Sprint Releases Statement Expressing Thoughts On AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile USA

Its about time! Sprint has officially voiced its opinion on the $39 billion AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile USA.

Earlier this month, discussions between Deutsche Telekom and Sprint were heating up for a possible acquisition of T-Mobile USA by Sprint and it was almost certain that Sprint would purchase Magenta. It looks like it didn’t turn out the way Sprint wanted.

Sprint’s statement is as follows:

“The combination of AT&T and T-Mobile USA, if approved by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC), would alter dramatically the structure of the communications industry. AT&T and Verizon are already by far the largest wireless providers. A combined AT&T and T-Mobile would be almost three times the size of Sprint, the third largest wireless competitor.If approved, the merger would result in a wireless industry dominated overwhelmingly by two vertically-integrated companies that control almost 80% of the US wireless post-paid market, as well as the availability and price of key inputs such as backhaul and access needed by other wireless companies to compete. The DOJ and the FCC must decide if this transaction is in the best interest of consumers and the US economy overall, and determine if innovation and robust competition would be impacted adversely and by this dramatic change in the structure of the industry.”

[Via AllThingsD]

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  • Anonymous

    Damn skippy it will alter everything. This is moan before the death of competitive innovation.

  • Anonymous

    Damn skippy it will alter everything. This is moan before the death of competitive innovation.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda crying over spilled milk here. I hate that this is happening but I doubt Sprint’s concerns are going to do anything to impact this deal.

    • Ron Dickerson

      Normally I would agree, but considering how lobbyists destroyed net neutrality… I don’t think there’s any hope this will be delayed or dropped entirely.

    • Anonymous

      They aren’t complaining, what they said is true. If there’s no competition there’s no competitive rates meaning these companies will charge whatever the heck they want. It’s not fair but that’s how this country operates the rich get richer.

    • Skozsert

      Wouldn’t be surprised if they actually take this to court.

    • Rage

      hey DAVID i wanna hear your opinion on all of this. i have looked and looked but i dont see you saying much . . . . .

    • Rage

      hey DAVID i wanna hear your opinion on all of this. i have looked and looked but i dont see you saying much . . . . .

    • Rage

      hey DAVID i wanna hear your opinion on all of this. i have looked and looked but i dont see you saying much . . . . .

    • Rage

      hey DAVID i wanna hear your opinion on all of this. i have looked and looked but i dont see you saying much . . . . .

  • AdrianG2

    Everyone sees the problem except the owners of these companies. Wow.

    • Anonymous

      its not a problem if you’re making billions on it.

  • lokoperu


  • greg

    cry all you want about monopolies- America is getting what they asked for. T-Mobile and Sprint provide competitive prices and services but every quarter subscribers flock to Verizon and AT&T with their high rates.

    • ghostnik

      Thats b/c most people are lured to AT&T and Verzion due to the advertisements and the social hype that grabs mass hysteria for such devices like iphone, which i feel has been inferior to other phones on the market but due to the hype gets all the attention and is what drives people to switch from lets say tmobile or sprint who offer a cheaper service for great plans to at&t and verizon who offer over charged expensive plans with crappy customer service, but the sad thing is that most people just want to follow the crowd instead of really looking into a product or service and seeing what it can really do for them over just wanting to be in, with the in crowd.

    • ScoobyRacing03

      Well I’d been a Verizon customer for 8+ years left them to go to AT&T and was with AT&T for 4 years before coming to T-mobile. Why did a leave Verizon for AT&T it was cheaper, and the company I worked for got me a discount too which made it even better than Sprint or T-mobile at the time. After my company stopped offering the discount for AT&T I quickly left them for T-mobile. The switch from AT&T to T-mobile saved me over $30 a month on my family plan with 2 lines. I’m like many people out there if the merger goes through I’ll be leaving and signing up with Sprint or another smaller company.

      • cp14

        but it sounds like you will be able to keep your grandfathered plan. keep your grandfathered plan until made to change.

    • Anonymous

      You are right. I am a T-Mobile customer who always said why don’t more people come to T-Mobile, if you live in a strong T-Mobile covered area they are far and away the best deal out there. Great HSPA+ speeds on both DL and UL and the plans are superior to all other carriers. Now that they are sold people are going to realize what they lost, the best Mobil Carrier n the country. I will miss them, it’s a year away and I feel stuck with carriers I am not happy with One can only hope for the best.

  • Chris W

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Have we forgotten that most things are cyclical? What was once a monopoly will be come one again. When enough of the “right” people get fed up the duopoly will again be broken up. The best things that happened in our telecom industry happened in the 15 or so years after the old AT&T was split up. I am going to guess that we may have a decade of this duopoly before they become split again.

    I personally think that gov’t should have responsibility for the infrastructure and providers pay access fees to provide services over said infrastructure. This method works very well in many other developed countries. It would work well here. (As well as help reduce some of our debt!)

  • Oce

    I would much rather Tmo merge with ATT than with Sprint.=

  • Oce

    I would much rather Tmo merge with ATT than with Sprint.=

    • AT&T just sux, I honestly am gonna leave this “supercompany” if it falls through, cuz I’ve been with AT&T, just NO. I’m probably gonna go with Sprint cuz I know that they we’re always my second choice, then Verizon, THEN AT&T. So just, NO.

  • trife

    While I can agree on their concern, I don’t believe for a second that the main motivation for this is losing “innovation and robust competition”.

    They went from 3rd to last in the blink of an eye. I’d say THAT has more to do with this than anything else. Sprint didn’t suddenly become a company for the common people–they’re still a business. And they’re looking around like “oh crap…now WE are what T-Mobile was”.

    • N D

      AT&T is known for killing innovation if it doesn’t help them. I cite the purchase of T-Mobile for starters.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Sprint, but we don’t want Wimax, we want LTE, stop bickering, and good luck with your LTE.

  • lol sprint scared…they should be i guess

    • Mtnan

      AT&T is the only wireless company that is Unionized and this is a perfect opertunity for it to add thousands more union members paying dues to mob bosses (Union leader and the Democratic Party). I mean come’on do you really think that the FCC and the DOJ is going to block this? With the Govt wanting Net Neutrality as well. Your rates are going to sky rocket and plus the added lousy CS, no UMA, caped data plans, no third party apps on their Android phones. Ohhh Yeah it’s gonna be wonderful……..NOT!

      • trife

        LOL. Unions and the Democratic Party as mob bosses, eh?

        You in WI? Or maybe the South?

      • T-MoAndroidExpert

        @Mtnan Honestly dude…..This is actually the only angle us T-Mo employees can hope to play in order to keep our jobs. The fact that the CWA see’s that they can make more money off us, that they’ll somehow force AT&T to keep us on. Other than that we are just flying blind. So you can Tea Party rage all you want to, but I’m hoping that someone has our back. I’d rather pay dues with them than be jobless…..

      • Yeah I don’t understand why AT&T keeps emphasizing in their press statements that their employees are the only unionized workers out of all the cellphone carriers’. I absolutely DO NOT see that as bragging rights. I pray for all the T-Mobile USA employees who know might be dragged into such shackles as the poisonous leeches that are unions.

        • jTRON

          I don’t think the union is as bad as you make it sound my friend used to work for Tmo jumped ship to ATT and made way more money even after paying union dues

  • Moondog469

    This merger is a result of all of the sheeple buying that shitty iPhone.

  • Boogz

    I’ve always been taught to look at the real meaning behind media outlets (newspapers, websites, etc). When I read between the lines, what I’m reading is that Sprint is mad that they’ve just been skipped by T-Mobile and definitively will be dropped to #3 with no realistic hope of changing that. Everything was ok when the rumor was that they would merge with Sprint but when it turned out to be the opposite they’re upset? Kick rocks.

    As a T-Mobile Loyalist for over 6 years, I’m curious and scared at the same time of this merger. It will allow customers of BOTH networks who have network issues in certain areas to have their problems solved (ie. TMO customers in rural areas and areas where TMO rocks and ATT doesn’t). At the same time it will legitimately give ATT/Tmo a legitimate shot at challenging Verizon and they’re “pay me or F off mentality).

    All this shows me about Sprint is that they’re bitter that they couldn’t close the deal and ATT scooped in at the last minute. Just like my beloved Yankees are still bitter when Seattle did that with Cliff Lee…

    Suck it up

    • Anonymous

      Enjoy your upcoming raise in cell prices. Hard data caps, no non Android market apps, etc.

  • T-MoAndroidExpert

    Its really odd as a T-Mo employee to see everyone yell about rate plans. I’m just concerned with whether or not I will have a job. They’ve pretty much effectively killed any sales we are going to get this year. Either customers will be leaving or they’ll just go to AT&T if they are planning on getting service with us. I don’t know whether to stick it out, or try to jump ship and capitalize on the possible wave of people leaving to go to Sprint or Verizon. Although with the way the economy is going, I don’t expect either company to be hiring at full capacity….I honestly feel like we were stabbed in the back by upper management, who spent the last few months trying to pump us up about some big plan to increase sales and take back customers. Meanwhile the entire time they were trying to sell us off. I can only hope that the increase in customer’s the acquisition brings necessitates the need for AT&T to keep everyone on…Other than that your going to have 35,000 or so unemployed people wandering around all due to a deal they had no control over.

    • JLo

      T-Mobile employees should have thought about their jobs when they started getting rude and incompetent. No clue how you guys won jd powers again

      • T-MoAndroidExpert

        I don’t quite understand your logic. All 30,000 or so employees of T-Mobile USA have been rude to you? Wow…You get around I guess.

        Haven’t seen any of this “rude and incompetent” behavior you claim, but I’m sorry that you feel you haven’t been treated properly our customer service. Of course, in a year now you’ll possibly have to deal with AT&T’s customer service of course.

        And you can guarantee that we will continue to provide the best service that we can for every customer that walks in the door. Buyout or not.

      • Anonymous

        JLo you are ignorant, get a life. Troll!

      • Mjwebber

        Gee. with an attitude like that, I can’t imagine why you would get treated in such a way..

      • DooBeeDoo

        JLOwBloW you sound like a disgruntled ex employee or one of those idiots who want everything for free and that a company should bend over backwards and give everything free to you. STFU and go troll elsewhere.

      • Mallorian

        been with tmobile for about 6 years now. had numerous problems with defective phones and an occasional tower outage in the area that tmobile had no control over. not one time has anyone from tmobile ever been rude or incompetent. they all have by far been the best customer service reps i have ever had to deal with for any reason anywhere. they ALWAYS made things right by me either with a prompt replacement with shipping waved for defective phones or extra minutes, free downloads, or credits to my account for service outages. i hope all of tmobiles reps find new jobs somewhere other than with att. hopefully most will go to sprint as that’s where i’ll be taking all 5 of my lines once my contract is up next march.

    • Anonymous

      On the other hand, T-mo might try to get one last wave of customers to sign up and get their amazing rates and plans grandfathered in before the Blue Deathstar takes over. Godspeed, T-mobile, thank you so much for so many years of great value, great devices, and amazing customer support.

    • BlahBlahBlah

      I completely agree with you man Tmo, Those were my thoughts exactly. I Hope this deal doesnt go through and they get a piece of their own medicine. They did try to pump us up by telling us everything you said and for me to see this today (on my day off) feels like a complete slap to the face. I know all the people I work with feel the same way I do about this one. Hopefully it dont get approved and DT eventually is forced to spin us off so we can do our own business without the setbacks of our mothership.

    • Bigdchevy34

      I am also a t-mobile employee and have been for 10 year. I work in the loyalty department and this really upset me too because for 3 months they have not only been pumping us up but having us do special projects for sales and trying special offers to get customers on contract we have been doing all these pilots as well and they have been telling us we as ccr2s have to average 9 contracts a day and not just any contract they want net adds customers who are at 18 months or greater in existing contract, this is a big slap in the face and we were told nothing. All of a sudden a customer calls me to tell me and for me to have to find out I check on this site. Like I have to for everything including upcoming phone launches cause were never told anything, I remember the launch of even more plus it was the dark project well it was so dark they didn’t train us on it and launched it on us which was a total disaster, this horrible all of things t-mobile has drilled into us about customer loyalty and customer service was for a show. I guess we are meeting the number one goal to beat sprint though

  • Greyfoxxero

    To all those people talkin smack about Sprint saying this, I would like to remind you that the laws that stop monopolies and mergers such as this are meant to protect consumers. When AT&T jacks up their prices and you have no other options but expensive cell service your gonna regret being a hater, because your gonna be a broke hater or a no cell phone havin hater. Maybe you don’t remember that back in the day when all we had was landlines the US government had to force AT&T to break up into smaller pieces because everyone was getting screwed. There is a very real chance this acquisition isn’t going to happen without some major legal issues.

  • JLo

    I bet David is praying the merger doesn’t go through.

  • Bimmerz

    I’ll be curious to see Verizon’s press response is to this – should be interesting.

    • JLo

      You can bet Verizon is happy, because many tmo customers like myself are now considering moving over to verizon.

    • phonegeek

      I’m with JLo on this one, I feel verzion is going to be ecstatic about this. I’m considering verizion myself at this point annnnnnnd a bit curious to see JUST how well service will be after the year is up.

  • Dear AT&T,

    Please keep UMA and Wifi calling, these are good things. MicroCell’s are the suck. Also, please let me grandfather my loyalty plan, $10 family text messaging and 19.99 “unlimited” data.

    And finally… Please be gentle.

    Thank you,


  • incredibry

    Basically what i took from this is sprint is pissy because they don’t wanna be the lowest company :/ but in my opinion they already are, as they ripped us off over 500 dollars, for all i care they can tank.

  • incredibry

    Basically what i took from this is sprint is pissy because they don’t wanna be the lowest company :/ but in my opinion they already are, as they ripped us off over 500 dollars, for all i care they can tank.

  • Anonymous

    I may leave United States before the government wakes up, but here is a question: where should I go?

    • Jessicaf26

      ven a madrid!!!!! Come to madrid spain u are going to love it here u will be welcomed here with open arms

      • I want to go to spain!!! Any jobs there?

        • Troublelvntruckee

          As a matter of fact, I hear AT&T will be opening an outsouced call center there! Something to look forward to!

        • Jessicaf26

          Sip depende lo que buscas yes there are jobs here just dont go cross the border and go to portugal.cuz ur gunna regret it

  • Youngt82

    Dang sounds like Sprint is quite nervous and scared of this deal haha

  • Sprint, just bend over and let Verizon happen…it’ll only hurt…for the whole duration…..

  • Violated

    Ppl, like I said in a related post, stfu, bend over and take it. We live in a (not)free society where greed is king, foreign investors can screw the daylights out of you and your corrupted politicians laugh at you while jobs are lost, hidden fees are in placed and you wonder why your cell phone has turned into a hell phone. Thank DT, AT&T, T-MO, and our beloved gov’t for allowing this type of gang rape to happen. With no vaseline.

  • Anonymous

    If I were Sprint, I would be mad right now. They needed this merger much more than AT&T. Now with AT&T absorbing Tmo, they are going to spread their terrible policies, and outrageous prices onto Tmo customers. Feel kind of bad for them, as Tmo was one of the more reasonable networks here in the US.


  • TmoDJ

    Everyone should just relax about their T-Mobile plans being changed. You will not be forced off your grandfathered rate plans. I know people that are still on their old cellular one and at&t wireless plans years after they were acquired by SBC/AT&T. The only drawback is that you have to pay full price for your handsets if you don’t want to be forced off of your old plans.

  • Iasthai

    I wholeheartedly agree with them, and I can tell they’re worried. As a consumer and T-Mobile customer I’m worried. The only people that are going to benefit from this are the people in charge at at&t. The consumers in this country are going to be royally screwed. Less and less competition for the big two mean they can charge exorbitant rates and fees, provide substandard quality service, and a decline in innovation.

  • At this rate the TelCos are gonna end up in regional monopolies like the cable companies. Depending on where you live you’ll either “have” to have either Big Red or the Blue Death Star™.

    • yyevo

      It was like that until a few years ago. All regional providers with Sprint and the original AT&T as the only national providers. Then 3 or 4 baby Bells in the central US merged to form Cingular, 3 or 4 on the East coast formed Verizon. DT bought a couple of indies, including Voicestream (how I got here). As they kept buying and selling, we got where we are today.

  • Anonymous

    At least we won’t be apart of a Sprint abomination of a merger, we would be as broke as a joke.

  • JP

    Can’t say I’m surprised. Knew something like this was coming.
    In all honesty, don’t know who would have been better, Sprint or AT&T. Calling either one of them regarding anything just makes you want to kill them.

    Nothing good will come out of this.

  • ghostnik

    when you check the numbers in terms of how much DT sold or will be selling there customers and employees for? is about a $1000 dollar and more a head. You arive at this conclusion when you estimate, that if, lets say tmobile has 30 million customers (actually around 34 million) and AT&T will buy T-Mobile USA for 40 billion dollars (actually 39 billion) when you divide 40 billion by 30 million that leaves DT saying that its customers and employees where worth about $1000 dollars and more a head. I guess that was satisfactory enough for DT to come to this conclusion and agree to give its consumers and employees to AT&T in this deal.

    • Greyfoxxero

      The amount is a little over $1100 a head, that being said if you use the math AT&T is using to value a T-mobile customer it suggests that Sprints worth is 4 times greater than it supposedly is right now. So AT&T is overpaying by a buttload or Sprint is the next Google or Yahoo in terms of investments. I for one think any one on T-Mobile service needs to run away from the whole mess because if AT&T is overpaying its gonna be you who fronts the bill. That would also apply to existing AT&T customers as well.

      • Redchirp

        T-Mobile isn’t just customers though, they’re also an entire network. So if the deal is approved, hopefully AT&T will use those T-Mobile towers to improve their network and stop dropping calls.

        Then again, with $39 billion laying around, why couldn’t they just use that money to improve their infrastructure?


          Its not just laying around you retard….they got a loan…read

  • Iasthai

    This still has to get through the FCC and the FTC. Let’s hope the feds can still smell an anti-trust case and axe this deal. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing at&t eat a little humble pie. They’re gambling big on this…

  • The DOJ would rather get rid of Deutsche Telekom than please Sprint. Do you agree??

  • Kitpogi

    I’m still optimistic about T-mobile standing alone…no need for other wireless companies to merge with. T-mo is doing great. If ever this acquisition will pull through, it’ll be the end of T-mo’s # 1 on customer service. Please T-mo, don’t let your loyal US customers down by merging with AT&T… please… oh and please, let HTC Pyramid of the wild already and make it a reality! :-)

    • justme

      I don’t know where you get this doing great stuff, tmo has been circling the drain for the last 2yrs

  • Mysnizbetta145

    Sprint needs to stop winning …. There just mad that the hesitated to make the move and AT&T went ahead and did it.

    • yyevo

      I think you mean “whining” not “winning”.

      • Jamesearljones

        if mysnizbetta145 is charlie sheen, he probably meant winning

  • icantstandatt

    I can’t stand ATT. Off to VZW I go!!!!!

  • icantstandatt

    felt like cryin after hearing this gibberish. and the thought of dealing with att cust service? i just threw up in my mouth!!!! IM GONE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Discussions with AT&T started in earnest back in December of 2010. To keep word of the deal from leaking, the AT&T team devised a complicated list of code names, known as “Project Auto.” AT&T was called “Tesla”; Deutsche Telekom was “Daimler” and T-Mobile was “Mercury.” When asked why T-Mobile was named Mercury — not exactly known for high-performance vehicles — Randall Stephenson, the chief executive of AT&T, chuckled: “We needed an ‘M.’ Nothing more.”

    • NOTaG1

      Unlike many of the other “projects” inside TMO, this one was kept completely quiet! Even senior management was looking forward to being the “Number 3” carrier by 2015 (at least that’s what they told employees). But, that said, it makes sense that 12/10 was when it started being discussed. Hmm, didn’t Phillip Humm show up about then and Rob Strickland left? ;^)

  • Sour Grapes

  • Jazz

    Kickstar, David, & TmoNews Crew…. why don’t yall just put up a damn poll to see what your readers have to say about it….

  • Sprint had a shot to make this deal first, they didn’t pony up. In fact, were this deal invalidated by regulators Sprint would essentially get a second shot at this deal and possibly at a reduced price. While I agree with the sentiment that this merger is a bad idea on multiple accounts, Sprint is standing on shaky ground.

    • Jay B.

      That would be a bad idea because of the fact that Sprint® is on a CDMA Network and T-Mobile® is a purely GSM network. That would cause major issues.

      • Johnny Chimpo

        Because Sprint and Nextel had the same networks when they merged amirite?

        • But they (Sprint) didn’t do anything with the nextel network in order to improve it. Nextel is now Boost Mobile, and that network I don’t think is anything to brag about.

        • Well considering Nextel is exactly the same when it was bought doesn’t speak loads about the awesomeness of that deal.

          Essentially if Sprint bought T-Mobile, in 3 years when everyone will be 5/6G T-mobile would have been where they are today rocking the same handsets.

      • Hamster

        Nah, I would actually have a preferred a Sprint deal. Reducing to two main carriers in the US is just a bad idea to me. The incompatible networks thing could have worked out well with the current shift to LTE. They could have basically continued operating separate 2G/3G networks while cooperating on putting a quality 4G network in place.

        Sprint and T-Mo are the more customer-friendly carriers. ATT might be the most unfriendly in my opinion. Verizon’s probably better than ATT with customers.

  • Jay B.

    Well agreed Sprint®, although I am a Verizon® user, this will be dramatically unfair.

    • Anonymous

      So why are you here?! Just a question?

      • Anonymous

        I’m a sprint user and I still come here.
        I was a former tmo customer

  • Sfs

    the thing that make me laugh is the end of this site

    • The site won’t end…we’ll change as the company does!

      • G1forLife

        And we’ll be following you David!

    • Yede1

      The thing that makes me laugh is when people have no grammar skills.

  • The real deal

    Who’s said the government does things in the interests of it’s people? Someone said it best, “The government is a business. And like an other business can be bought.” You don’t think some pockets are going to be filled to insure this deal happens?

    • the government is a business!?! are you kidding me? What other business spends and spends and spends more than they take in, year after year, without going under?

  • dave

    :*( “Its Just not fair!” -Sprint.


    quit whining and make a counter offer. a hostile bid would tie this thing up for years.

  • Anon

    If you are concerned or do not like the planned acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T, make sure you have a voice. Let’s harness the power of social media to ensure that we T-Mobile customers are heard. Help Save T-Mobile by going to: http://www.facebook.com/SaveTMobile

  • ihatefanboys

    Sprint is the shy nerdy dude that really wants to bang that hot girl in majenta at the club, but then a big jock called at&t comes in and says some stupid crap and the girl giggles and goes in the bathroom and gets on At&t’s face. thats what it sounded like…someone beat sprint to the punch so theyre vaguely bitching.

    • Ilyas_k15

      I saw that show, it’s called “The Hard Times of RJ Berger” :D

    • FtKnoxTMO

      Nah, it’s even simpler, Sprint wanted to pay $20-$25B, DT wanted $50B….Big Blue split the difference at $39B.

  • Anonymous


  • Henrybeals

    People are completely missing the point. Of course “our government” will approve the deal. This is the same government that broke up all the Bell phone companies because it ruled them monopolistic and turned their heads years later when all the larger companies began “merging” with the smaller companies and called it god for the industry. Same thing happened in banking all the larger banks began buying all the smaller non-viable banks. Let’s not forget why this all happened….Deutsche Telekom had a rich unbusiness like CEO that decided to buy VoiceStream in 2000. From then Deutsche Telekom really never made money from T-Mobile USA and was looking for a way to get rid of the company. The real winner in this deal is T-Mobile….if anyone noticed The Wall Street Journal published an article that confirmed that Deutsche Telekom didn’t reinvest a penny into T-Mobile. This move allows T-Mobile to get rid of it’s tremendous debt and have a share owner seat on the board with AT&T. Does it skew the competition curve…yes by far but I think you will see an evolution of technology that will at some point help all consumers. Yeah we will suffer in the beginning but I think the long term effect will make it worth while.

    • marciebb

      Deutsche spent a ton on money on new towers and infrastructure upgrades for the last 6 years. All towers were just upgraded to HSPA+ The AT&T deal states they will NOT incur ANY of T-mobile debt.

      AT&T gets a ton of new bandwidth and towers they need for the freaking Iphone. Tmobile customers get to pay 30-35% more per month for the same services.

      Deutsche gets to dump Tmobile usa because it was losing money (or was pretty flat).

      AT&T needs MORE bandwidth to run the Iphone and Ipad. That is their motive. Simple.

      • FtKnoxTMO

        Sorry, TMO/DT did not upgrade all towers to HSPA+. They only did the ones in metropolitan area’s. Drive a few miles out of town in any direction and you are back to GPRS’s blazing 42kbps speed. Including 1000’s of miles of interstate highway.

  • dirtyD

    sprint wouldnt complain if at&t merged with them.
    Nuff said

  • SuspectZero216

    Maybe they should’ve put in a bid. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 8 years and I love this new acquisition. I’ve been unlocking my iPhone since the 2g. Looks like it’s time we upgraded.

  • Stop dreaming, at&t is a CRAPPY company, this is the kind of thing we can expect from them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KupMmHfRWzQ&feature=player_embedded#at=12

  • Punisher2all

    AT&T buying out Tmo??? WTF, this makes the Tmo-Sprint merger sound like a dream! C’mon Tmo, how could you let this happen? Screw you ATT! I agree it will be complicated to combine tmo’s and sprint’s technology together, but choosing sprint over att is choosing the lesser of two evils..

  • Angeldevil75

    Googler Please buy Tmobile Iknow you can do it please

    • Yuribeast

      ATT gets TMO so they can get an already installed 4G base, and the techs to start converting their network to 4G at the same time while they get GSM bandwidth for the IPhone.

      If the US gov is gonna allow this, I wonder if that means Sprint will now marry Verizon?

      • haha according to Tmo’s press release, AT$T is good for Tmobile customers because it uses AT$T’s 4G network… i laughed. Wasnt that why tmo was bashing AT$T with those commercials?

        • wtfdude

          tmobile is bashing iphone being slow on 3g not att’s hspa+

  • Johnny_chimpo813

    you are all missing the benifits…it is the best of both worlds… t-mo is still independent. remember when you couldnt get reception up north or out west.. now with att, not only do tmo customers have coverage in all places you didnt before, you also will have the largest mobile network………in the world!!! think of the customer base and how powerful the company will be….. if sprint were to buy tmo that would be a downfall for both companies seeing how sprint will get bought out within 3 years… this could be a very good thing

    • Anonymous

      Yes, we will have better coverage in the woods and other areas that are not densely populated.

      I could care less about having the largest network if my monthly bill as well as my customers will go up, and to top it off deal with rude and uneducated (about plans and services) customer care individuals. Folks that have the attitude of, Where are you gonna go!!!!

  • I ran from AT&T to T-Mobile, and have never been happier…till I got this news. I spent all morning looking for a way to contact the FTC and make my displeasure known. I found it! Here’s the info:

    How you can help

    If you have an antitrust problem or complaint, or if you wish to provide information that may be helpful in an investigation, contact the Federal Trade Commission.



    If you wish to submit confidential information, send it by mail and mark it “Confidential.”

    Federal Trade Commission
    Bureau of Competition-H374,
    Washington, D.C. 20580


    Speak your mind. I plan to.

  • mack

    Who cares what Sprint thinks. They were the dumb asses that couldn’t figure out what TMO was worth.

  • Come on Sprint, block this deal!!!!

  • Ibtweety78

    I think it’s ironic. All you ever said is that tmobile is too slow we have horrible phones that can’t compete the network sucks and part of you say our pricing sucks. The only reason you stay if for the customer service which half of you have said sucks lately. So why do you care? You should be happy with the merger. Just seems like no matter what happens all you can do is complain. Meanwhile there are lots of people that have been sitting back watching you bash tmobile for years saying nothing is good enough. Well I got news for you go prepaid then or even better go with verizon. I think at this point we could care less if you stay. I bet you will be back one of these days. Does this at all make you regret trying to work the system always asking for customer loyalty etc? It should cause that didn’t help the monitary part of the business

  • Castro065

    I feel that at&t take over is a bad thing, that will lose a lot of profit due to the consumers that don’t like at&t
    Due to their high pricing contracts, I’m for one, and I
    can also speek for my family and friends, that I will
    Be taking my service over to Sprint. At least they are honest when they want to be. Not like at&t with there
    Surprise over charges in the bill. The consumers have that the right to choose weather or not to have there
    Carrier. And this merge will be a bad thing in the long
    Run. So t-mobile its been nice.