? have you ever been in that place, you have to make an appointment and even then you wait forever, for the same support and troubleshooting you get in the apple website. I took my wife’s ipad there because it want booting and they asked me if i had turned it on and off….

        Yes they game me a refurbished iPad but i had gotten many replacement phones with my t-mobile insurance so big whoop.

        This is USA and here a business gets better by offering better products at better prices than the competition, that what makes this country great, apple wants to rule the market by being the only ones and trying to make everyone buy their products, they were ruling the smart phone market as Android was trying to catch up, now that Android surpassed them they are the ones catching up and they dont like that.

        Still downloading on 3G? you mad bro?

         As i said before how is would be if we can only buy black or white bimmers? if Apple wants to protect their spot they should make something better and keep improving in business, sports, jobs, THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR COMPETITION.

        • mike

          Okay, maybe i was wrong about the initial price, but let me get this straight with ya. Software costs tons of money, but not to the point where it can drain out multibillionaire corporates like apple and google. Google has a different revenue model than apple. 
          Apple had already established their music, video market through itunes. They also dominated and built a solid environment of apps for iphones by getting a headstart in the smartphone market. Apple does not sell their os to third party manufacturers. if they did i’m sure you’d see samsung phones running iOS. google gives away the os, but they do not take responsibilities should android os get sued. That’s why the manufacturers are paying microsoft not google.

          Also iphone does cost that much to make, at least when they announce their new iphones. Motorola Razor costed more than 140 dollars when they came out with it. I worked at a company where they take apart electronic devices and figure out how much each components cost and just add up the amount, then sell the report to other companies. That 140 dollars is just for the components. It does not include manufacturing cost, or the software.

          Android is great, but they’ve never been up to par with the iphone as far as the user experience goes until recently. Sure you have a lot more choices and there are lots of mods you can add to the os to make it better than iOS. But not all people pay to spend time to mod their phones.As far as I’ve seen, there aren’t that many phones that were solid and work well like iphone off the shelf. Apple build their hardware and build their software on that set hardware specs. Realistically, there is noway google or the manufacturers can handle that many phones and build really specific software as sophisticated as apple. Google experience phones are one of the closest things to that. If you know anything about software aspect of technology,( and i’m assuming you don’t because you say software is not costly), you’d know how important having consistent hardware in improving the software. and software= user experience. There is a reason why top software companies pay 6 digits to recruit undergrad graduates.

          If I wasn’t with tmo I’d gladly pay for iphone 4s instead of galaxy s2. It’s not like they really get that much benefit for suing other companies. They don’t have enough patents to get loyalty. You say as if they aren’t improving their products at all when apple’s been always at the innovative end with their products. At least they’ve found some awesome ways to use already existing technology with their products.

          If people pay that much for apple products thinking it’s worth it, it’s worth it. Because, I’m pretty sure there are more happy iphone users than happy Anroid phone users out there.

          I’m saying Business is business. They are never tying to be the only one, because that is impossible, but once you get to the top, you can only fall, apple can’t really expand their market all that much anyway.And there aren’t that many  things to be improved in current phones really. If all the other phones are trying to catch up with iphones by altering iphone exclusive contents a bit here and there then become similar to iphone, It’s logically acceptable for them to try to stop it. 

        • d3mon_fx

           You sound like an apple “fanboy” by
          defending apple with a cape and a sword, every manufacturing company will offer
          you the same “the more you make/buy they less you pay” with millions of iphones
          being manufactured overseas under cheap labor there is no way an iphone will
          cost that much to make.

          I never said software is not costly I use plenty of expensive
          software, I was talking specifically about Apple software and as you said “not
          to the point where it can drain out multibillionaire corporates like apple and
          google” so what is your point? I mean even Mac OS is Unix based which is open
          source (free? Correct me if I am wrong since I don’t know anything about software)

          Now i heard it all, “Apple products  are easy to use”, “the last forever” they
          never break” or “they just work”, blah I had to sent a Mac Pro (from work) back
          to apple twice because that stupid colored wheel stayed on the screen forever
          and froze, also my wife’s ipad 2 had issues. So don’t tell me the whole “apple
          has better products because they design the software for the hardware” crap.
          There are many times that my wife asks to borrow my tab because she can’t see a
          website on her flash-free ipad.

          Now maybe because of “how important having consistent
          hardware in improving the software. and software= user experience” the iphone
          is still locked at 3g speeds or have small screens, because when they do
          something they stay with it and by adding an S in the end of the product they will
          sell the same hardware (or improved)with new software to the isheep.

          Lastly as the Android notification system “borrowed” from Apple
          there are not things “exclusive” on the iphone, Apple just grabs and idea seen
          in other phones makes them cool/hip/nice and then says is innovative, and sues
          other companies for doing the same.

    • stafa

      And if Google is so innovative, why did they copy the slide to unlock?
      What are you, 12 years old? Grow the fuck up

    • Spanky

      Same car, same jeans, same turtlenecks….that philosophy smacks of Communism.

  • I love apple

    I think we all know that apple gobbles wieners.

  • gtr

    I agree with
    the system has it faults but David  this
    seem to be only true because apple bought and designed patents with the full
    intent to use theses to try to crush the competition. It like saying my boat
    sank because they put a lake there not because my boat had a hole. apple using
    the system to prevent the compotation from taking away from there sales, It
    bring two thing to mind one is that apple instead of standing on it merits for
    being the best and believing in there engineers to lead the pack in cell phone technology
    ,apples now worried they wont be able too. and second apple will not do them
    self any favors by make continuous law suits, the average people will only
    start to rebel against buying there products. kind of like metallic crying
    about mp3 being stolen and loosing money for the sale of it, no one going to
    feel sorry for them. this kind of publicity can only truly hurt there image if
    it became a media sensation..

    • Spanky

      Agreed. Apple’s “playground bully” tactics will not make me buy an iPhone.

  • Rfgenerator

    CRApple is a patent troll…

  • Mattcat03

    Steve Jobs did not have a problem with competition. In fact he was so confident that he never was threatened by competition.  Tim Cook however is a different animal. He is so scared that he will use all the dirty tricks that he could think of.  What a shame for Apple. If there is patent infringement, fight it in the courts.  Delaying tactics for other competitors products just paints the picture of how Apple is less confident about their products and the negative direction the company is going.  Apple is all about image and I believe that will slowly deteriorate if they keep doing these unprofessional actions.  This is negative advertising on Apple’s part.

    • Psaux

      Come off it.  Steve Jobs openly said he viewed Android as being “grand theft”.

    • mike

      like steve jobs didn’t sue samsung ?

  • F*ck you Apple, no really, go f*ck yourselves. If you successfully delay or stop the release of the Galaxy SIII in the U.S. I will never buy from you again. I currently own a Macbook Pro and I love OSX, but you’re not the only tech company so stop acting like spoiled brats just because not everyone wants Apple products. 

    They have no case against Samsung.

    • Cycad007

      On the contrary, if Apple STOPS the release of the GS3 then the court would have determined they have a solid case against Samsung, no?

      Regardless…given what happened to the HTC One X, I think Apple has a good chance of blocking the Galaxy S3.  Apple is contending two patents were violated (Siri and data tapping).  Remember that the data tapping patent took down the HTC One X….so I imagine due to legal precedent that the chances of the Galaxy S3 is delayed/stopped quite good. 

      • Jose Hernandez

         Apple did not take down the HTC One X, they simply put a small delay on it. The HTC One X did not violated their patent. They only manged small delay. They are now selling like hot cakes.

      • Did Samsung steal/copy the specific software of Siri to make S-Voice? If they did then Apple has a case. But I highly doubt that’s the case.

        What probably happened is that Samsung developed their own software for S-voice but Apple tried to patent the whole idea of a voice commanded application. So now any company that tries to make a voice commanded application (any company that can compete with Apple mind you) gets a big fat lawsuit sent to them.

        What’s ridiculous to me is that Apple is so arrogant to think that even if they successfully blocked some of these high-end Android devices that that would mean people would abandon Android for iOS (or rather that these other tech companies couldn’t design different Android devices anyway).

    • stafa

      Awww. Someone is so butthurt and trying to take a stand. Grow up, you idiot. Your words are hollow, just like your brain.

  • Psaux

    David, the government already tried to “fix” the patent system and broke it even farther in the process.  First-to-file is total BS, but that’s how it is now, instead of first-to-invent as it used to be (and should be), and so they’ve totally shafted the smaller players without clearing anything up for bigger issues.  As for how to fix the bigger stuff … I would think shortening patent lifetimes but maybe getting rid of FRaND would be a good idea.  Say 6-12 months for a software patent and 12–18 months for hardware.  (Drug companies, on the other hand, should probably have their patent lifetimes be made proportional to the amount of research time required.)

  • Herb

    David, I understand and appreciate editing on the fly, but do us all a favor and read your posts before you put them up. I love your blog but these sorts of mistakes pop up all the time and it is tiring.

    “As the legal battles continue, Samsung counts Apple as one of its
    largest buyers of chips and display screens with Apple relies on Samsung
    for mobile components.” …… what?

    That being said, Apple will continue to whine and whine and whine until their heads fall off. And you’re right about patent reform being the solution. Some of these truly innovative ideas should be treated like medical breakthroughs. For a period of time, they are proprietary property but after a while it becomes public domain. This way, technology moves forward together instead of bumping heads at every turn.

    • Bajamin

      Is it really that hard to understand what was meant? This is a FREE site, relax and read the stories. David writes for a living I doubt he needs you to point out the random mistakes that everyone makes. So please, for all of us, stop being a grammar/writing Nazi. 

      • GwapoAko


        • Liburacci


    • Ingrish?

      I’ll have to admit I had to read the sentence several times to try to figure out what was being said,

  • BigMixxx

    I think apple has a point. Look at it from their perspective…

    Android Phone makers are starting to ‘get it’.  Apple See’s it them ‘getting it’.  Apple see’s Android as it’s biggest threat.  HTC is falling so fast (Even though I have an HTC device) because they are allowing carriers to brand their devices.  Samsung REALLY gets it.  Look at the GS3 and the iPhone, note no carrier branding on the front.  Apple does a media event for their iconic Device…Samsung does a media event for their iconic device, builds the hype around software that is ‘readily’ available in any platform.

    So Apple’s point is to stop the intrusion on their territory.  Recall Psystar?
    Mac clones for cheap.  Of course they were doing wrong, but the principle is still there:  ‘Don’t fuck with the stuff that we reinvented’.

    Net of it all, Apple has the right to defend its intellectual property, BUT should take a moment and beat the competition at their game.  Push their devices everywhere, just as they are doing now.  Patents won’t beat people down (Oracle vs. Google — Google wins).  Allow cross pollination of features and functions.  (Read: notifications drop down, Notifications on the home screen, voice control, No apple you did not invent the FFC and neither did android — someone better thank Nokia, threaded messaging, etc).

    and I am an android owner, former iPhone user and can defend my platform OVER and OVER. 

  • Kevinmarchibald

    This lawsuit is hilarious in light of the web articles about the SGS3 seemingly designed by Samsung’s legal dept. to avoid Apple lawsuits that were published weeks ago. Apple still found grounds to sue. I think Apple’s legal strategy is not necessarily to win in court, but hopefully delay further SGS3 sales until the iPhone 5 gets released.

    • Cycad007

      Apple’s lawsuit is related to Siri.  I’m sure Samsung won’t find it hilarious if Apple manages to stop/delay sales of the Galaxy S3 like they did to the HTC One X.  Because of the popularity and demand of the S3, I imagine there may be a *GOOD* chance the S3 gets stopped before one is even sold in the US.

      • Joe

        no its not related to Siri,  read which patents they are suing. 

        • Cycad007

          It is directly related to Siri.  “Unifed search” is what Siri is all about.

        • Ryan DeArmond

          im pretty sure vlingo was out a full year before Siri. which also uses Unifed search…… hmmmm.  Inovation from apple once again.

        • Cycad007

          Pointless as Apple licensed the VCR technology from Nuance and then enhanced functionality by integrating it into iOS.

          Say whatever you want but Apple has a decent chance at delaying the GS3 release

    • Yep

       Yes, the unfortunate part is that the biggest losers are us, the consumers

  • Depending on whether or not the request goes through, one can view it as an attempt by the US legal system to try and protect it’s own businesses versus foreign companies, but that is only a small way at looking at it. What I am concerned about is that people may snap and start attacking iPhone users and Apple employees like mindless zombies due to their lack of the antidote, the GS3. I, for one, will certainly be one of them.

    • Cycad007

      *YOU* may view it as an attempt by the US legal system to thwart foreign competition.  But why not don’t you consider the US slapping anti-trust lawsuits at Microsoft (a US company) to prevent them from taking over the OS/browser market in the late 90s/early 2000s?

      The truth is IF Apple is successful at stopping Samsung here, then other countries will likely follow the US’ lead in stopping sales of the GS3.

      • Test

        Not really Cycad007, did you see any other conuntries stop the selling of GS3 yet?? even if the OneX got band, did other country stop the selling of OneX.  And after all, did OneX really got banded? NO… they just delay the release, and eventually it got release.  Thats all Apple wanted to do, not to stop, because they knew that they couldn’t.  All they wanted to do is delay…… and if rumor is truth Iphone 5 won’t come out until Sept.  That way Samsung will have a 3 month period to sell their popular phones……  And since US phones are locked with contracts….. they see if they miss the chance they will lose big on it.  They already did last year with the 4S …..

        • Cycad007

          HTC had to modify the HTC One X before the US allowed them to re-sell the phone to the public.  That delay applied the Apple’s “data tapping” patent.

          In Samsung’s case, Apple is contending they violated the “data tapping” and “unified search” patents.  Since Apple successfully convinced the US to delay HTC for the “data tapping”, one could reasonably assume that the GS3 is in danger of delay as well.

          With regards to the international release of the GS3, Apple just filed the lawsuit.  If successful, I imagine certain territories could follow suit by stopping sales of the GS3 if the US has patent agreements with that particular territory or due to international law.

        • Jose Hernandez

          The only thing is that HTC had already complied and modified the phones. That is why a lot of people are mad at Apple for filing against them. The delay was for the phones to be tested to ensure this had happened and they where released. Samsung is quite sure they will be  able to win this. Maybe they will or maybe they won’t. The point here is that Apple in all honestly is very quick to file a suit when they are faced with competition. They did not file this years ago, when HTC and Samsung had apparently started to violate their patents, but they are now filing after their competitors are having really good sales.

      • Bklynman

        US company? All things Apple is make in China,at least Sammy is make in a free country!

    • gsr

      I dont see alot of merit in the protect a american company idea . But this will remain to be seen if apple attack Motorola on there Droid phones . My guess is yes Witch will blow that theroy out of the water

  • Nick1

    I just added this here I didnt know where to put it but check it out TmoNews seems like this is legit TMo is tweeting and saying “sounds great”

  • predation

    Someone call the waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhbhmmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuullllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnccccccccccceeeeeeee.

    Apple is afraid.

    • Cycad007

      More like Apple is about to “samsung” Samsung by preventing sales of the GS3.

    • who is the W.A.H.M.B.U.L.A.N.C.E?

  • Simply Amazed!

    Samsung should just stop supplying Apple with chips and display screens. Just sayin’!

    • Cycad007

      Why?  Its Samsung that *WANTS* Apple’s business not the other way around.  In fact, Samsung filed a lawsuit to keep Apple’s business!

      Apple, on the other hand, is slowly migrating/moving business away from Samsung to Foxconn.

      • predation


        • Cycad007


    • MisterBlue

      You’re absolutely right.  Samsung should give up a billion dollar client because of fanboyism.  I’m sure LG and Sharp would love that.  

  • i get it……ambulance….wait?  why?….

  • dkbnyc

    Apple.  You have the number one selling phone on the planet.  Why are you so scared of competition?  Afraid that once the SGIII hits the streets people will realize the emperor has no clothes?

  • Ryan DeArmond

    This makes me so upset beyond words… but im trying to keep a level head. I see both sides, but Im just glad Google is a respectful company. that is why I support all they do with Android Community. Apple is a garbage company messing around on a slippery slope. You start pissing off too many companies… eventually you will be at the top of the hitlist, if they arent there already. Google could sovle all this and stop apple users from using anything google…. whats left. some apple stuff and MSN. have fun, this is just all petty and only hurting the consumers all over greed. Money is still and always will be the root of all evil when you love it.

    • Od312

      Couldn’t agree with you more! I like apple products as much as the next guy, but come on! I was contemplating switching back to the iPhone when tmobile refarms their network in the chicagoland area, but what apple is pulling is way over the top for me. This shows how apple is afraid of it’s future, now that Steve Jobs is no longer here. Apple, you are your own worst enemy.

  • Spanky

    Because slide to unlock is an extremely unique invention, right?

  • Bajamin

    I don’t even know where to start on this crap. Android has done more innovation since this new era of smartphone launched than anyone else(please don’t say apple started it, because they did not). Android is open source and has been “getting it” since day one. No branding on the front? you think Apple is the first to do this? EVERY major company has been doing events for their devices for YEARS and YEARS. Shit, apple launched it’s first computer at an event where these things were going on. This is nothing new. Apple sells because it is considered “exclusive” and they make (made really) a pretty phone. Mix that with the fact the iphone was/is apples first offering in the cellular world which causes people to snap it up because it’s “new and shiny.” 
    Android outsells apple almost 2 to 1 so Apple is not doing this because Android is “getting it” they are doing it because Android is getting stronger and stronger with Samsung wreaking havoc on Apples potential sales. And because they would like some money. 

    • BigMixxx

      Didn’t see that ‘…we reinvented’ comment thing, eh?  Get the point for a moment…

      Android phone makers, take HTC for a moment.  Made the first Google Phone, G1 and the first Nexus phone, Nexus 1.  Take a moment to consider a couple of things:

      1) up until last year, android phone makars made a phone for every carrier.  This is what carriers wanted

      2) They branded the heck out of them

      3) Big event for small advances….build the hype and sell the phone.

      yes, Android phone makers are getting it.  They have slowed down their developments and focused more on higher quality vs. higher quantity.

      Apple is even getting it too.  They are reaching to every avenue to sell their devices…

      all in all, it’s a patent debate that Apple will win with their Broad and vague statements that the patenet office

    • 30014

      100% agreed

  • souggie

    Apple’s not stopping Jack, siri is tied to unified search yes, but does not all encompass unified search, so no, the patent violation is not directly tired to siri. Apple has gone far enough. If every company decides to sue each other for a feature that is similar, them no one wins. competition breeds innovation. I’m sure Apple didnt think twice when they adapted the pull down notification bar, a complete rip off from Android. You can’t try to buy every patent, then cry your way to the top and try to screw other companies when you have a copied software feature in your own phones. I guarantee the next HTC phone will have a modified unified search option that Apple can’t touch. What’s more is that Samsung is a significant provider of Apples hardware. Until Foxconn actually becomes a major player in Apples future, are null and void in this argument at the moment. Apple realizes that it isn’t the only rooster in the hen house, and they now turn to attempting to stop other peoples sales of products, which is f@&ked up.

  • 30014

    For the same reason that apple copied the drop down notification shade. Google applied for a patent and as soon as its granted, no more drop down notifications for the iphone.

  • big thumb

    thank god they didnt invent the flat screen tv

    • big thumb

      i be watching my 19 inch apple big sscreen waiting for the 21 inch flat screen 4s to come out   lol



    • What’s up with the caps lock?

  • MisterBlue

    It seems like Samsung goes out of their way to copy Apple.  

    Apple has Siri.  Then Samsung releases S-voice.  Apple puts out the ipod touch, which is basically an iPhone that doesn’t do phone calls.  Samsung releases the Galaxy Player, which is basically a GS2 that doesn’t do phone calls.  Apple releases i-cloud, samsung gets S-cloud.  itunes===> Music Hub.  Phone with single physical button on the front, Samsung develops the GS1. Airplay, you guessed it.  Samsung release Swipeit. Samsung fans should pay attention to WWDC.  It’ll show you what to expect in the next big Samsung release.  

    Companies copy from each other all the time, but come on Samsung.  This is ridiculous.  

    • JBLmobileG1

      Your very last sentence should be Apple instead of Samsung. I mean it is ridiculous how much they sue everyone. It seems like every month I hear about them suing a company because of something sometimes over something small or ridiculous.

      • MisterBlue

        Nope.  I’m pretty sure it’s correct the way it is.  It’s funny how you failed to mention anything from the paragraph showing how Samsung followed Apple though.  

        • JBLmobileG1

          I never said it wasn’t questionable however if Apple feels that they are the better company why worry? I think competition is good and if one company improves upon someone else’s product so be it. The way electronics are today I think most if not all companies use similar ideas from each other. While some may lead to lawsuits and patent infringement it seems like Apple thinks they own every patent known to man and if anyone even thinks about using similar ideas… better get a lawyer.

        • MisterBlue

          Any company or person would be annoyed to have your competitor copy you and basically profit from your hard work.  Microsoft offered cloud service before Apple.  There were other digital assistants before Siri.  However, it wasn’t until Apple did it that Samsung decided to introduce their own.  It has nothing to do about who is the better company.  It has more to do with protecting the work you put in to create your own system.

    • EagleJY

      Apple didn’t invent any of those technologies.  So when Apple incorporates the notification bar into iOS (like Android’s) or develops its own maps (like Google Maps) its okay?  But if Samsung incorporates a voice assistant, Apple feels the need to order a lawsuit?   Have some dignity, Apple!  

  • Od312

    Wow, david. You’re since when do comments need your approval? Are you from north Korea now? Such a weak move on your part.

    • Comments that use the language such as yours require approval, I’m smart enough to know that people using f*ck are trying to sneak through Disqus’ filters. Sorry, you can make your point without that. Notice how you other comment as well as this one didn’t require approval? Just saying.

      • Od312

        Sneak through filters? Really? I wrote it that way to get a point across. And the reason why this comment doesn’t require moderation, is because I used a different email address. I said nothing offensive in the original comment that required moderation. Just saying:)

        • vsukid

          haahahahahaahaha someone sounds mad lol

        • The ONLY comments that require moderation are those that fall under the vulgar filters or that have hyperlinks which are blocked to avoid spam links. That’s it.

        • WW

          Just wondering: We all know what it means so would the Battlestar Galactica “F” word get blocked or require approval?

        • Fifthblindmouse

          So, let me get this straight. You come on to this web site, get what you want from it, give nothing back, try to break the rules, then post whiny complaints about the policies? Real nice dude

  • Od312

    Apple really needs to get over itself. Enough said!

  • Burke985

    They trying everything to get some market share back , Android taking over 

  •  This phone has a processor which is as powerful in GHZ as my first PC which I bought some 10 years amazing

  • Brianb

    The phone is just too big!  How do you fit that in a front pants pocket?  They’re getting near tablet size.  It’s like they feel the only way to make it better than apple is too double the screen size.  I’d like a high end device with a screen about 3.5″.  Can’t they make one in a more usable size for business people?

    • quaestor99

      My GSII fits just fine in my front pant pocket and the SIII is hardly any larger. There are plenty of smaller phones incl the One S (4.3″) if that is what you like.
      I personally prefer the larger. It makes typing with large fingers much
      easier and gives me a nice sized browser. Everyone has their
      preferences which isn’t right or wrong. I personally will never go back
      to a 3.5″ screen, but that by no means they shouldn’t make them. The
      same goes for those who do not prefer large screens.