Best Buy Incorrectly Labels Original myTouch As myTouch 4G

Someone at Best Buy made an “oopsy daisy” by using the wrong picture for their latest mobile magazine with the T-Mobile myTouch 4G on the cover. Except it’s not the myTouch 4G, it’s the original myTouch and oh how different those two devices are. I suppose in any event anyone coming into a Best Buy store looking for that device would be pleasantly surprised to see its replacement.

P.S. Not an April Fools joke, not after last years iPhone joke…although I did consider putting up some AT&T logos. That idea lasted about 2 seconds.

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  • My phone had perfect T-Mobile reception this morning, while my wifes phone was roaming with less bars on AT&T. We’re both T-Mobile subscribers. It made my heart skip a beat that they might have moved that fast.

  • Bimmerz

    What better way to kick off April 1st. ;o)


  • Anonymous

  • walmart also posted in a paper a long time ago that the captivate had a 1mhz processor. I bet that thing would be super fast!

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    haha innocent mistake :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad to see that POS amongst those 4.3″ powerhouses. Even the real MT4G would appear wimpy compared.

    • MyTouch 4G has the same processor as the Inspire and the thunderbolt, the one that should feel whimpy is the Evo 4G lol.

  • George Msi


    • TMO is really choking the chicken on announcing a release date. My ol’ G1 is getting pretty tired. C’mon TMO…get off the dime.

    • Please read the Sidekick 4G article that comes before this.

  • I just love going into the inappropriately named Best Buy.

    The music is thumping so loudly that you can feel it in your chest. And as you wade your way through the posers playing Guitar Queer-o looking for an employee who actually knows something…

  • i sent this to phandroid noting happened and they arnt giving thme out in store.

  • Anonymous

    Attention Best Buy Customers:

    Check out the new MyTouch4G. Comes loaded running the new Android Donut OS. Also comes with a bleeding edge, screaming Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 MHz processor.

    Forget about Verizons Thunderbolt or AT&T’s Atrix. This is where the party is at! Party like its February 2010!

  • Anonymous

    What’s worse is that it’s still running Android 1.5 or 1.6

    It’s really there on their website.

    • Anonymous

      it’s running 2.2, has been for months

      • Anonymous

        In the picture…

  • Anonymous

    Yo TmoNews wassup with this…

    [BREAKING] T-Mobile Deactivating Accounts?

    I hope this is an April Fool’s joke…

    • Anonymous

      I think its a April fools joke.

      • Look at the tags in the article…its an April Fools joke.

        • Jacob Cunningham

          Apologies, I figured that it would be pretty clear it was a joke. Hence the tags listed. I have since updated the post to clearly say this.

        • Anonymous

          No apologies necessary I missed the tags plus I’m not into the whole April Fool’s thing like others cause this is the second time I’ve been had today lol

        • Hahah good one Gohan :P

        • Anonymous

          Lol ok I thought so because would?be gotten that text msg a long time ago.

  • Guest

    Lol saw this when we got the buyers guides in at work. Tried to tell my coworkers but most of them don’t know squat about phones and said “what’s a mytouch?”

  • Anonymous

    Another company photoshop fails. The guys who shop these images together always seem clueless, with as much as this happens.

  • Anonymous

  • Pdxduckfan

    anyone having problems with battery life in the mytouch 4g? I can’t get it to last more than 6-8 hours. Have there been any recall issues?

    • Nope, that’s just called having an Android phone lol…

      • Daniel

        Turn off your background data and auto sync… remove any widgets from the main screen you dont ABSOLUTELY have to have. Oh yea… and remove any apps you don’t usee… Charge at least 4 hours.