So What Will A T-Mobile / AT&T Network Look Like?

Let’s put aside rumors of AT&T having to divest parts of the T-Mobile network in order to receive FCC and DOJ approval as we look at what the two conjoined networks could look like. Fierce Mobile acquired some images courtesy of American Roamer, an “independent source of wireless carrier network coverage and spectrum information” has gone and done just that. In this block of pretty pictures of the US wireless market, you’ll see both the current coverage and spectrum holdings of both companies as well as what the company could look like when a deal is signed, sealed and delivered.

While most journalists, analysts and tech pundits agree along with the CEO of AT&T Randall Stephenson that they may be forced to divest some assets in order to get the deal to go through, this is just a look at what a potential deal could yield. Of course AT&T has said in no uncertain terms they will refarm T-Mobile’s existing AWS network in order to further buildout the AT&T LTE network and do away with overlapping towers. Sad.

For the full breakdown with lots of pretty pictures of coverage areas hit the Fierce Mobile link!

Fierce Mobile

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