HTC Pyramid In The Wild?

Taking a step back from all the shocking T-Mobile acquisition news, it looks like good ‘ol Mr. Blurrycam has found the HTC Pyramid.

Just recently, the HTC Pyramid had been found roaming the Chinese badlands, and the image above looks awfully similar to the one that was leaked last week. Nothing new is revealed from the image other than the Pyramid will sport a dual-LED flash along with a large curvy backing.

As a refresher, here are the rumored specs of the Pyramid:

  • 4.3? qHD display (960 x 540)
  • Dual-Core Snapdragon MSM8260 clocked at 1.2 GHz
  • T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G support
  • 8MP Rear Camera
  • 1.3MP Front Facing Camera
  • 768MB of RAM
  • Android 3.0+

We’re still digging for more info on this handset, so stay tuned!

[Via Engadget]

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  • Anonymous

    Does it matter now? Its the ATT Pyramid… :-(

    • I know… I love my T-Mobile, I ‘m very sad about all this. I may end up; at Verizon now…

      • J-Hop2o6

        Same here.. Verizon LTE is looking preddy good also.. its everywhere here in Seattle now.

        • Rage

          I’m excited to see what the T-Mobile girl wears in her next commercial because now with AT&T, she’ll have less coverage.

        • OsintheSeries

          At least your comment gave me a laugh about this whole situation…very much needed that!

    • Deff

      Nah. It’ll stay T-mo for at least a year. Until then, POSSIBLY the deal could fall through and maybe just MAYBE google might step in for G-mobile? :D if not… well you’ll need a new device anyway because ATT is low frequency and T-mo is High Frequency….. fuck the merger.

  • Phil

    I am wondering if this will be T-mobile last device to ship with T-mobile branding. What happened to 42 devices this year with HSPA+? Will they still release despite HSPA getting killed via AT&T’s LTE rollout in two years?

    • 4G_or_not_4G

      Phil, just because Verizon’s LTE will be capable of high speeds, it does not mean that they will actually provide it. This still remains to be seen. I truly believe T-Mobile will have been staying step by step with Verizon as Verizon was just not going to open up their network to the LTE/phones full capability.

  • Zeonreborn777

    This really sucks just gotta wait till Google (hopefully) opens their own service (Google Voice) !

    • Deff

      sounds good huh? it all makes sense, think about it. Google Voice…. T-mobile used to be called VoiceStream…. maybe this is irrelevant but I heard rumors of VoiceStream getting back in the mix. Hell a G-mobile would be wonderful too TBH. Besides, the deal isn’t FINALIZED until 12-months. Hopefully this merger doesn’t go down.

    • 4G_or_not_4G

      wish Google would have bought T-Mobile

  • ivan

    im excited. this comes out before merger is complete. running on Tmobile hspa+(hopefully) and it will be an android powerhouse at tmobiles affordable monthly price that YOU CAN KEEP when merger is complete!

    sooo stop hating and saying you will switch, because coverage will get better which is what everyone complains about. AT&T will use tmobiles towers now and add them to their stock.

    and plus, your job is not on the line either.

    • J-Hop2o6

      AT&T services & CS is crap tho.

    • I think the opposite will happen with Android handsets. AT&T has always been known to be very controlling when it comes to their handsets. Currently most, if not all Android handsets on AT&T are released with NO capability to sideload apps. At the same time, AT&T are notorious for either delaying or outright refusing to release Android OS updates.

      So these are the things that we will have to look forward to.

    • I think the opposite will happen with Android handsets. AT&T has always been known to be very controlling when it comes to their handsets. Currently most, if not all Android handsets on AT&T are released with NO capability to sideload apps. At the same time, AT&T are notorious for either delaying or outright refusing to release Android OS updates.

      So these are the things that we will have to look forward to.

    • I think the opposite will happen with Android handsets. AT&T has always been known to be very controlling when it comes to their handsets. Currently most, if not all Android handsets on AT&T are released with NO capability to sideload apps. At the same time, AT&T are notorious for either delaying or outright refusing to release Android OS updates.

      So these are the things that we will have to look forward to.

    • I think the opposite will happen with Android handsets. AT&T has always been known to be very controlling when it comes to their handsets. Currently most, if not all Android handsets on AT&T are released with NO capability to sideload apps. At the same time, AT&T are notorious for either delaying or outright refusing to release Android OS updates.

      So these are the things that we will have to look forward to.

    • Deff

      This really shows just how ignorant people are. For starters, AT&T runs on a LOW frequency band. T-mo runs on a HIGH frequency band. So what does this mean? Unless you have a dual band phone (which doesn’t even exist) you will be forced to switch to a phone that complies with the AT&T signal. Thus making it absolutely pointless to even upgrade. The only thing that can change this is if AT&T decides to keep T-mos 3g frequency alive, which would be pointless and costly in their effort to making a switch to LTE. They’re trying to do a good thing, but as far as I’m interested, they’re only hurting us customers. In the end, T-mo was the only company who really CARED about the customers, and even they’re screwing us over.

      • 4G_or_not_4G

        Funny how some people just know they are so smart. Having gone through these mergers/acquisitions before the logical outcome will be that AT&T will keep the T-Mobile towers running but will provide little attention to them and will not waste their time or money upgrading service pushing the T-Mobile customers to either the AT&T phones/frequencies or another network…for the short term TMO customers are screwed.

  • Bimmerz

    Trying to cheer us up Kickstar? ;o)

  • Anonymous

    i Dont care anymore. i was really looking forward to this phone but it doesn’t matter anymore. i guess im the person i hated ( a Verizon customer ) :(

    • Sdfsdfsdd

      u know AT&T bought T-mobile? right…haha

      • Anonymous

        are you retarded or you just cant read?

  • Drzfr3shboialex

    It says HTC sense at the bottom, plus email
    Evil at&t won’t take over

    • I just did that, thanks

  • Moar… I need moar…

  • Meagan

    You can buy a AT&T mobile now to use on Tmobile, but you won’t get high data speed. If you buy a Tmobile mobile now, you can use it, but in a year you can count on slower data when AT&T drops that extra frequency that their own mobiles will have no use for.

  • Yay, Normal NON-NOOBIFIED HTC Sense :) Only UI I’d use if not Stock, been through the trouble of MotoBlur and I’m not going back. So does that mean the renderings were an early ‘prototype’ to say the least? Since this says HTC not Google on the Aluminum strip.

  • it just doesnt feel the same anymore : /

  • Jimmcparty

    So if you get a T-Mobile phone in the next few months…and AT&T makes ANY change,( slower speed…anything) Does that mean they are not fulfilling the contract and you can get out of it??

    • Phil

      Called T-Mo CS earlier today and they are planning on offering NO contract breaks but doing what AT&T did when they acquired alltel, and giving everyone with a incompatible phone a new phones of equivalent value. So the MyTouch4G translates to the Atrix or Inspire. If you act independently and argue your own case you can probable get out of it considering this is NOT a merger but a acquisition. Meaning T-Mobile USA the company you signed a contract to no longer exists. Meaning you can say your contract is void because the Contracter of your cellular service just happened to stop offering service as themselves.

  • onceProudTMOcustomer

    As a loyal customer of Tmo for the past 6 years I guess I will be switching to big Red once the acquisition goes thru :(

  • Anonymous

    I hope this come to verizon so I can abandon ship and jump to the big red

    • Anonymous


      • Thunderbolt is an over hyped turd. Snapdraggon proccesor? thats weak comparred to the dual cores and even the A8 Hummingbird.

  • Melissathatworksforatt

    Welcome to at&t . Now bend over so we can steal money from your wallet because were trained to do that.

    • 808prettyboy808

      You bend over…I wanna hear you scream my name….HAHAHA….

  • Anonymous

    I dunno David. With the BIG announcement today, this device is kind of non-TMoNews. ;)

    Kind of tough to remain upbeat about the Company after AT&T peeing in our pool.

  • Stratspider230

    Too bad we’ll all have jumped ship by the time this beast arrives..stupid AT&T

    • Neverthesheep

      the deal isnt going to be finalized for a year. and not to mention your existing contract, so if you just signed a two year contract than your good to go

  • most of the people on tmo will go to Verizon, thats what its looking like. I feel stupid, i just started working at tmo and switched from verizon less than a month ago, now this bomb shell drops. Oh well i guess i will just have to solider up and move on.

    • Neverthesheep

      definitely will go to verizon instead of ATT……in all reality i might just hit up prepaid

    • Rage

      all tmobile employees should QUIT at the same time! that would be awesome!

  • Socalteknique

    Aww the render looks better with that sexy camera lens. Now its looks like any other cheap HTC phone. NEXT! And yeah I’m bummed out by the tmo/att acquisition too but ill stick around and see what happens in 12 months. I love my EM+ plan.

  • whosaidwhat

    At this point, I don’t even know which carrier will carry this phone. One day is coming to T-Mobile the next day it’s going to Sprint. I really hope T-Mobile gives us something on Tuesday.

    I also notice how the “GOOGLE” text has disappeared from this picture. That most likely means this thing is running sense.

    • Khan

      It says on the bottom “with HTC sense” so i guess we will not see a 4.3″ vanilla android phone witch really sucks

      • eYe

        Was there ever a vanilla android phone with 4.3″ screen?

  • alex

    Everyone is being so pessimistic

  • OhHey!

    Is it just me or does Pyramid look smaller? It looks like the phone on right side looks like 4.3” and Pyramid looks like 3.8”, myTouch size?

    • look at the framing of the picture and compare, they are exactly the same size.. You must have a lazy eye or something.

      • AdrianG2


  • Anonymous

    cool phone…but i don’t even know anymore. this buyout is not sitting well with me. i wonder how many people feel the same way..or at least feels there are so many unanswered questions…ugh!

    • Anonymous

      yup Verizon is looking really good right now

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          +1 , where i liveatt bought another local company (centennial) and all the did was “get in our contracts or leave” no grandfathered or anything , ATT is bad and only having 1 gsm carrier make it worse. When the time come im gonna definetly moving to verizon…

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      This phone is pointless all the crap about 40+ devices is pointless, the nonsense about the faster hspa+ speeds all this is pointless…at this point lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if Humm took this crappy picture himself to keep people from leaving lmbo

  • The HTC Pyramid: Now on the Nation’s Largest 3g network….AT&T

    Oh yea, time to shut tmonews down….

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait till tomorrow. I hope TMO lays out every single device for the year since they probably aren’t scooping up anything like a quad core phone anymore.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Man how I surely hope the Nokia N950 is on that list.

  • tecjunie

    Even the new phones can’t put to rest the AT&T buyout. :(

  • Anonymous

    It must be the Pyramid, it strikes me as Camel looking, lol. Those specs are something to consider, being the G2X (Optimus 2X) seems a little bit choppy for a dual core. Don’t worry everybody, I’m sure their gonna change the name to TMo&T or something of that nature. AT&T needs T-Mobile more than they need them. At least T-Mobile can operate at 4G speeds.

    • ArkAngel_X

      T-Mo US is till T-Mo US, its just merginf its networks together, it wont change anything with rates, plans, or any of that.

  • Anonymous

    Here is a post of a letter I’m sending to the FCC Chairman and the committee members, if you feel strongly about it….I encourage you to write too.


    Mr. Chairman, and Commissioners,

    I am writing to formally register my opinion as a U.S. Citizen AGAINST the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA by AT&T. I say this as an over 11 year long customer of T-Mobile ( I’ve maintained service through 2 mergers and transitions ). Furthermore, before becoming a T-Mobile customer, I was a customer of BellSouth Mobility, which I’m sure you know as one of the entities which merged to become the present AT&T.

    If you’ll indulge the request, allow me to touch upon several key points where, in my opinion, it is plainly obvious that this acquisition is both economically injurious to the American people, and will suborn farther reaching implications to both wireless services as a whole, and to the market supported by the internet itself.

    I can remember when the government broke up the original AT&T, and the rationales behind it’s decision. Let me be quite clear that the control by a sole entity of not only a significant portion of the wireless customer base, but as the single largest GSM technology-based provider in the United States, is not only anti-competitive, but is inherently monopolistic. There are certainly arguments AT&T is making to present their proposal as more appealing, such as offering to cover 46.5 million more customers with coverage that they otherwise wouldn’t. Which frankly begs the question, why wouldn’t they cover these people otherwise, if the acquisition didn’t exist? Even a plain spoken individual such as myself can see it as a carefully worded enticement, solely meant to court favor before your committee.

    I have remained a customer of T-Mobile for the vast majority of the time I’ve been a customer, solely on the basis of the customer service offered by T-Mobile. AT&T has repeatedly, and consistently been ranked as the absolute worst in customer service. From reading in a variety of online news sources, which I could cite, but might water down this correspondence with unnecessary indirection, I’ve gathered the impression that at least 1/2 of those expressing an opinion are intent on seeking alternatives, should the acquisition move forward, and over 90% of those doing so essentially as though they were under duress, because the services they currently have will disappear as options once AT&T were to complete their acquisition. Of the remainder, the majority, while expressing a wait and see attitude, are also of the mindset that should their services significantly change ( current cell plans they rely on, being phased out, and not being grandfathered beyond contract extension within the new merged AT&T/TMobile entity, data caps being placed much lower than those they currently pay equivalent rate charges for ) that they will also have to seek services elsewhere, having to incur expenses they otherwise wouldn’t have needed to. When a customer switches services voluntarily it’s one thing. But when in circumstances such as acquisitions of this nature, that a customer feels compelled involuntarily to switch services they would otherwise keep, because the ONE carrier of the current technology they’ve chosen removes choices ; again due to inherently anti-competitive, and monopolistic tactics in nature. These may sound like suppositional circumstances, but not only quite common, but already within the current practices of AT&T on it’s current customer base.

    The completion of this acquisition would also leave practically any person abroad, where the overwhelming majority of deployed spectrum is covered by GSM-based technology ( save perhaps for South Korea, where CDMA has an overwhelming foothold ), with practically no favorable choices from which to choose from within the United States, for reasons I’ve already mentioned a couple of paragraphs before. Again, a reduction of customer choice or options.

    I don’t doubt that T-Mobile is operating in the best interests of their shareholders, and that is the option of any corporation. But given that we’re talking about one of the most basic components of
    the infrastructure of our society, great care must be taken in weighing both the best interests of the citizens of this country, and the overall impact to the marketplace. The composition of these two corporate entities in the short nor long term is NOT in the best interests of this country, and certainly not in it’s people. It reduces the most fundamental tenet of our society. It limits choice, rather than expanding it. It inhibits competition, rather than promoting it. As stated by one person responding to a new report on the technology site,, to the posting of the story of this proposed acquisition to the state of competition were it to be ratified, “Not just TMo customers but competition and wireless communications in the entire US. Look how many choices people have as to GSM carriers in Europe. We will have ONE. ONE! Say goodbye to the idea of an unlocked phone.”. How will customers transition now ? How will customers have the freedom to take their service elsewhere along with their phone to another carrier should they choose to ? Not now, and certainly not after LTE rolls out throughout AT&T spectrum. An AT&T customer would no more be able to transfer their handset to Verizon Wireless than a CDMA-based customer can today to a GSM carrier. LTE will certainly take longer than proposed by carriers today, if you use historical data to correlate against how long it took to “fully” roll out the present UMTS/HSPA spectrum that’s currently in use. So for the considerable future, the vast majority of the composite customer base will be relying on the underlying GSM-based technologies to carry them forward. Inhibiting choice in this situation ; yet again anti-competitive.

    For the above stated reasons, I implore each and every one of you, to NOT approve the propose acquisition on the part of AT&T of T-Mobile USA. I thank you each individually, and jointly, for taking some of what are already pressed schedules to read my note.

    Yours Respectfully and Sincerely,

    • Tree Frogs

      I don’t think you understand what a monopoly is. Also, operating in the best interest of the shareholders is not an option of a corporation, it is a requirement.

      • Anonymous

        Monopolies can work in a micro way too, such as controlling a certain portion of a technological platform. For example if Att were the only cellphone provider to offer GSM in the U.S.

        • Anonymous

          Sounds like MSFT. Difference is that the Gov’t wants wider wireless broadband coverage and therefore will look at this “monopoly” as the fastest way to accomplish this.

          ANYBODY around the country had access to a Mac or a PC during the Microsoft monopoly but today, not everybody can access the vital internet porn past craptastic DSL and Dial up.

          DSL/Dial up < LTE

          Analog < DTV

          Just my thoughts.

      • Anonymous

        @Tree Frogs: I’m pretty certain you don’t understand what a monopolies. There’s such a thing as monopolies of scale. Maybe you should take some business courses, and go beyond your simplistic wikipedia based educational understanding.

        unbearablepleasures understands precisely the point I was making.

        • Tree Frogs

          You may be thinking of economies of scale (which doesn’t apply in this situation). Simply being the only GSM operator in the U.S. doesn’t present a monopoly. If ATT tried to buy all the other companies, that could be a monopoly or if they controlled two thirds of the wireless base in the U.S. then there would be concern for a monopoly. As of now, they would simply be the only GSM operator which means nothing, especially with their plan to move to LTE anyway. Remember that they were the only big TDMA operator a few years back and nobody cared.

        • Anonymous

          And you think market segments don’t operate as economies of scale in and of themselves. You haven’t taken any finance or micro economics have you ? I remember very WELL the TDMA days….what’s more I remember AMPS, as I was a BellSouth wireless customer back in those days.

          You saying “be the only GSM operator which means nothing”, shows how uninformed you are. Summarily, rendering your comments irrelevant and troll. I love when bait trolls come on and try to turn things around with “Everything’s fine. You have nothing to worry about…everything will be fine.”. Grow an opinion that’s actually sound for once.

    • Anonymous

      What a wonderfully well thought out letter Marcelo and I couldn’t agree with you more on everything you pointed out.

  • Rage

    that would kick ass! G MOBILE ALL THE WAY!!! lol

  • Mtnman

    I really don’t care how good the phone is now that T-Mobile will be taken over by The Death Star. It could have a Quad-core processor and a terabyte of memory. If I sign up for a new phone I’ll just extend my contract. I want to get far and as fast away from AT&T as possible. My contract is up in Aug. 2012, and it’s by bye Tmo.


  • Anonymous

    With all this news of the acquisition, ill be happy if Tmo gets a Micky Mouse phone with extra large buttons let alone the HTC Pyramid.

  • Anonymous

    With all this news of the acquisition, ill be happy if Tmo gets a Micky Mouse phone with extra large buttons let alone the HTC Pyramid.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Tmobile UK, Orange, Verizon or O2 are looking very good right now.

  • Philosoraptor

    Tell me about the battery size.

  • Youngt82

    This damnn phone better come to T-Mobile USA, because i will definitely ditch my slide and buy this one:)

  • Anonymous

    This looks an awfully lot like the Pyramid shots, which looks similar to the Nexus One. I’m actually pretty eager to see more of this device. If the rumors are true, this device has great potential. Glad to see HTC keeping up with modern design, as shown by the Prime and Ignite also. They are shaping up to be some nice WP7 devices if they come to the market looking as they did in the leaked pictures.

  • Anonymous

    I love how at&t had to merge with alltel, bellsouth, and cingular, and now tmo. Dammit at&t just die!! Your like that kid who is our friend only cuz you are rich and have nice shoes. Then wen no one is around, you kill them. Jeez I preffered sprint lol

    • Johnny Chimpo

      Actually Verizon bought Alltel, not ATT, should get your facts straight before posting…

      • Jess

        And then at&t bought 79 of the markets from Verizon, including my own, so he’s also accurate.

      • Anonymous

        Its the interent, where facts do not matter lol. Hell I can say Verizon bought Dunkin’ donuts.. but you get what I’m saying

  • Travis

    This was my next purchase until the bull sh_t new came out that AT&T has purchased T-Mobile why waste my money, Droid X here I come. Until then I will use my Nexus S or Nexus One. It’s a sweet phone for sure

    • Johnny Chimpo

      God man you all need to friggin relax. Nothing has been approved and this phone will still kick much ass. Go to the crappy droid x and Verizon if you really want, do it now, why wait. Otherwise, stop being a stick and stirring the pot, worry about the sky falling once its approved by the DoJ and FCC, until then, nothing is set.

  • wtf is “in the wild” cut that sht out already

    • da9th_one

      lol…i agree…