Shocker: T-Mobile Customers Overwhelmingly Disapprove Of AT&T Merger

The good folks over at eWeek posted an article yesterday stating that T-Mobile customers have “expressed anxiety and outrage” over the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. As anti-AT&T sentiment builds across the web from angry T-Mobile customers, the question is, where do they go from here? Assuming that T-Mobile customers can’t stomach the notion of becoming an AT&T customer, Sprint and Verizon are the only two national options left. Of course, an entirely separate argument could be made for the reduction in competition from this deal but we’ll leave that to a separate article.

Some T-Mobile customers will be screwed by this deal, no if, ands or buts about it. Some T-Mobile customers rely heavily on their Wi-Fi calling options on either Android or Blackberry devices for reliable service and it could be months or years until AT&T makes a decision as to whether or not such a service will remain apart of AT&T.

The problem is, who is listening? Countless petitions have started with the hopes of stopping this merger but their ultimate attempt at influencing any FCC and DOJ decision is likely to be futile at best.

So where will you go? Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, MetroPCS, a more localized carrier or will you stay with AT&T? While I for one still can’t stomach the idea of AT&T taking over my precious T-Mobile, AT&T isn’t as bad as having to deal with the lack of a SIM card. I switch phones far to often to allow myself to go with a carrier that doesn’t have any sim cards. So while AT&T may be evil, they are the least evil of the bunch when I consider the SIM card option.

What say you TmoNews readers? If AT&T is out, who is in?

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  • Dru

    Okay, so pro’s and con’s about this right? pro: hopefully this doubles the towers available and doubles coverage. a big con for me though is changing my plan – i left at&t (and cingular) many moons ago for verizon and have been with t-mobile now for several years. I’m hooked up on the “thanks for paying us so much money for the last several years” customer appreciation plan and am quite happy with it. i absolutely need the wifi calling and have set up a dedicated wifi router in my room just for that purpose. COME ON FCC CAN THIS WILL YOU!?!?!

  • Katherine

    I left for VZW a few days ago. I was already able to do so and went back onto my mom’s family plan. No regrets here. No way in heck was I going to get stuck with AT&T.
    BTW, if you get the Thunderbolt, there is a 4G SIM card that is used in it. You can swap it between other VZW 4G devices in the future, no calling in required. It’s not completely GSM but it’s a step in the right direction.

  • Derrickps3

    i will certainly not be using my upgrade in sept (when my contract expires). will prolly wait and see what happens, and if the merger go thru, i will be going back to virgin mobile or boost mobile……….hell, they have nice phones and i will be paying less than what i’m paying for now.

  • Derrickps3

    for everyone who believe in God…… word: PRAY…………..prayer changes things, just saying, cause i am surely praying that the merger DON’T go thru in jesus name, amen.

  • Anonymous

    INSTEAD Google should buy source + cheapest plans and some HTC goodies equals a KEEPER,just saying on my half ;)

    • Anonymous

      I remember reading articles last year right after the Nexus One came out. The question, at the moment, was, “Should Google buy T-Mobile?”. I thought it would be interesting because: 1) “Google Mobile” would provide nothing but vanilla Android devices, and 2) Google, wanting to put an Android in everyone’s pockets, would have an incentive to build a fairly comprehensive mobile data network across the United States (more Android phones = more ads = more revenue).

      That being said, the thought of a Google-run customer service center brought my hopes crashing down with a screeching halt. Perhaps they would adopt T-Mobile’s excellent customer service practices, but that would cost money. It’s a lot cheaper having everyone cuss out their computer screens trying to find answers on the seemingly endless number of Google and Android forums.

      Still though, I wouldn’t necessarily frown upon there being a “Google Mobile” to compete with Verizon and AT&T.

      • Anonymous

        You guys are dreaming- a dream within a nightmare. And the nightmare is about to become reality.

        • Anonymous

          Wait, what?

        • Anonymous

          It’d be cool, no doubt, but I’m not under the delusion that “Google Mobile” is a possibility. It was a good dream while it lasted. I’m jumping ship before the AT&T nightmare extravaganza.

    • DtheArtist

      That’s actually a good idea.

    • i420BBerryBum

      except not everyone likes google or crappy android. buggiest OS in history. google blows

  • todmonsta

    I am actually looking forward to the change…more service in more places…I quite like that

  • Man

    I just typed in and was redirected here!

    • Bimmerz

      Didn’t work for me. “Oops! Google Chrome could not find”

    • Mkd718

      Lmao. Wow. Imagine if it did for real. Damn you at&t!

  • Matt Tsui

    The merger is burned by massive anger, and both sides with Federal Government can’t ignore it.
    What’s next? Should we go to ATT headquarters to count how many bomb there???

  • Anonymous

    If you have Android, you don’t need a SIM card. Google sync’s all of your info on activation.

    • 2JZ_NOS

      Do you even understand the point the writer was trying to make about a SIM card? He said “I switch phones far to [sic] often to allow myself to go with a carrier that doesn’t have any sim cards”. That has nothing to do with the fact that your info is synchronized in Android, but it has everything to do with the freedom to change devices whenever you want by simply switching SIM cards.

  • Anonymous

    As an AT&T customer, I fully understand why T-Mobile customers aren’t happy about this. I’d be upset too.

  • Michael Lococo

    There will be NO options! Especially when Verizon and Sprint merge to become the number one carrier again. We’ll be down to two carriers and no competition. What’s next government takeover of the two carriers because they are too big to fail? Merged into one American Cellular?? Shoot me now!

    • habas

      Verizon has said explicitly that they have no interest in sprint. If anything, sprint will swallow the rest of Clear and switch to LTE in the long run.

      • John Thomas McDole

        T-Mobile also said they had no interest in selling less than a month before signing contracts. Knowing the time it takes for contracts to be signed, there is a good chance there was an offer on the table when they released that statement.

        • habas

          Deutsche Telekom actually said before the announcemnt of the merger that they were keeping all options open. At the time the rumor was a sale to Sprint. But it could have equally been nothing, or a sale to anyone else. I can’t remember if they ever explicitly said that they weren’t going to sell Tmo USA. If they did it was before they’re “keeping options open” thing.

        • i420BBerryBum

          what people forget is that Sprint can barely afford to stay open as it is. How could they possibly afford to purchase any other company? especially for $39Billion which is like 5x Sprints net worth?

        • habas

          Sprrint has been on an rise lately. And I think it is likely that the price would have been much lower had sprint been the buyer. I think they’re getting $39 billion because AT&T was so desperate for more spectrum and they knew they could get more out of AT&T.

    • i420BBerryBum

      verizon already said they want nothing to do with sprints crappy network and even crappier phones.if anything, sprint will just fall off the face of the earth after going belly up due to bankrupting themselves with attorney’s fees to block the at&t tmobile merger. btw, I HIGHLY doubt the merger will be approved. the government HATES monopolies, which is what they would become if they were the only gsm network. at&t has already been busted up so many time by feds for creating monopolies. they did it with landlines in the midwest back in the mid to late 90’s . they are repeat offenders and quite frankly, they are criminals and should be shut down entirely. anyway, sprint sucks.

  • habas

    Sprint most definitely. They’ll become the smallest of the 3 and will have to become like a new T-Mobile, with awesome devices and really competitive pricing.

  • Nate

    AT&T is not as bad, to me, as these prople let on. I have had their service and they do do things differently.
    I prefer T-Mobile but I think that I could live with AT&T until they demonstrate to me that they are as bad as
    described. Also, new T-Mobile phones will have two antennas and software will be able to turn on the AT&T
    service.I intend to wait and see how this goes.

  • Trishya

    Ya and that is why they are using T-Mobile. There isn’t a bigger fu{ked up company than AT&T, horrible network and bad service. I don’t think these customers are gonna stay with AT&T any more.

  • Anonymous

    I won’t support AT&T as I find their service and prices unacceptable, I feel sorry for the thousands of people who are going to loose their jobs at AT&T and I know AT&T are not going to be up to standard after the merger with T-Mobile.
    For now I’m enjoying Straight Talk’s plans because they have the cheapest unlimited everything plan on the market for $45/month at the moment and I can control my costs and not have to pay any hidden fee’s or pay contract cancellation fee’s, activation fee’s or overages. With all the uncertainty about the merger in the next 2 years and how it’s going to affect peoples contracts and market prices I’m jolly happy being in control of my cell phone costs and I can change to another plan any time I want.
    Straight Talk uses Verizon and AT&T networks which is why the ST coverage is so good and I really like my Nokia E71 smart phone.

  • Shlo25

    I sAy AT&T in as long as plans stay they way they are ……

  • garry

    I hate att it is the worst company now because they bought t mobile which was my favorite. I hate att more than the devil

  • Justin

    Metro pcs here I come…… At least they 4g and android…. F@%& ATT

  • Sundevilalum1994

    If I wanted that crappy carrier AT&T, I would have switched to them. They are the most anti-consumer company on the planet. Crappy signal, crappy phones, crappy data plans, crappy customer service and most closed source of all the carriers. The only reason I would consider staying is due to GSM. I like being able to switch between phones. This is the worst news any technology lover could have ever received. If anyone has contacts at the FCC, please ask for this to be blocked. This is truly an anti-trust violation. It would leave only one national GSM carrier. They would be free to manipulate prices to their benefit.

    • Galaxyman0917

      I don’t see any huge difference between GSM and CDMA that would cause an anti-trust violation. AT&T is crappy now. In a year, when they’ve taken T-Mobile’s network under their wings they won’t be crappy. Everyone is just over reacting to this.

      • Ryanh

        Odd Everyone keeps focus on GSM and CDMA. This are just technologies that do the same thing: They provide cellular service.

        Anti-trust will have a problem with fewer selections of Cellular services to consumers. There are presently only four major Cell companies.

  • i420BBerryBum

    AT&T is garbage. everything they offer is hyped up to sound amazing but in reality it is in fact the worst of the worst. their network has already been proven to be the slowest, mainly due to all the ancient iphones hogging up bandwidth. their prices are ridiculous considering how poor their coverage is. go to new york city and try using data without any problems. good luck with that. everyone I know switches from at&t to t_mobile or verizon. if at&t buys tmobile, I will definitely be leaving. All my other friends who made the switch are leaving as well. Will we go to verizon? most of us probably will, despite their outrageous prices. At least its not AT&T. sim cards arent that important to me so verizon or u.s. cellular. or maybe we should all just get tracfones. smartphones are becoming less practical with all these tablets coming around, I may be content just using a regular flipphone for calls + text. anyone else?

  • Schippma

    I have a question to people who were once with another carrier and AT&T took them over. Did AT&T allow Cingular customers to keep their Cingular plan? Did AT&T allow Centennial Wireless customers to keep their Centennial plan? Does anyone have any input on this? I think this info would help everyone, knowing AT&T’s track record in takeovers.

    • i420BBerryBum

      all i can telll you is this: in early 2004, I switched to Cingular who had recently bought AT&T Wireless. Then about 2 months after, AT&T ended up buying Cingular. Well, AT&T called me to tell me I had to buy a brand new phone and change my plan and do another 2 year contract or I would be dropped from the network. I had just spend well over $700 getting our crappy cingular phones and account set up. needless to say, it was the last time I will ever do business with gAyT&T or anyone of their butt buddies.

      • Jakeff

        The AT&T MOBILE was a joke 8 years ago. It was smaller than MetroPCS back then. They had cheap plans and they were behind Tmobile in size. Cinguar is the main core of the PRESENT AT&T mobile division.

        Cingular was the big gun. AT&T, the entire telecom company, bought Cingular and renamed it AT&T because AT&T has a long history in the telecommunications industry. The industry was changing plans daily then. I believe they came closer to using a combination of the AT&T and Cingular plans. But back then people changed plan prices almost monthly.

        • Kalbri

          Again, AT&T didn’t buy Cingular. Cingular changed their name to AT&T after SBC bought AT&T and BellSouth. History people……
          Cingular was a partnership between SBC and BellSouth. Cingular bought AT&T Wireless, not the other way around. AT&T Wireless was renamed Cingular. Later,when SBC bought AT&T (the wireline company) and BellSouth, SBC renamed themselves and Cingular to AT&T because AT&T was such a well known brand name. The current AT&T is really the old SBC and Cingular.

      • Kalbri

        AT&T didn’t end up buying Cingular. Cingular changed their name to AT&T after SBC bought AT&T and BellSouth

    • Kalbri

      Cingular was a partnership with SBC and BellSouth. Cingular bought AT&T Wireless, not the other way around. When SBC later bought AT&T (the wireline company) and BellSouth, SBC renamed themselves and Cingular to AT&T. Therefore there was no such thing as AT&T allowing Cingular customers to keep their plans, it was Cingular/AT&T allowing the old AT&T Wireless customers to keep their plans.

  • Eddie

    I love the T-Mobile services, it’s cheap, and reliable. What I don’t understand is, what will we be gaining/losing in terms of service? What are the pros and cons? Till now, all I see is that this merge is highly disliked. What if it actually is better? Sure, you might have to buy a new handset, and adjust to new plans, but if it happens, At&t is all we have left. I do admit, I disapprove of this merge, because I like the prices, which are far better than At&t and Verizon, and I’m sure that with the merge, prices are sure to change. Also, the ability to have UNLIMITED data, which At&t does not. Whether or not it happens, I’m not too worried about it but, I would much rather have T-Mobile, than have At&t run everything. And pardon my language, but screw all the people that want the merge to happen just because you will be able to have an iPhone. That in itself is stupid. But we never know, it might be good or bad.

  • gfam

    There is nothing good about being FORCED into being an AT&T customer. It’s unfair and should be ILLEGAL especially when you sign a CONTRACT with a wireless provider (T-Mobile) that works well for you, then you are FORCED to SUDDENLY become a customer of a shoddy one (AT&T) that is notorious for horrible customer service, higher prices and network problems. Bring on the merger, the battles are just beginning. The majority of T-Mobile customers are not going to allow AT&T to dictate things to them. Verizon, Sprint, anyone is better than STUPID, ARROGANT, AT&T!!!

    • Sallyus

      Up to 40% of T-mobile customers will be dropped or Divested after the merger (FCC allows this). AT&T will divest T-mobile customers by selling them to other cell phone companies.

      I don’t think they care if 50% of Tmobile customers leave because it leave bandwith they need for present customers. People staying will most likely accept the AT&T plans.

    • bga123

      What ticks me off is that my own carrier TMobile is doing this to me! THey should not have agreed to a buyout and considered a Sprint merger. Anything but AT&T

  • Guest

    Several Things to point out…

    While I can empathize with many who dislike (maybe too light of a term?) AT&T, Let’s at least get facts straight, if that’s okay.

    1. For all those who say monopoly… IT IS NOT A MONOPOLY if the merger completes.
    A. A monopoly must meet two criteria:
    -a lack of economic competition to produce the good or service
    -a lack of viable substitute goods
    Simply put, there is absolutely no lack of substitute goods. OK, for those that are going to argue this point, I’ll name some national choices you can purchase: Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Family Mobile (Is someone going to argue with me on this one?,) Straight Talk, TracFone, Net10, JitterBug… All of these companies provide the same service capabilities in some or full capacity as a post paid contract carrier. When Ma Bell went down, I believe over 60% of the US had NO OTHER land line phone choices but Ma Bell.

    2. You can read the definitions on the other two yourself if you choose, but this is also not a monopsony and if you argue oligopoly, then you are not mad about the merger as 4 to 3 equals only a 33% decline in companies with most of the share… therefore you should have been mad about this when Sprint bought Nextel, Verizon bought Altel, Cingular bought AT&T Mobile and then AT&T bought Cingular… Well maybe the last one just left us too confused to complain, but you see where I am headed. Don’t argue that too few of people own the towers. No carrier owns all of their towers and I believe Sprint doesn’t own any of theirs.

    3. GFAM- Read the contract and do your homework please before throwing nonsense out worldwide. I would like to only discount two of your statements and I’ll leave the rest for the others to pick apart. If AT&T attempts to change your plan or force you to buy a new phone… you’re choice is to sign the new contract or find another carrier. If your plan stays the same, your phone stays the same, your coverage stays the same (or gets better) what will no longer “work well for you?” T-Mobile towers will not disappear overnight is my final argument. Understand this, in most cases, there are contracts on the sites where towers are built exceeding 30 years. My personal experience on the one I have is 50 years (No it’s not TMo or ATT). I would bet AT&T is not about to break those contracts, pay those landowners, and upset 30 million customers causing them to leave or forcing AT&T to subsidize the plan or a new phone. Think about it this way, AT&T is aware their network is at max capacity right now right? You think they are going to add 30% more usage on those towers overnight? I’d be willing to bet it’s not even a consideration for the next decade.

    Finally, Nothing- If anything, will happen for a year! Yep, that’s half your contract, yep if they change contract terms when it does you can leave without paying an etf, and yep the network will stay the same or get better. Keep in mind this, when President Obama ran for President (I don’t really care if you like him or not) he made a promise to cover 95% of Americans with high speed. What is AT&T guaranteeing if the merger completes? Oh, that’s right 95% of all Americans covered by LTE! Who has the most input on the DoJ and FCC and their leadership? The President of the United States!

    • Evinsmc

      Can anyone tell me why this guy is so angry lol.

    • CarlBryce

      You missed a key point to the true meaning of the Anti-Trust laws. When they were written it, there was a litmus test of where the company was buying competition because they did not want to innovate or grow themselves.

      They are buying a company that IS a competitor and has almost an identical network.

      They IS Vertical monopoly. Many of the companies you named actually rely on Sprint or T-mobile to supply towers and 3G bands. It will create a true class structure to the phone companies. It’s even more, ATT or Verizon and then EVERYONE else.

      This is a key thrust of the antitrust. It is whether a company chooses to solve it’s own obsiticles by innovating and doing it’s own company building or whether it chooses to simply BUY competition. Anti-Trust ‘does not like’ companies to simply buy competition. ALSO the laws address whether this is beneficial to consumers. Is it? REALLY is it?

      It’s hard to argue that this deal is removing competition and consumer selection from the market place.

      Mentioning all those ‘tiny’ cell companies does not show competition. They are not even part of the real equation.

      We presently have 4 ‘major’ cell phone companies. We are taking it down to two with this merger. Sprint can hardly survive against two giants in the marketplace. Sprint has already said as much. And any anti-trust lawyer would agree.

  • at@t hater

    I hate to lose T-Mobile, maybe we can derail this yet.

    But if it happens, once they flip the switch and T-Mobile is gone, so am I. Likely I’ll return to Sprint / Virgin / Boost although I’m not looking forward to it. I might research “Straight Talk” . . . . . . Whats a person to do who want to be on GSM? . . . . I doubt Simple Mobile will survive.

    • so and so

      straight talk runs off tmo networking.. when att takes over – straight talk will become part of that.. keep that in mind..

      • Melstar

        They will lose the 3G band. AT&T wants it for their LTE network.

  • Somestone

    i think a reliable merger would be to grab the best of both companies, the name brand would be the least of my worries, but as i mentioned before on this blog, i’ve recently enrolled on a family plan/contract and i would drop att/tmobile as fast as a hot potato, since i don’t see any good outcomes from the merger. i’ve reading around and it seems that ATT its going to do away with most of the tmobile plans, features and technilogies. therefore stripping

    • Somestone

      the good reliable services that tmobile has i think they shoiuld think about it twice since they’re goonna loose at least 30% of a customer base without even counting the peeps that are heading to a contract expiration date, they’re more likely to switch to another carrier. So is this a stratergy from ATT to take out the competition?? or what is it>>> how many more companies are they gonna buy out to force -US- the customer to buy they’re damaged goods??? how long does this have to go on?

      • Somestone

        and now that i think about it; with this merger, there’s gotta be a loophole to get out of this contract. Let’s see how things work out.

        • Zekkas

          First, this is not a merger. This is a buyout. AT&T has no need or desire to keep subscribers from T-Mobile. They are doing this almost entirely for the spectrum to roll out LTE.

        • Veronick

          Yes, it has been already discussed to the FCC that AT&T will drop up to 40% of the T-mobile customers right away (call divestiture). They need more 1900mhz voice for the freaking ipad and iphone.

          AND the Tmobile 1700mhz 3g band to build their new LTE 4G band without disrupting present AT&T customers.

          OF course, Tmobile customers 3G will be disrupted because they will shut it off…lol. You can upgrade to an ATT plan and pay 30% more if you like. But you would not be with T-mobile now if you thought AT&T was ever a good choice.

  • Zeorai

    The merger is pretty bad news in general, but it would not be as bad if we could take our phones elsewhere and just start service. Then the carriers would actually have to compete primarily based on service. What a shocker that would be.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon… LTE has SIM cards…LOL

  • SocalTeknique

    Most likely I will end up prepaying my Nexus S (or whatever phone I may have when the deal closes) until AT&T offers a similar service to T-Mobile (yeah right) or I will switch to MetroPCS when they get full LTE (love SIM carded phones).

    • Sammyj

      Metro PCS has a dismal 4G network. Check on it. It’s very early old technology and to this post has only 1 phone that utilizes the “4G.” All four of the present companies using 3G blow away MetroPCS’s “4g.” They were early adopters and used a more primative type of LTE technology.

  • Woodson24r

    at and t was once cdma tmobile was the first nation wide carrier with gsm ATT then switched toGSM later. how is it ATT’s fault verizon and sprint decided to stay CDMA? it’s not so the GSM monopoly argument has no steam

    • NPS

      Att was never cdma. Some SBC properties were under Cingular. ATT was tdma then to GSM then they were acquired by Cingular who also was moving to GSM

      • Mfoster410

        you just took the words out of my mouth … ATT actually used to strictly be TDMA then they introduced GSM then when the Cingular merger happened they phased out TDMA all together.

    • Conradogalan

      verizon and sprint was PRIME CO. so get your cards rite and AT&T has never ever been cdma.

  • TMoFan

    If this thing goes through I’ll most likely move on. T-Mobile has allowed me to grandfather in my voice plan that works very well for me. When they get rid of AWS I’m not going to upgrade to their higher plans. Sucks because I was planning on keeping my G2 for a while.

    I’ll probably check out Boost, as Metro isn’t available in my state.

    But I’m staying with T-Mobile until the end. The service I’ve been provided with has been phenomenal. Thank you to all the T-Mobile employes who always went the extra mile. The day T-Mobile USA no longer exists will be a sad day for me.

    • Noloak

      I’m going to stay to the end as well. And boost mobile has better coverage than MetroPCS. Boost in fully owned by sprint. It gives you no customer service but it has the same coverage as Sprint at a VERY cheap price.

  • E Hugus

    Why doesn’t anyone bring up the great world wide service from T-mobile? There does not seem to be much concern about this part of the deal. Would that service be lost in this deal? Also it sounds like a big waist of AT&T’s cash when they could build out their own network. Why can’t the companies share towers.and work together.
    Also why will I be forced to go with some provider the government decides for me if I live in the wrong area. Shouldn’t I have the right to chose the best provider for my needs.

    • Susanfields

      AT&T needs many things out of the deal. The have stated they plan to use T-mobile’s 3G network band (1700mhz) to build out and experiment with an AT&T 4G network using the LTE technology. They need that 1700mhz bandwidth.
      The are also desparate for more towers and more voice bandwidth in the 1900mhz range for the Iphone and Ipad.

      T-mobile also has better coverage in area of California, New York and Florida. They would take control of towers and have immediate coverage. The T-mobile voice band and AT&T voice band are identical and work instantaneously.

      This is a big win for AT&T: more towers, more bandwidth, a separate 4g band to build out their LTE network without disrupting their present customers (the Tmo 1700mhz band).

      The only people that lose are the Tmobile customers and the markets.

  • Nyk

    Already bounced. Happily Enjoying verion

    • Evinsmc

      Me too, got the thunderbolt. LTE, and a aim card. Bill is reasonable its like nothing has changed. I used to be an ATT then t-mobile care rep and recently left the latter boy am I glad I did cause when I worked for ATT I felt like a crook. Go Big red!

      • Maryj

        Most T-mobile customers can’t afford a jump to Verizon. I’m glad you found plan you can afford.

  • Richard Lindberg

    I did a comparison between the deathstar, big red and what I have now with Magenta.
    I have the family plan with 2 android phones and 16th dumbphone. I pay around 180.00 a monthe for that.
    Deathstar came to 285.00 with less!
    BIG Red came to 190.00 with LTE
    So, if his merger goes through, then to Big Red I go.

  • Mtnman

    Well for us “Regular Joe’s” who don’t switch phones like your underwear each day, then I’ll just have to decide who I’m gonna switch to if and when the take-over happens.

  • Riopato

    Verizon will be my first option which allows me to clump my tripple play fios package with cell service. I’ve been looking at MetroPCS also but I think it’s using the verizon network anyway. depends which is cheaper!

    • Jamie

      Boost mobile has MUCH better coverage than MetroPCS. I would check it out. Boost uses all Sprint towers.

  • Adam

    Hey guys. I’m a care rep. We are all scared about getting canned right now and having to put on a happy face when people call in and ask us about this is pretty bad. We aren’t allowed to tell you all how much this sucks. Just throwing it out there.

    • Frustrated_employee

      I am in sales and you are lucky that you dont have to put on a fake smile in front of the customers…atleast you are behind the phone..

      this is just awful to leave us, the employees, just hanging without any updates etc..

      it will only get harder and harder for us to make any commision, we have already seen the affects with our stores getting slower and slower

      keep your head up would be my only advice

      • Zach

        If it does go through, I’d love to see all the T-Mobile executives let go and replaced by all ATT’s group. Would be poetic justice.

  • sraz

    I have to call AT&T wireless on a regular basis as part of my job. At this point I just automatically hang up when I get someone I know is less than capable, which seems to be running about 40% with their customer service. Although having a combined AT&T and T-Mobile network in my area will be a fantastic boost to my service (they fill in each others deadspots nicely); I’m really not looking forward to the bad customer service and an additional $30/mo on my bill for the same service.

    Although I can already sense the bleeding, I bet T-Mobile will loose a few million subscribers over the next few months whether the merger goes through or not. If we as loyal T-Mobile customers cannot get some reasonable assurance that prices will not be skyrocketing after our contract period, I’ll be headed to Sprint.

    • Jamie

      I’m shocked people jump ship so fast. I’m waiting to see if the merger goes through. You have until the end of the year to quickly jump ship to Verizon or Sprint.

      • Zach

        Don’t give them your money or satisfaction. Some lobby group will “influence” the review groups and it’ll somehow pass muster with some middling adjustments. Let them know now that we disagree with their choice of direction and even if they don’t merge, it’s not because they didn’t try to. They have no loyalty, so why should we? This month is their last dollar from me. Their loss. Once again, why Verizon or Sprint? There are quite a few legit independents who offer national coverage. Do a web search (also see that most have no contract).

  • Evinsmc

    I just made the switch to Verizon from t-mobile…I got the thunderbolt. Imagine my surprise when they pulled out a sin card. The service has been great and I feel Verizon is on top of things for those of us who refuse to go to at&t.

    • Aerofanbig

      VZW’s LTE phones will all run on SIM cards

  • Gaius_xv

    My plan is to wait till the last possible second and sign a new 2 yr contract with tmobile with my current very cheap rates. Then I get a new subsidized phone and att will either have to honor my contract for next 2 years, or break contract and let me go and I keep phone. Is that the way it works? Or is my plan flawed?
    I’m counting on you more knowledgeable posters to give me some feedback.

  • MT3GS

    Service on T-Mobile was almost as good as VOCE wireless a few years ago – The reps are real people that are spread all around the US – I spoke to a girl in Kansas City the other day and as much as she tried to assure me it would remain business as usual, her tone of voice just dictated otherwise. They are awesome people who will hook you up with anything you need, whether it’d be an early upgrade, a charge dropped or some advice on new devices and the such.

    SO, to you, T-Mobile Reps – I hereby salute you as being the utmost finest, well-trained and caring individuals in the wireless industry. Your cordial and attentive service will remain in history along with the many awards you have received for being competent at what you do. Your boss, DT has proven to just as bad as AT&T when it comes to loyalty to their fanbase (I’m out of contract 1 yr and bought my device cash, I was just chillin’).

    I’ve been with T-Mo for 3 years and haven’t looked back. My partner has VZW and has been happy with them for many many many years; I refuse to give AT&T ANY of my cash, so it’s either VZW or no phone for me. Sprint needs to learn a lesson for not going with the flow and making their best phones paperweights anyplace not in the US. At least Verizon has the Droid 2 Global, which is a couple of moons ahead of my slide. At least I can still use my foreign simcard in Europe and have completely unlimited service at less than $120 a month in the US. So… Off to me on my lunch hour today to check out the D2G at my VZW store which is (ironically) across the street from T-Mo’s.

    I’ll miss the community though, VZW users are not nearly as tight-knit as us T-MoHeads

    • Mary

      The problem is that many T-mobile customers cannot afford Verizon. It’s just too expensive. That is why many fight so hard to keep T-mobile from AT&T and its higher prices.

      • Zach

        I think a lot of customers are overlooking the smaller companies (Net10, Consumer Cellular) that have large coverage in the U.S. While if these weren’t available I’d take Sprint, there is no reason for most people to flock to them or Verizon.
        I speak mainly for those (such as myself) who use cell phones as PHONES, in place of landlines and not for email or text (that’s what a laptop is for)… albeit I can pay for text ability on my new service’s plan if I wanted it. With the possible exception of corporate use, there’s really no reason to jump to the big three, so to speak. Use your preferred search engine and type in “cell phone providers with no contract.”

  • Dude

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for over 11 years. I will cancel my service once/if this happens. ATT just sucks.

    • bga123

      Well Iv’e been an AT&T customer for >10 years and finally switched to TMobile for an Android device when Blackberry stopped innovating (read “Torch”) and was astounded at the quality of service and the ease of doing WiFi calling from my office where data center interference prevents a good cellular signal. The MyTouch 4G has been a great phone. If AT&T takes over I’m gone, but I have no idea to where. I suppose Verizon with an LTE device.

    • Edsonzapata

      where will you go?

  • Ken Humphlett

    I’m with TMO because I can’t afford ATT or Verizon. If I can renew with TMO before the merger I will do so and ride it out until AT&T forces me to pay more. Then I will go with…Sprint? Not happy about it but their Sprint Mobile Simply Everything is so cheap that my wife could afford to get a data plan too.

  • Oryandunn

    My biggest concerns are will AT&T support UMA, which is nice for areas with no coverage, but that shouldn’t be as much of an issue once the AT&T takeover happens. The other real nice benefit is I travel for work, so UMA has saved me thousands in phone bills when I’m out of the US. Somehow, I don’t see AT&T passing up my money.

    Also, I use the T-Mobile @Home service for home phone. I canceled my AT&T landline to get the T-Mobile unlimited service for a few bucks a month. Again, I don’t see AT&T passing on taking my money.

  • Tmobile customer

    I agree. I am a T-mobile customer for last 8 years. I will cancel my service after AT&T take over.

    • stevo

      i have been with tmobile back when they were powertele then voicestream. i currently have a bb curve 8900 and am up for a full upgrade on april 9th. i am grandfathered in to my unlimited loyalty plan which includes unlimited data. i’m not so sure that this deal is going to happen. att has a battle on their hands about convincing fcc and doj that this will benefit the people. competition is always good for the consumer. I am way ready to update my phone. tmobile just takes too stinking long to put out what will compete with the competition. g2x. looks good but they are dragging in releasing the phone………… absolutely blows my mind.

  • Wtf deutsche telekom Wtf

    As an tmobile sale Rep employee, this is the worst of the worst that can happen.. I hate to say it but deutsche telekom is 100% a “sell out “.. they could of sold tmobile USA to different non USA cell company, and probably for the same price.. this what happened when voice stream to tmobile.. only a handful of people lost their jobs, while others just put on a different shirt, and continue with their career.. but instead they sold them to their USA competitors, at&t, which I don’t have to explain how bad they are.. at&t is goin to pay 39 billion just for tmobile towers, not their customers, because most will seek other alternatives if deal goes thru.. at&t should just spend half that amount, and just make more and better towers.. if the fcc pass this, without a doubt, 100,000 will be in the unemployment line, customer that can barely afford a cell phone plan will have to cancel, uma people will not be able to make calls, google will go under in sales, and honesty they’ll be massive job lost in all cell companies, mite be good in getting rid of dead weight.. but it shouldn’t happen in this way.. this is 100% a gsm takeover, and the President of the united states should step in and block this.. Ok, his plan was to have 95% of the USA covered in high speed web, but not in massive job lost and 30 million customers force to go in a Horrible company.. I want to say thanks a lot deutsche telekom for having me set up thousands of customers for tmobile in the last 6 years and just to throw it away..

    • EvileEmpireATT

      I agree, I have been with T-Mobile since Voicestream. T-mobile has been my favorite company to deal with the past decade and they really set the bar for what a company needs to be and how to treat loyal customers. I have to say this past week, if feels like I am losing a close friend to cancer, given 12 months to live.

      • Enrique Almaguer

        been with tmo since janurary 2006, the best customer service i have ever experienced, although their recent “outsourcing” of their call centers recently made me stick to their online chat option. “Hello, my name is bob, how can i help you?” (in an Indian accent) after waiting on the line for nearly an hour………….

    • Mark

      If the president want 95% broadband coverage, Verizon is capable of it. They own the must unused spectrum of anyone. Force Verizon to build more or give up the HUGE amount of spectrum they sit on.

      AT&T buying T-mobile is not the only way to achieve 95% broadband coverage. AT&T would find another way to this sooner or later anyway. T-mobile is NOT the only option.

    • Anonymous

      where did you find the information that DT could have sold this company for the same price to some other foreign company?

      T-mobile USA is reported to be worth less than $20 billion on the public markets. Only a company who has tremendous cost savings with spectrum, towers, and infrastructure would pay a lot more than that. A foreign company might not even be able to trim employees that much since T-mobile USA is a separate operation.

    • Anon

      if you want to keep people reading, dont type in the same context as you speak…

    • Ffcsinmontoya

      This comment makes absolutely no sense. Judging by your lack of grammar and spelling, I take you to be a poorly educated person. Especially with your estimate that 100,000 will be in the unemployment line. I too work directly for T-mobile, and I’m sure if what you say is true, and you as well work for T-Mobile, I wouldn’t be surprised if YOU were one of the people that will be let go. I can keep pointing out your stupidity, but your comment speaks for itself.

    • Ffcsinmontoya

      This comment makes absolutely no sense. Judging by your lack of grammar and spelling, I take you to be a poorly educated person. Especially with your estimate that 100,000 will be in the unemployment line. I too work directly for T-mobile, and I’m sure if what you say is true, and you as well work for T-Mobile, I wouldn’t be surprised if YOU were one of the people that will be let go. I can keep pointing out your stupidity, but your comment speaks for itself.

  • AK

    While T-Mobile service in my area plain sucks, I still like them regardless! I HATE the fact that we might be a part of AT&T. I don’t wanna give up the UMA option; it works so well for me. Also, having a SIM is also a very good thing since I switch phones every couple of months. If we do become AT&T, I will have to switch over to either Spring or MetroPCS (bad service I know). I just refuse to be a part of AT&T bandwagon.

  • at&t hater

    If you hate the idea of T-Mobile being swallowed up by AT&T like I do here is your change to do something about it. Instead of ranting here among “like minded” people on a site like this one make you voice count. Below you will find those to contact in Congress who can have the most effect on the out come of this. This committee oversees the FCC and is who they report to.

    Use some of your “unlimited” minutes and let derail this!


    Recent Press Releases:
    Rockefeller Says Leave No Stone Unturned in Reviewing AT&T’s Buyout of T-Mobile
    Democratic Press Office – (202) 224-8374

    Mar 20, 2011
    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Chairman John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV today issued the following statement following the announcement that AT&T intends to purchase T-Mobile USA:

    “With every passing day, wireless services are becoming more and more important to the way we communicate. So it is absolutely essential that both the Department of Justice and the FCC leave no stone unturned in determining what the impact of this combination is on the American people. Consumers across the country and at home in West Virginia want lower rates, competition and better coverage. As always in a transaction this large, the Commerce Committee will review the details of the acquisition.”

    Communications, Technology, and the Internet
    Subcommittee Members
    John D. Rockefeller – Chairman
    Kay Bailey Hutchison – Ranking Member

    Communications, Technology, and the Internet Subcommittee
    Majority: 202-224-9340
    Minority: 202-224-1251

    • John F. Kerry – Chairman
    • Daniel K. Inouye
    • Barbara Boxer
    • Bill Nelson
    • Maria Cantwell
    • Frank R. Lautenberg
    • Mark Pryor
    • Claire McCaskill
    • Amy Klobuchar
    • Tom Udall
    • Mark Warner
    • Mark Begich

    • John Ensign – Ranking Member
    • Olympia J. Snowe
    • Jim DeMint
    • John Thune
    • Roger F. Wicker
    • Johnny Isakson
    • Roy Blunt
    • John Boozman
    • Patrick J. Toomey
    • Marco Rubio
    • Kelly Ayotte

  • SAL

    I for one will not mind as much as long a AT&T keeps the UMA service.

    • DannyinBoston

      I love UMA on my BB Bold 9700. All the carriers signals are pretty poor in my neighborhood, so losing UMA will hurt. I will probably end up on Verizon with an LTE smartphone. I may put my wife and son on Sprint to save $, and the fact that they don’t use much data, and they are cheaper (esp. with a ~23% disc. we can get thru my wife’s employment). I’m a moderate data user, and don’t really want to step back to Sprints data network. I expect the Verizon LTE network will bypass their WiMax soon (according to the maps my street already has Verizon LTE coverage, and does NOT have WiMax coverage).

  • TweetMo

    I’d welcome AT&T if they can maintain the great TMo service, low rates and similar coverage areas. I’ll wait til the acquisition to experience it personally, instead of trusting some “supposed” previous AT&T customer.

    Plus I believe those who wait, will receive great offers from other providers at the last moment, if they do decide to jump ship.