Happy Face: Offline Google Maps Coming To Android Very Soon

While offline Google Maps has been available as a labs feature through the browser allowing cached maps for offline use for some time now, it’s coming soon as an official feature. No word yet on when the Google Maps app on Android will receive the update — however, you’ll be able to select what type of maps you want offline to help save space. Awesome.


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  • Xavier

    very cool!

  • Xavier

    too bad iphone might not have google maps anymore…in the coming future…if i remember correctly

    • secano

      Wrong section.

      • Xavier


        • Mavictb

           iPhone is not a sanctioned T-Mobile phone anyway… Who cares? we are talking about ANDROID HERE.

        • JBrowne1012

          But a significant amount of people use iOS on our network despite it being for AT&T and we get it this year anyways unless apple blocks it from at&T regular 3G band which i don’t see happening at all lol 

        • Xavier

          and im simply just referring to the point that ios might not have goggle maps anymore which would be unfortunate because of this news. #children

        • Mavictb

           iPhone is not a sanctioned T-Mobile phone anyway… Who cares? we are talking about ANDROID HERE.

  • charles4

    cool very cool awesome

  • TmoNews_Inuyasha

    Count me in for the offline version.  I have plenty of space on my microSD card so I don’t really care how large of an app it may end up being, lol.

  • Calziel

    What does this mean?

    • whosaidwhat

       It means, this is very cool for Android users. However, don’t buy a 16GB phone that doesn’t support microsd.

      • Ggdgh

        Slap on the face to one s users lol

    • whosaidwhat

       It means, this is very cool for Android users. However, don’t buy a 16GB phone that doesn’t support microsd.

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      It means you will be able to use maps without a data or wifi connection. Before you go on your trip, you can download your entire map and use it offline. 

  • Jim Moore

    i’ve able to do this on my asus transformer tables for a year now

  • Jim Moore

    i’ve able to do this on my asus transformer tables for a year now

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Nokia had offline maps 4+ years ago and yes it is very cool.  This is great news that it’s coming to Android soon too.

    • pcjnyc

      That’s the reason I am still using the Nokia Astound.  I travel to Brazil and Italy often and the offline maps are great.  There are, however, small amount of data charges for Nokia account verification.  I will finally make the switch to an Android phone once the offline maps are available.

    • JBrowne1012

      If only Nokia gave in to Android sigh… 

      • Wilma Flintstone

        It would’ve generated revenue there’s no doubt about that but Nokia should’ve went Full MeeGo and have Android as a second backup plan to just generate funding for the MeeGo project.

  • Cyclone

    it means you dont need data plan for google maps anymore

  • guest

    Android already had offline maps.  it was just a ‘labs’ option.

    • Ash

       Maybe we can now download full states or full country.

  • Xghg

    Can we use navigation from this without using data that woyld be awesome

    • Offline maps would mean no data required.

    • Offline maps would mean no data required.

      • JBLmobileG1

        I would assume though, in order to have the right maps that you would need, you would still have to download them which would require data. Hopefully if you plan a trip ahead of time you could use any wifi connection to download the maps needed. This whole idea will be helpful in areas where Tmobile’s service suffers. I went on a Trip to Zion and unfortunately maps didn’t work too well because my coverage was spotty.

      • Roger

        Offline maps means no data required to see the areas in the offline maps.  However currently routing and POI lookup are done online.  These are both important especially in an unfamiliar area.  It looks like his question (and mine too) would be if you could be completely autonomous for navigation.

    • Lawrence of Arabia

      No, only browsing I beleive, need internet to search locations

  • TritonX

    There goes 2-3GB of storage.  lol.  Also, wont you still need data to get your current location?  I thought the assisted GPS (A-GPS) could not work without some communication with the towers?  Perhaps depends on device?

    • JBrowne1012

      I’m guessing it will work the same way Nokia does it with OviMaps. This is a great data saver idea for real. 


      the network is not needed for GPS to work. 

  • Ne0

    nice, the need to work at their photo galley, allow them to see full size of the photos, when you zoom it show more details.

  • Guy Atkins

    I remember trying Copilot app a couple years or so ago, with its offline maps. The program was very buggy and I soon deleted it. Hopefully Google Maps offline will be far better.

  • This is some good news, I must say so.  It’s about time, lol. Do it Google, do it.

  • WW

    I just read that Apple’s about ready to drop Google Maps in favor of an in-house map app.

  • WW

    I’ve used the labs off-line maps but seem to remember that it only supported pre-downloading a 10 mile area.  Don’t remember if it was 10 mile radius or diameter. 
    I really hate that the GNex didn’t include a memory card slot.

    • Grammatica di Polizia

       LOL… there’s some who snidely posted in here “Why do you need a memory slot, for me X GB is plenty. If YOU need more than ____ memory, you need to get a life and find something else to do with you life.”

      I always found those comments comical since the fact that they said 2GB, for example, would last them a lifetime indicated they they needed to get a life.

      I won’t buy a phone that lacks a microSD slot.

      Sorry for your loss, literally.

      • Bob90210

        640K should be enough for anybody.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Brutt maps my friends, no need to root.

  • Grammatica di Polizia

     I saw this on the news a couple days ago. It was a cool story so I recorded it. Here is some of what they said:

    — The new 3D Maps and offline maps launch “in a few weeks” (per the Google guy interviewed).

    — What Google has been doing is having planes, cars and people capture 3D images (yes, 3D) of cities, hiking trails and tourist spots (e.g. Grand Canyon). So when looking at your skyline, for example, you can move around all aspects of a building, viewing it in 3D! (Google demonstrated hovering around the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Was uber cool in 3D.)

    — Offline maps only be available on Android devices, not Apple.

    — Reporter said “The divide between Google and Apple in the map department is widening.”

    — An expert interviewed said that even the TIMING of Google’s announcement was no accident.

    The timing was clearly strategic and Google is trying to set the tone on what a good mapping product looks like. With today’s announcement people will be comparing what Google just said with what we expect Apple to say next week at WWDC.

    —  Experts believe that at WWDC Apple will announce it is ditching Google Maps and unveil its own map service.

    — At the Q & A a journalist asked a Google big shot: “Are you concerned that Apple is gonna build a lot better map service than yours?”

    (audience laughter)

    Google responded by alluding that missing features on iPhone and iPad maps are because of Apple. But “We are working very hard to get it on all platforms (including Apple?) and it is really just an issue of when that is going to happen.”

    — The TV reporter then closed by saying “The good news for Apple fans, Google Earth in 3D is coming to the iPhone, as soon as they get it to stop crashing (during the Google press demo the program crashed :).

    Note: I look forward to Apple coming out with its own maps
    program, competition between Google and Apple will benefit
    us with a better product.