Upcoming myTouch by LG Smartphones Spotted On T-Mobile.com As “Coming Soon”

On the heels of our October/early November roadmap leak is the discovery that T-Mobile has posted the upcoming myTouch by LG devices online as “coming soon.”

First up is the T-Mobile myTouch Black which is the touchscreen only myTouch by LG version launching on T-Mobile November 2nd. T-Mobile’s website doesn’t provide a lengthy list of specs but we do learn the the myTouch Black has a 1GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera and while no front camera is listed there appears to be one in the image of the front of the device. T-Mobile’s website also lists 4G speeds capable of 42Mbps whereas our leaked roadmap from last night indicates these devices are only 3G capable. Considering the mid-tier devices both of these myTouch devices are said to be, we wonder if T-Mobile posted generic specs and that neither of devices are capable of 4G speeds. Anyone looking to buy this phone on the hope it will have the same 4G capability as the HTC Amaze 4G or Samsung Galaxy S II would behoove themselves to wait for an official announcement to see what the actual speeds are.

The T-Mobile myTouch Q Gray leads us to believe that there will be more than one color offering since T-Mobile.com indicates a particular color variant which is typically done when more than model is offered. The spec listing appears to be the exact same as the T-Mobile myTouch Black which either further validates our suspicion that these are generic specs being used as a placeholder or both phones are the exact same minus the keyboard. There is one interesting note in regards to the keyboard as the myTouch Q Gray ‘features’ section states that the “large QWERTY keyboard” is 92% the size of a standard laptop keyboard.

Unfortunately that’s about all we are able to discover from the T-Mobile.com listings though we’ve grabbed the press shots from the site in case the listings are taken down at some point. If these devices are in fact 4G capable they could very well be huge winners for T-Mobile this holiday season. As it stands however, all intel we’ve received thus far on both of these models leads us to believe they are not high-end models with high-end specs. The myTouch line is T-Mobile’s signature line with handsets that are designed to appeal to the masses. With that in mind the myTouch 4G Slide is already available with 4G and one of the best cameras in the smartphone market. We don’t envision this myTouch by LG device as besting the myTouch 4G Slide in any of those categories.

No matter what the finalized specs are for both of these devices we’re interesting in T-Mobile’s move away from HTC-only myTouch manufactured devices and look forward to seeing what else they can come up with.

T-Mobile myTouch Black

T-Mobile myTouch Q Gray

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  • Bruce Banner

    Tmobile should retire the mytouch branding. Who with good sense would give their flagship line such a perverted sounding name. While sprint pushed the evo line and verizon dominated with the droid branding we got the good old mytouch label. The G-series should have been tmobiles flagship line.

    • Mickey

      The G series is T-Mobile’s flagship line (G2, G2X, G-Slate). myTouch is more of the everyman phone lineup.

      • Dirk Digler

        No its not. Have you ever seen tmobile advertise any of the G-series phones? No, all you get are those lame mytouch commercials.

    • Speaking of the G-Series..David will we hear any news coming down the pipeline this year about the G-Series? or will we have to wait until next year for our next G-phone? If I heard G3 may be making an appearance by year end, I’ll hold off on the Nexus Prime just to compare then decide which worked best for me

      • Anonymous

        I dont we’ll see one this year no signs point to it. If anything, we might see it in 2012 at around the same month that the G2X came out.

    • LC

      I’m sure Gatorade would have had words with T-Mobile if they had gone with that idea.

  • Anything on what size screen the Q has?

    Not surprised they’re “4G” given T-Mobile’s 4G is merely a more efficient upgrade to their 3G. It benefits T-Mobile as much as it benefits you that they provide it.

    • W3m1975

      fyi all providers 4g by definition is upgraded 3g. Industry definition for 4g is above 100 mbps and no one is even close to that threshold.

      • Nope, that’s not the case. Neither LTE or WiMax are not “upgraded 3G”, they have no relationship whatsoever to any existing 3G technology.

        • J-Hop2o6


          LTE & WiMax = 4G
          LTE Advanced & WiMax Advance = 4.5G

          And their might not be a Wimax Advance since Sprint is switching to LTE, and rarely any carrier in the world uses WiMax.

        • mrmiddl

           wrong LTE & WiMax are actually not 4G, but higher than 3g by definition. more like 3g+
          LTE Advanced and WiMax Advanced are true 4G by definition.


  • Chrisroberts7577

    Who in their right mind releases a product in a product line (MyTouch) that is less capable than the one released a year ago?  It would make sense if they came out with a new higher end version at the same time but this is just stupid.  Well, I say that but they will sell many of them to people who don’t know the difference.  sigh…

    • tmobile

      I work for tmobile and you are right. People will want it even if I strongly advise against it.lol

    • LGDoesIndeedSuck

      Even better question is why would they allow LG to ruin their myTouch line of phones. You would think they’d learn after having to pull G2xs off the shelf for over a month. 

      • JayOne

        the mytouch line is being “abandoned” and being used now for mid tier devices. they may relaunch it next year after the merger issue is resolved.

    • LGDoesIndeedSuck

      Even better question is why would they allow LG to ruin their myTouch line of phones. You would think they’d learn after having to pull G2xs off the shelf for over a month. 

  • D4niel

    Hey T-Mobile, stop putting the “Genius Button” on your phones. It makes them LESS functional in many applications where you would normally be able to hit the search button to actually search.

    • Kloftshopping

      If you don’t like the genius button then don’t buy a MyTouch phone.  There are plenty other good phones without it.  Those of us that love the genius button would be upset if a MyTouch didn’t have the genius button.  It is very handy when driving and I need to do something without looking at my phone so that I can pay attention to the road.  

      • D4niel

        There’s a lot you can do with voice commands on standard Android, too. That’s easily triggered by long-pressing the search button. What kind of commands to you trigger with your voice while you’re driving?


  • Raul

    Lg suks!!

  • Anonymous

    LG never made good GSM phones, but their specs sound good though.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s not HTC, it’s not in my pocket.

    • newcam


  • MNBug

    I own and LG fridge and stove but after the G2x I will never NEVER buy another LG phone.  To be clear.  NEVER.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Nice.  These will be great for average customers that want a phone that works with the added benefit of the market.  LG is doing awesome jobs with these devices albeit the first editions of the G2x were buggy but even those were fixed with the New model G2x’s.  Good Job LG!!!  Bring Tmo some High End devices also like the LG Optimus LTE but change the name to Optimus 4G.

  • W3m1975

    quite frankly I am less impressed with the future line up then the current…….

  • JayOne

    Im not sure about 42MB but they are definitely 4G devices. The Mytouch Maxx Black is no greater than 21MB…..running 1ghz with 512 ram. It has a vga ffc. its being geared more as a introductory smartphone/media device. so this phone for the specs its promising is living up to its rep.

  • Kloftshopping

    I have had long conversations via text with clients without ever looking at my phone.  I have needed to stop for something and didn’t know where the store was, so I told it to find me one.  It pulled up the nearest locations on the map so that when I stopped at the light I could look at my phone and there it was waiting to show me.  

    It is nice because I can unlock my phone without looking as well as activate the the genius button.  (However it needs to be the physical button, not the screen widget on the one LG above.)  Then I can call someone by telling it, I can tell it to put me on hands free mode, etc.  I am sure that there are other things that I can do but I have not figured them out yet.

    • JLam

      everything you said can be done natively through Android OS and long pressing the search button…..

  • Action 6

    LG brand is considered cheap, very affordable  and lower quality brand throughout ASIA. dont know why lG brand works in US

  • Action 6

    LG brand is considered cheap, very affordable  and lower quality brand throughout ASIA. dont know why lG brand works in US

  • Zifnab2k

    Sweet, LG is making another crappy phone. If you like myTouch, dont buy this one just because it carries the name. LG makes cheap crap.

  • Zifnab2k

    Sweet, LG is making another crappy phone. If you like myTouch, dont buy this one just because it carries the name. LG makes cheap crap.

  • Paulettegrc

    No I want a new mytouch4g from HTC not LG

  • Davenycept

    1975 is right… Technically even the verizon lte isnt 4g …they’re all faux g

  • Rolando

    no way, l don,t wanna a LG MY TOUCHT,please l wanna the HTC MY TOUCHT its better.LG. socks!!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    LTE & WiMax has no connection to 3G tech.. its NEXT generation tech.. so its 4G.. yes the advanced versions are TRUE 4G.. but remember when GSM 3G first came, it was that slow UMTS, then HSPA (then HSPA+ after) came along. UMTS = 3G, HSPA = 3.5G, HSPA+ = 3.5G+/3.75G.

    I’ve read LTE & Wimax is considered 3.9G, transitional/pre-4G, and 4G.. so yea, im basing it off how 3G went: UMTS/3G (LTE/4G) to HSPA/HSPA+ (LTE-A/4.5G).. makes more sense since i’m going off by the underlying tech.