FCC Commissioner Michael Copps “Not Pleased” With Proposed AT&T/T-Mobile Deal

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps confirmed to C-SPAN during an interview that he isn’t happy about the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T. Copps is concerned about the “amount of power and influence the merged company would hold, given that two companies would virtually control the wireless landscape.”

In Copps own opinion, the deal will prove more difficult to approve than the Comcast-NBC Universal which he voted against but was ultimately approved. Copps called the deal an “…even steeper climb” than the Comcast – NBC merger.  Copps stated that if AT&T could get a majority of the FCC on board, the conditions for approval would include “market-by-market” divestiture and a requirement to “preserve the openness of the Internet.”

The suggestion that AT&T would have to make concessions in order to see this through is hardly new and seems more and more likely.

Intomobile via Retuers


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  • Dbell9

    Can someone please interpret this for me?

    • Iimelda


    • Angeldevil75

      One word …..No MONOPOLY

      • perhaps, two words…lol

      • Tortionist

        You mean no duopoly? A monopoly would mean Verizon doesn’t exist.

    • Havoktek

      Simply put, however we hate it, this deal most likely WILL go thru.
      AT&T is going to get bent over WITH vasoline by the FCC to give up major amounts out substantial holdings in different markets in order to obtain TMO USA. Money talks, but it’s more of what are you willing to give up in-order to satisfy the rules without all of us (FCC & AT&T) catchin’ heat for the rest of our days.

      Trust me AT&T is prepared to let go a little to gain alot, their financial forecasters and strategist know what’s at stake. They’ve played this game before and are PROS at it.

      Just keep prayin’ for the best but prepare for the worst, you’ll be better in the long run.

      • There goes hope you the door. You must want the deal to go through. I know I don’t. That’s why I continue to hope that the deal WILL NOT go through. People just don’t understand how horrific usT-Mobile customers will have it, if this is approved.

      • Ash

        Right….and when FCC and co. are done with ATT, and their butt is in pain.

        Who do you think ATT will take it’s anger out on?

        Yes, T-mo customers. (ATT customers are used to a good monthly BFing so they won’t feel a thing..lol)

    • Anonymous

      The interpretation is that this statement means absolutely nothing. The government/FCC always talk tough and then end up approving everything with some minimal conditions.

      AT&T is probably prepared to create a lot more merger conditions than what the government will ultimately demand. AT&T will also fight tooth and nail on whatever minimal conditions that the government does try to impose.

  • TMobbin’

    I pray that this deal doesn’t go thru and we end up snatching the $3B and spectrum from The DEATHSTAR and then laugh…I Pray, I pray…

    • Anonymous

      Really hope so. You would think that DT would flood T-Mo with the “cool” phones so customers would flock. Look at how many people stay with at&t despite their complaints. The American consumer is a fickle beast. If you build it, they will come. If they simply emulated the other carriers and got subscribers, they would have money to build out the spectrum, but no, they stuck with this happy family and phones for everyone bullshit, and now they want to sell it off. Just stupid.

      • Jayyoung05

        don’t get your hope up that 3 billion is to payoff DT debt

        • Anonymous

          I couldn’t care less what the 3 billion Is for. I don’t want the merger to happen.

      • Jayyoung05

        Sorry QwiteStorm that was meant for TMobbin.

  • Addicus

    Getting this approved by the FCC was going to be nearly impossible was the first thought in my mind when David first posted the breaking news. Glad to see I have a slight grasp on reality.

  • whosaidwhat

    In other words, this will take a long time but will get approved just like the Comcast deal. Granted both companies play their cards (concessions) right.

  • Danny

    Guys the FCC guys always play tough to the media with these mergers…. they want to appear that they fight for the consumer… but in the end… like our elected politicians, the FCC is just as easily paid off.

    Copps has been out of the lime light a bit. He needed a justification for another 15 minutes of fame.

  • There seems to be a reoccurring theme here with a lot of officials being against this deal– I lost hope the day I heard about this deal happening but the more I hear stories like these – disapproving this deal (and I’ve heard a lot). The more my faith begins to build that this will not pass FCC or DoJ or even if it does AT&T will not get EXACTLY what they’re after…keep fighting the good fight TMO customers/employees and anyone else against this!

  • Highlyanimated

    Personally I don’t get what the big deal is. I’ve been with AT&T since 2006. My contract expired in 2008 and I’ve never renewed it or had to call customer service. Before that I had T-mobile.
    I also live in NY and the phone I use now gets a more reliable signal than the iPhone, which leads me to believe the majority of complaints about AT&T are from iPhone users.
    I also feel the prices are reasonable, since I was smart enough to never update and be grandfather into unlimited data/text for $30.

    • Someone save us

      As someone that priced everything out I can tell you that you get more bang for your buck with TMobile than anyother wireless provider . It isn’t even close . The problem I had when I had to do business with them was I was always overcharged . Whenever I called to have it addressed I had to waste my time on hold & then when I did get through the interest changed to trying to sell me other services . It will happen again . We as TMobile customers won’t get grandfathered in when we need a new phone . We will have to pay a nice chunk more . AT&T is as dishonest a company as there is . If this Randall Stevenson clown really wanted to put everyone at ease all he would have to do is say we will keep TMobile’s pricing structure the exact same . He won’t say that though will he . He will just lie over & over about there being plenty of competition and expect cell rates to go down . Just believe me blindly even though we spend more money on lobbying than anyother company or union & have tried to have litigation passed that would make us non liable for over charging customers . That is as slimeball as a company can get .

      • Highlyanimated

        I guess you have a point in that regard. When I switched from T-mobile to AT&T I was kind of bummed at the 450 minutes instead of 500 with unlimited nights and weekends, but now a days minutes hardly matter to my age group (21+) I think. Well for the sake of T-mobile customers I hope you guys are grandfathered in because saying that’s unfair would be an understatement. I assume AT&T is trying to increase both coverage size and subscribers so it would be in there best interest to take care of current T-mobile customers if this deal goes through.-

  • Guest

    Google is buying Sprint. They said T-Mobile was not worth the price. Wake up and smell the coffee. ATT gives free mobile to mobile which T-mobile does not. Sprint does.

    Get over it. Its a done deal. Go buy a verizon mifi. It rocks

    • Prod1702

      What are you talking.g about T-Mobile gives free T-Mobile to T-Mobile

    • Samus

      who the hell cares about mobile to mobile. Who even talks on their cell phone anymore. Majority of people would rather have unlimited text at a cheap price because that is what people do.

    • Anonymous

      at&t,verizon and sprint fanatics should stick to their own forum.take your finger out of your butth**e go find your home dude.

    • Sir Jonathan

      April fools =D

    • I think you need to do a little more research before assuming that T-Mobile doesn’t offer free mobile to mobile, I say that because I get free mobile to mobile.

    • Camille

      Why would you even worry about free mobile to mobile when T-Mobile offers unlimited talk. It’s virtually the same, with no time limits, and you can call anyone you want, whenever you want.

  • Anonymous

    Keep em coming.yea take that at&t and DT, T-Mobile USA will survive.

  • Smulder

    The only monopoly you should worry about is the U.S government, only 20% of the country vote, see what that gets you!

  • Anonymous

    Interesting “preserve openness of internet” that could be big.

  • Nospam

    DT has already showed their hand. its apparent they want to dump T-Mobile USA what makes us think that even if the merger does not go through that they will not want to dump it off agian!

    • Jrude

      When this was first announced, I wasn’t happy, but after reading more I said “Bravo, deutsche telekom”! Why because IMHO they are gambling that it WILL NOT get through the FCC. Thinks about it. ATT made consessions that if it doesn’t pass, DT gets;

      $3 Billon CASH, which they can use to expand in the U.S.
      Get’s ATT unused spectrum
      Get’s a roam agreement from ATT for so many years at a negotiated price.

      Seriously, I think DT did their homework because they would easily surpass Sprint and get closer to ATT in the number of users if the deal doesn’t go through if they use the concessions to grow. And now we all know that ATT is hurting so maybe TMO USA could become #2!

      Good gamble in my opinion, even if the FCC does approve, they get $39Billion and walk away happy.

      Either way DT wins.

      • Bigger Mac

        Ya keep dreaming! If the deal doesnt go thru DT will turn around and try to sell it to sprint or any other company, I really hope it goes thru I dont want Tmobile to end up being bought by criKet!

        • Anonymous

          Actually, if a regional carrier bought T-Mo, a good choice would be U.S. Cellular. For a regional, they have a pretty good line of Android phones, and while I don’t know much about their plans/pricing structure, it can’t be worse than AT&T. I think they use similar spectrum, too. We’d end up with something similar to what we have; a number four carrier trying it’s best to compete with economical plans and a growing lineup of great phones. Maybe.

      • Ash

        No, T-mo USA gets the cash, not DT. If the deal does not go.

  • Guest-poster

    FCC already approved T-Mobile and AT&T merger, I just read it online a few minutes ago. 04/01 :)

    • Nospam

      hey Guest-poster why dont you go f&*^K yourself and take your bull shat crap some where else

      • Gusto

        Jesus dude calm down buddy!
        Dont you get it was a joke?
        What have you been smoking?

        • Wow!

          did any of yall notice the date he put considering it is april fools day???

  • :) more momentum.

  • Hansgruber

    This deal needs to be canceled now. AT&T’s claim to fame is having the most desirable (RAZR, Iphone) handsets. This is also the reason for their success. With that being said quality of service has never been AT&T’s forte. The US government has done a terrible job of maintaining a fair market by acknowledging anti competitive business practices. When do companies merge on a Sunday? That’s when the deal was done. Last I checked corporations have always taken the weekend off.

    Seattle is now potentially losing two wireless carriers and thousands of jobs. The first was AT&T wireless and now they want T-Mobile.

    My solution is to roll back time and rename the brand VoiceStream and merge Rogers communications of Canada with T-Mobile. There are no current roaming agreements with Canada. There should be no borders when making phone calls between the US & Canada. It would also be nice to merge with a Mexican GSM carrier so that our latin american community can call their relatives without roaming. Some of you may not care but people who travel do not like long distance and roaming charges.

    Last thing, Carly should stay as the spokesmodel. Somebody please remove that blue dress, somebody’s been messing around with photoshop. Everything she says about AT&T is true regarding their service. New Yorkers should be mad as hell since T-Mobile has the best service in New York city.

    Alot of you do not realize that Big Red is the real pariah in the wireless industry. Verizon started FIOS which gives them a huge backbone for fiber backhaul. Secret contracts before they sold off their pots lines to Frontier. The devil is in the details. Verizon’s “we don’t care” about the proposed merger is a slick tactic. What they are saying to T-Mobile customers is come on over for overpriced service and phones that will need to be upgraded to LTE handsets sometime in the future.

    The United States is the most corrupt nation in the world. The politicians have no idea what’s happening each and everyday. When the world finally wakes up, people will be horrified by how evil this world truly is.

    • ColdFeet

      Why is AT&T shady for doing business on a Sunday but T-Mobile’s not? I would imagine that T-Mobile was there when this went down, too. But whatever.

      I’m for this buyout/merger/takeover/whatever. I mean, my service probably won’t get any worse than it is now and I’ll get a few hundred more minutes on my family plan for only about $10 more.

      Plus, I won’t get the “you must be on welfare” look when I say I’m on T-Mobile anymore.

      I joke but c’mon, people. There’s no telling how this is going to turn out. I’m hoping that I’ll at least be able to send a picture message when I’m at a concert when/if it happens.

      Obviously, Deutsche Telekom wants to get rid of T-Mobile. It’s constantly losing customers and it’s going to start affecting their bottom line. If this gets blocked, like TM97 said in another post, it’ll be split up into bits and pieces. If you don’t like AT&T, then go somewhere else. There are plenty of other providers out there. And some are even cheaper!

      • Skozsert

        Two is plenty?

        • ColdFeet

          Two? Maybe I’m doing the math wrong but in the town I live in, which doesn’t give you a lot of options with anything, including wireless providers, there will still be 4 major providers once/if this deal goes through. Having one more doesn’t exactly give you a lot more when it comes to options.

  • Brian

    ATT needs to offer unlimited data as a concession.

    • $7182726

      They could do that, but they’d restrict “unlimited data” to GPRS only. AT&T. That’s Latin for “we’ll nickle-and-dime the shit out of you”.

  • TM97

    One more time for the peanut gallery.

    If the deal is cancelled, T-Mobile USA would be closed, broken up, and sold as pieces. Most of which would still go to, you guessed it, AT&T.

    The deal will go through, it’ll take close to a year. AT&T will have to divest in markets with only 4 or less carriers, and they’ll likely have to give up licenses to spectrum they don’t need.

    Nothing new here. Remember, the guy said he voted against the NBC/Comcast merger, but it still went through.

    • Anonymous

      Ummm…no it wouldn’t. They would still need regulatory approval for those sales too.

    • my 2 cents

      yes… I think there was the matter of the $3B T-mobile gets from AT&T, along with spectrum, and preferred roaming… wouldn’t that make T-mobile better than they are today? did your memory fail you?

  • Against Buyout

    Rural Carrier Association is against this merger. Consumers Union is against it. Most T-mobile customers are against it. Some AT&T customers are also against it as they would rather see AT&T buy US cellular for 700 Mhz spectrum, buy other unused 700 Mhz spectrum, or just spend some money to improve their current strained network.

    I think the idea of other foreign carriers (more familiar with GSM) buying T-Mobile is a great idea. Maybe a Canadian carrier, maybe the guy that owns TracFone, maybe an Asian GSM carrier, maybe a group of foreign carriers. This would probably be better for T-Mobile customers than Sprint buying T and trying to merge the two networks. Unfortunately, either of these would likely mean less money for DT than AT&T’s offer. I don’t feel sorry for DT though, because they make a billion plus profit off of T-Mobile USA every year. I guess they paid too much back in 2000, see slow growth ahead, and don’t like their low rate of return. Many people are seeing low rates of return on investments these days.

    I hope the government blocks this proposal.

    • Anonymous

      T-Mobile operates TracFone

      • JustMy2cents

        T-Mobile does not operate these providers they wholesale service to them.

        • Anonymous

          Is this a joke? Do you really think I meant tmobile runs these companies? Please save your idiotic corrections as read between the lines next time…

        • Anonymous

          wow was it necessary to be such a prick when someone just clarified things? Your post was far from clear my friend. Now calm down and have a coke to chill out.

        • Anonymous

          The real question was if your response was even necessary? Nope…

  • Ralphexantus

    the customers need iphone or android lte with dual core 2.5ghz with 3 gig memory 64 gig ,2mp front facing camera, dual 8 mp 3d camera with or without keyboard a 4 inc LED DISPLAY 5000mAh capacity.

  • Frigadroid

    Wow I can’t believe all the rage, fear and paranoia displayed here by some people. I thought I was a phone nut and loved t-mobile but some of you are border line mental.
    What’s even sadder is the ones who understand the least have the most to say over and over again.
    It would be funny if it weren’t for the good people of t-mobile, who treated me well and I appreciate it, who’s jobs are affected.
    Some of you who like to rant here I hope you show the same diligence to email your congressman, senator or any other elected officials and government agencies that might have some impact on the “BUYOUT” (ITS NOT A MERGER) final decision.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not pleased either.

    I guess the “Stick together” is bs.

  • BigMixxx

    First of all, I’m against this…BUT

    Let me run the company. Apparently the value is 39 billion dollars. Sprint right now is 4 freaking dollars a share and trending nowhere but downward. up I’d offer up 50% of the company at 7 to 15 dollars a share and watch people scarf it up. Looking at ATT buy up 30% of that stock and get back some of that 3 billion, plus another 20% on top of that in the public’s hands.


    EVERY MAJOR CARRIER, except for sprint has AWS spectrum. EVERYONE OF THEM…If they don’t get t mobile, they will get metro PCS or give up some t mobile to metro and get metro.

    Sprint can try to block, but they don’t have the funding to stop this. Verizon, who will have some good skin in the game, can establish a nice roaming agreement with ATT because they are just sitting on a ton of this spectrum. Apparently, this spectrum turns out to be more valuable than that 700 mhz specturm. the AWS spectrum covers the entire country but broken up into several companies.. As I look more, ATT knows exactly what it’s doing. They are putting 39 billion on the table to break up t mobile as a competitor, put that spectrum back out there causing a nasty ripple.

    right now T mobile is 3 times more valuable than sprint, but sprint cannot secure funding to purchase the company. Verizon, has not a care in the world, and ATT has to kill more competition.

  • Well if he’s not pleased with this bullshit merger then do something about it. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Anonymous

    I want this deal to go thru as quickly and as easily as possible……The sooner it’s done and over with, the better.

  • Wakeupfromyourtmostupor

    Hey for all you genius’ Sprint and ATT offer unlimited mobile to mobile regardless of carrier. Read that again until it seeps in. Thats right call all the cell phones you like.

    The mifi Rocks. Little Wayne, big Wayne, who cares there is no signal. We had a tornado pass thru fla this week. All the ATT and VZW AND PCS customers blabbing away while we were stranded. There i was yanking my G2 with its free teathering.

    Soon as I got home I got me a mifi and am ruling the air. I am a loyal tmobile user. But lets face it. Google wouldnt pay as they know the deal. It was good for them before they were established. Now Sprint will be getting the G phones.

    Oh, I played with the iphone in the store and let me tell you. The lag is so much less than android. The screen is clearer as well. I own no crapple products but I am beginning to see the light. No fighting over updates. No viruses. Maybe I was wrong..

    TMO and there 3M down on a great day. Here is what BGN says….

    While Verizon Wireless just announced two new 4G LTE devices that are going to serve up insanely fast mobile broadband speeds, Samsung’s 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot is the first one in our hands. We’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ over Verizon’s 4G LTE network for a little while thanks to the new mobile hotspot, and we’re happy to report extremely fast speeds around 12Mbps down and 5.5Mbps up on average — the fastest speeds that the device is rated for.

    • jarjon76

      Oh look, another “expert” who thinks he/she has all the answers. These “geniuses” seem to be popping up more frequently as of late.

      • Philosoraptor


        trolls have been all over this site lately…

    • Anonymous

      Wow… Let me first point put how stupid you are for using your personal experience as your “facts” about tmobile and ignoring all tests and surveys done by people that actually know what theyre talking about.

      Very nice of you to put one quote talking about Verizons new Mi-Fi in here and totally ignore all the accolades tmobile has been receiving for their HSPA+ network over the past 2 years.

      No on cares about your tornado or your G2 experience. Sprint isn’t getting any of the “g phones” jerkoff theyre getting a phone we got 5 months ago with a “4G” title slapped on for WiMax which will still perform slower than a HSPA 3G device running in an HSPA+ area. The “G” series are owned by t-mobile the same way Droid is to Verizon and EVO is to Sprint. You might also like to point out that this is THE FIRST stock Android device for any other carrier, so much for super phones.

      You coming in here talking about the iPhone 4 is probably why I’m the only one wasting my time responding to an idiot like you. That phone has been out for almost a year and you’re just demoing the phone? I own one, owned it since launch just like every other iPhone… As a matter of fact, I’m typing this from my iPhone 4 running on my Verizon Fios Wi-Fi connection. I don’t care care about brands, just what I know to be true. While I like the iPhone 4 for it’s ease of use, the phone is hardly perfect, force closes just as much as android phones just without telling you of course, updates only bring important stuff once a year and the updates usually restrict the coolest features to the current and previous device. Dual core phones have been out since January and the iPhone 5 MAY just be doing dual core. The retune display is nice and all but the screen is so small it doesn’t matter. The Galaxy S line super amoled screens are just as good if not better in certain light conditions and offer a more reasonable screen size.

      To be straight though, you have made the same idiotic mistake as people who have posed your stupid argument before you. You can’t compare the iPhone to android. It’s a phone vs an OS that allows OEMs custom UIs also known as skins for people like you. Apple has one phone of which they have to worry about updating, if they didnt do well in that how would that not make them deadbeats? As stated earlier everytime an update is passed anyway only the current and prior device benefit from the best features as they are always quick to site system limitations on prior models.

      If you go stock Android there is mo fighting for updates, if you’re smart(you’re clearly not) and you actually care about updates root and flash, that’s it.

      Fact is that 90% of phone owners don’t know what the full features of their Android device are or why they would benefit from upgrading. Most people will only upgrade if the upgrade is OTA. The average user does not care.

      If you are savvy enough to distinguish between OS versions and figure out the differences take ownership of your phone in a way you never could on an iPhone. Android phones are not for everyone.

      I’ve typed too much and am actually not interested in wasting any more words on your dumb Verizon 4G vs tmo argument.

      Go do your homework and state facts vs opinions.

    • Anonymous

      Well… thanks for the ramblings, but that’s all you posted, ramblings. E.g., I don’t think ANY carrier would ever advertise that its lines will work after a disaster, but the competitions’ won’t. I mean really, the fact that one carrier’s lines worked after a tornado, but others crapped out. Come one, who the hell thinks like that. After disasters it’s really luck of the draw whose lines will work, whose will go out.

      And you say the iPhone is better based on your having “played with the iPhone in the store.” Huh? That would be like you saying your wife is the most fantastic person on the planet, someone you married at 2:00 am, having met her in a bar at 10:00 pm. (In other words, just how long (and how) did you “play” with the iPhone to draw your conclusions?)

      I do agree, based on what BGR said, that the Verizon Thunderbolt is smoking fast. But that test was done in NYC, one of the few areas with Verizon’s LTE connection.

      See the section under “4G LTE”


    • Magenta Magic

      Android less laggy than iPhone… ok… I’ll give you that — but depends on WHICH ANDROID device! You have what, 2 or 3 iPhone models and 30-odd Androids? Be more specific. Yes, some suck… but some rule. I have two friends who dropped iPhones for Vibrants.

  • Proeng

    This merger needs to be blocked and rejected by FCC and Congress. Please sign the petition at the following site.

  • Iphony

    just turn your nexxus one on vibrate and go away

  • Pickachu

    Hey! That was funny! iPhony……hahahaha

    Whats funnier is everytime i log into this site I am hit with a verizon popup. Every single time.

    What up! I think David is telling us to go to verizon and rule the air with him!!!!

    Lets hear it for 42M mifi. Oh brother. They cant do more than 3 with a stick!!!

  • Wakeupfromyourtmostupor

    What makes me laugh is the data rates are the same!!! Even the discounts. And the customer service is equally good.

    This is all so old.

    • Anonymous

      This is the most ingnorant non-factual post on this thread. How is a data plan capped at 2GBs the same as what tmo offers? Re-Stocking fees are $25 dollars more. Discounts are not the same since Rate Plan are on par with Verizon. ATT has ranked near the bottom month after month in customer service… What’s equal? The data speeds are awful and again not equal… How does this make sense?

      • Wakeupfromyourtmostupor

        I was comparing verizon. Go back to bed.

        • Anonymous

          then that makes sense…

        • Anonymous

          Why in blue hell, were you comparing t-mobile to Verizon? Is this not a t-mobile/At&t post?

      • “This is the most ingnorant non-factual post on this thread. How is a data plan capped at 2GBs the same as what tmo offers?”

        To use your word, don’t be so “ignorant” to think that T-Mo actually offers unlimited service plans. T-mo’s “unlimited” plans also come with limitations, namely coverage. It’s easy to offer an unlimited plan when you have far fewer places where customers can actually take advantage of it (and if you happen to use your phone only in areas with great data coverage, then you’re in luck, great for you).

        On the other hand, while AT&T does not offer an unlimited data plan, its highspeed 3G/4G coverage is significantly larger than that of T-mo’s and therein is the value of AT&T’s data plan.

        “Re-Stocking fees are $25 dollars more.”

        [Yawn] A non-issue for most customers.

        “Discounts are not the same since Rate Plan are on par with Verizon.”

        Ultimately it boils down to price/service.

        > ATT has ranked near the bottom month after month in customer service…

        [Yawn] Who cares??? Without mentioning customer service, bring up a conversation about cell phones among friends and see what topics/gripes come up: data coverage, dropped calls, devices & prices. Rarely, if ever, will you hear about someone griping about a carrier’s customer service. This is not to say that they haven’t had bad customer service experiences with their carriers, but I think most people these days either don’t care at all about customer service, they expect poor customer service or they so rarely interact with it (maybe the use the carrier’s web account site to do all they need), it’s a complete non-sellable feature. I’d personally much rather have cell carrier that offers great phones and coverage but bad customer service than a carrier who offers limited phones, bad coverage but great customer service.

        > What’s equal? The data speeds are awful and again not equal… How does this
        > make sense? ”

        Says who? Despite all the FUD surrounding AT&T, my colleague and I often compare data speeds and we’ve found on average, her data speeds on her iPhone are better than mine. It’s mostly due to my T-mo service frequently dropping back to Edge service (T-Mo 3G signals are up and down in eastern Mass/southern NH…urban/popoulated areas are a bit more consistent but even there the 3G speeds are often not something to brag about).

        • Anonymous

          No jerkoff… Coverage is coverage rate plans are rate plans… You can’t justify rate plans with coverage. You select your provider based on your coverage. I live in NYC where i pull in 8-10Mbps on my device… WiMax is spotty and tops out at 3… ATT is nowhere near high speed anywhere. Just like I said… There are facts and there are opinions. You can’t base your argument on opinions and expect people to take you seriously… As far as people covered… T-Mobiles network has 200M pops… How’s Verizon and Sprint? Oh please tell me of those speeds on the Atrix “4G”. Where is there ATT 4G? Which device is actually 4G enabled?

          You don’t know what you’re talking about at all.. Go sit on an orange dildo… Nobody cares about your opinion.

        • Anonymous

          He did make some sense though.

        • Philosoraptor

          >”Despite all the FUD surrounding AT&T, my colleague and I often compare data speeds and we’ve found on average, her data speeds on her iPhone are better than mine”

          Really? In what area of the country? I’m in north Texas and ever since T-Mobile deployed HSPA+ my speeds constantly beat my friends iPhone 4. Also 2 of my co-workers told me AT&T is terrible and they drop calls like crazy (both iPhone users looking to escape to Verizon). I guess it all depends on location…

          Anyway as far as price goes, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are more expensive than T-Mobile. Anyone can go to their sites and compare prices on their own. If you haven’t I suggest you do, and if you already have then tell us why you’re fine with higher bills for the same service. I already did and no matter who I go with my bill will be at least $30 more a month and I only have 2 lines. Fun times for people with larger families.

        • Justafan

          What speeds do you get on T-Mo? I just got a MyTouch 4G and the highest I have seen, so far, is about 2800 kbps…I have yet to be in a HSPA+ zone yet and I’m right near Washington D.C.? What do the IPhone 4 and Atrix/Inspire get on AT&T? I think close to 2.5/3 Mbps is plenty fast for me…I’m just wondering what I should be getting and/or what AT&T gets?

        • Magenta Magic

          Thank you for saying the data coverage is LARGER and not FASTER… grinds my gears. :)

  • Carlywantsme

    hows that 2.3 upgrade coming on your G2….like they promised right. Oh yeah, ATT will be sooooo much worse.

    • Skozsert

      And how many phones have been upgraded to 2.3 yet? If you’re that worried about it run CM7.

      • Anonymous

        I wonder how many people actually take advantage of rooting their phones and thus doubling their possibilities? I fear its far too few…

  • Wakeupfromyourtmostupor

    up and to the right…..more verizon ads….wow its not subliminal…..

    • Well, I don’t always get to pick the ads that we run.

      • Anonymous

        But you should be glad for those ads! They take you to the purchasing page where we can view the OUTRAGEOUS prices. Then we can realize how much we are saving on America’s Largest 4G Network! =]

  • Anonymous

    Whoever said the customer service of AT&T is “equally good” with T-Mobile has obviously never been an AT&T customer.


    • Wakeupfromyourtmostupor

      i was an original ATT customer before switching to tmo 12 years ago. my mother is still with them.

      she has no complaints.

      get over it

      • MIKEEEEE

        t-mo didn’t exist until late 2002.

        original ATTwireless was bought by sbc/bellsouth for the name.

        att wirelless sucked bigtime, that’s why i’m here since august 2001.

        at the time att wanted 69.95 for 600 minutes and voicestream wanted 39.95.

        only trouble was voicestream didn’t have much coverage.

        i’ve carried a cellular device since 1992 and have over 2,000,000 million miles of driving a truck with one and i can tell you where every deadspot is in most of the eastern US.

        the biggest deadspots att has are in their call centers.

        i was in an att store last week and had one lousy question.

        can an ATRIX use wifi for data while voice is on the network?

        so i can use it at my home where data is slow and voice gets 3 bars on a good day.

        • ColdFeet

          I called T-Mobile when the official Vibrant Froyo update was released to ask about it. The rep told me that updating will void my warranty. I even mentioned that I’m looking at a screenshot from “Streamline”, the internal system customer care uses for information, and it didn’t even phase her. She continued to insist that updating to the official Froyo release will void my warranty.

          Point being is that T-Mobile’s customer care isn’t all that much better.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. Last year I said T-Mobile customer service sucked. Most in here told me to go packing. It was so bad that I never wanted to call T-Mobile, for concern out of being disgusted, again.

          I say “was” because the last two times I have called I got males, without accents who were competent, courteous and professional. (The last time I called was about two weeks ago to ask why I was double charged for T-Mobile TV. The guy said he saw that and admitted it was an error. He then said in passing “I see you bought Robo Defense. I spend hours with that game.” We then chatted about 15 minutes about my HD2 having FroYo, the acquisition, his concern for his job, and other chit chat.) Night and day difference from the T-Mobile su?ol?ss? who were obviously not located in the U.S.)

        • I’ve noticed that if you are a flex-pay customer you get crappy customer service reps..seems like tmobile does this on purpose. They give those subscribers to those CSRs with accents who aren’t located in the US. And most of the other times the other subscribers on contracts get people within the States.

        • ColdFeet

          I have a “normal” account and get “normal” customer care. It’s really hit and miss with customer care but I have made a rule of calling 3 times to see what the majority of answers are. If 2 out of 3 reps gimme the same answer, I go with that answer.

          I’m with you, Michael. If you speak up, people in these forums lose it if your opinion isn’t the same as theirs! It can be rather frustrating.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve been a post-paid customer with T-Mobile since 2003 and paid them a lot of money. I have also called from blocked numbers and different phone numbers. Have also called at different times of the day and night. Still, I have received CSRs with accents. So it’s not that I am a Flex-Pay or that I am blacklisted as to why I was getting bad customer service. (When I used to post in here my experiences, some people did say what you said, that I was the problem, that I must have been blacklisted as a problem customer or I was paying late or otherwise a deadbeat). Whatever ;)

          I have heard from some in here that Flex-Pay customers get routed to a different CSR group and/or that they get, as you say, crappy CSRs. As I recall, some T-Mobile employees posting in here confirmed this supposed lesser treatment of Flex-Pay accounts.

          I do know that many businesses, as verified in the Wall Street Journal, do in fact have “priority” or “VIP” ringing, where the computers confirms from one’s phone number or inputted account number that the caller gets to the “head of the line.” In other words, if you are a “good account” someone picks up the line quickly or you get routed to the more senior CSRs. I noticed that with my bank whom I have been with 18 years..

          So there’s every reason to believe T-Mobile would have a Flex-Pay customer service department.

        • Magenta Magic

          T-Mobile in fact has a seperate FlexPay department. I’ve had to bridge the gap between Activations, Tech Care, PostPaid and FlexPay all in one call … not pretty. In fact, my then manager almost fired me because I became so disgusted and frustrated at the difficulty of solving an issue for a customer.

          Yes… there are distinct departments. And 99% of the time, FlexPay can only talk to FlexPay… even if you have a specific Tech issue, you still get routed to FP… EVEN BY A LIVE PERSON!

        • Anonymous

          But you must remember that there is a difference between people who are ignorant or misinformed (like in your case) or people who don’t even care enough to treat you like anything more than a way of making money (Att?)

        • Anonymous

          Great post. Nothing speaks better than a lifetime of experience.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • Awww, like who cares what this dip shit thinks. It’s going to happen, deal with it. Stop whining like a bunch of babies and get over it!

  • Disciple4life1998

    if you are an at&t troll, kick rocks!! none of us tmobile people want this to happen.
    1: as an employee/sales rep it hurts business and makes selling even harder
    2: more and more customers defect to Sprint everyday
    3: only good about it is having some what better coverage
    4: AT&T sucks.

    as a customer of tmobile i do not want to see this. i left att along time back for tmobile. i do not want to see this finalized. but no matter what this has changed the scope of tmobile for ever!!

    • blah

      im an employee too and i want it to happen….

      • ColdFeet

        I’m a customer and I want this to happen. And not because I’m an AT&T troll.

        • Heath

          I’m a customer and I don’t, for obvious reasons.

    • Anonymous

      I’m an employee too and i want this to happen as quickly as possible. Once the announcement was made on 3/20, there was no turning back from there. Once you show your hand and your willingness to sell to a competitor, it’s done. If the deal falls through, the notion of DT selling TMO USA to another company or parting TMO USA out to numerous companies will still linger in everyone’s mind. As an employee, I don’t want that hanging over my head.

      • TmoGuyBK2

        As an employee, I will say that there is good and bad here. Yes, many of us are scared to lose our jobs, AT&T has stores across the street from many of us. Of course not everyone will keep there job, and as for market managers, district managers…BYE BYE. AT&T won’t need two DMs for the same Market.
        There will be better coverage..maybe. I have heard different plans for our towers, so AT&T may see no quick improvement in coverage.
        As an employee, I would also say that our sales will greatly suffer over this year.
        And as for service, I’m scared. One day customers come to the store and we help, the next we’ll basically be telling them to go to hell, switch your plan..get a new phone.. and deal with it. Got a problem..Buy an Iphone.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah every customer that’s walked up to me the last few days has asked me about the buyout. I basically tell them they don’t have anything to worry about for quite a long time. I do agree with you that this may end up hurting business for TMO as time goes on (as the buyout gets closer) People may be afraid to make the switch just because of uncertainty….Will my phone still work? Will they make me switch my plan? Despite what we say, these will be the questions potential customers ask themselves

    • Your dumb

      I’m a T-Mobile rep and I want this to happen. Screw the germans, lets put some money back into our own economy

  • blah

    im an employee and i very much want this to happen….

    • my2cents

      so your counting on retention, severance, and unemployment to get you through?

    • Magenta Magic

      I’m an employee for a premium retailer and I do not want this to happen.

      Loss of jobs for both AT&T and T-Mobile & TPRs…

      Loss of great customer service for our customers.

      Loss of plans, devices, and CHOICE…

      You know what… why bother. It’s been posted 100x in a 100 places. I’m not gonna hash it up here again. This just plain stinks. There’s something about it when higher-ups in the US Government are saying “hold on just a minute…”

      But whatever… I was looking for a job when I found this one…

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    If i decide to stay with Tmobile, I would want this merger to go through. As much as I love tmobile for being the little guy and putting up a fight for as long as they have, the coverage is really needed from tmobile and hopefully, this would cut out on the outsourcing of the phone calls to the phillipines and everywhere else outside of America

    • C C

      ATT does more outsourcing than most, unfortunately. With this merger you can expect that customer service standards will take a serious nose dive. You will be treated like customer #635161 with plan C and phone 36. You wont be personalized, you wont find yourself being taken care of. Most of the time ATT just ignored problems, throws a little money at the problem to make the customer shut up, and moves on to placate the next caller until that placating of you wears off and you have to call back to still get the same issue resolved. I seriously hope they are getting T-Mobile so they can take on T-Mobile customer service. There is a reason ATT was rated at the worst in customer service.

      • TMohrep

        I work for T-Mobile…and I love our company. Let me just say though that our Customer Care reps are not all that. Many of them can hardly speak (or understand) a word of English. They always put the wrong features and/or planes on accounts when I do a manual activation or adjustment to a customer’s phone. I recently called in to “Special Accounts” to make a change from BBerry to MyTouch Web and the woman (terrible English) kept trying to offer me the tethering feature for $15/month. I had to explain to her 5 times that I was an employee and I just needed a service switch…Eventually, she understood. Let me preface this by saying that I have never experienced AT&T customer service, but calling our Customer Care “THE BEST” is an extreme exaggeration. If AT&T’s people are more incompetent over the phone and speak even worse English, we are all doomed…(how is that even possible??)

        • Pirate6t7_2000

          amen bro . I have no clue how we win J.D. Power

        • TMoGuyBK1

          Simple. T-mobile has horrible customer service, true, but every other carrier is even worse. JD grades on a curve. In wireless it truly is the best of the worst. Signal strength for instance, every carrier has holes in coverage, the least holes wins, but you will still get dropped calls.The best of the worst, and that’s no small achievement. AT&T service is garbage. Metro PCS has ZERO customer service. Sprint’s care center is a joke.

        • Anonymous

          You are missing the point of comparison (which it seems you have nothing to compare with). Every single company i’ve called customer service on has been poorer than t-mobile. When I had At&t it was God awful. Try calling Dell. That’s horrendous. Verizon, they already effed me over for $55…. $55 lousy dollars that they wouldn’t waive to keep a customer lmao!! Think of all the money they could have made if I had been with them for 10 years instead of tmobile. So you make think it’s poor customer service but I have NEVER had a problem contacting Tmobile in 10 years and they are strides above the competition.

        • Guest

          AGREED!, i work for T-mobile as well and either for customer or out Special accounts, customer carr from call centers are extremely lacking.. i had called in to do have support for one customer with a complex situation with billing and other reasons. the have hanged up on me 5 times… 5 TIMES and im working for T-Mobile.. best solution for the mean time is to ask the care to hold for a min and refresh ur systems to check if they did it properly….

      • Pirate67_2000

        I work for T-Mobile and they outsource alot too. I cant even understand them half the time.

    • TMOMGR

      Sounds like your on Flexpay or Prepaid if your getting a lot of outsourced care reps on the phone.

    • sorry to tell you the PREPAID services will remain outsourced, i have a friend in the philippines working for the customer support for tmobile prepaid and they are starting for the att integration so non priority services such as prepaid remains outsorced

  • Jumpman23

    I work for t-mobile as a sales lead. A man came in to our store today and stated ” I’ve worked fir AT@T for 15 years, but I love t-mobile great service people. At@t are like business puppets with no heart. There to strict It will be a sad day when t-mobile gets shut down. This statment floored my colleague and myself. Now I’m not a t-mobile fan boy by any means.(I love my iPhone) I don’t care what happenes as Long as I and other t-mobile employes get to keep our jobs. His statements just made ous wonder?

    • youngmantiburon

      I do hope the same for all the employes for T-MOBILE and there distributor/contractors and services techs.

  • Wakeupfromyourtmostupor

    I was talking to a tmo tech last night as my G2 stopped sending MMS. Yes, for no apparent reason. He was out of Texas and a real nice guy.

    He is sending me a free SIM card as I have had an old 2g he words card installed instead of 3g. He said it may cause Android services to toggle off but will not affect speed.

    Interesting talk on the merger. The employees talk amongst themselves is overwhelmingly positive. Yes there is fear for their jobs but most feel that ATT will keep the CSRs as a center of excellence.

    He concedes that the iphone is just as fast as his myTouch in most markets as both are seeing HSUPA.

    Tmobile has been very liberal in their definition of a 4g market. As I have said before, all backhaul is fiber but not provisioned the same. Most markets are only seeing 2-3 down. Thats it and has been documented by PC mag.

    Google spoke volumes when the said tmo was not worth the price.

    Lets hope ATT honors our plans.

  • Guest

    For all you road warriors who have read the Boy Genius reports, I am here to tell you that they nailed the mifi from verizon. I have just completed my tests in Centrai and North Central Florida and sure enough almost 15D 5U everywhere there was a stated 4g signal. This is UNBELIEVABLE as comparted to TMO WebConnects intermittent 3-4. I may push it to 10G and give up my home FIOS for this if it contines to pan out and does not bog down.

    I need to find an HTC TB to test out. If this is any indication of whats to come, I am happy. Never would have looked had it not been for the buy out.

    The verizon folks rocked. Just stay at a corporate store. The independent resalers are morons. But then again, TMOs leave much to be desired.

  • Customer support AKA Call Centers outside the US who have tmobile products and services in their client base such as prepaid are already starting training for the AT&T integration

  • i dont even kno wwhat to say man iwish i could punch At&t CEO in the fucking face man. im done with tmobile if this happens and with all the letters Tv news and other BS this thing is too open to the public not to happen. i hate AT&T man apple trying to take over the F’ing world and At&t doing the same with Prices that are so freaking high its almost like paying a car note man. i dont even know what to do man. if i go to sprint what will happen in 2-4yrs they get eatten up by ether AT&T or verizon

    • Derrick227

      i agree man…….i might go back to virginmobile prepaid, hell they got nice phones, as long as i can talk, and have internet at my home, i’m good

    • Senor Chang

      You blame At&t for Deutsche Telecom wanting to sell off Tmobile?

      So, if your daddy beats you, you blame the cops?

  • Who2host

    I really do not want this merger to go through. The biggest problem is that only having 3 cell phone companies is just bad news. The people that either don’t care or want the merger to go through don’t understand that this will raise prices and diminish choice for everyone that carries a cell phone in the US. I don’t think that T-Mo should be sold to an already huge company like at&t. The playing field will be lopsided and the companies will conspire to drive prices up.

    • TM97

      You don’t seem to understand,

      With or without the merger, there will be three national carriers after this. If the merger were denied, DT will take T-Mobile and strip it down, sale its parts, and there will not be a T-Mobile.

      It may last a year longer, while the parts are dismantled, but its gone.

      • todrules

        Agreed. As soon as the merger was announced, it is the end of T-Mobile. Customers will be leaving in droves this year, and it will be pretty much impossible to get any new customers. If this merger does not go through, T-Mobile will be so far behind that the company will just be a shell of what it once was.

      • Senor Chang

        This is what I’ve been saying the whole time.

        Merger or no merger, enjoy the next couple of years of Tmo as it is now… it will be changing no matter what happens. DT has made it clear they do not want it anymore. Whether sold to the biggest conglomerate, or put on sale to some smaller investor to run (which is horrendously scarier than selling out to At&t), or dismantled and auctioned off in parts, Tmo is done for.

  • Anonymous

    Regardless, as a consumer that has used ATT service and currently uses TMobile service. I am against this deal as I refuse to be an ATT customer again. Thats how bad I consider its services and business practices.

    As consumers we can work with a congress reps to insure they shoot this deal down. If they don’t lets change congress to people that will actually represent our interests and not that of corporations like ATT.

  • NoneYabusiness

    ALSO, as a T-mobile Employee I want this merger to happen… our coverage sucks!!! It will increase bandwith for both company’s as we have similar technologies… The deal will go through.. Guaranteed.. Our pay will increase dramatically because we have a stronger network that operates better and because prices will be raised… Yes it sucks for u people who suck the living life out of tmobile and complain about every freaking penny and dollar charge that you see on your freaking bill… you all make me sick…

    • Johnny Wishbone

      I also work for T-Mobile as an assistant manager…….1 thing you may have overlooked is the fact that you might not have a job anymore if you location is within a close radius to an AT&T store. There’s 1 down the street from me, so I already know that if this happens, myself and many of my employees will be unemployed

      • Noneyabusiness

        I’m very aware… of all of this… once again…the merger will happen… 2. Money is involved and I know more than u think! 3. I could care less as I wont be with T-mobile for long. 4. Tmobiles coverage sucks!!!!! 5. U all don’t work for T-mobile. And if u did u would agree with me that our towers don’t penetrate walls like att does! ..the list goes on and on….

        • J3.Cole

          WOW. I am truely amazed that you believe that ATT has “special powers” to broadcast a wirless signal through walls, leap tall bounds, and is fatser than a speeding bullet. “Here I come to save the daaaaaay”

          You are a true Moron
          Goodday dork

        • John

          if only you knew how spectrum works…

        • Waves

          att penetrate walls? wow… don’t let your wife next to that wall, she might get pregnant.
          Dude… you’re the best :))

    • Batman_lopez32

      t mobile’s coverage sucks?????last i checked t mobile has better coverage than at&t.also if the merger dosen’t get approved at&t will have to give t mobile roming rigths for all of there towers…and what pay increase????the deal hasn’t happen yet and you think at&t is gonna give t mobile employee’s a pay raise….the first thing at&t will do is get rid of the stores/call centers they don’t need…think before you post comments

      • Noneyabusiness

        Don’t u think I know that? Come on now…. I know this …man!!!!! Lol

      • odieman1231

        Chris Lopez?

    • Anonymous

      You want this merger to happen just because of coverage? Do you know you could potentially put yourself out of a job if it goes through? Also stop being so selfish a lot of people are about to loose their jobs and all you can think about coverage.

    • oedveronz85

      you’re a fucking idiot, ATT pays less to their call center employees than Tmobile does, we have a ATT call center here in Austin and people there get paid $9.50/hr and I know Tmobile pays at leas $11/hr


      Wow, you are about as bright as the sales person that stated openly at a zoning hearing that T-Mobile did not need to build a tower in her neighborhood because she worked for t-mobile and her coverage was fine. She no longer works for T-Mobile. If this gets traced back to you I think you will be needing a ride to the unemployment office…

      • +1…..nonyabusiness sounds like a douche

    • Jeffreygreen1315

      it’s better to be thought an idiot, than to start posting and remove all doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Redarah

      I too work for T-Mobile as a district rep. There are good and bad things about this merger for both employees and customers. 1. Coverage will improve but check your facts, T-Mobile has better network quality. 2. rates will go up to At&t current rates or higher but that will probably have no effect on our paychecks, in fact we may no longer have jobs. Even more negatively it will become more costly for our customers and many may not be able to afford it. $20 to $30 extra a month is a lot for some people.

  • mack

    First of all who cares what Michael Copps wants or likes. He’s probably in Verizon’s pocket anyway. Whether this deal is approved or not, TMO is gone. The Kraut’s will take the 3 billion and run. Dump TMO in a fire sale with the first buyer who comes along!

  • Littlechick_soup

    I think it would be best for Google to purchase T-Mobile. They are taking about going into the wireless industry..they has the resources and funds to do so! This would new the best thing to do!

    • Scorpioskittel07

      i really really REALLY lol like this idea because i think that we need options like @chimphappyhour said. ATT…eh…I have it and its not all that. I mean I know no company has is the best @ everything but their phones SUCK compared to tmo…I think Google really should buy tmo because I dont think prices would rise as much as if bought by ATT…hopefully they step up to the plate soon…

  • chimphappyhour

    AT&T was sort of the family business but I’m the first generation to not work for them in a while. Why? My parents and grandparents were shocked to hear how little the pay was for a position I applied for and told me it wasn’t worth it. Sure enough, they’ve now had to outsource that job because no one internally wanted to do it for the listed pay. I’ve also had AT&T cell service before. What a bunch of crooks. No thanks.

    This really needs to be shot down. This will leave only one national GSM carrier and I’m not cool with that. We need options. We need a choice.