Sprint Releases Statement Expressing Thoughts On AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile USA

Its about time! Sprint has officially voiced its opinion on the $39 billion AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile USA.

Earlier this month, discussions between Deutsche Telekom and Sprint were heating up for a possible acquisition of T-Mobile USA by Sprint and it was almost certain that Sprint would purchase Magenta. It looks like it didn’t turn out the way Sprint wanted.

Sprint’s statement is as follows:

“The combination of AT&T and T-Mobile USA, if approved by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC), would alter dramatically the structure of the communications industry. AT&T and Verizon are already by far the largest wireless providers. A combined AT&T and T-Mobile would be almost three times the size of Sprint, the third largest wireless competitor.If approved, the merger would result in a wireless industry dominated overwhelmingly by two vertically-integrated companies that control almost 80% of the US wireless post-paid market, as well as the availability and price of key inputs such as backhaul and access needed by other wireless companies to compete. The DOJ and the FCC must decide if this transaction is in the best interest of consumers and the US economy overall, and determine if innovation and robust competition would be impacted adversely and by this dramatic change in the structure of the industry.”

[Via AllThingsD]

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  • Henrybeals

    People are completely missing the point. Of course “our government” will approve the deal. This is the same government that broke up all the Bell phone companies because it ruled them monopolistic and turned their heads years later when all the larger companies began “merging” with the smaller companies and called it god for the industry. Same thing happened in banking all the larger banks began buying all the smaller non-viable banks. Let’s not forget why this all happened….Deutsche Telekom had a rich unbusiness like CEO that decided to buy VoiceStream in 2000. From then Deutsche Telekom really never made money from T-Mobile USA and was looking for a way to get rid of the company. The real winner in this deal is T-Mobile….if anyone noticed The Wall Street Journal published an article that confirmed that Deutsche Telekom didn’t reinvest a penny into T-Mobile. This move allows T-Mobile to get rid of it’s tremendous debt and have a share owner seat on the board with AT&T. Does it skew the competition curve…yes by far but I think you will see an evolution of technology that will at some point help all consumers. Yeah we will suffer in the beginning but I think the long term effect will make it worth while.

    • marciebb

      Deutsche spent a ton on money on new towers and infrastructure upgrades for the last 6 years. All towers were just upgraded to HSPA+ The AT&T deal states they will NOT incur ANY of T-mobile debt.

      AT&T gets a ton of new bandwidth and towers they need for the freaking Iphone. Tmobile customers get to pay 30-35% more per month for the same services.

      Deutsche gets to dump Tmobile usa because it was losing money (or was pretty flat).

      AT&T needs MORE bandwidth to run the Iphone and Ipad. That is their motive. Simple.

      • FtKnoxTMO

        Sorry, TMO/DT did not upgrade all towers to HSPA+. They only did the ones in metropolitan area’s. Drive a few miles out of town in any direction and you are back to GPRS’s blazing 42kbps speed. Including 1000’s of miles of interstate highway.

  • dirtyD

    sprint wouldnt complain if at&t merged with them.
    Nuff said

  • SuspectZero216

    Maybe they should’ve put in a bid. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 8 years and I love this new acquisition. I’ve been unlocking my iPhone since the 2g. Looks like it’s time we upgraded.

  • http://twitter.com/efjay01 Ef Jay

    Stop dreaming, at&t is a CRAPPY company, this is the kind of thing we can expect from them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KupMmHfRWzQ&feature=player_embedded#at=12

  • Punisher2all

    AT&T buying out Tmo??? WTF, this makes the Tmo-Sprint merger sound like a dream! C’mon Tmo, how could you let this happen? Screw you ATT! I agree it will be complicated to combine tmo’s and sprint’s technology together, but choosing sprint over att is choosing the lesser of two evils..

  • Angeldevil75

    Googler Please buy Tmobile Iknow you can do it please

    • Yuribeast

      ATT gets TMO so they can get an already installed 4G base, and the techs to start converting their network to 4G at the same time while they get GSM bandwidth for the IPhone.

      If the US gov is gonna allow this, I wonder if that means Sprint will now marry Verizon?

      • http://twitter.com/ingram1225 William Ingram

        haha according to Tmo’s press release, AT$T is good for Tmobile customers because it uses AT$T’s 4G network… i laughed. Wasnt that why tmo was bashing AT$T with those commercials?

        • wtfdude

          tmobile is bashing iphone being slow on 3g not att’s hspa+

  • Johnny_chimpo813

    you are all missing the benifits…it is the best of both worlds… t-mo is still independent. remember when you couldnt get reception up north or out west.. now with att, not only do tmo customers have coverage in all places you didnt before, you also will have the largest mobile network………in the world!!! think of the customer base and how powerful the company will be….. if sprint were to buy tmo that would be a downfall for both companies seeing how sprint will get bought out within 3 years… this could be a very good thing

    • Anonymous

      Yes, we will have better coverage in the woods and other areas that are not densely populated.

      I could care less about having the largest network if my monthly bill as well as my customers will go up, and to top it off deal with rude and uneducated (about plans and services) customer care individuals. Folks that have the attitude of, Where are you gonna go!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/SeaLinc2 Lincoln Rose

    I ran from AT&T to T-Mobile, and have never been happier…till I got this news. I spent all morning looking for a way to contact the FTC and make my displeasure known. I found it! Here’s the info:

    How you can help

    If you have an antitrust problem or complaint, or if you wish to provide information that may be helpful in an investigation, contact the Federal Trade Commission.



    If you wish to submit confidential information, send it by mail and mark it “Confidential.”

    Federal Trade Commission
    Bureau of Competition-H374,
    Washington, D.C. 20580


    Speak your mind. I plan to.

  • mack

    Who cares what Sprint thinks. They were the dumb asses that couldn’t figure out what TMO was worth.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/35HLVJSI34LMH5M274SCGWDZBY mike

    Come on Sprint, block this deal!!!!

  • Ibtweety78

    I think it’s ironic. All you ever said is that tmobile is too slow we have horrible phones that can’t compete the network sucks and part of you say our pricing sucks. The only reason you stay if for the customer service which half of you have said sucks lately. So why do you care? You should be happy with the merger. Just seems like no matter what happens all you can do is complain. Meanwhile there are lots of people that have been sitting back watching you bash tmobile for years saying nothing is good enough. Well I got news for you go prepaid then or even better go with verizon. I think at this point we could care less if you stay. I bet you will be back one of these days. Does this at all make you regret trying to work the system always asking for customer loyalty etc? It should cause that didn’t help the monitary part of the business

  • Castro065

    I feel that at&t take over is a bad thing, that will lose a lot of profit due to the consumers that don’t like at&t
    Due to their high pricing contracts, I’m for one, and I
    can also speek for my family and friends, that I will
    Be taking my service over to Sprint. At least they are honest when they want to be. Not like at&t with there
    Surprise over charges in the bill. The consumers have that the right to choose weather or not to have there
    Carrier. And this merge will be a bad thing in the long
    Run. So t-mobile its been nice.