T-Mobile Preparing For Super November With Multiple Smartphone And Tablet Launches

If you’ve been eagerly waiting to hear just what exactly T-Mobile has in store for their November 2nd super-mega-launch day since we first brought you word 48 hours ago then the above image should be exactly what the doctor ordered. This is very reminiscent of November 2010 when another high-profile launch day took place in November giving us the myTouch 4G, Motorola Defy, LG Optimus among other devices. This time around T-Mobile is bringing out a whole lot of juice to the table with Android, Blackberry and tablets oh my!

This time around it isn’t just November 2nd that is getting the glory as week following will bring out another two high-profile devices with the Samsung “Robin” which is better know as the Galaxy Tab Plus 7″ Samsung Tablet will arrive November 9th. The RIM “Dumoine” is better known to the world as the Blackberry Torch and arrives on November 9th. This roadmap also indicates the second piece of intel that confirms both the October 26th launch date of the Samsung “Arnold” or Galaxy Tab 10.1″ tablet and Huawei Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot for October 19th.

So how about that super-launch day on November 2nd that peaked our interest just two days ago?Well we’ll find two brand new myTouch by LG devices in the Maxx and Maxx Touch that we’ve seen peaking around T-Mobile’s YouTube account and T-Mobile.com in the past few weeks. Also on the LG side is the LG Flip II which saw it’s first picture get taken overseas some time ago. Next is the HTC “Omega,” better known to the world as the HTC Radar 4G which has already seen its official announcement and will be hitting store shelves November 2nd as well. After that is the Huawei “Tallsome” which we’ve already seen pictured and expect to hear more about at Fall CTIA 2011 taking place next week. Last but not least is the Samsung “Ancora” which we believe is the replacement for the Exhibit 4G and might be the long rumored mid-range Samsung Galaxy smartphone or even the Galaxy W.

Something to note on the myTouch by LG devices is that neither device is labeled as being “4G” which substantiates our earlier claim that these devices are mid-tier and set to appeal to a Family audience.

While we’ve been able to confirm the rest of the dates on here it’s interesting that a roadmap which is less than a month old lists incorrect dates for the HTC Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II. We won’t hold that against anyone as we are confident the rest of the dates are spot on. The HTC Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II however are locked in for 10/10 pre-order and 10/12 for in store purchase. Ignore the above dates in this image. 

As a final thought we hope you’ll notice this roadmap covers runs through the second week of November so we’re hopeful that T-Mobile has plenty more in store for the holiday season.

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