Radio Shack Announces Sidekick 4G Availability For April 20th

It looks like April 20th is shaping up to be a big big day for T-Mobile fans as Radio Shack has just outed the Sidekick 4G for launch on April 20th. Perhaps this was accidental as T-Mobile has yet to give any official word. Since we love launch dates and we trust that Radio Shack isn’t yanking our chain we’ll take it and run with it anyway. As it stands, this would be the third device we suspect that could be launched April 20th with the T-Mobile G2X and T-Mobile G-Slate also rumored to drop that day. There you have it, April 20th will be a big big day in T-Mobile land.

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  • :D. I wonder when the T-Mobile LG Optimus G2x is coming out.

    • Isn’t it mentioned?

      • michael

        i hope its april 20..although im hearing april 6!

        • April 6th would be awesome. Although i’m not sure if I want the G2x or the PYramid

        • michael

          same! The pyramid probably wont be until early summer though :/ i dont see a point in waiting 2 months when i can already get something great..i still gotta g1!

        • Anonymous

          @radio shack, the g2x on 4/28 price unknown at the moment.

          Around is $49…sidekick is $99. also, if too tedd in your old phone you can get $50 off.

        • Anonymous

          a week later for the g2x ain’t bad..but if i had to guess, they’re going to position it as yet another flagship and make it $200 after a $50 or $100 rebate for upgraders..or even $250, like the mytouch4g and g2 are, currently on the site (

          sigh. just think how many more contracts and data plans they’d get people to buy if they just dropped the price $100..

        • Kahunaman

          April 6 is nokia astound. $50 upg $80 new line. Trained on it earlier this week. We aren’t gettin shipments on any g2x any time soon.
          Corporate retail rep

      • Oh… well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me. My bad. I was kinda in a rush, so I kinda missed that part. Well I guess I get my dream after all. A easy decision because I get to look @ both the same day.

  • Jonathan3579

    Meh, too bad I just left T-Mobile after 5 years of wasted time. I guess I still like to see what’s going on though… Old habits never die easy.

  • Anonymous

    So, now what happens for people like me who still have the Sidekick and have up until the 19th to upgrade at a promotional price?

    • michael

      it’s may 19th i believe

      • Anonymous

        upgrade date is april 19th, service shuts down may 31st

        • michael

          wow, i cant believe tmo would do that.. unless theyll do like a preorder or something

        • Kahunaman

          Use ur upg. U have a 30 day exchange policy in ca and 14 everywhere else. Then exchange for sk4g when it is out.

  • Jward017

    Now I can get high and go buy a sidekick. Yesssss

  • its only obvious that the sidekick would come out on 4.20!

  • Justinnn

    Uhhggg I cant wait that long. I need a new phone like yesterday.

    This obviously isn’t the most appropriate venue, but is anyone else Vibrant totally eff’d after the 2.2 update, like long black screens on start-up, a non-functional piece of crap, ect?

    • lolol

      Ever since the update my Vibrant has been really slow. Battery life decreased. and it force closes apps like crazy.

      • Frigadroid

        That’s why they made the update optional instead of forcing it ota they knew it was crap all along. Par for the course typical Samsung crappy software. Root is sadly the only option for the Vibrant. I doubt they are working on any more solutions now, given Samsung’s notorious reputation.
        You could complain to costumer service and risk getting one of the damaged returns that they keep recirculating.

      • Root, then visit and install Bionix . Your phone will be way faster and battery life will be crazy good

  • NardVa

    If the Sidekick is coming on 4-20 that means we want see the GX2 on 4-20. T Mobile doesn’t drop multiple phones on the same day.

    • MtnDew

      T-Mo dropped 4 phones on November 3rd 2011…. #Fail

      • Future man, what are you doing here

  • aLb3Rt

    Aprils Fool!

  • Too bad I don’t start my job until May!!! UGH!!!!

  • egg yellows


  • op-tMo

    Bob marley’s day! HIGH end phones coming! Yeeee

  • sofa king disappointed

    20th has to be legit, the 50% samsung products for current sidekick customers ends the 19th (As mentioned below) total business sense…

    • jarrod

      The letter they sent me says the discount ends on April 5th. I knew that meant the SK4G wouldn’t be out until after the 5th.

  • Scwrath88

    The sidekick is a disgrace to t-mobile. Every t-mobile rep knows it. Customers jump on the hype. Hopefully this one is NOTHING like the old sidekicks. But the fact its named sidekick..i can only hope.

  • Problem is that t-mobile is now forcing mail in rebates. I really hate that crap!!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what we will have to do to get this phone (for all the people who own sidekicks who have until the 19th to upgrade?)

    • I would guess purchase a phone a week before and go ahead and retun it the day the G2 x comes out

  • SoCali

    What a cruel April fools joke.

    3 flagship devices on the same day? I hope this is true. And T-Mobile should go all out on these. Hopefully some better promo plans that we can grandfather in now before MaBell swoops in.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt that 3 highend devices would drop on the same day, but I’m hopeful the rumors are true. Tmo plans to release 20+ smartphones this year. Its already april…..25% of 2011 is gone, so tmo will prob have to stack device launches… plans are coming too

  • Rob Langevoort

    I’m an eight year TMo/Sidekick veteran. But I bet by mid April l have a new carrier. TMo wants to see how many Sidekick users follow their hype right in to paying more cash. Sorry folks, on my budget it’s either “my way or the highway!”

    • pantlesspenguin

      Uh…….wouldn’t someone upgrading their phone be paying more cash anyway, regardless if they got a Sidekick or not? That’s kind of how companies make their money. Have fun paying more for your rate plan on your “budget.”

      • Aerofanbig

        I think Rob means, that the whole we are sorry your phones about to be a non-working obsolete paper weight *all current sidekicks* special 50% off deal….ends the day before the new sidekick comes out. Plus, their plans will not be honored and its being forced upon them. So, if you have a SK now, you don’t get the nice discount on the next gen SK, and you have to pay 15-25$ more per month for the same service.

        Personally I think thats a HUGE F-U from Tmo, especially at a time when they probably don’t want to bleed even MORE customers then they were before and after the merger announcement.

        Way to fail T-mobile. AT&T values are already creeping up

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    WOW that would be a really nice day if actually all those 3 devices launch on the 20th.customers walks in will have options of android devices of their choice:GTX-dual-core NVDIA,FFC,8mp w/1080p recording.Sidekick 4g-slide out keyboard,android 2.2,custom sidekick UI,group chat.Gtablet-T-mobile’s first 8.9 inch honeycomb tablet,dual 3D cameras,FFC,dual-core NVDIA etc……so much specs.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really care about the social features; I just want an Android device with a good 5-row keyboard.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous